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24312bOH250 Speedway dirt off road circuit Cadiz 3
24312aOH250 Speedway dirt oval Cadiz Speedway 250, Wide Oval Speedway 22
24324aOH339 Speedway dirt oval Barlow 339 Super Speedway, 339 Raceway, Dobbie's Speedway 6
24200aOH35 Raceway Park dirt oval Frankfort 35 Raceway 17
24335aOH35 Raceway Park dirt oval Frankfort 21
24201aOH93 Speedway dirt oval Oak Hill Dunaway's 93 Raceway, Dunaway's Raceway 17
24264aOHAda Speedway dirt oval Ada 4
24268aOHAirway Speedway dirt oval Dayton 1
24328aOHAkron Fairgrounds unknown track Akron 1
24270aOHAkron Rubber Bowl dirt oval Akron Rubber Bowl 1
24351aOHAkron Speedway dirt oval Akron 1
24269aOHAkron-Cleveland Speedway wood oval Akron Akron Bowl 1
24447cOHAllen County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Lima 3
24447aOHAllen County Fairgrounds dirt oval Lima 7
24557aOHAnna Arena dirt oval Anna 1
24272aOHAshland Speedway dirt oval Ashland Ashfair Speedway 1
24315aOHAshtabula County Fairgrounds dirt oval Jefferson 5
24202aOHAttica Raceway Park dirt oval Attica 180
24202bOHAttica Speedway dirt oval Attica 1
24528bOHAuglaize County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wapakoneta 3
24203aOHBarberton Speedway paved oval Barberton Rubber City Speedway 44
24203bOHBarberton Speedway paved road circuit Barberton 2
24307aOHBear Creek Speedway dirt oval Bolivar 6
24274aOHBenore Speedway dirt oval Toledo 1
24541aOHBGSU Intercollegiate Speedway paved parking lot circuit Bowling Green Lot N 4
24573aOHBlack Diamond XC dirt off road circuit New Plymouth 2
24568aOHBlack Rock Park dirt off road circuit Sharpsburg 3
24556bOHBMI Indoor Speedway concrete oval Versailles 6
24556aOHBMI Indoor Speedway dirt oval Versailles 5
24204aOHBrown County Speedway dirt oval Russellville 17
24205aOHBrushcreek Motorsports Complex dirt oval Peebles Brushcreek Motorsports 61
24205bOHBrushcreek Motorsports Complex (Inner) dirt off road oval Peebles 3
24205cOHBrushcreek Motorsports Park dirt figure eight Peebles 1
24251aOHBryan Raceway dirt oval Bryan Bryan Motor Speedway 29
24251cOHBryan Raceway dirt oval Bryan 1
24251bOHBryan Raceway paved oval Bryan Bryan Motor Speedway 3
24275aOHBucyrus Fairgrounds dirt oval Bucyrus 1
24206aOHBurke Lakefront Airport concrete airfield circuit Cleveland Grand Prix of Cleveland, Cleveland Grand Prix 47
24320aOHBurton Speedway dirt oval Burton Burton Fairgrounds 1
24276bOHCanfield Fairgrounds dirt oval Canfield Canfield Motor Speedway 6
24276aOHCanfield Speedway dirt oval Canfield Canfield Motor Speedway 9
24207aOHCannonball Motor Speedway dirt oval Morristown St. Clairsville Speedway, Zantex Speedway 55
24277aOHCanton Fairgrounds dirt oval Canton Lewis Midget Auto Speedway, Canton Super Midget Motor Speedway 1
24252aOHCanton Motor Speedway paved oval Waco Canton Speedway, Waco Speedway 14
24278aOHCarrollton Fairgrounds dirt oval Carrollton 2
24279aOHCarthage Fairgrounds dirt oval Carthage 1
24250bOHCelina Fairgrounds dirt oval Celina 1
24521dOHChampagne County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Urbana 2
24374aOHChampion Speedway dirt oval Kitts Hill 1
24544aOHChevrolet Centre concrete oval Youngstown 5
24329aOHCincinnati Gardens concrete oval Cincinnati 7
24208aOHCincinnati Municipal Airport paved airfield circuit Cincinnati Lunken Field 1
