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01743eCA333 MX dirt off road circuit Victorville 3
02155aCAAbreu Backyard Speedway dirt oval Rutherford 2
01701cCAAll American Speedway mixed oval Roseville 2
01701eCAAll American Speedway mixed road circuit Roseville 1
01701aCAAll American Speedway paved oval Roseville All-American Raceway, Placer County Speedway 14
01702dCAAltamont Motorsports Park paved figure eight Tracy 3
01702bCAAltamont Motorsports Park paved oval Tracy Altamont Raceway And Arena, Altamont Raceway Park, Bernal Memorial Raceway, Altamont Speedway 28
01702cCAAltamont Motorsports Park paved oval Tracy Altamont Raceway And Arena, Altamont Raceway Park, Bernal Memorial Raceway, Altamont Speedway 9
01702eCAAltamont Motorsports Park paved road circuit Tracy 1
01843aCAAlviso Speedway dirt oval Alviso 1
01703aCAAmerican Valley Speedway dirt oval Quincy Quincy Speedway 12
01845aCAAnaheim Convention Center paved oval Anaheim 2
01781aCAAnaheim Stadium dirt road circuit Anaheim Edison International Field 2
01749bCAAnderson Speedway dirt oval Anderson 1
01781bCAAngel Stadium of Anaheim dirt oval Anaheim Anaheim Stadium, Edison International Field 1
01781cCAAngel Stadium of Anaheim dirt oval Anaheim 1
01704bCAAntelope Valley Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lancaster Lancaster Fairgrounds 4
02139bCAAntelope Valley Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Lancaster 1
01704aCAAntelope Valley Fairgrounds dirt oval Lancaster Lancaster Fairgrounds 1
01705aCAAntioch Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Antioch 6
01705cCAAntioch Speedway dirt figure eight Antioch 2
01705bCAAntioch Speedway dirt oval Antioch Antioch Fairgrounds Speedway 63
01783aCAArco Arena paved oval Sacramento 4
01784aCAArco Arena unknown oval Sacramento 2
01767dCAAscot Park dirt figure eight Gardena 4
01767bCAAscot Park dirt oval Gardena 20
01767aCAAscot Park dirt oval Gardena New Ascot Stadium, Bill McKay's Los Angeles Speedway 86
01767cCAAscot Park dirt road circuit Gardena 1
01782aCAAtascadero Speedway dirt oval Atascadero 1
01712aCAAuto Club Speedway paved oval Fontana California Speedway 69
01712bCAAuto Club Speedway paved road circuit Fontana California Speedway 9
01817aCABakersfield unknown track Bakersfield 1
01786aCABakersfield Civic unknown track Bakersfield 1
02160aCABakersfield Karting Experience dirt oval Bakersfield 1
01785aCABakersfield Rodeo Arena dirt oval Bakersfield 1
01706dCABakersfield Speedway dirt figure eight Oildale 1
01706aCABakersfield Speedway dirt oval Oildale Oildale Speedway, Oil Bowl Speedway, Bakersfield Speedbowl, Bakersfield Thunderbowl, Hawks Brothers Speedway 100
01706bCABakersfield Speedway dirt oval Oildale 4
01706cCABakersfield Speedway paved oval Oildale 5
01779aCABalboa Stadium dirt oval Ocean Beach Balboa Park Stadium, San Diego Stadium 2
01707bCABarona Speedway dirt figure eight Ramona 1
01707aCABarona Speedway dirt oval Ramona Barona Speedway Park 7
01859aCABay Meadows Race Track dirt oval Belmont 5
01768aCABaylands Raceway Park dirt oval Fremont 47
01768bCABaylands Raceway Park dirt oval Fremont 4
02156aCABellflower Speedway dirt oval Bellflower 2
01863aCABelmont Speedway dirt oval Belmont San Carlos Stadium, Belmont City Stadium 1
