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47350aBHSFreeport paved road circuit Freeport 2
47351aBHSOakes Field paved airfield circuit Nassau Oakes Course 8
47352aBHSWindsor Field Speedway paved airfield circuit Nassau 2
60730bENGAintree Circuit paved road circuit Liverpool 3
60730aENGAintree Circuit paved road circuit Liverpool 7
60762bENGAldermaston Raceway concrete oval Aldermaston 4
60727aENGAldershot Raceway paved oval Aldershot Fleet Motor Club 15
60818bENGAldershot Stadium paved figure eight Aldershot 8
60818aENGAldershot Stadium paved oval Aldershot 10
60700aENGAlwalton Raceway paved oval Alwalton Peterborough 7
60761bENGAngmering Raceway dirt oval Angmering 2
60761aENGAngmering Raceway paved oval Angmering Oval Race Club, Oval Raceway 9
60878aENGAntrobus dirt oval 1
60701bENGArena Essex dirt off road circuit West Thurrock 1
60701cENGArena Essex dirt oval West Thurrock 1
60701aENGArena Essex Raceway paved oval West Thurrock Arena Essex 23
60702aENGArlington Raceway concrete oval Arlington Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne Stadium 25
60826aENGAycliffe Raceway paved oval Newton Aycliffe Aycliffe Stadium 12
60927aENGBanbury dirt oval 2
60703aENGBarford Raceway paved oval Barnard Castle 15
60953aENGBarnstaple unknown oval Barnstaple 1
60990aENGBarrow-in-Furness dirt oval Barrow-in-Furness 2
60954aENGBarton unknown oval 1
61188aENGBattersea Park paved street circuit London 5
61165aENGBear Regis dirt oval Dorchester 1
61165bENGBear Regis paved road circuit Dorchester 1
60980aENGBearley Raceway dirt oval Tintinhull Wessex Motor Racing Club, Weymouth Motor Racing Club 4
60704aENGBelle Vue Shaleway dirt oval Belle Vue Belle Vue Motorspeedway, Belle Vue International Motorspeedway, Belle Vue Stadium 17
60822aENGBelle Vue Stadium dirt oval Manchester 12
60828aENGBillingshurst dirt oval Billingshurst 2
60873aENGBirmingham paved street circuit Birmingham 9
60705cENGBirmingham Wheels Raceway dirt oval Birmingham 1
60705bENGBirmingham Wheels Raceway paved figure eight Birmingham 7
60705aENGBirmingham Wheels Raceway paved oval Birmingham 17
60874aENGBlackburn Stadium paved oval Blackburn 6
61109aENGBlandford Amy Camp paved street circuit Blandford Forum 1
60706bENGBlyton Circuit mixed road circuit Blyton Blyton Rallycross 3
60706eENGBlyton Park Rallycross (New Location) mixed off road circuit Blyton 2
60706dENGBlyton Raceway dirt road circuit Blyton Blyton Supercross 3
60706aENGBlyton Raceway paved oval Blyton 8
60707aENGBolton Auto Speedway paved oval Bolton 10
61184aENGBondsworth Field dirt oval Cambridgeshire 1
61186aENGBorder Raceway dirt oval Four Crosses 3
60997aENGBoreham Airfield paved airfield circuit Boreham 1
60709aENGBorne Motor Racing Club dirt oval Owermoigne West Fossil Farm 4
60928bENGBoston Stadium dirt figure eight Boston 1
60928aENGBoston Stadium dirt oval Boston 13
60710aENGBovingdon Raceway paved oval Bovingdon 14
60710bENGBovingdon Raceway unknown figure eight Bovingdon 1
60757bENGBrafield Raceway dirt oval Brafield on the Green 9
60711aENGBraintree Auto Club dirt oval Braintree 5
60811aENGBrampton Raceway dirt oval Brampton en le Morthen 10
60712dENGBrands Hatch mixed road circuit Fawkham Green 2
