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22057aKY191 Speedway dirt oval Hazel Green 10
21900aKY201 Speedway dirt oval Sitka Paintsville Speedway, Highland Raceway Park 33
21968bKYArnold Arena & Convention Center dirt oval Sturgis 3
21901aKYBarren County Speedway dirt oval Glasgow McCoy Motors Speedway, Comtrax 25
21902bKYBeech Bend Raceway Park paved figure eight Bowling Green 13
21902aKYBeech Bend Raceway Park paved oval Bowling Green Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green International Speedway, Bowling Green International Raceway 21
21963aKYBluegrass Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lexington Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair 1
21903aKYBluegrass Speedway dirt oval Bardstown 45
21936fKYBroadbent Arena dirt oval Louisville 4
21934cKYCarroll County Fairgrounds dirt oval Carrollton 1
21904aKYCentral Park Raceway dirt oval McHenry 15
21935aKYChecker Flag Raceway dirt oval Ashland 14
21946aKYClark County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Winchester 1
21905aKYClay City Thunder Valley dirt oval Clay City Clay City Raceway, Clay City Speedway 5
21906aKYClinton County Speedway dirt oval Alpha 7
22058aKYCool Springs Motor Speedway dirt oval Columbia 1
21908bKYCorbin Speedway dirt oval Corbin 3
21908aKYCorbin Speedway paved oval Corbin Corbin Motor Speedway 17
22066aKYDirty Turtle Off Road Park dirt off road circuit Bedford 1
21938aKYEllis Speedway paved oval Reed 5
21936aKYFairgrounds Motor Speedway paved oval Louisville Fairgrounds Speedway, Kentucky State Fairgrounds 15
21962aKYFairview Motorsports dirt oval Brownsville 7
21962bKYFairview Motorsports dirt oval Brownsville 1
21911cKYFlorence Speedway dirt figure eight Union 7
21911aKYFlorence Speedway dirt oval Union Northern Kentucky Speedway, Northern Motor Speedway, Northern Kentucky Race Bowl, Northern Kentucky Speedbowl 105
21987aKYFrankfort Speedway dirt oval Frankfort Franklin County Speedway, Interstate Speedway 1
21987bKYFranklin County Fairgrounds dirt oval Frankfort 1
21936dKYFreedom Hall concrete oval Louisville Kentucky Fair Expo Center Arena 5
21936cKYFreedom Hall dirt figure eight Louisville Kentucky Fair Expo Center Arena, Kentucky State Fairgrounds 5
21936bKYFreedom Hall dirt oval Louisville Kentucky Fair Expo Center Arena, Kentucky State Fairgrounds 8
21947aKYGrant County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Crittenden 1
21947bKYGrant County Fairgrounds dirt oval Crittenden 1
21912aKYHalf Mountain Speedway dirt oval Royalton 3
21967bKYHigh Banks Speedway dirt figure eight Philpot 1
21967aKYHigh Banks Speedway dirt oval Philpot 3
22045bKYHopkins County Fairgrounds dirt oval Madisonville 2
21939aKYIdeal Ball Park dirt oval Falmouth 1
22063aKYKenton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Independence 1
21936hKYKentucky Exposition Center mixed off road circuit Louisville 2
21942aKYKentucky International Raceway dirt oval Covington 1
21914aKYKentucky Lake Motor Speedway dirt oval Calvert City 80
21915bKYKentucky Motor Speedway paved figure eight Whitesville 16
21915aKYKentucky Motor Speedway paved oval Whitesville 28
21915dKYKentucky Motor Speedway paved road circuit Whitesville 3
21915cKYKentucky Motor Speedway (Inner Left) paved oval Whitesville 3
21915eKYKentucky Motor Speedway (Inner Right) paved oval Whitesville 2
21916aKYKentucky Speedway paved oval Sparta 75
21916bKYKentucky Speedway paved oval Sparta 15
21941cKYKentucky State Fair Pavilion concrete oval Louisville Horse Show Pavilion 1
21936eKYKentucky State Fairgrounds paved parking lot circuit Louisville 1
