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29100bGA441 Speedway dirt oval Dublin Dublin 441 Speedway 11
29100aGA441 Speedway paved oval Dublin 7
29101bGAAlbany Motor Speedway dirt oval Albany The Fun Track 14
29272aGAAonia Pass Motocross dirt off road circuit Washington 4
29137aGAAthens Speedway dirt oval Athens Athens 4
29135aGAAtlanta Midget Speedway dirt oval Atlanta Atlanta Speedway 1
29102eGAAtlanta Motor Speedway mixed off road circuit Hampton 2
29102aGAAtlanta Motor Speedway paved oval Hampton Atlanta International Raceway 104
29102cGAAtlanta Motor Speedway paved oval Hampton Thunder Ring 21
29102bGAAtlanta Motor Speedway paved road circuit Hampton 7
29102dGAAtlanta Motor Speedway paved road circuit Hampton 2
29102fGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Legends Short Course) paved road circuit Hampton 1
29102gGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Modified Oval) paved road circuit Hampton 1
29273aGAAtlanta Motorsports Park paved road circuit Dawsonville 4
29103aGAAtlanta Seven Flags Speedway dirt oval Douglasville Seven Flags Speedway, West Atlanta Speedway, Douglas County Speedway, Douglasville Speedway 20
29132aGAAugusta International Speedway paved oval Augusta 8
29132bGAAugusta International Speedway paved road circuit Augusta 5
29132cGAAugusta Speedway dirt oval Augusta 6
29122aGABoyd's Speedway dirt oval Ringgold Tennessee-Georgia Speedway, Stateline Raceway, Tennessee-Georgia Raceway, Chattanooga Raceway Park, Chattanooga International Raceway 35
29122bGABoyd's Speedway paved oval Ringgold 5
29215aGACentral City Park Speedway dirt oval Macon Georgia Speedway, Macon Fairgrounds Speedway, Macon Speedway 7
29274aGACherokee Super Kart paved road circuit Woodstock 1
29104aGACochran Motor Speedway dirt oval Cochran Cochran Speedway, New Cochran Speedway, Central Georgia Speedway, Middle Georgia Dirt Track, J&J Speedway 22
29139aGAColumbus Speedway dirt oval Columbus 3
29168aGAColumbus Super Speedway paved oval Columbus Rocket Speedway 1
29105cGACordele Motor Speedway dirt off road circuit Cordele 1
29105bGACordele Motor Speedway dirt oval Cordele Cordele Speedway, Interstate Raceway 6
29170aGACordele Speedway dirt oval Cordele 3
29106aGACoweta Raceway Park dirt oval Newnan Coweta Raceway, Coweta County Speedway 2
29140aGADawgwood Speedway dirt oval Chatsworth North Georgia Mini Speedway 4
29177aGADixie Raceways paved road circuit Bainbridge 1
29107aGADixie Speedway dirt oval Woodstock Dixie Tri-Oval Speedway 99
29107bGADixie Speedway paved oval Woodstock 1
29266aGADouglas Motor Speedway dirt oval Douglas Douglas Motorsports Park Speedway 6
29119bGAGamecock Speedway dirt oval Newington 11
29138aGAGeorgia Karting Komplex dirt oval Carnesville 7
29108aGAGolden Isles Speedway dirt oval Waynesville 55
29121aGAGordon Park Speedway dirt oval Grovetown Silver Eagle Speedway, Augusta Motor Speedway, Classic South Raceway 13
29115aGAGresham Motorsports Park paved oval Jefferson Peach State Speedway, Peach State Motor Speedway, Georgia International Speedway, Jefco Speedway 40
29115bGAGresham Motorsports Park paved oval Jefferson 6
29115cGAGresham Motorsports Park paved road circuit Jefferson 1
29109aGAHartwell Speedway dirt oval Hartwell Hartwell Motor Speedway, Hartwell Raceway 22
29110aGAHighway 106 Speedway dirt oval Toccoa Highway 106 Racing Complex, 106 Racing Complex 4
29270aGAHurricane Raceway dirt oval Alma 2
29206aGAI-75 Speedway dirt oval Valdosta Valdosta 75 Speedway 5
29207aGAInternational City Speedway dirt oval Warner Robins Crazy 8 Speedway 1
29133aGALakewood Speedway dirt oval Atlanta 17
29111aGALanier National Speedway paved oval Braselton Lanier Raceway 40
29111bGALanier Raceway dirt oval Braselton 31
29112aGALavonia Speedway dirt oval Lavonia Lavonia Motor Speedway, Charlie's Speedway 33
29211aGALavonia Speedway dirt oval Lavonia 1
29218aGAMcRae Speedway dirt oval McRae Talmadge Speedway, Telfair County Speedway 1
29131aGAMiddle Georgia Raceway paved oval Byron Macon Raceway 13
29271aGANeedmore Speedway dirt oval Norman Park 13
29112bGANew Lavonia Speedway paved oval Lavonia Lavonia Speedway 4
29120bGANew Senoia Raceway dirt oval Senoia Senoia Raceway 21
29120aGANew Senoia Raceway paved oval Senoia Senoia Speedway, Senoia Raceway 27
29113aGANorth Georgia Speedway dirt oval Chatsworth North Georgia Raceway 32
29114aGAOglethorpe Speedway Park dirt oval Pooler Oglethorpe Speedway 50
29226aGAOvernite Speedway dirt oval Martinez 1
29229bGAPeach Bowl Speedway paved oval Atlanta 3
29116aGARoad Atlanta paved road circuit Braselton Road Atlanta Motor Sports Center 62
29117aGARoebling Road Raceway paved road circuit Bloomingdale Savannah International Raceway, Effingham County Raceway, Savannah-Effingham Motorway, Savannah-Effingham Raceway 14
29118aGARome Speedway dirt oval Rome Rome International Speedway 61
29136aGASavannah Fair Speedway dirt oval Savannah 1
29193aGASavannah Harbor Race Course paved road circuit Savannah Grand Prize of America Track, Savannah Harbor, Hutchinson Island Road Course, Grand Prize Circuit 6
29134bGASavannah Speedway dirt oval Savannah 8
29134aGASavannah Speedway paved oval Savannah New Savannah Speedway 10
29119aGAScreven Motor Speedway dirt oval Newington 44
29262bGASouth Georgia Motorsports Park dirt oval Cecil 1
29262aGASouth Georgia Motorsports Park paved oval Cecil 17
29130aGASpeedway Park dirt oval Swainsboro 1
29123aGASugar Creek Raceway dirt oval Blue Ridge 17
29101aGASuicide Circle Speedway paved oval Albany Albany Speedway, Albany Speedway Park, Albany Motor Speedway 9
29124aGASwainsboro Raceway dirt oval Swainsboro Swainsboro Speedway, East Georgia Motor Speedway, Swainsboro Motor Speedway, Cee-Jay Speedway 27
29125aGAThunderbowl Speedway dirt oval Valdosta North Valdosta Race Track 18
29126aGAToccoa Speedway dirt oval Toccoa Toccoa Motor Speedway 23
29105aGAWatermelon Capital Speedway paved oval Cordele Cordele Motor Speedway 26
29127aGAWaycross Motor Speedway dirt oval Waycross Waycross Speedway, Ware Speedway, Okefenokee Speedway, Tobacco Bowl Speedway 30
29128aGAWest Georgia Speedway dirt oval Whitesburg West Georgia Motor Speedway 14
29129aGAWinder Barrow Speedway dirt oval Winder East Georgia Motor Speedway, Winder-Barrow Speedway 12


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