01764aCABlythe Speedway dirt oval Blythe Colorado River Country Speedway 1
01820aCABolado Park dirt oval Hollister 1
01708aCAButte County Fairgrounds dirt oval Gridley 4
01709aCAButtonwillow Raceway Park (Race Course 13) paved road circuit Buttonwillow 15
01709cCAButtonwillow Raceway Park (Race Course 1A) paved road circuit Buttonwillow 1
01709bCAButtonwillow Raceway Park (Race Course 25) paved road circuit Buttonwillow 2
02166aCACahuilla Crek MX dirt off road circuit Anza 1
01710bCACajon Speedway paved oval El Cajon 20
01711aCACal Expo dirt oval Sacramento 20
01712cCACalifornia Speedway paved road circuit Fontana 3
01778aCACalifornia State Fairgrounds dirt oval Sacramento Sacramento Fairgrounds 20
01713aCACalistoga Speedway dirt oval Calistoga 103
01776aCACarlsbad Speedway dirt oval Carlsbad Carlsbad Raceway 1
01813aCACarnegie Speedway dirt oval Tracy 2
01821aCACarrell Speedway paved oval Gardena 4
02167aCACaruthers District Fairgrounds dirt oval Caruthers 1
01714bCACedarville Speedway dirt oval Cedarville 1
01829aCAChampion Speedway dirt oval Brisbane 1
01800aCACharles C. Hughes Memorial Stadium dirt oval Sacramento Hughes Stadium, Sacramento Stadium 1
01715cCAChowchilla unknown oval Chowchilla 1
01715bCAChowchilla Speedway dirt figure eight Chowchilla 2
01715aCAChowchilla Speedway dirt oval Chowchilla Chowchilla Fairgrounds Speedway 13
01715iCAChowchilla Speedway dirt oval Chowchilla 2
01715gCAChowchilla Speedway dirt road circuit Chowchilla 1
01803dCAChris Beck Arena dirt oval Santa Rosa 1
02152aCAChuckwalla Valley Raceway paved road circuit Desert Center 9
02137aCAChula Vista International Off-Road Raceway dirt off road circuit Chula Vista 1
02140aCAChula Vista International Raceway dirt off road circuit Chula Vista 1
01787aCAClovis Speedway dirt oval Clovis Clovis Rodeo Grounds 8
01765aCAColusa County Fairgrounds dirt oval Colusa 4
02163aCACompetitive Edge MX Park (Hillside Course) dirt off road circuit Hesperia 1
01828aCAContra Costa Stadium dirt oval Pacheco 1
02135aCACORA Speedway dirt oval Dixon 7
01769cCACorona Raceway dirt figure eight Corona 1
01769aCACorona Raceway dirt oval Corona 14
01769bCACorona Raceway dirt oval Corona 1
01788aCACow Palace paved oval Daly City 6
01827aCACrows Landing Naval Air Station paved airfield circuit Crows Landing 1
01889aCACulver City Speedway paved oval Culver City Little Ascot Speedway 1
01717aCACycleland Speedway dirt oval Nelson 23
01774cCADel Mar Fairgrounds paved parking lot circuit Del Mar Grand Prix of Greater San Diego, Grand Prix of Southern California 11
01774dCADel Mar Show Arena dirt oval Del Mar 4
01774aCADel Mar Speedway dirt oval Del Mar 11
02148aCADelberts Memorial Raceway dirt oval Lakeport 1
01718cCADelta Speedway dirt figure eight Stockton 1
01718aCADelta Speedway dirt oval Stockton 17
01718bCADelta Speedway dirt oval Stockton 2
01721aCADiamond Mountain Speedway dirt oval Susanville Lassen Speedway, High Desert Speedway, Susanville Speedway 4
01824aCADixon Speedway dirt oval Dixon 1
01808aCADixon-May Fairgrounds dirt oval Dixon Dixon Fairgrounds Speedway 6
01895aCADodger Stadium paved parking lot circuit Los Angeles 2
02174aCAE-Street MX Park dirt off road circuit Marysville 1
01789aCAEl Toro Raceway dirt oval Costa Mesa Orange County Speedway 3
01770bCAEmpire Mine Speedway dirt oval Grass Valley 1
