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20200aIN16th Street Speedway dirt oval Indianapolis 38
20496aINAkron Speedway dirt oval Akron 2
20274aINAlexandria Motor Speedway dirt oval Alexandria 1
20494aINAllen County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fort Wayne 2
20201bINAllen County Memorial Coliseum concrete oval Fort Wayne 35
20201aINAllen County War Memorial Coliseum Expo Center concrete oval Fort Wayne Allen County Memorial Exposition Center, Fort Wayne Expo Center, Allen County Expo Center 61
20202bINAnderson Speedway paved figure eight Anderson 37
20202aINAnderson Speedway paved oval Anderson Sun Valley Speedway 115
20202cINAnderson Speedway paved oval Anderson 3
20202dINAnderson Speedway paved road circuit Anderson 1
20203dINAngola Motorsport Speedway paved figure eight Angola 1
20203cINAngola Motor Speedway mixed figure eight Angola 3
20203aINAngola Motor Speedway paved oval Angola Steuben County Speedway 43
20258bINAvilla Motor Speedway dirt oval Avilla Avilla Raceways 21
20258aINAvilla Motor Speedway paved oval Avilla Avilla Raceways 23
20497aINBadlands Off Road Park dirt off road circuit Attica 1
20204dINBaer Field Kart Raceway dirt oval Fort Wayne 12
20204gINBaer Field Kart Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Fort Wayne 1
20204fINBaer Field Motorsports Park dirt oval Fort Wayne 11
20204eINBaer Field Raceway dirt figure eight Fort Wayne 6
20204aINBaer Field Speedway paved oval Fort Wayne Baer Field Raceways, Fort Wayne Raceways 57
20204bINBaer Field Speedway paved oval Fort Wayne 36
20204cINBaer Field Speedway paved oval Fort Wayne 5
20205aINBakersfield Raceway Park dirt oval Linton 25
20509aINBankers Life Fieldhouse dirt oval Indianapolis 23
20206bINBartholomew County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Columbus 5
20206aINBartholomew County Fairgrounds dirt oval Columbus Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds 17
20275aINBedford Fairgrounds dirt oval Bedford 1
20276aINBelmont Stadium dirt oval Indianapolis 1
20502aINBen Hur Speedway dirt oval Crawfordsville 1
20207cINBenton County Speedway paved oval Chase Henry's Speedway 16
20405aINBi-State Speedway dirt oval Covington 4
20277aINBlack Demon Speedway dirt oval Saint Marys of the Woods 1
20343bINBloomington Motor Speedway dirt oval Bloomington 1
20343aINBloomington Motor Speedway dirt oval Bloomington 3
20208aINBloomington Speedway dirt oval Bloomington 140
20208bINBloomington Speedway dirt oval Bloomington Mitchell's Motor Speedway 1
20333aINBluffton dirt oval Bluffton 1
20278aINBolens Speedway dirt oval Martinsville 1
20279aINBrazil Speedway dirt oval Brazil 1
20424aINBrown County Fairgrounds dirt oval Nashville 3
20209aINBrownstown Speedway dirt oval Brownstown 97
20492aINBryant Speedway dirt oval Bryant 2
20210aINBunker Hill Circle Track dirt oval Bunker Hill Bunker Hill Speedway, Bunker Hill Motor Speedway 15
20210dINBunker Hill Speedway dirt oval Bunker Hill 3
20280aINButler University Bowl dirt oval Indianapolis 1
20395aINCallahan Raceway paved road circuit Muncie 1
20211aINCamden Raceway dirt oval Camden 16
20515aINCanaan's Mountain dirt off road circuit Canaan 2
20253aINCataract Speedway dirt oval Cataract 2
20517aINCemetery Ridge dirt off road circuit Russellville 2
20281aINCentlivre Park Speedway dirt oval Fort Wayne Centlivre Speedway 1
20212aINChandler Motor Speedway dirt oval Chandler Chandler Raceway Park, Greater Evansville Raceway, Southern Indiana Motor Speedway, Mid-America Raceway, Chandler Raceway, Owens Hills Raceway 27
20212bINChandler Motor Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Chandler 1
20259bINCharlestown Speedway dirt oval Charlestown 7
20259cINCharlestown Speedway paved figure eight Charlestown Charlestown Motor Speedway 5
20259aINCharlestown Speedway paved oval Charlestown Charlestown Motor Speedway 13
20518aINChimney Ridge dirt off road circuit Paragon 1
20213aINClark County Fairgrounds dirt oval Sellersburg 4
