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42122bONAlbion Bolton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bolton 2
42278aONAlmonte Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Almonte 2
42052aONAncaster Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ancaster 4
42289aONAncaster Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Jerseyville 4
42289bONAncaster Fairgrounds (New Location) dirt off road oval Jerseyville 2
42023aONAugusta Motorsport Park dirt off road circuit North Augusta North Augusta Motorsport Park 6
42235aONAutodrome Saint-Eugene paved airfield circuit Saint-Eugene Connor Airport 1
42114bONAylmer Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Aylmer 3
42114cONAylmer Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Aylmer 1
42053aONBarrie Event Centre dirt figure eight Barrie 2
42000aONBarrie Speedway (Original Oval) paved oval Oro Station Motorplex Park, Barrie Speedway 2000, Barrie Speedway Park, Twin Cities Speedway 15
42000bONBarrie Speedway (Tri Oval) paved oval Oro Station 12
42087aONBinbrook Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Binbrook 4
42281aONBlackstock Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Blackstock 2
42054aONBobcaygeon Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bobcaygeon 2
42055aONBrampton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Brampton 4
42055bONBrampton Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Brampton 2
42124aONBrantford Speedway paved oval Brantford 1
42001bONBrighton Speedway dirt figure eight Brighton 2
42001aONBrighton Speedway dirt oval Brighton Brighton Speedway Park 40
42285aONBristol Speedway dirt oval Timmins 1
42002bONBrockville Ontario Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Addison 3
42002aONBrockville Ontario Speedway (Outer) dirt oval Addison Brockville Canadian Speedway, Brockville National Speedway, Brockville Motor Speedway, Brockville Speedway 58
42273aONBrooklin Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Brooklin 2
42273bONBrooklin Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Brooklin 2
42094dONCalabogie Motorsports Park frozen oval Calabogie 3
42094aONCalabogie Motorsports Park (Full Track) paved road circuit Calabogie 8
42094bONCalabogie Motorsports Park (Stadium Track) paved road circuit Calabogie 1
42056aONCambridge Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Cambridge Dickson Park 6
42295aONCanada Aviation and Space Museum mixed off road circuit Ottawa 4
42252aONCanadian Lakehead Exhibition dirt oval Thunder Bay Fort William Expo 1
42009eONCanadian National Exhibition dirt oval Toronto Toronto Exhibition 1
42027bONCapital City Speedway dirt oval Stittsville 1
42027cONCapital City Speedway frozen parking lot circuit Stittsville 3
42027aONCapital City Speedway paved oval Stittsville Ottodrome International Speedway, Ottawa Valley Speedway 25
42272aONCasselman dirt figure eight Casselman 2
42003aONCayuga Motor Speedway paved oval Nelles Corners Cayuga Speedway Park, Cayuga 2000 Speedway, Cayuga Speedway, Cayuga International Speedway 49
42003bONCayuga Speedway paved oval Nelles Corners Cayuga International Speedway 6
42277aONCedar Springs Raceway dirt off road oval Baltimore 2
42042bONCentral Canada Exhibition dirt oval Ottawa 1
42275aONCentre Wellington Community Sportsplex dirt figure eight Fergus 2
42039aONChecker Flag Motor Speedway paved oval Windsor Checker Flag National Speedway, Checker Flag International Speedway 10
42039bONChecker Flag National Speedway dirt oval Windsor Windsor Speedway 2
42048aONChippewa Hills dirt oval Chippewa Hills 1
42208aONClarence Creek frozen oval Clarence Creek 7
42005bONCornwall Dirt Raceway Park dirt oval Cornwall 4
42005aONCornwall Motor Speedway dirt oval Cornwall Cornwall Speedway, Power Dam Speedway 70
42006aONDelaware Speedway paved oval Delaware Delaware Speedway Park, Delaware Raceway Park, Delaware International Speedway 33
42056cONDickson Park (Cambridge Fair) dirt off road oval Cambridge 2
42007bONDorchester Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Dorchester 7
42057aONDrumbo Community Park dirt figure eight Drumbo Drumbo Festival Grounds 5
42058aONElmira Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Elmira 1
42008aONEmo Speedway dirt oval Emo 7
42059aONErin Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Erin 1
42294aONEssa Agriplex dirt figure eight Thornton 1
42009aONExhibition Place paved street circuit Toronto 42
42009bONExhibition Stadium paved oval Toronto Canadian National Expo, CNE 18
42060aONFenelon Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fenelon Falls 3
42060bONFenelon Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Fenelon Falls 3
42010bONFlamboro Speedway dirt figure eight Freelton 2
42010aONFlamboro Speedway paved oval Freelton 31
42061aONGeorgetown Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Georgetown 6
42090aONGlamorgan Community Centre dirt figure eight Gooderham 3
42276aONGlencoe Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Glencoe 2
42013aONGolden Lake Speedway dirt oval Golden Lake 2
42014aONGrand Bend Speedway paved oval Grand Bend Grand Bend Micro Speedway 8
42169aONHarewood Acres paved airfield circuit Jarvis 1
42051aONHide-A-Way Speedway paved oval New Hamburg Kitchener International Raceway 1
42012cONHumberstone Speedway dirt figure eight Port Colborne The New Humberstone Speedway 2
42012bONHumberstone Speedway dirt off road circuit Port Colborne 2
42012aONHumberstone Speedway dirt oval Port Colborne The New Humberstone Speedway, Gasport International Speedway, Humberstone International Speedway 39
42175aONHurricane Speedway dirt oval Sudbury 1
42062aONIlderton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ilderton 4
42099aONKars Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kars Kars Recreation Centre 3
42015aONKawartha Speedway paved oval Fraserville Kawartha Raceway 16
