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43286aPQAutodrome Bas St-Laurent dirt oval Saint-Eug√®ne-de-Ladri√®re Autodrome Budweiser 1
43100aPQAutodrome Chaudi√®re dirt oval Vall√©e-Jonction Autodrome Circuit Chaudi√®re, Circuit la Chaudi√®re, Autodrome la Chaudi√®re, Chaudiere River Race Track 3
43100bPQAutodrome Chaudi√®re paved oval Vall√©e-Jonction 8
43102aPQAutodrome Coaticook dirt oval Coaticook Circuit FH 4
43142aPQAutodrome de Lanaudierre dirt oval Saint-Damien Autodrome Lanaudierre, Autodrome Saint-Damien 2
43138aPQAutodrome de Laval paved oval Laval Riverside Speedway, Autodrome St-Paul 5
43136aPQAutodrome de Mont-Laurier paved oval Mont-Laurier Mont-Laurier Speedway 5
43107bPQAutodrome de Montmagny dirt oval Saint-Pierre-Montmagny Le Piste Mustang 3
43137aPQAutodrome de Val-B√©lair paved oval Val-B√©lair Autodrome de Qu√©bec, Quebec Modern Speedway 6
43119aPQAutodrome Drummond dirt oval St-Majorique Drummond Speedway, Courses de Stock Car Drummond 48
43119bPQAutodrome Drummond (Mini Drome Inner) dirt oval St-Majorique 3
43103aPQAutodrome East Broughton Speedway dirt oval East Broughton Autodrome East Broughton 5
43104aPQAutodrome Edelweiss dirt oval Cantley Autodrome Edelweiss Speedway, Edelweiss Speedway 15
43105aPQAutodrome Granby dirt oval Granby Granby Rebel Speedway, Rebel Speedway 47
43105cPQAutodrome Granby (Inner) dirt oval Granby 1
43302aPQAutodrome Maniwaki Speedway frozen oval Maniwaki 2
43202bPQAutodrome Mont-Carmel paved oval Mont-Carmel 1
43148aPQAutodrome Mont-St-Michel dirt oval Mont-St-Michel Circuit Mont-St-Michel, Circuit Mont-Trinite 1
43107dPQAutodrome Montmagny Speedway dirt oval Saint-Pierre-Montmagny Autodrome Montmagny Speedway 2000 3
43107aPQAutodrome Montmagny Speedway paved oval Saint-Pierre-Montmagny Autodrome Montmagny Speedway 2000, Autodrome Montmagny, Autodrome Montmagny 2000 Speedway 4
43107cPQAutodrome Montmagny Speedway 2000 paved road circuit Saint-Pierre-Montmagny Autodrome Montmagny 2000 Speedway 1
43108aPQAutodrome Pointe-Lebel dirt oval Pointe-Lebel Circuit Pointe-Lebel 1
43139aPQAutodrome Rive Sud dirt oval Saint-Philippe Marcel Turcolte Speedway, South Shore Speedway 5
43101aPQAutodrome Saguenay Speedway paved oval Chicoutimi Autodrome Chicoutimi, Autodrome St-Paul 2
43109cPQAutodrome Saint-Eustache frozen road circuit Saint-Eustache 3
43210aPQAutodrome Saint-Lambert paved oval Saint-Lambert 1
43293aPQAutodrome Saint-Val√®re.com dirt oval Saint-Val√®re 5
43140aPQAutodrome Sorel dirt oval Sorel 3
43146aPQAutodrome Soulanges dirt oval Saint-Clet 2
43144aPQAutodrome St-Adalbert dirt oval Saint-Adalbert 2
43109aPQAutodrome St-Eustache paved oval Saint-Eustache Circuit Deux Montagnes, Sportsman Speedway 13
43109bPQAutodrome St-Eustache paved road circuit Saint-Eustache Circuit Deux Montagnes 3
43110aPQAutodrome St-Felicien paved oval Saint-Felicien 4
43110bPQAutodrome St-Felicien paved road circuit Saint-Felicien 2
43145aPQAutodrome St-Jovite dirt oval Saint-Jovite Autodrome 117 Nord 2
43157aPQAutodrome St-Just dirt oval Saint-Just-de-Breteni√®res 4
