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07100aNEAlliance Speedway paved oval Alliance 3
07151bNEAmy Countryman Arena dirt oval Lincoln Lancaster Event Center 2
07101aNEBeatrice Speedway dirt oval Beatrice Gage County Speedway 41
07254aNEBlue River Raceway dirt oval Crete 2
07102aNEBoone County Raceway dirt oval Albion Albion Speedway 26
07139aNEBroken Arrow Wilderness Figure 8 Track dirt figure eight Fullerton 1
07194cNEBuffalo County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Kearney 1
07149aNEButler County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight David City 1
07103aNEButler County Motorplex dirt oval Rising City Butler County Speedway, Thunder Lake Speedway 30
07103cNEButler County Motorplex dirt oval Rising City 1
07152bNECass County Fairgrounds dirt oval Weeping Water 1
07125aNECedar County Speedway dirt oval Hartington Cedar County Raceway, Eastside Speedway, Hartington Fairgrounds 3
07127aNEClay County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Clay Center 1
07105aNECulbertson Speedway dirt oval Culbertson Hitchcock County Raceway, Hitchcock County Speedway, Culbertson Raceway 3
07106aNECuster County Fairgrounds dirt oval Broken Bow 1
07107aNEDawson County Raceway dirt oval Lexington Lexington Raceway, River Valley Raceway, Dawson County Speedway, Platte Valley Speedway 15
07138aNEDixon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Concord 1
07108aNEEagle Raceway dirt oval Eagle 142
07140aNEFillmore County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Geneva 2
07128aNEFranklin Fairgrounds dirt oval Franklin 1
07131aNEGreat Plains Raceway dirt off road circuit 1
07109aNEGreenwood Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska International Raceway 5
07116bNEHi-Way 92 Raceway Park paved figure eight Gering 2
07116aNEHiWay 92 Raceway Park paved oval Gering Hi-Way 92 Raceway Park, Oregon Trail Speedway, Oregon Trail Raceway 12
07153aNEHolt County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Chambers 1
07115aNEI-80 Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska Raceway Park 119
07110aNEJefferson County Speedway dirt oval Fairbury Fairbury Speedway, Jefferson County Fairgrounds 26
07133aNEJunction Motor Speedway dirt oval McCool Junction 72
07133cNEJunction Motor Speedway dirt oval McCool Junction 3
07123aNEKAM Raceway dirt oval Hastings Thunder Alley Raceway 11
07151aNELancaster Event Center dirt figure eight Lincoln 2
07111aNELincoln County Raceway dirt oval North Platte Pawnee Raceway, North Platte Speedway, Lincoln County Speedway 19
07111bNELincoln County Raceway dirt oval North Platte 2
07134aNELitchfield Motor Sports dirt oval Litchfield 1
07108bNELittle Eagle Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Eagle 2
07115dNELittle Sunset Speedway dirt oval Greenwood Nebraska Raceway Park 3
07112aNEMcCook Speedway dirt oval McCook 8
07113aNEMid-Nebraska Speedway dirt oval Doniphan Mid-Continent Race Track, Mid-Continent Raceway 40
07132aNEMidwest Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 11
07250aNEMotorsport Park Hastings paved road circuit Hastings 8
07250bNEMotorsports Park Hastings (Short Course) paved road circuit Hastings 2
07253aNEOff Road Speedway dirt oval Norfolk 7
07143aNEPierce County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Pierce 1
07112cNERed Willow County Fairgrounds dirt oval McCook 1
07117aNERiviera Raceway dirt oval Norfolk 8
07137aNESaline County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Crete 1
07146aNESarpy County Fairgrounds Arena dirt figure eight Springfield 1
07145aNESaunders County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wahoo 3
07147bNESeward County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Seward 1
07119aNEState Fair Park Raceway dirt oval Lincoln State Fair Park Speedway 23
07119cNEState Fair Park Speedway dirt oval Lincoln 1
07119bNEState Fair Park Speedway dirt oval Lincoln Nebraska State Fairgrounds 5
07120aNEStuart Community Track dirt oval Stuart 11
07121aNESunset Speedway dirt oval Omaha 40
07122aNEThayer County Speedway dirt oval Deshler 8
07118aNEThe Speed Bowl dirt oval Red Cloud Speed Bowl 5
07124cNEUS 30 Speedway dirt figure eight Columbus 1
07124aNEUS 30 Speedway dirt oval Columbus 25
07124bNEUS 30 Speedway dirt oval Columbus 6
07104aNEWaveLink Raceway Park dirt oval Waverly Cornhusker Raceway Park, Cornhuskers Raceway Park, K&P Raceway 11
07129aNEWestern League Park dirt oval Omaha 1
07126bNEYork County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight York 2


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