60712cENGBrands Hatch paved oval Fawkham Green Clearways Oval 5
60712fENGBrands Hatch paved oval Fawkham Green Mountain Circuit 1
60712gENGBrands Hatch paved road circuit Fawkham Green Paddock Hill 1
60712aENGBrands Hatch Circuit paved road circuit Fawkham Green Grand Prix Circuit 56
60712bENGBrands Hatch Circuit paved road circuit Fawkham Green Indy Circuit 24
60712eENGBrands Hatch Rallycross mixed road circuit Fawkham Green 6
61108aENGBrough Aerodrome paved airfield circuit 1
60941bENGBrough Park Stadium dirt oval Newcastle upon Tyne 3
60941aENGBrough Park Stadium paved oval Newcastle upon Tyne 1
61166aENGBuckland Newton dirt oval Dorchester 1
60929aENGBurwell dirt oval 1
60824aENGBurwell dirt oval 1
60737bENGBuxton Raceway paved figure eight Buxton Hi Edge Raceway 12
60737aENGBuxton Raceway paved oval Buxton Hi Edge Raceway 19
60714eENGCadwell Park mixed road circuit Louth 1
60714dENGCadwell Park paved oval Louth 3
60714aENGCadwell Park Circuit paved road circuit Louth 18
60714cENGCadwell Park Circuit paved road circuit Louth 2
60715aENGCastle Combe Circuit paved airfield circuit Castle Combe Castle Combe 21
61167aENGCastle Lane paved road circuit Bournemouth 1
61168bENGCerne Abbas dirt figure eight Dorchester 1
61168aENGCerne Abbas dirt oval Dorchester 1
61169aENGCerne Abbas (Different Location) dirt oval Dorchester 1
61190aENGChamps Park SxS Circuit dirt off road circuit Kettering 3
60930aENGCharing dirt oval 1
60931aENGChoiestry dirt oval 1
60838bENGCleethorpes dirt oval Cleethorpes 1
60838aENGCleethorpes Stadium paved oval Cleethorpes 5
60717aENGConcord Autograss Club dirt oval Boreham 3
60718aENGConcord Autograss Essex dirt oval Cold Norton Concord Autograss Club 5
60719aENGCoombe Valley Dover Raceway dirt oval Dover Coombe Valley Raceway, Kent Auto Raceway 9
61097aENGCornwall Raceways dirt oval Traboe 4
60720aENGCoventry Stadium dirt oval Brandon Coventry International Motor Speedway, Brandon Stadium, Brandon Bowl 24
61191aENGCox Street Arena (Coventry Motofest) paved oval Coventry 4
60832bENGCrayford Stadium dirt figure eight Crayford 1
60832aENGCrayford Stadium dirt oval Crayford 6
60812aENGCrewe Stadium dirt oval Crewe 14
60721bENGCroft Circuit mixed road circuit Dalton-on-Tees 4
60721aENGCroft Circuit paved airfield circuit Dalton-on-Tees Croft Autodrome, Croft Airfield, Neasham Airfield 18
60932aENGCrystal Palace Circuit paved road circuit London 11
61187aENGCulham Moto Park dirt off road circuit Oxfordshire 1
61197aENGCusses Gorse dirt off road circuit Down Barn West 1
60723aENGDarley Moor Autograss Stadium dirt oval Yeavely Darley Moor Raceway, Pennine Autograss 4
60723cENGDarley Moor Motor Sports Centre paved road circuit Yeavely 1
60723bENGDarley Moor Raceway concrete oval Yeavely Pennine Autograss 2
61117aENGDavidstow paved airfield circuit Davidstow 1
61170aENGDenmead dirt oval Portsmouth 1
60975aENGDerwent Park Motorspeedway dirt oval Workington Derwent Park Stadium 4
60725aENGDodwell Farm Raceway dirt oval Stratford-upon-Avon Evesham Autograss Club, Stratford 7
60866aENGDoncaster dirt oval Doncaster 1
60724aENGDonington Park paved road circuit Castle Donington Grand Prix Circuit, Donington Park Circuit 32