24380aOHCincinnati Race Bowl paved oval Evendale Cincinnati Midget Speedway, Milford Speedway 1
24280bOHCincinnati-Hamilton Midget Speedway dirt oval Cincinnati 1
24316aOHCircleville Raceway Park paved oval Circleville Circleville Raceway 3
24311aOHCircleville Speedway dirt oval Circleville 3
24311bOHCircleville Speedway dirt oval Circleville 1
24321bOHClark County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Springfield 1
24321aOHClark County Speedway dirt oval Springfield Springfield Fairgrounds 5
24340aOHClermont County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Owensville 5
24210bOHCleveland Fairgrounds dirt oval Berea 1
24281aOHCleveland Municipal Stadium dirt oval Cleveland 1
24339aOHClinton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wilmington 5
24253aOHCloverleaf Speedway paved oval Valley View Cloverleaf Stadium 19
24538aOHClyde Street Course paved street circuit Clyde 7
24540aOHColumbiana County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lisbon 13
24540bOHColumbiana County Fairgrounds dirt oval Lisbon 5
24282aOHColumbus Ballpark dirt oval Columbus 1
24209dOHColumbus Motor Speedway mixed figure eight Columbus 8
24209eOHColumbus Motor Speedway paved figure eight Columbus 10
24209aOHColumbus Motor Speedway paved oval Columbus 78
24209fOHColumbus Motor Speedway paved road circuit Columbus 1
24265aOHColumbus Street Circuit paved street circuit Columbus Columbus Grand Prix 10
24283cOHConey Island Speedway dirt oval Sharonville 1
24254aOHCoshocton Speedway dirt oval Coshocton 9
24275bOHCrawford County Fairgrounds dirt oval Bucyrus 3
24552aOHCridersville Speedway dirt oval Cridersville 9
24554aOHCroton Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Croton Hartford Fair 6
24210aOHCuyahoga County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Berea Berea Fairgrounds 9
24255bOHDayton Speedway dirt oval Dayton 5
24255aOHDayton Speedway paved oval Dayton Greater Dayton Speedway 28
24543aOHDee's Family Raceway dirt oval Chillicothe 4
24211aOHDeerfield Raceway dirt oval Deerfield Deerfield Speedway 33
24399cOHDelaware County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Delaware 8
24402aOHDick Willings Motorcycle Track dirt oval Ashtabula 1
24212aOHDirt Country Raceway dirt figure eight Blanchester 8
24553aOHEcho Valley dirt off road circuit East Palestine 3
24553bOHEcho Valley dirt off road oval East Palestine 3
24213aOHEldora Speedway dirt oval New Weston 250
24213cOHEldora Speedway (Inner) dirt oval New Weston 1
24287aOHEquestrium Hall concrete oval Cleveland 1
24258aOHErvin J. Nutter Center concrete oval Dayton 23
24266aOHExpo Raceway dirt oval Cortland Trumbull County Expo Speedway, Trumbull County Fairgrounds, Expo Motor Speedway, Expo Speedway 59
24266bOHExpo Speedway dirt oval Cortland 1
24288aOHFairfield dirt oval Fairfield 1
24581aOHFarmer's Raceway dirt oval Franklin Furnace 1
24574aOHFast Traxx dirt off road circuit Nelsonville 1
24309bOHFayette County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Washington Court House 6
24309cOHFayette County Fairgrounds dirt off road oval Washington Court House 1
24309aOHFayette County Fairgrounds dirt oval Washington Court House 7
24336aOHFernbank unknown street circuit Cincinnati 1
24289bOHFort Miami Speedway dirt oval Maumee 1
