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12100bIA34 Raceway dirt figure eight West Burlington 1
12100aIA34 Raceway dirt oval West Burlington 81
12197aIA4 County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Dunlap 1
12102aIAAdams County Speedway dirt oval Corning 35
12103aIAAlgona Raceway dirt oval Algona Kossuth County Raceway, Fair Street Speedway, Kossuth County Speedway 22
12312aIAAnita Speedway dirt oval Anita 1
12171aIAArnolds Park Speedway dirt oval Arnolds Park 1
12104bIAAudubon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Audubon Bull Valley Speedway 2
12105bIAAvoca Speedway dirt figure eight Avoca Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds 4
12105aIAAvoca Speedway dirt oval Avoca Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds 2
12106aIABarnes City Raceway dirt figure eight Barnes City 8
12106bIABarnes City Raceway dirt oval Barnes City 5
12211aIABedford Fairgrounds dirt oval Bedford 1
12107aIABenton County Speedway dirt oval Vinton Vinton Speedway 32
12306aIABig Dog Raceway dirt oval Hospers 1
12164aIABlackbird Bend Speedway dirt oval Onawa Blackbird Bend Motorsports Speedway, Blackbird Bend Raceway 15
12108aIABloomfield Speedway dirt oval Bloomfield 19
12108bIABloomfield Speedway dirt oval Bloomfield 1
12109aIABoone Speedway dirt oval Boone 45
12163bIABrooklyn Raceway dirt figure eight Brooklyn 13
12163aIABrooklyn Raceway dirt oval Brooklyn 13
12110aIABuena Vista Raceway dirt oval Alta Buena Vista County Raceway, Alta Speedbowl 24
12104aIABull Valley Speedway dirt oval Audubon Audubon Speedway, Audubon County Speedway 15
12182aIABurlington Fairgrounds dirt oval Burlington Tri-State Fairgrounds, Hawkeye Fairgrounds 1
12111bIAButler County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Allison Butler County Speedway, Allison Speedway 3
12180aIACalhoun County Expo Speedway dirt figure eight Rockwell City Calhoun County Speedway, Calhoun County Raceway, Calhoun County Exposition 3
12180bIACalhoun County Expo Speedway dirt oval Rockwell City Calhoun County Speedway, Calhoun County Raceway, Calhoun County Fairgrounds, Calhoun County Exposition 3
12180cIACalhoun County Fairgrounds dirt oval Rockwell City 1
12114aIACarroll County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Coon Rapids 3
12313aIACarroll Speedway dirt oval Carroll 1
12157aIACedar County Raceway dirt oval Tipton Cedar County Speedway, Tipton International Speedway, Tipton Speedway 25
12316bIAChambers Acres dirt figure eight Rockwell 1
12316aIAChambers Acres dirt oval Rockwell 1
12183aIAChariton Speed Bowl dirt oval Chariton Chariton Raceway, Southern Iowa Community Park 1
12183bIAChariton Speed Bowl dirt oval Chariton 1
12147aIAChickasaw Big 4 Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Nashua 3
12147bIAChickasaw Big 4 Fairgrounds dirt oval Nashua 2
12112aIACJ Speedway dirt oval Columbus Junction CJ Raceway, Louisa County Speedway, Columbus Junction Race Oval, Twin River Raceways 31
12172aIAClarinda Fairgrounds dirt oval Clarinda 1
12308bIAClarke County Speedway dirt figure eight Osceola 1
12308aIAClarke County Speedway dirt oval Osceola 5
12113aIAClay County Fair Speedway dirt oval Spencer Clay County Speedway, Clay County Fairgrounds 39
12173aIAClinton Fairgrounds dirt oval Clinton 1
12194bIACordes Speedwayy dirt oval Waterloo Tunis Speedway 2
12115bIACrawford County Speedway dirt figure eight Denison 4
12115aIACrawford County Speedway dirt oval Denison 37
12116aIACresco Speedway dirt oval Cresco 25
12116bIACresco Speedway dirt oval Cresco 1
12117aIADallas County Motorsports North Track dirt figure eight Adel Dallas County Fairgrounds 9
12117bIADallas County Motorsports North Track dirt oval Adel 7
12118aIADavenport Speedway dirt oval Davenport Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Mississippi Valley Amusement Park 77
12118bIADavenport Speedway dirt oval Davenport Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds 20