60724bENGDonington Park paved road circuit Castle Donington National Circuit, Donington Park Circuit 28
60724cENGDonington Park Circuit paved oval Castle Donington 2
61110aENGDunholme Lodge paved airfield circuit Dunholme 1
60995aENGEarls Barton dirt oval Earls Barton 1
60836aENGEarls Court Exhibition Centre paved oval 4
60700bENGEast of England Showground and Events Centre concrete oval Alwalton 7
61157aENGEddie Wright Raceway dirt oval Scunthorpe 11
60861aENGElmswell dirt oval 1
61123aENGExCel Centre mixed road circuit London 4
60919aENGFaringdon Raceway dirt oval Oxford 3
61114aENGFersfield Airfield paved airfield oval Fersfield 1
60727bENGFleet Motor Club paved figure eight Aldershot 4
60729aENGFoxhall International Raceway paved oval Ipswich Foxhall Heath Raceway, Foxhall Raceway, Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich Stadium, Foxhall Heath Stadium 19
60729bENGFoxhall Stadium dirt oval Ipswich Ipswich Stadium 5
60729cENGFoxhall Stadium dirt oval Ipswich 3
60729dENGFoxhall Stadium mixed oval Ipswich 1
60970aENGFremington Flyers Banger & Hot Rod Drivers Club dirt oval Eastleigh 2
60935aENGFreshwater dirt oval 1
61111aENGGamston Airfield paved airfield circuit Gamston 1
60936aENGGatwick dirt oval 2
61094aENGGilmorton dirt road circuit Gilmorton 1
60992aENGGloucester & District Autograss dirt oval Rudford 1
61144aENGGloucester & District Autograss dirt oval Elton Corner 1
61171aENGGobowen dirt oval Oswestry 1
60937aENGGodhill dirt oval 1
61000aENGGoodwood Motor Circuit paved road circuit Chichester Goodwood 19
61120aENGGosport unknown road circuit 1
61196aENGGossington Bridge dirt oval Cloucestershire 2
60867aENGGreat Gidding paved oval 1
60805aENGGreat Yarmouth Stadium paved oval Great Yarmouth Yarmouth Stadium 22
60820aENGGrimley Raceway dirt oval Grimley 4
60820bENGGrimley Raceway paved oval Grimley 8
60733aENGH.R.E. Autograss dirt oval Headcorn Headcorn 1
60835aENGHarringay Stadium paved oval London 5
60813aENGHartlepool Raceway paved oval Hartlepool Hartlepool Stadium 13
60964aENGHatfield Raceway dirt oval Hatfield 2
60734bENGHednesford Hills Raceway paved figure eight Hednesford Hednesford Raceway 13
60734aENGHednesford Hills Raceway paved oval Hednesford Hednesford Raceway 17
60735aENGHenham Raceway dirt oval Henham Henham Raceway Essex, Lovecotes Farm Raceway 11
60736aENGHereford Autograss dirt oval Lugwardine 1
60971aENGHereford Autograss dirt oval Monkland Border Counties Autograss 7
60738aENGHilltop Raceway dirt oval Tirley Bredon Hill Autograss 5
60827aENGHoran dirt oval 1
61172aENGHorndean (Old Track) dirt oval Portsmouth 1
60939aENGHorsebridge Hill dirt oval 1
61063aENGHorton dirt oval Horton 1
61069aENGHoughton Conquest dirt oval Houghton Conquest Bury Farm 2
60771aENGHunmanby Raceway dirt oval Hunmanby Scarborough Autograss Club, East Coast Autograss Club 7
61193aENGHuntshaw Cross dirt oval Oakhampton 1
61107aENGIbsley Airfield paved airfield oval Ibsley New Forest Aerodrome 2
60955aENGIlfracombe unknown oval Ilfracombe 1
61077aENGIvychurch Raceway dirt oval Ivychurch Invicta Kent Autograss 3
60922aENGIwade unknown oval Iwade 1
60829aENGIwade Raceway dirt oval Iwade 4
61074aENGJavelin Park Showground dirt oval Little Haresfield The Javelin Park Showground 10