24289aOHFort Miami Speedway dirt oval Maumee 3
24545cOHFremont Raceway Park dirt oval Fremont 2
24545aOHFremont Raceway Park paved oval Fremont 5
24545bOHFremont Raceway Park paved road circuit Fremont 5
24214aOHFremont Speedway dirt oval Fremont The New Fremont Speedway 161
24310aOHFulton County Fairgrounds dirt oval Wauseon Wauseon Raceway 4
24293aOHG&J Kartway paved oval Camden 2
24414aOHGleneste Speedway dirt oval Gleneste Gleneste Speedbowl, Greater Cincinnati Race Bowl 1
24317aOHGoodhope Speedway dirt oval New Springfield 3
24322aOHGrabits' Speedway dirt oval Bloomingdale 4
24256aOHGrand Lake Speedway dirt oval Celina Lake St. Marys 3
24273aOHGrandview Speedway dirt oval Aurora Bainbridge Fairgrounds 2
24558aOHGravelrama Grounds (Endurance Course) dirt off road circuit Cleves 8
24558bOHGravelrama Grounds (Extreme Course) mixed off road circuit Cleves 6
24344aOHGreat Lakes Speedsports dirt oval Bellevue 2
24418aOHGreene dirt oval Kenilworth 1
24323aOHGund Arena concrete oval Cleveland 2
24279bOHHamilton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Carthage 5
24290aOHHamilton Speedway dirt oval Hamilton Hamilton Fairgrounds 1
24326aOHHancock County Fairgrounds dirt oval Findlay 2
24215aOHHara Arena concrete oval Dayton 19
24291aOHHardin County Fairgrounds dirt oval Kenton 1
24216aOHHarrison County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Cadiz 5
24218aOHHilltop Speedway dirt oval Marietta Marietta Speedway, Marietta-Belpre Speedway 30
24333aOHHilltop Speedway dirt oval Millersburg Holmes Hilltop Speedway 68
24333bOHHilltop Speedway dirt road circuit Millersburg 6
24555aOHHocking County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Logan 6
24219aOHHolmes County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Millersburg 8
24318aOHHonda Hills Raceway dirt oval Linneville 2
24569aOHHusted Hills dirt off road circuit Amesville 2
24343aOHI-70 / I-77 Speedway dirt oval Lore City 4
24220aOHJackson County Speedway dirt oval Jackson 24
24560aOHJefferson County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Smithfield 1
24576aOHJoe's Speedway dirt road circuit Adena 9
24576bOHJoe's Speedway (Long Track) dirt off road circuit Adena 2
24221aOHK-C Raceway dirt oval Alma Atomic Speedway 177
24319bOHKartington Raceway paved oval Cardington Kartington Speedway 5
24319aOHKartington Speedway dirt oval Cardington Kartington Raceway 2
24222cOHKil-Kare Speedway paved figure eight Xenia 12
24222aOHKil-Kare Speedway paved oval Xenia 55
24222bOHKil-Kare Speedway paved oval Xenia 14
24292aOHKinsman Fairgrounds dirt oval Kinsman 2
24468cOHKnox County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mount Vernon 3
24235bOHLake County Speedway paved figure eight Painesville Painesville Speedway 36
24235aOHLake County Speedway paved oval Painesville Painesville Speedway, Lakeland Speedway 49
24223aOHLakeville Speedway dirt oval Lakeville New Lakeville Speedway, Tri-C Motor Speedway, Holmes County Speedway, Mohican Area Speedway 50
24262aOHLancaster Motor Speedway dirt oval Lancaster 3
24327aOHLil' Indy dirt oval Carrothers Lil' Indy Raceway 7
24224aOHLimaland Motorsports Park dirt oval Allentown Limaland Speedway, Limaland Motor Speedway, Allentown Speedway, Allentown Family Speedway 142
24579aOHLions Club Pulling Track dirt oval West Liberty 1