01770aCAErnie Purssell Memorial Speedway dirt oval Grass Valley Grass Valley Speedway, Muhcahy Field 13
01798eCAFairplex at Pomona dirt off road circuit Pomona Los Angeles County Fairplex 1
02162bCAFox Raceway (Short Course) dirt off road circuit Pala 1
01768cCAFremont Raceway dirt oval Fremont 3
01768dCAFremont Raceway dirt road circuit Fremont 3
01825aCAGardena Speedway dirt oval Gardena Gardena Stadium, Western Speedway 6
01921aCAGilmore Stadium dirt oval Hollywood 1
01809cCAGlen Helen Raceway (Long Off-Road Course) dirt off road circuit San Bernardino 2
01809fCAGlen Helen Raceway (Nitro Rallycross Course) mixed off road circuit San Bernardino 3
01809dCAGlen Helen Raceway (Short Course Truck Track) dirt off road circuit San Bernardino 4
01809eCAGlen Helen Raceway (Vet MX Course) dirt off road circuit San Bernardino 4
01809aCAGlen Helen Speedway dirt oval San Bernardino Glen Helen Raceway Park, Glen Helen OHV Park 1
01708bCAGridley Fairgrounds dirt oval Gridley 1
01822fCAHanford Motor Speedway mixed oval Hanford Marchbanks Stadium Speedway 1
01822aCAHanford Motor Speedway paved oval Hanford 12
01790bCAHills Ferry Speedway dirt oval Newman 1
01790aCAHills Ferry Speedway dirt oval Newman 1
02172aCAHonolulu Hills Raceway dirt off road circuit Taft 1
01791aCAHughson Street Race paved street circuit Hughson 1
01742dCAHumboldt Outlaw Karts (Redwood Acres Fairgrounds) dirt oval Eureka 1
01945aCAHuntington Beach Legion Speedway dirt oval Huntington Beach Talbert Stadium 1
01945bCAHuntington Beach Legion Speedway paved oval Huntington Beach 1
02164aCAImperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area dirt off road circuit Glammis 1
02173aCAImperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area dirt off road circuit Galmis 1
01724dCAImperial Valley Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Imperial 1
01724aCAImperial Valley Raceway dirt oval Imperial Imperial Valley Speedway, Imperial Raceway, Imperial Speedway, Imperial Fairgrounds 43
01724bCAImperial Valley Raceway dirt oval Imperial 3
01725dCAIrwindale Speedway mixed road circuit Irwindale Toyota Speedway at Irwindale 2
01725cCAIrwindale Speedway paved figure eight Irwindale Toyota Speedway at Irwindale 8
01725bCAIrwindale Speedway paved oval Irwindale Toyota Speedway at Irwindale 22
01725aCAIrwindale Speedway paved oval Irwindale Toyota Speedway at Irwindale 69
01725fCAIrwindale Speedway paved road circuit Irwindale 4
01745aCAJacqueline Cochran Regional Airport paved airfield circuit Thermal 1
01792bCAKearney Bowl dirt oval Fresno Fresno Speedway, Italian Amusement Park, Airport Speedway 1
01792aCAKearney Bowl paved oval Fresno 5
01740aCAKeller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park dirt oval Visalia Plaza Park Raceway, Giant Chevrolet Raceway at Plaza Park 20
01726aCAKeller Auto Speedway dirt oval Hanford Kings Speedway 106
02153cCAKern County Raceway Park dirt oval Bakersfield 12
02153aCAKern County Raceway Park paved oval Bakersfield 11
02153dCAKern County Raceway Park (Inner) paved oval Bakersfield 1
02153bCAKern County Raceway Park (Intermediate) paved oval Bakersfield 3
01793bCAKern County Speedway dirt figure eight Rosamond 2
02153eCAKern County Speedway Dirt Track (Inner) dirt oval Bakersfield 2
