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18774cMIAdrian Fairgrounds dirt oval Adrian 1
18738aMIAdventure Mountain Speedway dirt oval Greenland Venture Raceway 7
18822aMIAlcona County Fairgrounds dirt oval Lincoln 3
18792bMIAllegan County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Allegan 3
18792cMIAllegan County Fairgrounds dirt oval Allegan 3
18792aMIAllegan Fairgrounds dirt oval Allegan 1
18809bMIAlpena County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Alpena 1
18809cMIAlpena County Fairgrounds dirt oval Alpena 1
18809aMIAlpena County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Alpena 2
18810aMIAlpena Motorcycle Club dirt oval Alpena 1
18811aMIAlpena Optimist Acres dirt oval Herron 3
18793aMIAnn Arbor Fairgrounds dirt oval Ann Arbor 1
18962cMIArenac County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Standish 1
18962bMIArenac County Fairgrounds dirt oval Standish 4
18812aMIArmada Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Armada 5
18812bMIArmada Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Armada 1
18700cMIAuto City Speedway dirt oval Clio 11
18700dMIAuto City Speedway dirt oval Clio 2
18700eMIAuto City Speedway paved figure eight Clio 12
18700bMIAuto City Speedway paved oval Clio 30
18700aMIAuto City Speedway paved oval Clio 41
18701aMIBark River International Raceway (Long Course) dirt off road circuit Bark River Bark River Off Road Raceway 10
18701bMIBark River International Raceway (Short Course) dirt off road circuit Bark River 1
18991aMIBarnyard 400 dirt oval Evart 1
18839bMIBarry Expo Center dirt figure eight Hastings Barry County Expo 2
18839aMIBarry Expo Center dirt oval Hastings Barry County Expo 4
18772aMIBay County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bay City Bay County Fair Derby Arena 12
18772bMIBay County Fairgrounds dirt oval Bay City 1
18772cMIBay County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Bay City 6
18768aMIBaylands Speedway dirt oval Escanaba Escanaba Speedway 14
18816aMIBeebe Street Memorial Park dirt figure eight Richmond 7
18702fMIBerlin Raceway dirt figure eight Marne 2
18702eMIBerlin Raceway dirt off road oval Marne 1
18702cMIBerlin Raceway dirt oval Marne Marne Speedway 6
18702bMIBerlin Raceway dirt oval Marne Marne Speedway 49
18702dMIBerlin Raceway dirt road circuit Marne 1
18702aMIBerlin Raceway paved oval Marne 76
18702hMIBerlin Raceway (Autocross Infield) dirt off road oval Marne 1
18702gMIBerlin Raceway (Inner) paved oval Marne 4
18813bMIBerville Lions Field mixed off road oval Berville Berville Lions Park 1
18813aMIBerville Lions Park dirt figure eight Berville 2
18794aMIBigelow Field dirt oval Grand Rapids 1
18998aMIBirch Run Expo Center (South Arena) concrete oval Birch Run 10
18703aMIBob's Family Raceway dirt road circuit Clarksville 14
18826aMIBranch County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Coldwater 6
18826bMIBranch County Fairgrounds dirt oval Coldwater 5
18704aMIButler Motor Speedway dirt oval Butler Butler Battlegrounds, Butler Speedway 118
18705bMICadillac Speedway dirt oval Cadillac Cadillac Fairgrounds 1
18776aMICalhoun County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Marshall Marshall Fairgrounds 2
18848aMICarsonville Lions Club Park dirt figure eight Carsonville 2
19007aMICass County Fairgrounds dirt oval Cassopolis 2
18795bMICassopolis Fairgrounds dirt oval Cassopolis 1
18814bMICheboygan County Fairgrounds dirt oval Cheboygan Northern Michigan Fairgrounds 2
18814aMICheboygan County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Cheboygan 4
18831aMIChelsea Community Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Chelsea Chelsea Fairgrounds 5
18706aMICherry Speedway dirt oval Fife Lake M-113 Raceway 14
18725bMIChippewa County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kinross 4
18707bMIChippewa Lake ice oval Chippewa Lake 9