24213bOHLittle Eldora Speedway dirt oval New Weston 8
24231eOHLittle Muskie Speedway dirt oval Dresden 2
24575aOHLondon Quarter Midget Speedway paved oval London 1
24225dOHLorain County Speedway mixed figure eight South Amherst 5
24225aOHLorain County Speedway paved oval South Amherst Lorain Speedway 53
24225bOHLorain Speedway dirt oval South Amherst 1
24559aOHLucas County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Maumee 1
24578aOHMac O Chee Speedway paved oval West Liberty 3
24346aOHMadison County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight London 4
24226aOHMansfield Motorsports Park paved oval Mansfield Mansfield Motorsports Speedway 65
24226fOHMansfield Motorsports Speedway paved figure eight Mansfield 5
24226eOHMansfield Motorsports Speedway paved oval Mansfield 3
24226gOHMansfield Motorsports Speedway paved oval Mansfield 3
24226cOHMansfield Raceway dirt oval Mansfield 4
24226bOHMansfield Raceway Park dirt oval Mansfield Mansfield Raceway 101
24263aOHMarion County Fairgrounds dirt oval Marion 5
24332aOHMartinville Raceway Park dirt oval Attica Martinville Raceway 5
24294aOHMason Beach Speedway dirt oval Bryan Mason Pit Speedway 1
24577aOHMcClure Raceway dirt oval West Liberty 2
24308aOHMcCutchenville Speedway dirt oval McCutchenville Mid-American Raceway Park, OK Corral Speedway, Mohawk Speedway, Quad City Speedway, Mid-America Speedway, Riverside Speedway 24
24250aOHMercer County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Celina Celina Fairgrounds 5
24250cOHMercer County Fairgrounds dirt oval Celina Celina Fairgrounds 7
24342aOHMiami County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Troy 4
24227cOHMid Ohio Sports Car Course mixed road circuit Lexington 3
24227aOHMid-Ohio Sports Car Course paved road circuit Lexington Mid-Ohio Race Track 93
24227bOHMid-Ohio Sports Car Course paved road circuit Lexington 5
24228eOHMidvale Speedway mixed figure eight Midvale 2
24228bOHMidvale Speedway paved figure eight Midvale 17
24228aOHMidvale Speedway paved oval Midvale 52
24228dOHMidvale Speedway (Inner) paved oval Midvale 7
24229aOHMidway Speedway dirt oval Crooksville C-Ville Speedway, Crooksville Speedway, Silver Dollar Speedway 56
24230aOHMillstream Speedway dirt oval Findlay Flag City Motorsports Park, Millstream Motor Speedway, Findlay Speedway 122
24345aOHMoler Raceway Park dirt oval Williamsburg 44
24562aOHMonroe County Fairgrounds dirt oval Woodsfield 4
24284aOHMontgomery County Fairgrounds dirt oval Dayton Dayton Fairgrounds 1
24467cOHMorrow County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mount Gilead 4
24467bOHMorrow County Fairgrounds dirt oval Mount Gilead 3
24467aOHMorrow County Fairgrounds dirt oval Mount Gilead 1
24469bOHMoxie Speedway paved oval Moxhala Park 1
24231aOHMuskingum County Speedway dirt oval Dresden 122
24231dOHMuskingum County Speedway dirt road circuit Dresden 2
24231fOHMuskingum County Speedway (Woods Course) dirt off road circuit Dresden 2
24542aOHNegley Volunteer Fire Department dirt figure eight Rogers 7
24542bOHNegley Volunteer Fire Department dirt oval Rogers 7
24295aOHNeil Park Speedway dirt oval Columbus 1
24232aOHNelson Ledges Road Course paved road circuit Southington Nelson Ledges Race Track, Steel City International Raceway 29
24257aOHNew Bremen Speedway dirt oval New Bremen 31