43135aPQAutodrome Trois-Rivieres dirt oval Saint-Gregoire Autodrome Saint-Gregoire 8
43153aPQB√©arn dirt oval Bearn 1
43125aPQBeauharnois ice oval Beauharnois Maple Grove 6
43176aPQBeauport frozen road circuit Beauport Qu√©bec 2
43306aPQBerthierville (Grand Prix des Isles) frozen road circuit Berthierville 3
43296aPQBorderline Speedway frozen oval Kahnawake 1
43173aPQCamp de Vacances en Motocross dirt off road circuit Saint-Ferdinand 2
43292aPQCamping du Lac Georges dirt oval Val-Alain 2
43308aPQCamping Lac Aux Bouleaux dirt oval St.-Felix-de-Kingsey 2
43220aPQChampion Speedway dirt oval Bedford 1
43220bPQChampion Speedway paved oval Bedford 1
43113aPQCircuit Bertrand Fabi frozen road circuit Sherbrooke 5
43223aPQCircuit Degelis dirt oval Degelis Circuit des Courses Sainte-Rose de Degelis 1
43114aPQCircuit Gilles Villeneuve paved road circuit Montr√©al Circuit de l'√éle Notre Dame 39
43224aPQCircuit Grand Prix Automobile de Qu√©bec paved street circuit Qu√©bec 1
43288aPQCircuit ICAR (Long Course) paved airfield circuit Blainville 10
43288bPQCircuit ICAR (Short Course) paved airfield circuit Blainville 7
43115aPQCircuit Jacques Rainville ice road circuit Vanier 2
43122aPQCircuit Lac Morin ice oval Notre-Dame- du-Mont-Carmel Drift Maniac 3
43117aPQCircuit Riverside Speedway paved oval Sainte-Croix Circuit Ste-Croix, Circuit Qu√©bec 10
43117bPQCircuit Ste-Croix paved road circuit Sainte-Croix Circuit Qu√©bec 1
43192aPQCircuit Ste-Genevi√®ve-de-Batiscan frozen oval Sainte-Genevi√®ve- de-Batiscan 2
43169aPQCircuit Ste-Genevi√®ve-de-Batiscan ice oval Sainte-Genevi√®ve- de-Batiscan 4
43118aPQCircuit Trois-Rivi√®res paved street circuit Trois-Rivi√®res Grand Prix Trois-Rivi√®res 21
43299aPQCircuit Yvon Duhamel Race Track frozen oval Valcourt 4
43281aPQClub Ski-Beauce frozen oval Vall√©e-Jonction 4
43193aPQDomaine La Guadeloupe dirt off road circuit La Guadeloupe 2
43310aPQDrummond Speedway (Old Location) dirt oval Drummondville 1
43168bPQ√Črabli√®re Gerard Lessard frozen oval Saint-Henri-de-L√©vis Saint-Henri 2
43168aPQ√Črabli√®re Gerard Lessard frozen road circuit Saint-Henri-de-L√©vis Saint-Henri 3
43229aPQFarnham Speedway dirt oval Farnham 1
43297aPQFestival l'Erable de Plessisville dirt road circuit Plessisville 2
43230aPQFury Speedway paved oval Fabreville 1
43141aPQGrand Prix de Granby paved street circuit Granby 2
43121bPQGrand Prix de Shawinigan ice road circuit Shawinigan-Sud 2
43166aPQHippodrome de Qu√©bec dirt oval Qu√©bec 2
43303aPQHippodrome de Trois-Rivieres frozen oval Trois-Rivieres 3
43180aPQIssoudun frozen oval Issoudun 3
43170aPQKahnawake Marina ice oval Kahnawake 4
43170bPQKahnawake Marina ice road circuit Kahnawake 5
43186aPQLac Cayamant ice road circuit Lac Cayamant 3
43178aPQLac Mirage ice road circuit Princeville Victoriaville 5
43132aPQLac Williams ice road circuit Saint-Ferdinand 2
43291aPQLac-Fronti√®re ice road circuit Lac-Fronti√®re 2
43123aPQLachine Marina ice road circuit Lachine 4
43154aPQLaverloch√®re dirt oval Laverloch√®re 1
