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16370aIL3-I Ball Park dirt oval Springfield 1
16405aIL87th Street Speedway paved oval Chicago 2
16608aILAbingdon Community Festival dirt figure eight Abingdon 2
16301aILAledo Raceway Park dirt oval Aledo Aledo Raceway, Mercer County Raceway, Mercer County Speedway 15
16398aILAmerican unknown track 1
16404aILAurora Downs dirt oval North Aurora 1
16600aILAutobahn Country Club paved road circuit Elwood Full Circuit 11
16600bILAutobahn Country Club paved road circuit Elwood North Circuit 3
16600cILAutobahn Country Club paved road circuit Elwood South Circuit 3
16418aILAvcom Park Speedway dirt oval Avon Avon Fairgrounds 2
16371aILBaty's Barn dirt oval Peoria 1
16302aILBelle-Clair Speedway dirt oval Belleville 54
16302bILBelle-Clair Speedway dirt oval Belleville 1
16372aILBelleville Athletic Field dirt oval Belleville 1
16303aILBlackhawk Farms Raceway paved road circuit Rockton 26
16304aILBond County Raceway dirt oval Greenville South Central Motorplex, South Central Speedway 11
16305aILBoone County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Belvidere 4
16373aILBrowning Field dirt oval Moline 1
16306aILBureau County Speedway dirt oval Princeton Princeton Raceway 26
16306bILBureau County Speedway dirt oval Princeton 2
16375aILCentral Stadium dirt oval Peoria Municipal Athletic Field 1
16376gILChampaign County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Urbana 2
16376bILChampaign County Fairgrounds dirt oval Urbana 4
16376fILChampaign County Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Urbana 2
16309aILChampaign Motor Speedway dirt oval Champaign Twin City Speedway 15
16309bILChampaign Motor Speedway dirt oval Champaign Twin City Speedway 4
16376aILChampaign-Urbana Speedway dirt oval Urbana Urbana Speedway, Twin City Speedway, Champaign County Fairgrounds 7
16307bILCharleston Speedway dirt off road circuit Charleston 2
16307aILCharleston Speedway dirt oval Charleston 40
16377aILChicago Armory dirt oval Chicago 124 Field Artillery Armory 1
16378aILChicago Coliseum paved oval Chicago 1
16308aILChicago Motor Speedway paved oval Cicero 22
16379aILChicago Riding Club dirt oval Chicago 1
16380aILChicago Stadium dirt oval Chicago 1
16395aILChicagoland Speedway paved oval Joliet 57
16310bILClay County Speedway dirt figure eight Flora 2
16310aILClay County Speedway dirt oval Flora 24
16311aILColes County Speedway dirt oval Loxa 14
16381bILCook County Fairgrounds dirt oval Chicago 1
16381aILCook County Fairgrounds dirt oval Chicago Stockham's Fairgrounds 1
16448aILCrawford County Speedway dirt oval Stoy Sportsman Park, Robinson Speedway 1
16471cILCumberland County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Greenup 1
16602aILCyclone Trails Off Road Park dirt off road circuit Hord 1
16399aILDecatur dirt oval Decatur 1
16352bILDecatur-Macon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Decatur 1
16312aILDuQuoin State Fairgrounds dirt oval DuQuoin 80
16621aILEaleyville Speedway dirt oval Mechanicsburg 3
16346aILEdinburg Veterans Memorial Park dirt figure eight Edinburg Edinburg Lions Club 1
16382aILExpo Park Speedway dirt oval Aurora 1
16314aILFairbury American Legion Speedway dirt oval Fairbury American Legion Speedway, Legion Speedway 82
16315aILFarmer City Raceway dirt oval Farmer City 94
16316aILFayette County Speedway dirt oval Brownstown Brownstown Speedway 32
16317aILFreeport Raceway Park dirt oval Freeport Freeport Raceway, Freeport Super Raceway, Stephenson County Speedway 38
16317bILFreeport Raceway Park dirt oval Freeport 14
16318aILGateway International Raceway paved oval Madison 56
16318bILGateway International Raceway paved road circuit Madison 12
16318dILGateway International Raceway paved road circuit Madison Saint Louis International Raceway 4
16300aILGodfrey Speedway dirt oval Godfrey 67 Raceway Park, Godfrey Motor Speedway, Action Speedway, Ascot Speedway, Alton Speedway 41
16319aILGrundy County Speedway paved oval Morris 64
16611aILHamilton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight McLeansboro 1