18707aMIChippewa Lake ice road circuit Chippewa Lake 2
18796aMIChristiana Lake Speedway dirt oval 1
18815cMIClare County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Harrison 6
18815dMIClare County Fairgrounds dirt oval Harrison 10
18851aMICoopersville dirt road circuit Coopersville 4
18827cMICrosswell Fairgrounds dirt oval Croswell 1
18827aMICroswell Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Croswell 2
18708aMICrystal Motor Speedway dirt oval Crystal Crystal Speedway, Crystal Raceway 57
18797aMIDavison Fairgrounds dirt oval Davison Rosemore Park 1
19000bMIDeer Creek Park Arena dirt figure eight Williamston 1
19000aMIDeer Creek Park Arena dirt oval Williamston 1
18850bMIDeltaPlex Arena aluminum oval Grand Rapids 13
18791aMIDetroit Grand Prix paved street circuit Detroit 30
18823aMIDetroit Oval unknown oval Detroit 1
18838aMIDeVos Place concrete oval Grand Rapids 23
18709bMIDixie Motor Speedway paved figure eight Birch Run 25
18709aMIDixie Motor Speedway paved oval Birch Run 41
18709dMIDixie Motor Speedway paved oval Birch Run 24
18710aMIEagle Park Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Eagle 6
18710bMIEagle Park Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Eagle 1
18840bMIEastern Michigan Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Imlay City 2
18840cMIEastern Michigan Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Imlay City 3
18711aMIEaton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Charlotte Charlotte Fairgrounds 8
18711cMIEaton County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Charlotte Charlotte Fairgrounds 2
18711bMIEaton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Charlotte Charlotte Fairgrounds 2
18941bMIEmmet County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Petoskey 4
18712aMIEscanaba River ice oval Gladstone 3
18768bMIEscanaba Speedway paved oval Escanaba Escanaba International Speedway 3
18987bMIEvart Motor Sports Complex dirt figure eight Evart 2
18987aMIEvart Motor Sports Complex dirt off road oval Evart 1
18849aMIEvergreen Auto Park dirt oval Frontier 9
18985aMIExtreme Indoor Kart Racing concrete road circuit Clio 3
18994aMIFairgrove Motorsports Park dirt oval Fairsgrove 1
18713aMIFarwell Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Farwell Farwell Festival Grounds 10
18713bMIFarwell Fairgrounds dirt oval Farwell 1
18714bMIFlat Rock Speedway paved figure eight Flat Rock 30
18714aMIFlat Rock Speedway paved oval Flat Rock 55
18977aMIFord Field dirt oval Detroit 4
18727dMIFowlersville Fairgrounds dirt oval Fowlerville 1
18727aMIFowlerville Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fowlerville Fowlerville Family Fair, Livingston County's Fowlerville Fair 10
18716bMIGalesburg Speedway paved figure eight Galesburg 12
18716aMIGalesburg Speedway paved oval Galesburg 39
18741aMIGenesee County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mount Morris Everett A. Cummings Center 9
18717aMIGingerMan Raceway paved road circuit South Haven 23
18983aMIGladwin County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Gladwin 1
18983bMIGladwin County Fairgrounds dirt oval Gladwin 1
18817aMIGoodells County Park dirt figure eight Goodells St. Clair County Fairgrounds, Rimrock Crater 5
18817bMIGoodells County Park dirt oval Goodells St. Clair County Fairgrounds, Rimrock Crater 4
18824aMIGrand Rapids unknown track Grand Rapids 1
18778cMIGrand Rapids Speedrome dirt oval Comstock Park Grand River Speedway 5
18778bMIGrand Rapids Speedrome paved oval Comstock Park 2
18778aMIGrand Rapids Speedrome paved oval Comstock Park 3
18850aMIGrand Rapids Stadium concrete oval Grand Rapids 2
18718aMIGrattan Raceway paved road circuit Grattan Grattan Raceway Park 24
18719aMIHartford Motor Speedway dirt oval Hartford Hartford Speedway Park, Hartford Speedway, Hartford Fairgrounds 134
18719bMIHartford Motor Speedway paved oval Hartford 12