42101aONKingston Community Memorial Centre dirt figure eight Kingston Kingston Fairgrounds 1
42041aONKingston Speedway dirt oval Kingston Kingston International Speedway 3
42063aONKinmount Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kinmount 7
42016aONLaird International Raceway paved oval Echo Bay 10
42042aONLansdowne Park paved oval Ottawa 1
42105aONLincoln County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Beamsville 5
42065aONLindsay Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lindsay Lindsay Central Exhibition 3
42093aONLondon Gardens concrete oval London 8
42089aONMarkham Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Markham 3
42103aONMaxville Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Maxville 5
42103cONMaxville Fairgrounds paved figure eight Maxville 3
42017aONMerrittville Speedway dirt oval Thorold 62
42017bONMerrittville Speedway dirt oval Thorold 1
42098aONMilton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Milton 4
42098bONMilton Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Milton 5
42018bONMinden Community Centre dirt figure eight Minden Minden Fairgrounds 3
42018aONMinden Raceway frozen road circuit Minden Minden Fairgrounds 9
42102aONMission Bay ice road circuit Thunder Bay 1
42019aONMosport International Raceway paved road circuit Mosport Mosport International Speedway, Mosport Park 79
42019cONMosport International Speedway dirt oval Mosport 1
42019bONMosport Speedway paved oval Mosport Mosport International Raceway, Mosport International Speedway 21
42020aONMosquito Speedway dirt oval Nolalu 2
42022aONNature's Finest Speedway dirt oval London Wilton Grove Speedway 4
42050aONNavan Speedway dirt oval Navan 1
42209aONNilestown Speedway dirt oval Nilestown 2
42066aONNorfolk County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Simcoe 2
42024aONNorth Bay Speedway paved oval North Bay North Bay Motor Speedway 3
42091aONOakwood Community Centre dirt figure eight Oakwood 2
42092aONOhsweken Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ohsweken Six Nations Fairgrounds 2
42026bONOhsweken Micro Speedway dirt oval Ohsweken Ohsweken Speedway 17
42026aONOhsweken Speedway dirt oval Ohsweken 78
42026cONOhsweken Speedway dirt oval Ohsweken 2
42067aONOrangeville Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Orangeville 7
42279aONOrono Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Orono Durham Central Fair 2
42068aONOwen Sound Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Owen Sound 3
42068cONOwen Sound Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Owen Sound 3
42043bONParis Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Paris 6
42043cONParis Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Paris 2
42043aONParis Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Paris 1
42028bONPeterborough Speedway dirt off road oval Peterborough 3
42028aONPeterborough Speedway paved oval Peterborough Westgate Speedway 19
42044aONPinecrest Speedway paved oval Maple Speedway Park 5
42283aONPort Perry Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Port Perry 3
42283bONPort Perry Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Port Perry 1
42095aONRA Morrow Memorial Park dirt figure eight Peterborough Peterborough Exhibition Grounds 3
42045aONRidge Raceway dirt oval Ridgetown The Ridge Raceway, Harwich Speedway 5
42049aONRiverview Raceway dirt oval Thunder Bay 2
42100aONRockland Ford paved figure eight Rockland 3
42069aONRockton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Rockton 6
42069bONRockton Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Rockton 5
42104aONRussell Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Russell 3
42029aONSauble Speedway paved oval Sauble Beach 15
42030bONShannonville Motorsport Park paved road circuit Shannonville Pro Track 1
42030aONShannonville Motorsport Park paved road circuit Shannonville Long Track 11
42040aONSkydome concrete oval Toronto Toronto Skydome, Skydome Grand Prix 21
42032bONSouth Buxton (Inner) dirt oval South Buxton 2
42032aONSouth Buxton Raceway dirt oval South Buxton South Buxton International Raceway, South Buxton Speedway, Raleigh Raceway Park, Raceland Speedway 27
42046aONSpeedway Park dirt oval Stoney Creek Satellite Speedway 3
42046bONSpeedway Park paved oval Stoney Creek 2
42244aONStamford Park dirt oval Niagara Falls 3
42287aONStratford Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Stratford 4
42033cONSunset Speedway mixed off road circuit Stroud 3
42033eONSunset Speedway mixed oval Stroud 2
42033dONSunset Speedway paved figure eight Stroud 3
42033aONSunset Speedway paved oval Stroud Shakell's Sunset Speedway, New Sunset Speedway 25
42071aONSutton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Sutton 3
42071bONSutton Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Sutton 2
42293aONThamesford Rec Centre dirt figure eight Thamesford 4
42072aONThorndale Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Thorndale 3
42097aONTillsonburg Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Tillsonburg 4
42288aONTillsonburg Indoor Speedway dirt oval Tillsonburg 4
42034aONToronto Motorsports Park dirt off road circuit Cayuga 1
42034bONToronto Motorsports Park paved road circuit Cayuga 4
42292bONTrudeau Park dirt road circuit Tweed 3
42035bONVarney Motor Speedway mixed figure eight Durham 3
42035aONVarney Motor Speedway paved oval Durham Varney Speedway 16
42064aONWestern Fair Raceway dirt figure eight London 6
42064cONWestern Fairgrounds Raceway dirt off road oval London 4
42036aONWonderland Speedway dirt oval Lambeth 10
42290aONWoodbridge Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Woodbridge 3
42073aONWoodstock Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Woodstock 4
42073cONWoodstock Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Woodstock 1


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