01726cCAKings Speedway dirt oval Hanford 1
01726bCAKings Speedway dirt oval Hanford 3
01960aCALaGrange Speedway dirt oval LaGrange 1
02159bCALake Elsinore Grand Prix (Short Course) mixed off road circuit Lake Elsinore 4
02141aCALake Elsinore Motorsports Complex dirt off road circuit Lake Elsinore 1
02159aCALake Elsinore Park/Street Circuit mixed off road circuit Lake Elsinore 6
01737eCALake Perris Speedway dirt oval Perris 4
01727cCALakeport Indoor Speedway dirt oval Lakeport Floyd Baldwin Pavilion, Lakeport Speedway 7
01727bCALakeport Speedway dirt oval Lakeport 2
01727eCALakeport Speedway dirt road circuit Lakeport 1
01727aCALakeport Speedway paved oval Lakeport 11
01704dCALancaster Fairgrounds dirt oval Lancaster 1
01728aCALemoore Jet Bowl (New Location) dirt oval Lemoore Lemoore Midget Speedway, Lemoore Midget Speedway 12
01810aCALemoore Midget Speedway dirt oval Lemoore Lemoore Jet Bowl 2
01968aCALincoln Park Stadium dirt oval Los Angeles 1
01794aCALive Oak Speedway dirt oval Live Oak Live Oak Memorial Stadium, Live Oak Stadium 1
01819aCALivermore unknown oval Livermore 1
01719aCALong Beach Street Circuit (Full Course) paved street circuit Long Beach Grand Prix of Long Beach, Long Beach Grand Prix 50
01719bCALong Beach Street Circuit (Short Course) paved street circuit Long Beach 5
01798bCALos Angeles County Fairgrounds dirt oval Pomona 1
01798dCALos Angeles County Fairgrounds paved road circuit Pomona Pomona Fair Grounds 1
02169aCALos Angeles County Raceway Motocross dirt off road circuit Palmdale 1
01912aCALos Angeles Forum concrete oval Inglewood 2
02145cCALos Angeles Memorial Coliseum paved oval Los Angeles 10
02145dCALos Angeles Memorial Coliseum wood oval Los Angeles 1
02145eCALos Angeles Street Race paved street circuit Los Angeles 4
01795aCALos Banos Fairgrounds dirt oval Los Banos 1
01764bCALucas Oil I-10 Speedway paved oval Blythe I-10 Speedway, Blythe Raceway 11
01715hCAMadera County Agricultural Boosters Association Feed Pavilion dirt oval Chowchilla 3
01730aCAMadera Speedway dirt oval Madera 3
01730bCAMadera Speedway paved oval Madera 30
01730cCAMadera Speedway unknown oval Madera 1
01822eCAMarchbanks Speedway paved road circuit Hanford 1
01756cCAMarysville Raceway dirt figure eight Marysville 1
01756aCAMarysville Raceway dirt oval Marysville Twin Cities Speedway, Triple M Speedway 39
01731aCAMazda Raceway Laguna Seca paved road circuit Monterey Laguna Seca Raceway 67
01993aCAMerced dirt oval Merced 1
01732dCAMerced Fairgrounds Speedway dirt figure eight Merced 1
01732bCAMerced Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Merced 3
01732aCAMerced Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Merced 8
01732cCAMerced Speedway dirt oval Merced Merced Fairgrounds Speedway 58
01733aCAMesa Marin Raceway paved oval Bakersfield 38
01796aCAMetcalf Raceway Park dirt oval Metcalf 2
01796bCAMetcalf Raceway Park unknown oval Metcalf 1
02002aCAMontgomery Field paved airfield circuit San Diego 1
01763bCAMotor Trend Thunder paved airfield circuit Tustin 1
01815aCANaval Air Station North Island paved street circuit Coronado Naval Training Center Circuit, San Diego Grand Prix 5
02020gCAOakland Stadium mixed oval San Leandro 2
02020eCAOakland Stadium paved oval San Leandro 1
01760dCAOcean Speedway dirt figure eight Watsonville Watsonville Speedway 7