18719dMIHartford Speedway dirt off road circuit Hartford 1
18719cMIHartford Speedway Park dirt oval Hartford Hartford Speedway 7
18720aMIHess Lake ice road circuit Newaygo 2
18903aMIHillsdale County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hillsdale 2
19004aMIHoughton County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Hancock 1
19004bMIHoughton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Hancock 2
19010aMIHoughton Lake--East Bay ice oval Prudenville 1
18833aMIHudsonville Community Fair Grounds dirt off road oval Hudsonville 9
18993aMIHuron Community Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Bad Axe 1
18846cMIHuron County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Bad Axe 2
18723cMII-96 Speedway dirt off road circuit Lake Odessa 2
18723aMII-96 Speedway dirt oval Lake Odessa Ionia Raceway Park, New 96 Speedway, I-96 Raceway, Ionia County Speedway, Clarke's Motor Speedway 141
18723bMII-96 Speedway dirt oval Lake Odessa Ionia Raceway Park, I-96 Raceway, Ionia County Speedway 29
18723eMII-96 Speedway (Frontstretch Autocross Oval) dirt oval Lake Odessa 2
18732aMIIngham County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mason Mason Fairgrounds 9
18722aMIIonia County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ionia Ionia Free Fair, Ionia Fairgrounds 5
18722gMIIonia County Fairgrounds mixed oval Ionia 3
18722fMIIonia County Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Ionia 1
18722eMIIonia Fairgrounds mixed figure eight Ionia 4
18722bMIIonia Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Ionia Ionia County Fairgrounds 11
18988aMIIosco county Fairgrounds dirt oval Hale 8
18914dMIJackson County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Jackson 6
18779bMIJackson Motor Speedway dirt oval Jackson 2
18779aMIJackson Motor Speedway paved oval Jackson 5
18808aMIJackson Speedway concrete oval Jackson 15
18808bMIJackson Speedway dirt oval Jackson 15
18780aMIKalamazoo County Fairgrounds dirt oval Kalamazoo 3
18724aMIKalamazoo Speedway paved oval Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Motor Speedway, B-K Speedway 72
18724dMIKalamazoo Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Kalamazoo 3
18724cMIKalamazoo Speedway (Inner) mixed oval Kalamazoo 3
18847aMIKalkaska County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kalkaska 2
18847bMIKalkaska County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Kalkaska 2
18999aMIKellogg Arena concrete oval Battle Creek 18
18781aMIKent County Airport paved airfield circuit Grand Rapids Kent Field 1
19001aMIKewadin Casino Arena dirt figure eight Saint Ignace 2
18725aMIKinross Speedpark paved oval Kinross Kinross Speedway, Kinross International Speedway 15
18726aMILake Missaukee ice road circuit Lake City 3
18782bMILake Odessa Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lake Odessa 2
18782aMILake Odessa Fairgrounds dirt oval Lake Odessa 1
18782cMILake Odessa Fairgrounds dirt oval Lake Odessa 1
18798aMILakeside Park dirt oval Flint 1
18774aMILenawee County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Adrian Adrian Fairgrounds 10
18774eMILenawee County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Adrian 1
19008aMILuce County Fairgrounds dirt oval Newberry 2
18728aMIM-40 Speedway paved oval Jones Thunder Valley Speedway, Thunder Valley Motorsports, M40 Racepark, M-40 Motorsports Arena 35
19005aMIManchester Community Fair dirt oval Manchester 2
19005bMIManchester Community Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Manchester 2
18783aMIManchester Speedway dirt oval Manchester 1
18729bMIManistee County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Onekama 9
18729cMIManistee County Fairgrounds dirt oval Onekama 10
19006aMIMaple Syrup Festival dirt oval Shepherd 2
18730aMIMarion Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Marion 6
18730cMIMarion Fairgrounds dirt oval Marion 2