20358aINColumbus Speedway dirt oval Columbus Columbus Motor Speedway 1
20318aINCortland unknown track Cortland 1
20282aINCorydon Pike Speedway dirt oval New Albany 1
20265aINCounty Line Raceway dirt oval Brazil 4
20283aINCovington Fairgrounds dirt oval Covington 1
20485aINCrawford County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Marengo 10
20284aINCrawfordsville Fairgrounds dirt oval Crawfordsville 1
20285aINCrown Point Fair Raceway dirt oval Crown Point 1
20214aINCrown Point Speedway dirt oval Crown Point Crown Point Motorspeedway, Southlake Speedway, Broadway Speedway 29
20215aINDaviess County Fairgrounds dirt oval Elnora Elnora Speedway 1
20216bINDecatur County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Greensburg 2
20216aINDecatur County Fairgrounds dirt oval Greensburg Tree City Raceway Park 16
20511aINDeer Ridge dirt off road circuit Greencastle 2
20269cINDelaware County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Muncie 2
20269dINDelaware County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Muncie 1
20269aINDelaware County Fairgrounds dirt oval Muncie Lions Delaware County Fairgrounds 5
20269bINDelaware County Fairgrounds dirt oval Muncie 1
20319aINEvansville unknown track Evansville 1
20286aINEvansville Fairgrounds dirt oval Evansville 1
20317aINFairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Princeton Princeton Fairgrounds 2
20287aINFairmount Park dirt oval Fairmount 1
20498aINFast Track Raceway paved oval Bruceville 1
20401aINFayette County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Connersville 2
20401cINFayette County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Connersville 3
20266dINFort Wayne Speedway dirt oval Fort Wayne 1
20266aINFort Wayne Speedway paved oval Fort Wayne 6
20331aINFranklin County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Brookville 3
20331cINFranklin County Fairgrounds dirt oval Brookville 4
20288bINFranklin Speedway dirt oval Franklin 1
20288aINFranklin Speedway dirt oval Franklin 1
20270cINFulton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Rochester 1
20270aINFulton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Rochester 2
20251bINFunk's Motor Speedway dirt oval Winchester Funk's Lake 3
20217aINGas City I-69 Speedway dirt oval Gas City Gas City Speedway, I-69 Speedway 94
20508aINGaston County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Gaston 3
20289aINGeorge Rogers Clark Speedway dirt oval Vincennes Clark Speedway 1
20317bINGibson County Fairgrounds dirt oval Princeton Princeton Fairgrounds 1
20317cINGibson County Fairgrounds Fair Pavillion dirt oval Princeton 2
20272aINGoshen Fairgrounds paved oval Goshen New Goshen Speedway, American Legion Speedway, Fairgrounds Speedway 1
20416cINGrand County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Marion 2
20254aINGreene County Speedway dirt oval Owensburg 4
20321aINGreenfield unknown track Greenfield 1
20290aINGreenfield Speedbowl dirt oval Greenfield Leary's Speedway 1
20291aINHal Richarts Speedway dirt oval Sullivan Dixie Speedway 1
20292aINHammond Raceway dirt oval Hammond 1
20330aINHancock County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Greenfield 6
20330bINHancock County Fairgrounds dirt oval Greenfield 5
20500aINHarlan Community Festival dirt figure eight Harlan 4
20505aINHarrison County Fairgrounds dirt oval Corydon 2
20493aINHendricks County 4H Fairgrounds dirt oval Danville 8
20501aINHoagland Community Park dirt figure eight Hoagland 2
20293aINHobart dirt oval Hobart 1
20295aINHoosier Motor Speedway dirt oval Indianapolis Indiana Motor Speedway 1
20271aINHoward County Fairgrounds dirt oval Greentown 1
20296aINHuntington Fairgrounds dirt oval Huntington 1
20322aINHuntington Motor Speedway dirt oval Huntington Idle Hour 1
20218cINIlliana Motor Speedway dirt oval Schererville Schererville Speedway 2
20218eINIlliana Motor Speedway paved figure eight Schererville 11
20218aINIlliana Motor Speedway paved oval Schererville 70
