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13315aMO24 Raceway dirt oval Moberly 24 Raceway Park, Mizzou Speedway, Moberly Speedway, Moberly Motorsports Complex 60
13300aMOAdrian Speedway dirt oval Adrian New Adrian Speedway 12
13301aMOBenton Race Park dirt oval Benton Auto Tire & Parts Racepark, Missouri International Race Park 50
13302bMOBethany Speedway dirt oval Bethany 2
13324aMOBolivar Speedway paved oval Bolivar Speedway USA 12
13324bMOBolivar Speedway USA dirt oval Bolivar 15
13324eMOBolivar Speedway USA dirt oval Bolivar 2
13373bMOBoone County Raceways dirt figure eight Columbia Boone County Raceway, Boone County Fairgrounds Coliseum 7
13373aMOBoone County Raceways dirt oval Columbia Boone County Raceway, Boone County Fairgrounds Coliseum 6
13348aMOButler Motor Speedway dirt oval Butler Bates County Raceway, Bates County Speedway 10
13303aMOCallaway Raceway dirt oval Fulton Callaway Raceways 12
13304aMOCapital Speedway dirt oval Holts Summit 30
13335aMOCaruthersville Speedway dirt oval Caruthersville 5
13305aMOCentral Missouri Speedway dirt oval Warrensburg Tri-M Speedway 15
13368aMOCounty Line Speedway dirt oval Brighton 1
13464aMOCowan Civic Center concrete oval Lebanon 2
13341aMOCrossroads Speedway dirt oval Joplin 1
13306aMODallas County Speedway dirt oval Urbana 5
13307aMODoe Run Raceway dirt oval Doe Run 9
13366bMODouble J Speedway dirt figure eight Humansville Double J Indoor Arena, J&J Arena 2
13366aMODouble J Speedway dirt oval Humansville Double J Indoor Arena, J&J Arena 2
13308aMODouble X Speedway dirt oval California XX Speedway, Woody's Speedway 31
13351aMOElsberry Speedway dirt oval Elsberry 1
13338bMOFairgrounds Speedway paved oval Springfield Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield Fairgrounds 7
13336aMOFort Wood Speedway paved oval Waynesville 1
13309aMOFredericktown Raceway dirt oval Fredericktown Fredericktown Speedway 8
13367bMOGrand River Speedway dirt oval Urich 6
13367cMOGrand River Speedway dirt oval Urich 2
13360aMOHartville Saddle Club Arena dirt oval Hartville 1
13333aMOI-35 Speedway dirt oval Winston Winston Speedway, Missouri's I-35 Speedway, I-35 Hummingbird Speedway 18
13310aMOI-55 Raceway dirt oval Pevely I-55 Raceways, I-55 Speedway 107
13311bMOI-70 National Speedway dirt oval Odessa 40
13311dMOI-70 Speedway dirt figure eight Odessa 2
13311fMOI-70 Speedway dirt oval Odessa 2
13311aMOI-70 Speedway paved oval Odessa 40
13311cMOI-70 Speedway The Dirt Track dirt oval Odessa I-70 Speedway 9
13328eMOJames L. Mathewson Exhibition Center concrete oval Sedalia 3
13338eMOJock 98 Speedway dirt oval Springfield Ozark Empire Fairgrounds 1
13312aMOJoplin 66 Speedway dirt oval Joplin Midwest Motor Speedway 46
13346aMOJoplin Speedway dirt oval Joplin Ozark Speedway 1
13383bMOKemper Arena dirt oval Kansas City 13
13355bMOKirksville Fairgrounds dirt oval Kirksville 1
13355aMOKirksville Speedway dirt oval Kirksville Northeast Missouri Fairgrounds 1
13347aMOLA Raceway dirt oval LaMonte 18
13337aMOLake Hill International Raceway paved oval Valley Park 9
13337cMOLake Hill International Raceway unknown figure eight Valley Park 1
13357aMOLake Ozark Speedway dirt oval Eldon 51
13313bMOLebanon I-44 Speedway dirt oval Lebanon I-44 Speedway 17
13313aMOLebanon I-44 Speedway paved oval Lebanon Midway Speedway 25
13365aMOLebanon Midway Speedway dirt oval Lebanon Midway Speedway 14
13350aMOLincoln County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Troy 2