60933aENGJoyce Green dirt oval Dartford Dartford 1
61189aENGJP's Field Bangers dirt oval Hilton 1
60868aENGKimbolton Raceway dirt oval 1
61067aENGKing's Lynn unknown oval King's Lynn 3
61174aENGKnockin dirt oval Oswestry 1
60965aENGLangleybury Farm dirt oval 1
60740aENGLayhams Farm dirt oval New Addington 5
60742aENGLeewood Autograss Club dirt oval Ashley Ashley, Wilmslow 4
60830aENGLeicester Stadium dirt oval Leicester 6
60940aENGLeominster dirt oval 1
60956aENGLewdown dirt oval Lewdown 1
60788aENGLincolnshire Showground dirt oval Lincoln Sturton & Stow Motor Sports Club, Sturton & Stow Grass Track 1
61123bENGLondon ExCel Exhibition Centre paved street circuit London 4
60743aENGLong Eaton Stadium dirt oval Long Eaton 13
60743bENGLong Eaton Stadium unknown figure eight Long Eaton 1
61175aENGLongham paved road circuit Bournemouth 1
60972aENGLudlow Autograss dirt oval Ivington 1
61163aENGLugg View Raceway dirt oval Wellington Marsh 3
61112aENGLulsgate Airfield paved airfield circuit Lulsgate Bottom 1
60745aENGLutterworth Banger Club dirt oval Lutterworth 2
60746bENGLydden Hill paved oval Wooton Canterbury 6
60746cENGLydden Race Circuit mixed road circuit Wooton Lydden International Motor Racing Circuit, Lydden Hill 9
60746aENGLydden Race Circuit paved road circuit Wooton Lydden International Motor Racing Circuit, Lydden Hill 8
60747aENGM&L Raceway dirt oval Shepshed Melton & Leicester Autograss 4
61070aENGMablethorpe dirt oval Mablethorpe 1
60748dENGMallory Park mixed road circuit Kirkby Mallory 5
60748aENGMallory Park paved oval Kirkby Mallory Mallory Park Circuit 20
60748cENGMallory Park paved oval Kirkby Mallory 1
60748bENGMallory Park paved road circuit Kirkby Mallory Mallory Park Circuit 23
61101aENGMeadbank Farm dirt road circuit Barford St. John 1
61192aENGMelton Autograss Club dirt oval Shepshed 4
60749bENGMendips Raceway paved figure eight Shipham Bristol 15
60749aENGMendips Raceway paved oval Shipham Bristol 20
60751aENGMildenhall Stadium dirt oval Mildenhall Mildenhall Raceway 19
61072aENGMilton Keynes dirt oval Milton Keynes 1
60877aENGMonmore Green Stadium dirt oval Wolverhampton 4
60942aENGMoorgreen Raceway dirt oval Moorgreen Nottingham Autograss 1
61195aENGMoortown Airfield dirt oval Whichurch 2
61191bENGMotofest Action Arena paved oval Coventry 2
60963aENGMursley unknown oval Mursley 1
60753aENGNational Exhibition Centre concrete oval Birmingham 10
60753gENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 10) concrete figure eight Birmingham 3
60753dENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 10) concrete oval Birmingham 3
60753eENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 11) concrete oval Birmingham 2
60753hENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 12) concrete oval Birmingham 1
60753cENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 4) concrete oval Birmingham 2
60753fENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 5) concrete oval Birmingham 4
60825aENGNelson Stadium dirt oval Nelson 5
60754aENGNetherbridge dirt oval Liftondown 7
60842aENGNew Brighton paved oval 1
60968aENGNewark unknown oval 1
60833bENGNewton Abbot Raceway paved figure eight Newton Abbot 3