20218bINIlliana Motor Speedway paved oval Schererville 31
20218fINIlliana Motor Speedway paved road circuit Schererville 1
20219bINIndiana State Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Indianapolis 1
20219aINIndiana State Fairgrounds dirt oval Indianapolis 136
20219jINIndiana State Fairgrounds (East Pavillion) concrete oval Indianapolis 1
20219gINIndiana State Fairgrounds Arena dirt oval Indianapolis 1
20219dINIndiana State Fairgrounds Arena paved oval Indianapolis Indiana State Fair Coliseum, Pepsi Coliseum 15
20219eINIndiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum paved oval Indianapolis 2
20219cINIndiana State Fairgrounds East Pavilion dirt oval Indianapolis East Pavilion 9
20219fINIndiana State Fairgrounds Northwest Pavilion concrete oval Indianapolis 3
20220eINIndianapolis Motor Speedway mixed off road circuit Speedway 2
20220aINIndianapolis Motor Speedway paved oval Speedway 134
20220dINIndianapolis Motor Speedway paved parking lot circuit Speedway 2
20220bINIndianapolis Motor Speedway paved road circuit Speedway 49
20220gINIndianapolis Motor Speedway Dirt Track dirt oval Speedway 12
20221iINIndianapolis Raceway Park mixed off road circuit Clermont 2
20221gINIndianapolis Raceway Park paved oval Clermont 1
20221dINIndianapolis Raceway Park paved road circuit Clermont 10
20221cINIndianapolis Raceway Park paved road circuit Clermont 2
20222bINIndianapolis Speedrome paved figure eight Indianapolis 53
20222aINIndianapolis Speedrome paved oval Indianapolis Zipp's Speedway, Art Zipp's Speedway, Eastside Speedway 91
20378aINIndianapolis Velodrome concrete oval Indianapolis 2
20334aINInfinity Motorsports Speedway unknown oval Indianapolis 2
20510aINIronman Raceway dirt off road circuit Crawfordsville 2
20304cINJay County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Portland 3
20297aINJefferson County Fairgrounds dirt oval Madison 9
20297bINJefferson County Fairgrounds dirt oval Madison 2
20400bINJennings County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight North Vernon 4
20288dINJohnson County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Franklin 4
20288eINJohnson County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Franklin 1
20288cINJohnson County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Franklin Franklin Speedway 3
20298aINJungle Park mixed oval Rockville 2
20207aINKamp Motor Speedway dirt oval Chase Benton County Speedway, Henry's Speedway, Chase Raceway 49
20273aINKendallville Speedway dirt oval Kendallville 1
20402aINKev's Place / Field Of Dreams Speedway dirt oval Osgood 2
20308aINKnox County Farm Fairgrounds dirt oval Bicknell 1
20223bINKokomo Speedway dirt figure eight Kokomo 3
20223aINKokomo Speedway dirt oval Kokomo Evans Kokomo Speedway 148
20382aINKokomo Speedway dirt oval Kokomo 2
20264bINKosciusko County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Warsaw 1
20299aINLafayette Fairgrounds dirt oval Lafayette 1
20503aINLaGrange County 4H Fairgrounds dirt oval LaGrange 3
20285cINLake County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Crown Point 2
20300aINLake View Speedway dirt oval Churubusco Lake View Bowl, Columbia City Speedway 1
20399aINLake Village Motor Speedway dirt oval Lake Village 3
20224aINLaPorte County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight LaPorte 8
20225cINLawrenceburg Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lawrenceburg 5
20225dINLawrenceburg Fairgrounds dirt oval Lawrenceburg 1
20225aINLawrenceburg Speedway dirt oval Lawrenceburg 144
20326aINLegion Field Fairgrounds unknown track 1
20226bINLincoln Park Speedway dirt figure eight Putnamville 2
20226aINLincoln Park Speedway dirt oval Putnamville 132
20327aINLogansport Speedway dirt oval Logansport 1
20484aINLucas Oil Stadium dirt off road oval Indianapolis 6
20490bINMarion County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Indianapolis 1
20490aINMarion County Fairgrounds dirt oval Indianapolis 8