18731aMIMarshall Motorpark MMRL dirt oval Marshall Marshall Motorsports 4
18771aMIMason County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ludington Western Michigan Fair 6
18771bMIMason County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Ludington Western Michigan Fair 2
18771fMIMason County Fairgrounds dirt oval Ludington 3
18732cMIMason Fairgrounds dirt oval Mason 1
18992aMIMaysville dirt oval Maysville 1
18980aMIMcNabb Park dirt figure eight Ithaca 1
18770aMIMecosta County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Big Rapids Big Rapids Fairgrounds 5
18770cMIMecosta County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Big Rapids 2
18770bMIMecosta County Fairgrounds dirt oval Big Rapids 1
18733bMIMerritt Speedway dirt figure eight Merritt 2
18733aMIMerritt Speedway dirt oval Merritt 47
18734aMIMichigan International Speedway paved oval Brooklyn Michigan Speedway 137
18734bMIMichigan International Speedway paved road circuit Brooklyn 10
18734cMIMichigan International Speedway paved road circuit Brooklyn 6
18735bMIMichigan State Fair Coliseum dirt oval Detroit Detroit Coliseum 1
18735aMIMichigan State Fair Coliseum paved oval Detroit Detroit Coliseum 12
18735eMIMichigan State Fairgrounds dirt oval Detroit Detroit Fairgrounds 9
18736bMIMid Michigan Raceway dirt oval Palo 2
18736aMIMid Michigan Raceway Park dirt oval Palo 18
18754aMIMid-Michigan Speedway paved oval Springport Springport Motor Speedway, Calhoun County Speedway, Springport Speedway, Michigan Ideal Speedway 27
18737aMIMidland County Fairgrounds paved figure eight Midland Midland Fairgrounds 11
18739aMIMom's Motor Sports dirt road circuit Reed City Mom's Motor Speedway, Mom's Family Raceway 4
18841cMIMonroe County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Monroe 3
18821aMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Greenville 6
18821cMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Greenville 1
18989bMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds (New Location) dirt figure eight Greenville 3
18989aMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds (New Location) dirt oval Greenville 8
18818aMIMontmorency County Fairgrounds dirt oval Atlanta 4
18799bMIMotor City Speedway dirt oval Detroit Zeiter's Midget Speedway 1
18799aMIMotor City Speedway paved oval Detroit 1
18740aMIMottville Speedway paved oval Mottville South West Michigan Speedway, Southwest Michigan Speedway 38
18784dMIMount Clemens Race Track dirt oval Mount Clemens New Detroit Metropolitan Speedway, Old Race Track Park, Sunshine Speedway 5
18784cMIMount Clemens Race Track dirt oval Mount Clemens New Detroit Metropolitan Speedway, Old Race Track Park, Sunshine Speedway 1
18784aMIMount Clemens Race Track paved oval Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Raceway Park 15
18784bMIMount Clemens Race Track paved oval Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Raceway Park 4
18742aMIMount Pleasant Speedway dirt oval Mount Pleasant New Mount Pleasant Speedway 32
18742bMIMount Pleasant Speedway dirt road circuit Mount Pleasant 1
18984aMIMulberry Park (Michigan Bean Festival) dirt figure eight Fairgrove 7
18984bMIMulberry Park (Michigan Bean Festival) dirt off road oval Fairgrove 5
18743aMIMunger Fireman's Park dirt figure eight Munger Munger Fairgrounds 11
18834bMIMuskegon County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Ravenna 2
18834aMIMuskegon County Fairgrounds dirt oval Ravenna 3
18715aMINewaygo County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fremont 5
18715cMINewaygo County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Fremont 1
18715bMINewaygo County Fairgrounds dirt oval Fremont 3
19009aMINightmare Race Ranch dirt oval Emmitt Township 1
18837aMINorth Branch Lions Field dirt figure eight North Branch North Branch Lions Club Grounds 3