60833aENGNewton Abbot Raceway paved oval Newton Abbot Newton Abbot Racecourse 12
60739aENGNorfolk Arena dirt oval King's Lynn King's Lynn Stadium, King's Lynn Speedway 16
60739bENGNorfolk Arena mixed figure eight King's Lynn 3
61173aENGNorndean Hazleton Farm dirt oval Portsmouth 1
60756aENGNorth Shropshire Autograss dirt oval Whitchurch 5
61201aENGNorth Shropshire Autograss (The Airfield) dirt oval Crudington 2
60872aENGNorth Wales Autograss Club dirt oval Knockin 3
60757aENGNorthampton International Raceway paved oval Brafield on the Green Northampton Stadium, Brafield Raceway 26
60757dENGNorthampton Stadium mixed road circuit Brafield on the Green 7
60757cENGNorthampton Stadium paved figure eight Brafield on the Green 9
61037aENGNorton Radstock Autograss dirt oval Nempnett Thrubwell 1
60759aENGOdsal Stadium dirt oval Odsal Bradford Stadium 15
60759bENGOdsal Stadium paved oval Odsal Bradford Stadium 6
60966aENGOdsey Grass Track Club dirt oval Odsey 2
60760aENGOulton Park Circuit paved road circuit Tarporley Oulton Park 38
60760cENGOulton Park Circuit paved road circuit Tarporley Fosters Circuit 2
60760bENGOulton Park Circuit paved road circuit Tarporley 1
60834aENGOxford Stadium dirt oval Oxford 6
60752aENGOxton Raceway dirt oval Oxton Nottingham Autograss Club 7
60943aENGPadbury dirt oval 1
60762aENGPaices Hill Raceway dirt oval Aldermaston Aldermaston Raceway 5
61176aENGPallington dirt oval Dorchester 1
61177aENGPiddletrenthide dirt oval Dorchester 1
60763aENGPotteries & District Autograss dirt oval Milwich 1
60819aENGPrestwood dirt oval Prestwood 1
60944aENGRadford dirt oval 1
60764aENGRadford Autograss dirt oval Radford 5
60891aENGReading Stadium dirt oval Smallmead Reading Speedway 4
61189bENGRebels Raceway dirt oval Hilton 1
60716aENGRingwood Cheetahs Banger Club dirt oval Three Legged Cross Cheetahs Banger Racing 7
61178aENGRingwood Cheetas Horton dirt oval Ringwood 1
61179aENGRingwood Cheetas Mannington dirt oval Ringwood 1
60766cENGRingwood Raceway paved figure eight Ringwood Matcham's Park 3
60766aENGRingwood Raceway paved oval Ringwood Matchams Park 17
60823aENGRochdale Stadium dirt oval Rochdale 7
60767dENGRockingham Motor Speedway dirt oval Rockingham 3
60767aENGRockingham Motor Speedway paved oval Rockingham 24
60767cENGRockingham Motor Speedway paved oval Rockingham 11
60767bENGRockingham Motor Speedway paved road circuit Rockingham International Circuit 12
60767fENGRockingham Motor Speedway paved road circuit Rockingham Historic Circuit 2
60767gENGRockingham Motor Speedway paved road circuit Rockingham International Super Sportscar Long Circuit 4
60876aENGRoosecote Raceway dirt oval Barrow-in-Furness Barrow 4
60768aENGRoosecote Raceway paved oval Barrow-in-Furness Barrow 7
61133aENGRufforth paved airfield circuit Rufforth 2
60769aENGRye House Stadium paved oval Hoddesdon 7
60770aENGSAA Raceway dirt oval Horndean Horndean Raceway 4
60938aENGSAA Raceway dirt oval Horndean Horndean Raceway 6
61062aENGSaint Albans Banger Racing Equipe dirt oval Colney Heath SABRE 1
60849aENGSaint Austell Raceway paved oval Saint Austell Cornish Stadium, St. Austell Stadium 8
60945aENGSaint Leonards dirt oval 1
60784aENGSaint Neots Autograss dirt oval Wyboston 10