01760aCAOcean Speedway dirt oval Watsonville Watsonville Speedway, Watsonville Fair Speedway, Watsonville Fairgrounds Speedway 80
01775aCAOntario Motor Speedway paved oval Ontario 42
01775bCAOntario Motor Speedway paved road circuit Ontario 8
01811aCAOrange County Fairgrounds dirt oval Costa Mesa 1
01734cCAOrange Show Speedway dirt oval San Bernardino 3
01734bCAOrange Show Speedway paved figure eight San Bernardino 9
01734aCAOrange Show Speedway paved oval San Bernardino 22
01734dCAOrange Show Speedway paved road circuit San Bernardino 1
01735bCAOrland Raceway dirt oval Orland Orland Fairgrounds Raceway 9
02162aCAPala Raceway dirt off road circuit Pala 1
01720aCAPalm Springs Airport paved airfield circuit Palm Springs Grand Prix of Palm Springs 3
01823aCAParamount Ranch paved road circuit Agoura 2
01752bCAPauline Davis Pavilion dirt oval Red Bluff Tehama County Fairgrounds, Sun Country Fairgrounds 15
01736bCAPearsonville Speedway dirt figure eight Pearsonville 1
01736aCAPearsonville Speedway dirt oval Pearsonville IMI Raceway, Independent Motorsports Park, Pearson Speedway, High Desert Speedway 3
01736cCAPearsonville Speedway unknown oval Pearsonville 1
01737bCAPerris Auto Speedway dirt figure eight Perris 5
01737fCAPerris Auto Speedway dirt off road circuit Perris 4
01737aCAPerris Auto Speedway dirt oval Perris 120
01737cCAPerris Auto Speedway dirt oval Perris 12
01737gCAPerris Auto Speedway dirt oval Perris 5
01738bCAPetaluma Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Petaluma 1
01738aCAPetaluma Speedway dirt oval Petaluma Petaluma Fairgrounds Speedway 64
01739aCAPlacerville Speedway dirt oval Placerville 97
01740bCAPlaza Park Raceway dirt figure eight Visalia 1
01797aCAPleasanton Fairgrounds dirt oval Pleasanton 3
01798cCAPomona Raceway dirt off road circuit Pomona 1
01798aCAPomona Raceway paved road circuit Pomona 1
02154aCAPort of Los Angeles mixed off road circuit San Pedro 4
01741dCAPrairie City Short Course dirt off road circuit Rancho Cordova 1
01741bCAPrairie City SVRA Raceway dirt off road circuit Rancho Cordova Prairie City SVRA Raceway Park 1
01741aCAPrairie City SVRA Raceway Park dirt oval Rancho Cordova 3
01741cCAPrairie City SVRA Raceway Park dirt oval Rancho Cordova 1
02171aCAQuail Canyon Motocross Track dirt off road circuit Lebec 1
02062bCAQualcomm Stadium dirt oval Mission Valley Jack Murphy Stadium 1
01799aCAQuechan Speedway dirt oval Winterhaven 2
01703bCAQuincy Speedway dirt oval Quincy 1
01742bCARedwood Acres Raceway dirt oval Eureka 4
01742cCARedwood Acres Raceway dirt oval Eureka Eureka Speedway 1
01742aCARedwood Acres Raceway paved oval Eureka Redwood Acres Speedway 4
02138aCARialto Airport Speedway paved oval Rialto 1
01818aCARio Linda unknown oval Rio Linda 1
01771cCARiverside Int. Raceway (Grand Prix Circuit) paved road circuit Riverside Riverside International Motor Speedway 15
01771dCARiverside Int. Raceway (NASCAR Circuit) paved road circuit Riverside 26
01771aCARiverside Int. Raceway (Short Circuit) paved road circuit Riverside Riverside International Motor Speedway 38
01771bCARiverside International Motor Speedway paved oval Riverside 1
01716bCARocky Hill Speedway dirt figure eight Porterville 1