20328aINMarion Speedway dirt oval Marion 1
20255aINMartin County Speedway dirt oval Loogootee Martin County Fair Speedway 10
20512aINMayhem at Medora dirt off road circuit Medora 3
20336aINMayor's Cup Grand Prix paved street circuit Anderson Anderson Grand Prix 1
20301aINMemorial Stadium dirt oval Terre Haute 1
20227aINMiami County Speedway dirt oval Peru Circus City Speedway 28
20397aINMitchell Speedrome dirt oval Mitchell 1
20342bINMonroe County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bloomington 2
20342aINMonroe County Fairgrounds dirt oval Bloomington 3
20495aINMonroeville Community Park dirt figure eight Monroeville 3
20329aINMontgomery unknown track Montgomery 1
20228bINMontpelier Motor Speedway dirt off road circuit Montpelier 1
20228aINMontpelier Motor Speedway dirt oval Montpelier Montpelier Speedway, Montpelier Lions Speedway 57
20260aINMorgan County Fairgrounds dirt oval Martinsville Martinsville Fairgrounds 13
20229aINMount Lawn Speedway paved oval New Castle 47
20261bINMuncie Motor Speedway paved figure eight Muncie 5
20261aINMuncie Motor Speedway paved oval Muncie 13
20489aINNew Castle Raceway paved oval New Castle 1
20302bINNew Castle Speedway dirt oval New Castle Sullivan's Track 1
20230dINNew Paris Speedway mixed figure eight New Paris 1
20230bINNew Paris Speedway paved figure eight New Paris 13
20230aINNew Paris Speedway paved oval New Paris Old Hickory Ridge 41
20273eINNoble County Community Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Kendallville 1
20273dINNoble County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kendallville 5
20273cINNoble County Fairgrounds dirt oval Kendallville 4
20403aINNorth Track Raceway dirt oval Lebanon Boone County Fairgrounds 6
20400aINNorth Vernon Speedway dirt oval North Vernon Jennings County Fairgrounds 6
20221aINO'Reilly Raceway Park paved oval Clermont Indianapolis Raceway Park 124
20221bINO'Reilly Raceway Park paved road circuit Clermont Indianapolis Raceway Park 22
20236cINOsgood Fairgrounds dirt oval Osgood 1
20231aINParagon Speedway dirt oval Paragon 91
20513aINParker's Paradise dirt off road circuit Crawfordsville 2
20303cINPlayland Park dirt oval Mishawaka 2
20232cINPlymouth Speedway dirt oval Plymouth 22
20232bINPlymouth Speedway paved figure eight Plymouth 2
20232aINPlymouth Speedway paved oval Plymouth Plymouth Motor Speedway, Capitol Speedway of Plymouth, Capitol Speedway 41
20232dINPlymouth Speedway (Outer) dirt oval Plymouth 48
20491aINPorter County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Valparaiso 2
20304bINPortland Fairgrounds dirt oval Portland Jay County Fairgrounds 1
20304aINPortland Fairgrounds dirt oval Portland Jay County Fairgrounds 1
20499aINPreble Fireman's Park dirt figure eight Preble 3
20305aINPride Speedway dirt oval Evansville 1
20504aINPurdue University Grand Prix paved road circuit West Lafayette 2
20233aINPutnam Park Road Course paved road circuit Mount Meridian 20
20234bINRCA Dome concrete figure eight Indianapolis Hoosier Dome 6
20234aINRCA Dome concrete oval Indianapolis Hoosier Dome 57
20262aINRensselaer Raceway dirt oval Rensselaer Rensselaer Speedway 9
20306aINRichmond Fairgrounds dirt oval Centerville 1
20235aINRichmond Grand Prix paved airfield circuit Richmond 1
20235bINRichmond Grand Prix paved oval Richmond 1
20236bINRipley County Speedway dirt figure eight Osgood Ripley County Fairgrounds 1
20236aINRipley County Speedway dirt oval Osgood Ripley County Fairgrounds 10
20307aINRoby Speedway dirt oval Hammond New Roby Speedway 1
20514aINRock Run XC dirt off road circuit Rockville 2
20237bINRush County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Rushville 3
20237aINRush County Fairgrounds dirt oval Rushville Rushville Fairgrounds 21
20309aINRushville Motor Speedway dirt oval Rushville 1
20506aINSaint Joseph County Fairgrounds dirt oval South Bend 3
20238bINSalem Speedway dirt oval Salem 1
20238dINSalem Speedway paved figure eight Salem 6