16351aILHenderson County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Stronghurst 4
16351bILHenderson County Fairgrounds dirt oval Stronghurst 1
16430bILHenry County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Cambridge 4
16320aILHighland Speedway dirt oval Highland 43
16394bILI-57 Raceway Park dirt oval Benton 1
16330aILI-57/1-64 Raceway dirt oval Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Raceway, Jefferson County Raceway, K&L Raceway, I-57 Raceway, Mount Vernon I-57 Speedway 35
16304bILI-70 Speedway concrete oval Greenville 1
16321eILIL State Fairgrounds (Enclosed Horse Arena) dirt oval Springfield 3
16321dILIL State Fairgrounds (Multi-Purpose Arena) dirt oval Springfield 13
16321aILIllinois State Fairgrounds dirt oval Springfield 107
16321cILIllinois State Fairgrounds Coliseum dirt oval Springfield 2
16353aILInternational Amphitheatre paved oval Chicago Chicago International Amphitheatre 10
16400aILIroquois County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Crescent City 2
16361bILJoliet Memorial Stadium dirt oval Joliet 1
16361aILJoliet Memorial Stadium paved oval Joliet Joliet Stadium 19
16601aILJules Raceway dirt oval Wilmington 2
16615aILK&L Raceway dirt oval Mount Vernon 1
16323eILK3 Karting Speedway dirt oval Kankakee 3
16323dILKankakee County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kankakee Kankakee Motor Speedway 1
16323aILKankakee County Speedway dirt oval Kankakee Kankakee Motor Speedway, Kankakee Speedway 65
16490aILKankakee Fairgrounds dirt oval Kankakee Interstate Fairgrounds 1
16324bILKnox County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Knoxville 2
16324aILKnox County Fairgrounds dirt oval Knoxville Knoxville Motor Speedway, I-74 Speedway, 74 Raceway, Knox County Speedway, Knoxville Speedway 35
16326aILLaSalle Speedway dirt oval LaSalle Tommy's LaSalle Speedway 98
16403aILLincoln Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 2
16406bILLincoln Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 42
16597bILLincoln Trail Motosports Park dirt off road circuit Casey Lincoln Trail Motosports Off Road Park 1
16597aILLincoln Trail Motosports Park dirt off road circuit Casey Lincoln Trail Motosports Off Road Park 4
16406aILLogan County Fairgrounds dirt oval Lincoln 5
16327bILMacomb Raceway dirt figure eight Macomb 1
16327aILMacomb Raceway dirt oval Macomb Macomb Speedway, Spring Creek Speedway 14
16328aILMacon Speedway dirt oval Macon Macon County Speedway 96
16329aILMarshall-Putnam County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Henry 1
16383bILMazon Speed Bowl dirt oval Mazon 2
16383aILMazon Speed Bowl paved oval Mazon 2
16384aILMcNeil Speedway dirt oval Kankakee 1
16521aILMeadowdale International Raceway paved road circuit Carpentersville Illinois International Raceway 3
16367aILMetrocentre concrete oval Rockford 5
16354aILMidstate Raceway dirt oval Mount Olive 11
16348aILMonmouth Airport dirt figure eight Monmouth Prime Beef Festival 4
16348bILMonmouth Airport dirt oval Monmouth Prime Beef Festival 3
16397aILMonroe County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Waterloo 2
16603aILMontgomery County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Butler 1
16322aILMorgan County Speedway dirt oval Jacksonville Jacksonville Raceway 89
16534aILMount Vernon Fairgrounds dirt oval Mount Vernon Fairgrounds Raceway 3
16385aILNew Lake Speedway dirt oval Springfield 1
16368aILO'Hare Stadium paved oval Schiller Park 3
16362bILOlney City Park dirt oval Olney Richland County Fairgrounds 4
16386aILOttawa Fairgrounds dirt oval Ottawa 1
16363aILPana Tri-County Speedway dirt oval Pana TriCounty Speedway 3
16543aILParis Speedway dirt oval Paris 1
16345aILPecatonica Motor Speedway dirt oval Pecatonica Winnebago County Speedway, Pecatonica Fairgrounds 22
16359aILPeoria Civic Center paved oval Peoria 8
16331aILPeoria Speedway dirt oval Peoria 65
16344bILPeotone Speedway dirt oval Peotone 1
16548bILPerry County Fairgrounds dirt oval Pinckneyville 1
