TrackChaser Attended Connecticut (USA) Tracks

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38040aCTBerlin Fairgrounds dirt oval East Berlin 11
38007aCTBridgeport Speedway paved oval Bridgeport 1
38007bCTCandlelite Stadium dirt oval Bridgeport 1
38044aCTCentral Cycle MX dirt off road circuit Central Village 4
38008cCTCherry Park Speedway dirt oval Avon 1
38008bCTCherry Park Speedway paved oval Avon 3
38004aCTDanbury Fair Racearena paved oval Danbury 19
38004bCTDanbury Fair Speedways dirt oval Danbury Danbury Speedway, Danbury Fair Race Track 2
38004cCTDanbury Fair Speedways paved oval Danbury 1
38042aCTDurham Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Durham 6
38043aCTGoshen Stampede Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Goshen 3
38038aCTHebron Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hebron Hebron Harvest Fair 13
38009aCTHuntington Speedway dirt oval Shelton 2
38041aCTLebanon Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lebanon 5
38000cCTLime Rock Park (Alternate Circuit) paved road circuit Lime Rock 3
38000aCTLime Rock Park (Original Course) paved road circuit Lime Rock 72
38000bCTLime Rock Park (Skip Barber Auto Course) paved oval Lime Rock Skip Barber Auto Course 2
38002bCTLittle T Speedway paved oval Thompson 7
38039dCTMototown USA concrete oval Windsor 3
38039cCTMototown USA dirt off road circuit Windsor 6
38039aCTMototown USA (Original Location) dirt oval Windsor 6
38039bCTMototown USA (Second Location) dirt oval Windsor 16
38013aCTNew Haven Arena wood oval New Haven 1
38005aCTNew Haven Veterans Coliseum concrete oval New Haven 18
38012aCTNewfield Park dirt oval Bridgeport 3
38045aCTNorth Haven Fairgrounds dirt figure eight North Haven 5
38010aCTNorwalk Beach Kart Track paved parking lot oval Norwalk 2
38006aCTPlainville Stadium paved oval Plainville 11
38018aCTPomfret Speedway paved oval Pomfret Katherine Ellsworth Kartway 16
38011aCTRichard L. Shelton Speedway dirt oval Shelton Nutmeg Speedway 4
38014aCTSage Park Speedway dirt oval Windsor 1
38015bCTSavin Rock Amusement Park dirt oval West Haven 3
38016aCTSilver City Speedway paved oval Meriden 6
38001cCTStafford Motor Speedway dirt off road circuit Stafford Springs 5
38001eCTStafford Motor Speedway dirt oval Stafford Springs 4
38001aCTStafford Motor Speedway paved oval Stafford Springs 89
38001bCTStafford Motor Speedway paved oval Stafford Springs 23
38001dCTStafford Motor Speedway paved road circuit Stafford Springs 4
38002hCTThompson International Speedway dirt off road circuit Thompson 1
38002eCTThompson International Speedway mixed off road circuit Thompson 3
38002aCTThompson International Speedway paved oval Thompson New Thompson Speedway, Thompson Speedway 96
38002dCTThompson International Speedway paved oval Thompson Thompson Speedway 9
38002iCTThompson International Speedway paved road circuit Thompson 1
38002gCTThompson International Speedway paved road circuit Thompson New Thompson Speedway 15
38002cCTThompson Speedway paved road circuit Thompson 1
38003cCTWaterford Speedbowl paved figure eight Waterford 6
38003aCTWaterford Speedbowl paved oval Waterford New London-Waterford Speedbowl 66
38015aCTWest Haven Speedway paved oval West Haven West Haven Motordrome, Donovan Field, Savin Rock Amusement Park 2
38017aCTWoodstock Fairgrounds paved oval Woodstock 13


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