18837bMINorth Branch Lions Field dirt road circuit North Branch North Branch Lions Club Grounds 2
18744bMINorthern Michigan Raceway dirt oval Elmira 1
18744aMINorthern Michigan Speedway paved oval Elmira Northern Michigan Raceway 9
18804aMINorthwestern Michigan Fairgrounds dirt oval Traverse City Traverse City Fairgrounds 1
18804bMINorthwestern Michigan Fairgrounds dirt oval Traverse City 4
18804cMINorthwestern Michigan Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Traverse City 1
18745aMINorway Speedway paved oval Norway Dickinson County Speedway 17
18775aMIOakland County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Davisburg 8
18775bMIOakland County Fairgrounds dirt oval Davisburg 1
18775cMIOakland County Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Davisburg 1
18897bMIOceana County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hart 2
18897cMIOceana County Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Hart 2
18819aMIOgemaw County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight West Branch 5
18819bMIOgemaw County Fairgrounds dirt oval West Branch 8
18746bMIOnaway Speedway dirt off road oval Onaway 2
18746aMIOnaway Speedworld paved oval Onaway Onaway Motor Speedway, Onaway Speedway 14
18729aMIOnekama Speedway dirt oval Onekama Manistee County Fairgrounds 12
18747aMIOrleans Raceway dirt oval Belding 9
18845bMIOsceola County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Fairview 1
18845aMIOscoda County Fairgrounds dirt oval Fairview 5
18832aMIOtsego County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Gaylord 2
18832bMIOtsego County Fairgrounds dirt oval Gaylord 3
18721aMIOttawa County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Holland 6
18721bMIOttawa County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Holland 6
18721cMIOttawa County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Holland 1
18748bMIOwendale Speedway dirt figure eight Owendale 1
18748aMIOwendale Speedway dirt oval Owendale Silver Bullet Speedway 24
18935aMIOwosso Fairgrounds dirt oval Owosso 1
18995aMIOwosso Kart Speedway dirt oval Owosso 4
18749fMIOwosso Speedway dirt figure eight Ovid 2
18749bMIOwosso Speedway dirt oval Ovid Rocket Motor Speedway, Gale's Sports Arena 6
18749gMIOwosso Speedway dirt oval Ovid 1
18749aMIOwosso Speedway paved oval Ovid M-21 Speedway 35
18749dMIOwosso Speedway paved oval Ovid 3
18749eMIOwosso Speedway paved oval Ovid 1
18997aMIPerani's Arena & Event Center concrete oval Flint 11
18785aMIPontiac Silverdome concrete oval Pontiac 21
18785bMIPontiac Silverdome dirt oval Pontiac 21
18820aMIPosen Field Event Arena dirt oval Posen Posen Potato Festival Grounds 5
18756bMIRaceway at Belle Isle mixed off road circuit Detroit 4
19003aMIRed Bud MX dirt off road circuit Buchanan 8
19003bMIRed Bud MX (New Location) dirt off road circuit Buchanan 1
18986aMIRevolution Arena frozen oval Battle Creek 3
18769aMIReynolds Municipal Airport paved airfield circuit Jackson Jackson Airport 2
18816cMIRichmond Good Old Days Festival Grounds dirt oval Richmond 3
18990aMIRiverside Park dirt oval Scottsville 1
18800aMIRochester Fairgrounds dirt oval Rochester 1
18801aMIRoesink Stadium dirt oval Hamtramck Kezer Midget Speedway 1
18802aMIRomeo dirt oval Romeo 1
18836aMISaginaw County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Chesaning 3
19011bMISaint Clair County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Greenwood 1
19011aMISaint Clair County Fairgrounds dirt oval Greenwood 1
18865cMISaint Joesph's County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Centreville 1
18865bMISaint Joseph County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Centreville 5
18825cMISand Lake dirt oval Sand Lake 4
18825aMISand Lake Sewage Treatment Grounds dirt figure eight Sand Lake 5
18825bMISand Lake Sewage Treatment Grounds dirt off road circuit Sand Lake 2
18751aMISanilac County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Sandusky 4