12185aIADayton Rodeo Grounds dirt oval Dayton Dayton Speedway, Community Speedway, Community Track 1
12166aIADelaware County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Manchester 3
12166cIADelaware County Fairgrounds dirt oval Manchester 1
12119aIADubuque Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Dubuque Dubuque Speedway 45
12120aIAEcho Valley Speedway dirt oval West Union 20
12121aIAEddyville Raceway Park paved oval Eddyville 4
12122aIAEldon Raceway dirt oval Eldon 27
12200aIAEnglish Creek Speedway dirt oval Melcher 23
12123aIAFarley Speedway dirt oval Farley New Farley Speedway 52
12123bIAFarley Speedway dirt oval Farley 12
12124aIAFayette County Speedway dirt oval West Union Fayette County Fair Raceway 15
12125aIAFlint Bottom Raceway dirt oval Burlington 4
12309bIAFloyd County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Charles City 4
12309aIAFloyd County Fairgrounds dirt oval Charles City 4
12126aIAFranklin County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hampton 8
12127aIAGreat Jones County Fairgrounds dirt oval Monticello 14
12128aIAGreenbelt Speedway dirt oval Eldora Harconia Raceway 15
12129bIAGreene County Fairgrounds dirt oval Jefferson 1
12129cIAGreene County Speedway dirt figure eight Jefferson Greene County Fairgrounds 4
12129aIAGreene County Speedway dirt oval Jefferson Jefferson Speedway 9
12129dIAGreene County Speedway dirt oval Jefferson 1
12188aIAGreenwood Roadway paved road circuit Indianola 2
12130aIAGrundy County Super Speedway dirt figure eight Grundy Center Grundy County Fairgrounds 4
12130bIAGrundy County Super Speedway dirt oval Grundy Center 1
12131aIAHamilton County Speedway dirt oval Webster City 51
12132bIAHancock County Speedway dirt figure eight Britt 1
12132aIAHancock County Speedway dirt oval Britt 29
12128bIAHardin County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Eldora Greenbelt Speedway 1
12128cIAHardin County Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Eldora 1
12205aIAHarrison County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Missouri Valley 1
12133cIAHawkeye Downs Speedway dirt oval Cedar Rapids Hawkeye Downs, Cedar Rapids Speedway, Frontier Park 26
12133dIAHawkeye Downs Speedway dirt oval Cedar Rapids 1
12133eIAHawkeye Downs Speedway paved figure eight Cedar Rapids 1
12133aIAHawkeye Downs Speedway paved oval Cedar Rapids 58
12133bIAHawkeye Downs Speedway paved oval Cedar Rapids 24
12134aIAHawkeye Raceway dirt oval Blue Grass 20
12134bIAHawkeye Raceway dirt oval Blue Grass 5
12190aIAHenry County Fairgrounds dirt oval Mount Pleasant 2
12111aIAHighway 3 Raceway dirt oval Allison Butler County Speedway, Allison Speedway 19
12135aIAHumboldt County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Humboldt 2
12136aIAI-35 Speedway dirt oval Mason City Mason City Speedway, Mohawk Speedway, Golden Hawk Speedway, North Iowa Speedway, Cerro Gordo Fairgrounds 42
12137aIAIndependence Motor Speedway dirt oval Independence Independence Fairgrounds 35
12158aIAIndianola Fairgrounds dirt oval Indianola 1
12201aIAIowa Speedway paved oval Newton 49
12201cIAIowa Speedway paved oval Newton 2
12201bIAIowa Speedway paved road circuit Newton 11
12138aIAIowa State Fair Speedway dirt oval Des Moines Iowa State Fairgrounds 71
12138bIAIowa State Fair Speedway dirt oval Des Moines 1
12138cIAIowa State Fairgrounds Pavilion concrete oval Des Moines Livestock Pavilion 1
12139aIAJackson County Speedway dirt oval Maquoketa Maquoketa Speedway, Jackson County Fair Speedway 19
12195aIAJamaica Raceway paved oval Jamaica 7
12140aIAJefferson County Raceway dirt oval Fairfield Jefferson County Speedway, Jefferson Raceway Park 5
12176aIAKeokuk County Expo Raceway dirt figure eight Sigourney Keokuk County Expo 7
12176bIAKeokuk County Expo Raceway dirt oval Sigourney 3
12141aIAKnoxville Raceway dirt oval Knoxville 158
12142bIALee County Raceway dirt oval Donnellson 1