61185aENGSanta Pod Raceway paved oval Podington 4
60706cENGScunthorpe & District Grass Track dirt oval Blyton Blyton Airfield 7
60946aENGScunthorpe Stadium dirt oval Scunthorpe 12
60947aENGSelsey dirt oval 1
60973aENGSevern Valley Autograss dirt oval Much Cowarne 1
61164aENGSevern Valley Autograss dirt oval Withington Marsh 1
60773aENGSheffield Stadium dirt oval Sheffield Steel City Superspeedway, Sheffield Owlerton Stadium, Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield Sports Stadium 17
60948aENGSherborne dirt oval 1
60949aENGSherborne dirt oval Sherborne 2
60774aENGShropshire & Telford Autograss Racing dirt oval Crudgington 9
60775gENGSilverstone Circuit mixed road circuit Silverstone 6
60775fENGSilverstone Circuit paved oval Silverstone 1
60775eENGSilverstone Circuit paved oval Silverstone 2
60775aENGSilverstone Circuit paved road circuit Silverstone 54
60775dENGSilverstone Circuit paved road circuit Silverstone 1
60775cENGSilverstone Circuit paved road circuit Silverstone 18
60775bENGSilverstone Circuit paved road circuit Silverstone 11
60776aENGSkegness Stadium dirt oval Orby Skegness Shaleway 15
60776bENGSkegness Stadium paved oval Orby 21
60777bENGSmallfield Raceway dirt figure eight Smallfield 3
60777aENGSmallfield Raceway dirt oval Smallfield 10
60778bENGSmeatharpe Stadium paved figure eight Smeatharpe Taunton 5
60778aENGSmeatharpe Stadium paved oval Smeatharpe Taunton 17
60779cENGSnetterton 300 Circuit paved road circuit Snetterton 5
60779bENGSnetterton Circuit paved oval Snetterton 2
60779aENGSnetterton Circuit paved road circuit Snetterton 39
60934aENGSomerset Rebels Banger Racing dirt oval West Huntspill 3
61076aENGSomerset Rebels Banger Racing dirt oval Rooks Bridge 1
60957aENGSouth Molton unknown oval South Molton 1
60991aENGSouth Somerset Autograss dirt oval Rousdon 4
60782aENGSpalding & District Grass Track dirt oval Holbeach 6
60893aENGStanbridge dirt oval Stanbridge 2
60785aENGStandlake Arena paved oval Standlake 16
60786aENGStoke Motor Speedway dirt oval Newcastle-under-Lyme Stoke Auto Speedway, Chesterton Raceway, Stoke Stadium 17
60787aENGStretham Raceway dirt oval Stretham Cambridge Autograss 6
60950aENGStroud & District Autograss dirt oval Slimbridge Stroud 2
61124aENGSturton & Stow Autograss dirt oval Caenby Corner 3
60789bENGSwaffham Raceway dirt oval Swaffham 1
60789cENGSwaffham Raceway paved figure eight Swaffham 2
60789aENGSwaffham Raceway paved oval Swaffham 18
60790aENGSwindon Motorspeedway dirt oval Blunsdon Swindon Abbey Stadium, Abbey Stadium 14
61099bENGTeeside Autodrome paved road circuit South Bank 2
60951aENGThamesdown dirt oval 1
60722aENGThe Ovals dirt oval Lyonshall Cwmdu Autograss 4
60974aENGThornborough dirt oval Thornborough 1
61104bENGThree Sisters Circuit mixed road circuit Ashton-in-Makerfield 3
61104aENGThree Sisters Race Circuit paved road circuit Ashton-in-Makerfield 1
60732aENGThrowley Raceway dirt oval Throwley Invicta Kent Autograss Club, H.R.E. Autograss 5
60791bENGThruxton paved airfield circuit Thruxton 1
60791aENGThruxton Circuit paved airfield circuit Thruxton 40
61180aENGTintagel dirt oval Tintagel Head 1
60958aENGTiverton unknown oval Tiverton 1