16332aILPittsfield Speedway dirt oval Pittsfield Pike County Speedway 9
16364aILPittsfield Speedway dirt oval Pittsfield Thunder's Raceway 1
16365aILPrairie Capital Convention Center concrete oval Springfield 7
16352aILPride of the Prairie Speedway dirt oval Decatur 2
16313aILQuad City Speedway dirt oval East Moline Quad City Raceway, East Moline Speedway 52
16333bILQuincy Raceways dirt figure eight Quincy 2
16333aILQuincy Raceways dirt oval Quincy Quincy Raceway 54
16620aILRaceway Bar & Sports Complex dirt oval New Berlin 1
16334cILRaceway Park paved figure eight Blue Island 1
16334aILRaceway Park paved oval Blue Island Raceway Park Motordrome 28
16401aILRandolph County Fairgrounds dirt oval Sparta Sparta Fairgrounds 1
16335aILRed Hill Raceway dirt oval Sumner 26
16362aILRichland County Fairgrounds dirt oval Olney 1
16387aILRiverview Stadium dirt oval Chicago 1
16313bILRock Island County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight East Moline East Moline Speedway 3
16336dILRockford Speedway dirt oval Loves Park 18
16336bILRockford Speedway paved figure eight Loves Park 25
16336aILRockford Speedway paved oval Loves Park 60
16336cILRockford Speedway paved road circuit Loves Park 2
16355aILRosemont Horizon concrete oval Rosemont 20
16337dILRoute 66 Raceway dirt figure eight Joliet 3
16337eILRoute 66 Raceway dirt off road circuit Joliet 9
16337aILRoute 66 Raceway dirt oval Joliet 79
16337cILRoute 66 Raceway dirt oval Joliet 4
16337bILRoute 66 Raceway paved road circuit Joliet 2
16537aILSangamon County Fairgrounds dirt oval New Berlin 2
16356dILSanta Fe Speedway dirt figure eight Willow Springs 1
16356aILSanta Fe Speedway dirt oval Willow Springs 73
16356bILSanta Fe Speedway dirt oval Willow Springs 17
16616aILSears Centre Arena concrete oval Hoffman Estates 1
16617aILShepp's Speedway dirt oval Alexander 17
16599aILSoggy Bottom Raceway dirt off road circuit Greenup 2
16612aILSoil MX dirt off road circuit Bone Gap 1
16360dILSoldier Field dirt oval Chicago Grant Park Stadium 1
16360aILSoldier Field paved oval Chicago 8
16360cILSoldier Field wood oval Chicago 1
16312cILSouthern Illinois Center dirt oval DuQuoin 34
16338aILSouthern Illinois Raceway dirt oval Marion Southern Illinois Speedway, Marion County Speedway 18
16388aILSparta Stadium dirt oval Chicago 1
16339aILSpoon River Speedway dirt oval Banner Dixie Speedway 66
16357aILSpringfield Speedway dirt oval Springfield Little Springfield, Shaheen's Little Springfield 40
16391cILSterling Speedbowl dirt oval Sterling 1
16391aILSterling Speedbowl dirt oval Sterling Speedbowl Park 2
16340cILSycamore Speedway dirt figure eight Sycamore 16
16340aILSycamore Speedway dirt oval Sycamore Bob-Jo Speedway 26
16340bILSycamore Speedway dirt oval Sycamore Bob-Jo Speedway 21
16402aILTaylorville Speedway dirt oval Taylorville 5
16374bILTorrence Midget Speedway dirt oval Calumet City Torrence Speedway 1
16341bILTri-City Speedway dirt oval Granite City 35
16341aILTri-City Speedway dirt oval Granite City 112
16341cILTri-City Speedway dirt oval Granite City 22
16358aILTri-County Speedway dirt oval Mendota 10
16517aILTurnpike Speedway dirt oval Energy Williamson County Speedway 1
16342aILVermilion County Speedway dirt oval Danville Eastern Illinois Raceway 82
16349aILWarren County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Roseville 6
16349bILWarren County Fairgrounds dirt oval Roseville 4
16393cILWarren Fairgrounds dirt oval Warren 1
16393aILWarren Fairgrounds dirt oval Warren 1
16369bILWaukegan Speedway dirt oval Waukegan 3
16369aILWaukegan Speedway paved oval Waukegan Waukegan Speedway Park 6
16392aILWayne County Fairgrounds dirt oval Fairfield Fairfield Fairgrounds 2
16343aILWayne County Speedway dirt oval Wayne City Wayne City Speedway 25
16434aILWhite County Fairgrounds dirt oval Carmi 1
16344aILWill County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Peotone 3
16593aILWilliamson County Speedway dirt oval Marion 3
16366aILWillowbowl Speedway dirt oval Sibley 2


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