43124aPQLe Circuit Mont-Tremblant paved road circuit Mont-Tremblant Saint-Jovite 28
43111cPQLe RPM Circuit (Inner) dirt oval Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu 4
43171aPQMarina Brousseau ice oval Saint-Sulpice 6
43171bPQMarina Brousseau ice road circuit Saint-Sulpice 5
43181bPQMarina de Repentigny ice figure eight Repentigny 3
43181aPQMarina de Repentigny ice oval Repentigny 3
43179aPQMercier frozen oval Mercier 1
43309aPQMontreal Street Circuit paved street circuit Montreal 3
43287aPQMotocross Rivi√®re-Rouge dirt off road circuit Sainte-Veronique 2
43162bPQNotre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil dirt road circuit Notre-Dame- du-Bon-Conseil 3
43143aPQPiste de Course du Ranch Moco dirt oval Val-des-Monts Moco Ranch Speedway 2
43295aPQPointe-du-Lac frozen oval Pointe-du-Lac 1
43127aPQRanch du Soleil Levant dirt road circuit L'Annonciation Ranch of the Rising Sun 2
43300aPQRanch Gagnon dirt off road circuit La Guadeloupe 2
43174aPQRelais Hamel frozen road circuit Saint-√Čdouard- de-Lotbini√®re Saint-√Čdouard-de-Lotbini√®re 4
43307aPQRoxton Pond (Auto Short Course) ice road circuit Roxton Pond 4
43111aPQRPM Speedway dirt oval Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu Motodrome Saint-Marcel, Autodrome Saint-Marcel, Circuit Grand Prix Saint-Marcel, Circuit Saint-Marcel, Royal Raceway 14
43305aPQSaint Coltilde Centre Communautaire dirt road circuit Saint-Clotilde-de-Horton 2
43294aPQSaint-Armand ice road circuit Philipsburg 4
43191aPQSaint-Damase frozen road circuit Saint-Damase 1
43267aPQSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu dirt oval Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 1
43131aPQSainte-Eulalie frozen oval Sainte-Eulalie 4
43129bPQSanair International Speedway paved oval Saint-Pie Sanair Super Speedway, Sanair International 9
43129cPQSanair International Speedway paved road circuit Saint-Pie 5
43129aPQSanair Super Speedway paved oval Saint-Pie Sanair International Speedway, Sanair International 24
43165aPQSept-√éles Speedway dirt oval Moisie Autodrome Budweiser de Moisie, Circuit Budweiser de Moisie 1
43273aPQSherrington Speedway unknown oval Sherrington 1
43311aPQSt-Paul l'Ermite paved oval St-Paul l'Ermite 1
43304aPQSt. Elie Motorsports Complexe dirt off road circuit Sherbrooke 5
43298aPQSt. Theodore d'Acton ice oval St. Theodore d'Acton 3
43149bPQStade Olympique concrete oval Montr√©al 2
43149aPQStade Olympique dirt off road circuit Montr√©al Olympic Stadium, Montr√©al Motocross 1
43130aPQStadiaume Saint-Guillaume dirt oval Saint-Guillaume 8
43290aPQTring-Jonction dirt off road circuit Tring-Jonction 3
43118bPQTrois Rivieres Terrain de l'Exposition mixed off road circuit Trois-Rivi√®res 3
43301aPQVallee Jonction Centre de Loisirs Gede-Drouin frozen oval Vall√©e-Jonction 3
43147aPQVilla Speedway dirt oval Sacre-Coeur-de-Marie Autodrome Thetford 2
43183aPQVille de Lavaltrie ice road circuit Ville de Lavaltrie Grand Prix de Lanaudi√®re 4


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