60792aENGTongham Motor Club dirt oval Four Marks 7
61143aENGTrent Autograss dirt oval Winthorpe 2
60793aENGTrent Autograss dirt oval Hougham 3
60794aENGTrent Autograss Club dirt oval South Rauceby 5
61090aENGTrent Raceway dirt oval Needwood 8
61090bENGTrent Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Needwood 1
61181aENGTwyford dirt oval Oswestry 1
60783aENGUnited Downs Raceway paved oval Saint Day St. Day United Downs Raceway, Monarch Raceway 14
61098aENGUpper Eden Car Grass Track Club dirt oval Crosby Ravensworth Upper Eden Grass Track Banger Club 4
60969aENGValley Raceway dirt oval Newland Forest of Dean Autograss 2
60837aENGWalthamstow Stadium paved oval Walthamstow 2
60795aENGWarton Raceway paved oval Carnforth Warton Stock Car Club, West End Raceway 13
60796aENGWeek St. Mary dirt oval Week St. Mary 2
60848aENGWeir Stadium dirt oval Weir Rayleigh Stadium 3
60841aENGWembley Stadium dirt oval London Empire Stadium 5
60959aENGWensleydale unknown oval 1
61182aENGWessez Stadium dirt oval Weymouth 1
61100aENGWest Kingsdown unknown road circuit West Kingsdown 1
60797aENGWestworld Raceway paved oval Saint Columb Major Retallack Park, St. Columb 13
60967aENGWeymouth Stadium dirt oval 4
60821aENGWhite City Stadium dirt oval Manchester 5
60821bENGWhite City Stadium paved oval Manchester 5
60821cENGWhite City Stadium unknown figure eight Manchester 1
60800aENGWhiterose Autograss Club dirt oval Midgeley Whiterose Rosebowl 2
60801aENGWight Autosport dirt oval Brading 1
61060aENGWildTracks Offroad Activity Park mixed road circuit Kennett 1
60802cENGWimbledon Stadium dirt oval London 12
60802bENGWimbledon Stadium paved figure eight London 14
60802aENGWimbledon Stadium paved oval London 23
60960aENGWinterbourne Abbas dirt oval Winterbourne Abbas Somerset Grass Track Nationals 1
60840bENGWisbech Stadium dirt oval Wisbech 2
60840aENGWisbech Stadium paved oval Wisbech 9
61006aENGWoburn dirt track Woburn 1
60961aENGWorthing unknown oval 1
60962aENGYafforth unknown oval 1
61183aENGYarmouth paved oval Great Yarmouth 1
60805bENGYarmouth Stadium paved figure eight Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth Stadium 7
60881aENGYedingham dirt oval 1
60909aENGYeovil unknown oval Yeovil 1
60952aENGYetminster dirt oval 1
60808aENGYork Autograss Club dirt oval Moor Monkton 10
60809aENGYorkshire Autograss League dirt oval Howden 1
61122aENGYorkshire Dales Autograss Club dirt oval Thornborough 4
64903bGGYChouet Beach dirt oval Chouet 3
64903aGGYChouet Beach dirt road circuit Chouet 3
64900aGGYGuernsey dirt track 1
64902aGGYVazon Bay dirt oval Vazon Bay 4
64503aIMNDouglas paved street circuit Douglas 1
64501aIMNOnchan Raceway paved oval Onchan Onchan Stadium 11
64952aJEYLa Braye dirt oval Saint Ouen's Village Saint Ouen's Bay 3
64951aJEYMillbrook (Outer) dirt oval Saint Lawrence 3
64952bJEYSaint Ouens Bay dirt road circuit Saint Ouen's Village 1
60300aNIRAghadowey Stadium paved oval Aghadowey 9
60301aNIRBallymena Raceway paved oval Ballymena 8
60314aNIRCauseway Autograss dirt oval Garvagh 3
60315aNIRDown Autograss dirt oval Maghaberry 3
60303aNIRDundrod Circuit paved street circuit Dundrod 2
60316aNIRFoyle Autograss dirt oval Craigavon 1