21917aKYLake Cumberland Speedway dirt oval Burnside Burnside Speedway 34
21942bKYLatonia Horse Track dirt oval Covington 1
21948aKYLaurel County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight London 2
21918cKYLouisville Motor Speedway paved figure eight Louisville Louisville Speedway 8
21918bKYLouisville Motor Speedway paved oval Louisville Louisville Speedway 24
21918aKYLouisville Motor Speedway paved oval Louisville 23
22059aKYLucky 7 Speedway dirt oval Colson 3
21943aKYMadisonville Motor Speedway dirt oval Madisonville 1
21949aKYMontgomery County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mount Sterling 2
22056aKYMontgomery County Race Park dirt oval Mount Sterling 3
21933aKYMountain Motor Speedway dirt oval Isom Mountain Motor Speedway Express, Mountain Motor Racing Complex 19
21919aKYMudlick Valley Raceway dirt oval Tollesboro 12
22064bKYNCM Motorsports Park (Grand Full Circuit) paved road circuit Bowling Green 5
22064aKYNCM Motorsports Park (West Course) paved road circuit Bowling Green 5
22060aKYOldham County Fairgrounds dirt oval LaGrange 2
22044aKYOwen County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Owenton 2
22044bKYOwen County Fairgrounds dirt oval Owenton 3
21920cKYPaducah International Raceway dirt off road circuit Paducah 2
21920aKYPaducah International Raceway dirt oval Paducah Paducah Raceway Park, Purchase Raceway Park, CHK Raceway 110
21920bKYPaducah International Raceway dirt oval Paducah 9
22067aKYPendleton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Falmouth 1
21921aKYPennyrile Raceway Park dirt oval Mortons Gap 5
21922aKYPerry County Speedway dirt oval Hazard 5
21923aKYPonderosa Speedway dirt oval Junction City Legendary Ponderosa Speedway 50
21924aKYRichmond Raceway dirt oval Richmond 52
21913bKYRock Castle Raceway dirt oval Mount Vernon Rock Castle County Speedway 7
21913aKYRockcastle Speedway paved oval Mount Vernon RockCastle Speedway, I-75 Speedway 10
22065aKYRussellville Ag Center dirt oval Russellville 1
21925aKYSoggy Bottom Raceway dirt oval Morgantown Soggy Bottom Speedway, Cedar Grove Raceway, Thunder Raceway 20
21910aKYStanton Family Speedway dirt oval Goddard Fleming County Raceway 9
21937aKYTaylor County Speedway dirt oval Campbellsville Campbellsville Fairgrounds 8
22055aKYThe Arena unknown oval Corbin Southeastern Kentucky Ag & Expo Complex 1
22051aKYThe Bank of Kentucky Center unknown oval Highland Heights 1
21926aKYThunder Mountain Speedway dirt oval Olive Hill Carter County Speedway, Carter County Showtime Speedway, B&G Speedway, Thunder Hill 15
21927aKYThunder Ridge Raceway dirt oval Auxier Thunder Ridge Racing Complex 23
21928aKYTK Raceway dirt oval Draffenville 3
22042aKYTrenton Speedway dirt oval Trenton 41E Speedway, US 41 Speedway 1
22062aKYTrimble County Fairgrounds dirt oval Bedford 1
21968aKYUnion County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Sturgis 1
21929aKYWayne County Raceway Park dirt oval Zula 4
21930aKYWestern Kentucky Speedway dirt oval Nebo 32
21931aKYWillard Speedway dirt oval Willard East Kentucky Raceway Park 18
21932bKYWindy Hollow Speedway dirt figure eight Owensboro Windy Hollow Raceway Park 3
21932aKYWindy Hollow Speedway dirt oval Owensboro Windy Hollow Raceway Park, GLV Raceway, Owensboro Raceway Park 37
21932eKYWindy Hollow Speedway dirt road circuit Owensboro 1
21932dKYWindy Hollow Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Owensboro 2
22061aKYWoodford County Fairgrounds dirt oval Versailes 1


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