18751bMISanilac County Fairgrounds dirt oval Sandusky 2
18764aMIScott Brayton Memorial Street Circuit paved street circuit Grand Rapids West Michigan Grand Prix 4
18752aMIShiawassee County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Corunna Corunna Fairgrounds 12
18752bMIShiawassee County Fairgrounds dirt oval Corunna 11
19002aMISoaring Eagle Casino dirt figure eight Mount Pleasant 1
18777aMISoybean Nationals dirt oval Dorr 1
18753bMISpartan Speedway paved figure eight Mason Spartan Motor Speedway 23
18753aMISpartan Speedway paved oval Mason Spartan Motor Speedway, Lansing Speedway 45
18803aMISpencer Speedway dirt oval Saginaw Saginaw Fairgrounds 2
18755aMIStandish Asphalt Raceway paved oval Standish Standish Asphalt Speedway 7
18755bMIStandish Speedway dirt oval Standish Mid-City Speedway 2
18835aMISumpter Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Belleville 3
18835bMISumpter Fairgrounds dirt oval Belleville 3
18756aMIThe Raceway at Belle Isle Park paved street circuit Detroit The Raceway at Belle Isle, Detroit Grand Prix 35
18757aMIThunder Valley Raceway paved oval Sands Sands Speedway, Superior Speedway 12
18758bMIThunderbird Raceway dirt figure eight Muskegon 1
18758aMIThunderbird Raceway dirt oval Muskegon Thunderbird Racepark, Birchwood Speedway 33
18996aMITMC Motorsports Park dirt oval Newberry 2
18759eMITri City Speedway dirt figure eight Auburn 15
18759cMITri-City Motor Speedway dirt oval Auburn 25
18759dMITri-City Motor Speedway paved figure eight Auburn 2
18759aMITri-City Motor Speedway paved oval Auburn Auburn Speedway 23
18759bMITri-City Motor Speedway paved oval Auburn Auburn Speedway 14
18759fMITri-City Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Auburn 1
18761aMITuscola County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Caro Caro Fairgrounds 5
18761cMITuscola County Fairgrounds dirt oval Caro 6
18805aMIUniversity of Detroit Stadium dirt oval Detroit 1
18786aMIUS 131 Raceway Park dirt oval Martin 30
18787aMIUSA Speedway dirt oval Stanton 1
18762aMIVan Andel Arena concrete oval Grand Rapids 1
18844aMIVan Buren County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hartford Van Buren County Youth Fair 3
18844bMIVan Buren County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Hartford Van Buren County Youth Fair 2
18844cMIVan Buren County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Hartford 5
19012aMIVassar Memorial Park dirt figure eight Vassar 3
18981aMIVestaburg Kart Speedway dirt oval Vestaburg 2
18750aMIWashtenaw Farm Council Grounds dirt figure eight Saline Saline Community Fairgrounds 9
18763aMIWaterford Hills Road Race Course paved road circuit Clarkston Waterford Hills 24
18807aMIWayne County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Belleville Belleville Fairgrounds 7
18807bMIWayne County Fairgrounds dirt oval Belleville 3
18788aMIWelsh Civic Auditorium paved oval Grand Rapids Welsh Auditorium 1
18971aMIWest Branch Speedway dirt oval West Branch American Legion Speedway 1
18705aMIWexford County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Cadillac Cadillac Fairgrounds, Northern District Fair 9
18705dMIWexford County Fairgrounds dirt oval Cadillac 4
18789aMIWhiskey Ridge Raceway dirt oval Maple Island Newaygo County Speedway, Maple Island Speedway 1
18765bMIWhittemore Speedway dirt oval Whittemore 2
18765aMIWhittemore Speedway paved oval Whittemore 17
18790aMIWings Stadium concrete oval Kalamazoo 1
18766bMIWinston Speedway dirt off road circuit Rothbury 2
18766aMIWinston Speedway dirt oval Rothbury Winston Motor Speedway 32
18806aMIYale dirt oval Yale 1
18842aMIYale Lions Club dirt figure eight Yale 7
18842bMIYale Lions Club dirt off road oval Yale 3
18828aMIYale Lions Park dirt figure eight Yale 4
18973aMIZilwaukee Speedway dirt oval Zilwaukee 1


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