01716aCARocky Hill Speedway dirt oval Porterville Porterville Rocky Hill Speedway, Porterville Speedway, Porterville Speed Bowl 5
01816aCARose Bowl dirt oval Pasadena 1
01816cCARose Bowl wood oval Pasadena 1
01701bCARoseville Speedway dirt oval Roseville 1
01744cCASacramento Raceway Park dirt oval Sacramento 6
02168aCASalinas California Rodeo Grounds (Short Course) dirt road circuit Salinas 1
02170aCASalinas Valley Fairgrounds dirt oval King City 1
01774bCASan Diego County Fair Ground paved parking lot circuit Del Mar Del Mar Fairgrounds 1
01746bCASan Jose Fair Speedway dirt oval San Jose 5
01746dCASan Jose Fairgrounds Coliseum concrete oval San Jose San Jose Arena 2
01746aCASan Jose Speedway dirt oval San Jose San Jose Fair Speedway 38
01746eCASan Jose Speedway dirt oval San Jose 32
01746fCASan Jose Speedway dirt oval San Jose 2
01746gCASan Jose Speedway dirt oval San Jose 1
01801bCASan Jose Speedway paved figure eight San Jose 2
01801aCASan Jose Speedway paved oval San Jose 11
02077aCASanta Barbara Municipal Airport paved airfield circuit Goleta Goleta Airport 2
02079aCASanta Maria Airport paved airfield circuit Santa Maria 1
01747aCASanta Maria Raceway dirt oval Santa Maria Santa Maria Speedway 80
01747bCASanta Maria Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Santa Maria Santa Maria Speedway 2
01747cCASanta Maria Speedway (Intermediate) dirt oval Santa Maria 1
01773bCASaugus Speedway paved figure eight Saugus 3
01773aCASaugus Speedway paved oval Saugus 23
02088aCASeals Stadium paved oval San Francisco 1
02089aCASelland Arena concrete oval Fresno 1
01749cCAShasta Speedway mixed road circuit Anderson Shasta Raceway Park 2
01749aCAShasta Speedway paved oval Anderson Shasta Motorsports Complex, Shasta Raceway Park 13
02161aCAShorty's Sports Park dirt off road circuit Blythe 3
01804aCASierra Mesa National Raceway paved oval Browns Valley 3
01750aCASilver Dollar Speedway dirt oval Chico Third District Fairgrounds 110
01762bCASiskiyou Kart Track dirt oval Yreka 3
01762aCASiskyou Golden Speedway dirt oval Yreka Yreka Speedway, Gold Rush Speedway, Northern California Speedway, Siskyou Motor Speedway, Siskyou Speedway 8
01803aCASonoma County Fairgrounds Coliseum concrete oval Santa Rosa 1
01748dCASonoma Raceway dirt oval Sonoma 1
01748bCASonoma Raceway paved road circuit Sonoma Sears Point Raceway, Infineon Raceway 15
01748aCASonoma Raceway paved road circuit Sonoma Sears Point Raceway, Sears Point International Raceway, Golden State International Raceway, Infineon Raceway 66
01777aCASpeedway 117 dirt oval Chula Vista South Bay Speedway, Mesa Speedway 23
01777bCASpeedway 117 dirt oval Chula Vista South Bay Speedway 1
01805cCASpeedway 605 paved figure eight Irwindale 1
01805aCASpeedway 605 paved oval Irwindale Rivergrade Speedway, San Gabriel Valley Speedway, Irwindale Raceway 10
01805bCASpeedway 605 paved oval Irwindale Rivergrade Speedway, San Gabriel Valley Speedway, Irwindale Raceway 1
01793dCASpeedway Willow Springs mixed figure eight Rosamond 1
01793gCASpeedway Willow Springs mixed road circuit Rosamond 1
01793hCASpeedway Willow Springs paved figure eight Rosamond 1
01793aCASpeedway Willow Springs paved oval Rosamond Willow Springs Speedway, Kern County Speedway 5
01793cCASpeedway Willow Springs paved road circuit Rosamond 1
01723aCASpinners Airport Speedway dirt oval Porterville 2
