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07100aNEAlliance Speedway paved oval Alliance 3
07151bNEAmy Countryman Arena dirt oval Lincoln Lancaster Event Center 2
07101aNEBeatrice Speedway dirt oval Beatrice Gage County Speedway 34
07102aNEBoone County Raceway dirt oval Albion Albion Speedway 10
07139aNEBroken Arrow Wilderness Figure 8 Track dirt figure eight Fullerton 1
07194cNEBuffalo County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kearney 1
07149aNEButler County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight David City 1
07103aNEButler County Motorplex dirt oval Rising City Butler County Speedway, Thunder Lake Speedway 22
07103cNEButler County Motorplex dirt oval Rising City 1
07152bNECass County Fairgrounds dirt oval Weeping Water 1
07125aNECedar County Speedway dirt oval Hartington Cedar County Raceway, Eastside Speedway, Hartington Fairgrounds 3
07127aNEClay County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Clay Center 1
07105aNECulbertson Speedway dirt oval Culbertson Hitchcock County Raceway, Hitchcock County Speedway, Culbertson Raceway 3
07106aNECuster County Fairgrounds dirt oval Broken Bow 1
07107aNEDawson County Raceway dirt oval Lexington Lexington Raceway, River Valley Raceway, Dawson County Speedway, Platte Valley Speedway 13
07138aNEDixon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Concord 1
07108aNEEagle Raceway dirt oval Eagle 107
07140aNEFillmore County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Geneva 1
07128aNEFranklin Fairgrounds dirt oval Franklin 1
07131aNEGreat Plains Raceway dirt off road circuit 1
07109aNEGreenwood Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska International Raceway 5
07116bNEHi-Way 92 Raceway Park paved figure eight Gering 1
07116aNEHiWay 92 Raceway Park paved oval Gering Hi-Way 92 Raceway Park, Oregon Trail Speedway, Oregon Trail Raceway 11
07153aNEHolt County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Chambers 1
07115aNEI-80 Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska Raceway Park 77
07110aNEJefferson County Speedway dirt oval Fairbury Fairbury Speedway, Jefferson County Fairgrounds 12
07133bNEJunction Motor Speedway dirt figure eight McCool Junction 1
07133aNEJunction Motor Speedway dirt oval McCool Junction 51
07133cNEJunction Motor Speedway dirt oval McCool Junction 3
07123aNEKAM Raceway dirt oval Hastings Thunder Alley Raceway 5
07151aNELancaster Event Center dirt figure eight Lincoln 2
07111aNELincoln County Raceway dirt oval North Platte Pawnee Raceway, North Platte Speedway, Lincoln County Speedway 17
07111bNELincoln County Raceway dirt oval North Platte 2
07134aNELitchfield Motor Sports dirt oval Litchfield 1
07108bNELittle Eagle Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Eagle 2
07115dNELittle Sunset Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska Raceway Park 1
07112aNEMcCook Speedway dirt oval McCook 8
07113aNEMid-Nebraska Speedway dirt oval Doniphan Mid-Continent Race Track, Mid-Continent Raceway 37
07132aNEMidwest Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 11
07250aNEMotorsport Park Hastings paved road circuit Hastings 4
07253aNEOff Road Speedway dirt oval Norfolk 4
07143aNEPierce County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Pierce 1
07112cNERed Willow County Fairgrounds dirt oval McCook 1
07117aNERiviera Raceway dirt oval Norfolk 8
07137aNESaline County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Crete 1
07146aNESarpy County Fairgrounds Arena dirt figure eight Springfield 1
07145aNESaunders County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wahoo 1
07147bNESeward County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Seward 1
07119aNEState Fair Park Raceway dirt oval Lincoln State Fair Park Speedway 23
07119cNEState Fair Park Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 1
07119bNEState Fair Park Speedway dirt oval Lincoln Nebraska State Fairgrounds 5
07120aNEStuart Community Track dirt oval Stuart 8
07121aNESunset Speedway dirt oval Omaha 40
07122aNEThayer County Speedway dirt oval Deshler 5
07118aNEThe Speed Bowl dirt oval Red Cloud Speed Bowl 5
07124cNEUS 30 Speedway dirt figure eight Columbus 1
07124aNEUS 30 Speedway dirt oval Columbus 23
07124bNEUS 30 Speedway dirt oval Columbus 6
07104aNEWaveLink Raceway Park dirt oval Waverly Cornhusker Raceway Park, Cornhuskers Raceway Park, K&P Raceway 11
07129aNEWestern League Park dirt oval Omaha 1
07126bNEYork County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight York 2


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