12142aIALee County Speedway dirt oval Donnellson Lee County All-Star Raceway, Lee County Raceway, Donnellson Dirt Track 33
12187aIALegion Speedway dirt oval Fort Dodge 1
12150cIALyon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Rock Rapids 1
12155bIAMahaska County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Oskaloosa 1
12139dIAMaquoketa Speedway dirt road circuit Maquoketa 1
12143aIAMarshalltown Speedway dirt oval Marshalltown 34
12144aIAMaxwell Fire Dept. Figure 8 Course dirt figure eight Maxwell Maxwell Rodeo Grounds 6
12145aIAMid-America Motorplex paved road circuit Pacific Junction 5
12146aIAMidwest Off Road Raceway dirt off road circuit Fort Dodge 2
12256cIAMills County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Malvern 1
12146bIAMineral City Speedway dirt oval Fort Dodge 14
12305aIAMissouri Valley City Park dirt oval Missouri Valley 1
12204aIAMitchell County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Osage 2
12204eIAMitchell County Fairgrounds dirt oval Osage 1
12198aIAMonona County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Onawa 1
12181aIANational Cattle Congress Grounds dirt figure eight Waterloo 1
12314aIANewton Kart Club dirt oval Newton 5
12191aIANewton Speedway dirt oval Newton 1
12192aIAOttumwa Acres Speedway dirt oval Ottumwa 1
12193aIAOttumwa Sports Arena dirt oval Ottumwa 1
12169aIAPioneer Speedway dirt oval Des Moines Kessell Speedway 2
12184bIAPlayland Park dirt oval Council Bluffs 1
12184aIAPlayland Park paved oval Council Bluffs L&G Playland Park 2
12311aIAPlymouth County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight LaMars 1
12149aIAPrimghar Speedway dirt figure eight Primghar O'Brien County Fairgrounds 8
12175aIARaah Speedway dirt oval Oskaloosa 3
12150aIARapid Speedway dirt oval Rock Rapids Rapid Raceway 26
12138dIARichard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center dirt oval Des Moines 1
12151aIARinggold County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mt. Ayr 1
12168aIARuan Greater Des Moines Grand Prix paved street circuit Des Moines Des Moines Grand Prix, Grand Prix of Des Moines 6
12152aIASac County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Sac City 1
12153aIAShelby County Speedway dirt oval Harlan 15
12174cIASioux City Fairgrounds dirt oval Sioux City 1
12179aIASioux City Speedway unknown track Sioux City 1
12154aIASioux Speedway dirt oval Sioux Center 14
12155aIASouthern Iowa Speedway dirt oval Oskaloosa Southern Iowa Fairgrounds, Osky Speedway 110
12156aIAStuart Speedway dirt oval Stuart Stuart Raceway 32
12315aIAThe Dirt Track @ Slideways dirt oval Knoxville 1
12194cIATunis Speedway dirt oval Waterloo 1
12148aIAUpper Iowa Speedway dirt oval Decorah Nordic Speedway, Decorah Speedway 17
12189aIAVan Buren County Fairgrounds dirt oval Keosauqua 1
12186aIAVandalia Speedway dirt oval Des Moines 1
12310aIAWall Lake Farm Festival Racetrack dirt figure eight Wall Lake 1
12167aIAWapello Speedway dirt oval Wapello 5
12158cIAWarren County Speedway dirt figure eight Indianola Warren County Races, Warren County Figure 8 Race Track, Warren County Fair Raceway 16
12158bIAWarren County Speedway dirt oval Indianola Warren County Races, Warren County Fair Raceway 16
12159aIAWebster County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fort Dodge 9
12159bIAWebster County Fairgrounds dirt oval Fort Dodge 3
12160aIAWest Liberty Raceway dirt oval West Liberty West Liberty Speedway 51
12177aIAWestfair Grounds dirt figure eight Council Bluffs West Pottawattamie County Fairgrounds 1
12161aIAWhat Cheer Raceway dirt figure eight What Cheer Keokuk County Fair Raceway, Keokuk County Fairgrounds 8
12161cIAWhat Cheer Raceway dirt oval What Cheer 1
12178aIAWiota Fireman's Park dirt figure eight Wiota 3
12199aIAWoodbury County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Moville 3
12170aIAWright County Speedway dirt oval Belmond Clarmond Raceway 3


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