13332bMOLucas Oil Speedway dirt figure eight Wheatland 3
13332cMOLucas Oil Speedway dirt off road circuit Wheatland 2
13332aMOLucas Oil Speedway dirt oval Wheatland Wheatland Raceway 57
13356aMOMacon Fairgrounds dirt oval Macon 1
13447aMOMalden Jaycee Speedway dirt oval Malden 1
13314aMOMalden Speedway dirt oval Malden Heartland Motorsports Speedway 15
13372aMOMaries County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Vienna 1
13334aMOMid-America Raceway paved road circuit Wentzville 8
13328aMOMissouri State Fair Speedway dirt oval Sedalia Sedalia's State Fair Speedway, Missouri State Fairgrounds, State Fair Motor Speedway, State Fair Speedway 82
13315bMOMizzou Speedway paved oval Moberly 8
13316aMOMonett Speedway dirt oval Monett 33
13317aMOMontgomery County Speedway dirt oval New Florence 11
13318aMONevada Speedway dirt oval Nevada Nevada Raceway 14
13319aMONorth Fork Speedway dirt oval Oronogo 6
13302aMONorthwest Missouri State Fairgrounds dirt oval Bethany Bethany Fairgrounds Speedway, Bethany Speedway 16
13345aMOOlympic Stadium dirt oval Kansas City 5
13338hMOOzark Empire Fair Arena dirt figure eight Springfield 1
13338fMOOzark Empire Fairgrounds Indoor Arena dirt oval Springfield 3
13338aMOOzark Empire Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Springfield Springfield Fairgrounds, Fairgrounds Speedway 3
13354aMOOzark Mountain Raceway dirt oval Branson 65 Raceway Park 2
13463aMOPoplar Bluff dirt oval Poplar Bluff 1
13349aMOPoplar Bluff Speedway dirt oval Poplar Bluff 19
13352cMORiverside Stadium dirt figure eight Riverside 1
13352aMORiverside Stadium dirt oval Riverside 3
13340aMORolla Speedway paved oval Rolla 5
13326aMOSaint Charles Speedway dirt oval Saint Peters 36
13327aMOSaint Francois County Raceway dirt oval Farmington Empire Speedway 60
13327bMOSaint Francois County Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Farmington 1
13344aMOSaint Louis Arena concrete oval Saint Louis 1
13343aMOSaint Louis Speedway dirt oval Saint Louis Ball Park Speedway 1
13353aMOSaline County Speedway dirt oval Marshall Sportsman Speedway 5
13320aMOSavannah Speedway dirt oval Savannah Legion Speedway, American Legion Memorial Park, 71 Speedway 12
13321aMOScotland County Speedway dirt oval Memphis Scotland County Raceway, Memphis Speedway 19
13328cMOSedalia Coliseum Raceway dirt oval Sedalia Missouri State Fairgrounds Coliseum 1
13322aMOSEMO District Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Cape Girardeau 1
13323aMOSEMO Raceway dirt oval Blodgett SEMO Motor Speedway 6
13325aMOSpringfield Raceway dirt oval Springfield Springfield's Airport Speedway, Airport Speedway 21
13325bMOSpringfield Raceway dirt oval Springfield Springfield's Airport Speedway, Airport Speedway, Interstate Speedway 2
13328bMOState Fair Motor Speedway dirt oval Sedalia State Fair Speedway, Missouri State Fairgrounds 18
13329aMOSweet Springs Motorsports Complex dirt oval Sweet Springs Sweet Springs Raceway, Interstate Raceway 14
13505aMOThe Dome at America's Center dirt oval Saint Louis 33
13504aMOThunder City Speedway dirt oval Doniphan 2
13330aMOUS 36 Raceway dirt oval Osborn 55
13364aMOValley Speedway dirt oval Grain Valley 30
13342aMOWalsh Stadium dirt oval Saint Louis Oakland Stadium, Billiken Bowl 1
13502aMOWashington Fairgrounds dirt oval Washington 3
13331aMOWest Plains Motor Speedway dirt oval West Plains West Plains Speedway 50
13500aMOWest Plains Speedway dirt oval West Plains Mo-Ark Raceway 2


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