60305aNIRKirkistown Motor Sports Circuit paved road circuit Kirkistown Kirkistown Race Circuit 6
60305bNIRKirkistown Race Circuit mixed road circuit Kirkistown 1
60306bNIRNutts Corner Raceway mixed road circuit Nutt's Corner 3
60306aNIRNutts Corner Raceway paved oval Nutt's Corner 9
60307aNIRShamrock Park Stadium paved oval Portadown Portadown Stadium 2
60328aNIRTullyroan Oval paved oval Tullyroan 6
82850aRSRKumalo paved road circuit Bulawayo James McNeillie Circuit 5
60506aSCTArmadale Raceway paved oval Armadale 2
60527aSCTAvonbridge dirt oval Avonbridge 4
60523aSCTBalado dirt oval Kinross 1
60517aSCTCentral Scotland Autograss dirt oval Lochgelly 1
60521aSCTCharterhall paved airfield circuit Greenlaw 4
60513aSCTCrimond unknown road circuit Crimond 1
60500aSCTCrimond Raceway concrete oval Crimond 10
60508aSCTGolspie unknown oval Golspie 2
60518aSCTHeathfield paved airfield circuit Ayr 1
60503aSCTIngliston paved street circuit Ingliston 7
60504cSCTKnockhill Racing Circuit mixed road circuit Dunfermline 1
60504aSCTKnockhill Racing Circuit paved road circuit Dunfermline 23
60504bSCTKnockhill Tri-Oval paved oval Dunfermline 12
60507aSCTNewtongrange Stadium paved oval Newtongrange 7
60505aSCTRacewall Cowdenbeath paved oval Cowdenbeath Cowdenbeath Racewall, Cowdenbeath Raceway, Central Park Stadium 19
60517bSCTThunder Valley Raceway paved oval Lochgelly 11
60519aSCTTurnberry paved road circuit Turnberry 1
60501aSCTWinfield paved airfield circuit Fishwick 1
64600dWLSAnglesey Circuit paved road circuit Aberffraw 3
64600cWLSAnglesey Circuit paved road circuit Aberffraw Anglesey Race Circuit 2
64600bWLSAnglesey Race Circuit mixed road circuit Aberffraw Anglesey Rallycross Circuit, Ty Croes 2
64611aWLSAthelstan Autograss dirt oval 1
64635aWLSBettws Banger Racin dirt oval Bettws Cedewen 2
64614aWLSBlaenwaun dirt oval 1
64636aWLSBorder Raceway dirt oval Criggion 2
64601aWLSCarmarthen dirt oval Llanybri 1
64619aWLSCastle Lloyd Farm dirt oval Red Roses South Wales Autograss League 4
64633aWLSChirk dirt oval Wrexham 1
64632aWLSCwmdu Car Club dirt oval Hay-on-Wye 1
64613aWLSFairwood Aerodrome paved airfield circuit Swansea 1
64617aWLSHayes Farm dirt oval Hodgeston Pembroke Autograss 2
64615aWLSLlandow dirt oval Llandow 2
64602aWLSLlandow Raceway paved road circuit Llandow 3
64634aWLSLlanymynech Banger Racing dirt oval Llanymynech 1
64628aWLSMagor Raceway dirt oval Newport Penhow Autograss 4
64603aWLSMarshfield & District Banger Racing Club dirt oval St. Brides Wentlooge 5
64609aWLSNorchard Farm dirt oval Lydstep South Wales Autograss 2
64623aWLSNorth Wales Autograss dirt oval Broughton 2
64605bWLSPembrey Circuit paved oval Pembrey 1
64605dWLSPembrey Circuit (Club Circuit) paved road circuit Pembrey 3
64605aWLSPembrey Circuit (National Circuit) paved road circuit Pembrey 10
64605cWLSPembrey Circuit (Original) mixed road circuit Pembrey 3
64606aWLSPembroke Autograss Club dirt oval Lamphey 2
64607aWLSPenhow dirt oval Usk 1
64612aWLSPrestatyn Circuit dirt oval Prestatyn Pydew Farm, Prestatyn Raceway 3
64616aWLSRhuddlan dirt oval 1
64618aWLSRuabon Raceway dirt oval Penley 2
64608aWLSRuabon Raceway dirt oval Ruabon 1
64637aWLSYr. Ackery Farm dirt oval Rossett 2


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