20238aINSalem Speedway paved oval Salem Salem Super Speedway, Greater Salem Super Speedway, Hi-Bank Speedway 93
20238cINSalem Speedway paved oval Salem 9
20238eINSalem Speedway paved road circuit Salem 8
20239cINScott County Speedway dirt figure eight Scottsburg 1
20239bINScott County Speedway dirt off road oval Scottsburg 2
20239aINScott County Speedway dirt oval Scottsburg Scottsburg Speedway, Scott County Motor Speedway, I-65 Motor Speedway, I-65 Speedway 14
20310aINScottsburg Fairgrounds dirt oval Scottsburg 1
20391aINSeedtick Raceway dirt oval Princeton 2
20240aINShadyhill Speedway dirt oval Medaryville Shady Hill Raceway 34
20241bINShelby County Speedway dirt figure eight Shelbyville 4
20241aINShelby County Speedway dirt oval Shelbyville 18
20241cINShelby County Speedway dirt oval Shelbyville 2
20488aINSigma Phi Gamma Park paved street oval Hartford City 2
20332aINSouth Anthony Speedway paved oval Fort Wayne Walter-McCulloch Speedway 1
20242cINSouth Bend Motor Speedway mixed road circuit South Bend 1
20242aINSouth Bend Motor Speedway paved oval South Bend 48
20242dINSouth Bend Motor Speedway paved road circuit South Bend 1
20242bINSouth Bend Motor Speedway unknown figure eight South Bend 1
20485bINSouthern Indiana Off Road Raceway (Long Course) dirt off road circuit Marengo 2
20256aINSpeed Creek Raceway paved oval Lapel 6
20243bINSportsdrome Speedway paved figure eight Jeffersonville 31
20243aINSportsdrome Speedway paved oval Jeffersonville 38
20311aINSteeple Chase dirt off road circuit Muncie 1
20487aINSteuben County Fairgrounds dirt oval Angola 2
20203bINSteuben County Speedway dirt oval Angola Lakeview Raceway 1
20393aINStone City Ranch Raceway (Short Course) dirt off road circuit Buddha 5
20393bINStone City Ranch Raceway (XC Course) dirt off road circuit Buddha 1
20244aINSullivan Motor Speedway dirt oval Shelburn 6
20268aINSullivan Speedway dirt oval Sullivan 4
20323aINSunfield unknown track Sunfield 1
20312aINSunflower Park dirt oval Seelyville 1
20263aINSweet Owen Speedway dirt oval Vandalia 2
20245aINTerre Haute Action Track dirt oval Terre Haute The Action Track, Vigo County Fairgrounds 153
20463aINTerre Haute Fairgrounds dirt oval Terre Haute 1
20294aINThe Hole in the Wall dirt oval Columbus Clifton Hill 1
20246aINThunder Valley Raceway dirt oval Salem Washington County Fair Speedway, Washington County Raceway 24
20299cINTippecanoe County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lafayette 2
20313aINTipton Fairgrounds dirt oval Tipton 1
20324aINTri-City unknown track 1
20247aINTri-State Speedway dirt oval Haubstadt 138
20248aINTwin Cities Raceway Park dirt oval North Vernon North Vernon Speedway, Twin Cities Speedway 91
20250bINUnion County Speedway dirt figure eight Liberty 1
20250cINUnion County Speedway dirt off road circuit Liberty 1
20250aINUnion County Speedway dirt oval Liberty White Water Valley Speedway 59
20250dINUnion County Speedway (Inner) dirt off road oval Liberty 3
20249aINUS 24 Speedway dirt oval Logansport Logansport Speedway 27
20314aINValparaiso Raceway dirt oval Valparaiso 1
20315bINWabash County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wabash 1
20315cINWabash County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Wabash 2
20315aINWabash County Fairgrounds dirt oval Wabash 1
20519aINWalnut Creek dirt off road circuit North Salem 2
20316aINWalnut Gardens Speedway dirt oval Camby 1
20264aINWarsaw Speedway dirt oval Warsaw Warsaw Motor Speedway 38
20267aINWest 16th Street Speedway paved oval Indianapolis 16th Street Speedway, Rags Mitchell's West 16th Street Speedway, Indianapolis Midget Speedway, Speedbowl Park 2
20251cINwinchester Speedway mixed off road oval Winchester 2
20251aINWinchester Speedway paved oval Winchester 109
20252aINWindfall Raceway dirt oval Windfall 1
20325aINWolf Lake Midget Speedway dirt oval Hammond 1
20516aINXC Factor dirt off road circuit Peru 3


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