01751bCAStockton 99 Speedway paved figure eight Stockton 1
01751aCAStockton 99 Speedway paved oval Stockton New Stockton Stadium, Stockton Stadium 31
02157aCAStockton Dirt Track dirt oval Stockton 52
02136aCAStreets of San Jose paved street circuit San Jose Grand Prix of San Jose 1
01780cCASunrise Motocross Park dirt off road circuit Adelanto 1
02158aCASunrise Speedway paved oval Redding 1
01780bCASunrise Valley Raceway dirt figure eight Adelanto 1
01780aCASunrise Valley Raceway dirt oval Adelanto Adelanto Raceway 2
01753aCATemecula Speedway dirt oval Temecula Temecula Motorsports Park 1
01750bCAThe Pavilion concrete oval Chico Pavilion at the Fairgrounds 3
01750cCAThe Pavilion dirt oval Chico 3
01761fCAThe Streets of Willow (Full Course) paved road circuit Rosamond Willow Springs Motorsports Park 2
01761gCAThe Streets of Willow (Short Course) paved road circuit Rosamond 1
01806aCAThunder Park Speedway dirt oval Sacramento 2
01754aCAThunderbowl Raceway dirt oval Tulare Tulare Thunderbowl 86
01754bCAThunderbowl Raceway dirt oval Tulare 3
01754cCAThunderbowl Raceway dirt oval Tulare 1
01755aCAThunderhill Raceway Park paved road circuit Willows Thunderhill Park 11
01755bCAThunderhill Raceway Park paved road circuit Willows 1
01755cCAThunderhill Raceway Park (Five Mile Course) paved road circuit Willows 1
02106aCATorrey Pines paved street circuit LaJolla 2
02109aCATracy Municipal Airport paved airfield circuit Tracy 1
02111aCATri-City Speedway dirt oval Colton 1
02165aCATrinity County Fairgrounds dirt oval Hayfork Mountain Valley Raceway 1
01826aCATrojan Speedway dirt oval South Gate South Gate Speedway 3
01757bCAUkiah Speedway dirt oval Ukiah 1
01757cCAUkiah Speedway dirt oval Ukiah 2
01757aCAUkiah Speedway paved oval Ukiah Redwood Empire Speedway, Shodakai Speedway 11
01831bCAVaca Valley Raceway paved oval Vacaville 1
01758aCAVallejo Speedway 2 dirt oval Vallejo 4
01759bCAVentura Raceway dirt figure eight Ventura 2
01759aCAVentura Raceway dirt oval Ventura Ventura Speedway, Seaside Park Speedway 69
01759cCAVentura Raceway dirt oval Ventura 1
02118aCAVentura Stadium dirt oval Agoura Agoura Speedway 2
01743bCAVictorville Auto Raceway dirt figure eight Victorville Victorville Fairgrounds 3
01743aCAVictorville Auto Raceway dirt oval Victorville Route 66 Raceway, Route 66 Race Track, USA Speedway, Victorville Fairgrounds 9
01761eCAWalt James Stadium dirt oval Rosamond Walt James Memorial Stadium 4
01760bCAWatsonville Speedway dirt oval Watsonville 1
01772aCAWest Capital Raceway dirt oval Sacramento Sacramento Speedway, West Capital Speedway, Capital Speedway 21
01772bCAWest Capital Raceway dirt oval Sacramento Sacramento Speedway, West Capital Speedway, Capital Speedway 4
02127aCAWest Coast Speedway dirt oval Vallejo Vallejo Speedway 3
02127bCAWest Coast Speedway dirt oval Vallejo 1
01743cCAWheel 2 Wheel Raceway dirt oval Victorville 4
02129aCAWhiteman Stadium paved oval Pacoima 2
02130bCAWillits Speedway paved oval Willits Willits Rodeo Grounds 1
01761cCAWillow Springs International Raceway paved road circuit Rosamond Willow Springs Motorsports Park 15
01761bCAWillow Springs Motorsports Park dirt road circuit Rosamond 7
01766aCAYuba-Sutter Fairgrounds dirt oval Yuba City 1


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