24257bOHNew Bremen Speedway paved oval New Bremen 17
24571aOHNew Caesar's Creek Speedway dirt oval Wilmington 2
24296aOHNorthampton Track dirt oval Akron Ascot Park 1
24297aOHNorthside Ballpark Speedway dirt oval Cincinnati 1
24298aOHNorwalk Fairgrounds dirt oval Norwalk 1
24233aOHOakshade Raceway dirt oval Oak Shade Oakshade Raceways 73
24234eOHOhio Expo Center - O'Neill Building concrete oval Columbus 10
24234fOHOhio Expo Center Coliseum concrete oval Columbus Ohio State Fairgrounds Coliseum 23
24234cOHOhio State Fairgrounds dirt oval Columbus 1
24389bOHOhio State Fairgrounds dirt oval Columbus 1
24234bOHOhio State Fairgrounds Coliseum concrete oval Columbus Davey Beef Arena, Ohio State University Beef & Cattle Building 3
24313aOHOhio Valley Motorsports Complex dirt off road circuit Millport Spring Valley Raceway 9
24532bOHOhio Valley Raceway dirt oval Wellston 5
24235cOHPainesville Speedway (Backstretch Road Course) paved road circuit Painesville 6
24235dOHPainesville Speedway (Frontstretch Road Course) paved road circuit Painesville 1
24564aOHPaulding County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Paulding 2
24341aOHPike County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Piketon 1
24236aOHPortsmouth Raceway Park dirt oval Portsmouth 113
24299aOHPossum Knob unknown oval 1
24338bOHPowell Motor Speedway dirt oval Powell 3
24338dOHPowell Motor Speedway dirt oval Powell 1
24567aOHPowerline Park dirt off road circuit Saint Clairsville 2
24561aOHPut-In-Bay Airport paved airfield circuit Put-In-Bay 10
24478cOHPutnam County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ottawa 2
24478bOHPutnam County Speed Park dirt oval Ottawa Putnam County Speedway 5
24580aOHPutnam International Trailway dirt oval Pandora 2
24259aOHQueen City Speedway paved oval Westchester Tri-County Speedway 36
24237aOHR&R Speedway dirt oval Zanesville 23
24566aOHRacers Ranch dirt off road circuit Cutler 1
24238aOHRaceway 7 dirt oval Bushnell Ace High Speedway, Speedway 7 98
24300aOHRavenna Fairgrounds dirt oval Ravenna 1
24286aOHRiverside Park dirt oval Elyria 1
24490bOHRiverside Raceway paved oval Proctorville 1
24331aOHRocky Top Raceway dirt oval Coal Grove 18
24377bOHRoss County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Andersonville 2
24572aOHRoute 68 Raceway dirt oval Mount Orab 3
24492aOHRushtown Speedway dirt oval Rushtown 1
24493aOHSaint Clairsville Speedway dirt oval Saint Clairsville Alderman Speedway, Wheels Speedway 4
24495aOHSalt Creek Valley Speedway dirt oval Whisler Pickaway Speedway 1
24239dOHSandusky Speedway dirt oval Sandusky 3
24239aOHSandusky Speedway paved oval Sandusky Sandusky International Speedway 91
24570aOHScenic Lake Raceway dirt off road circuit Glouster 1
24241bOHShady Bowl Speedway mixed figure eight DeGraff 2
24241aOHShady Bowl Speedway paved oval DeGraff Shadybowl Speedway, DeGraff National Speedway 52
24242bOHSharon Speedway dirt oval Hartford Legion Speedway 104
24242cOHSharon Speedway dirt oval Hartford The New Sharon Speedway 111
24242dOHSharon Speedway dirt oval Hartford 2
24242aOHSharon Speedway paved oval Hartford 29
24243bOHSkyline Speedway dirt figure eight Stewart 7
24243aOHSkyline Speedway dirt oval Stewart Athens County Speedway, Bond Speedway 78
24501aOHSmithfield Fairgrounds dirt oval Smithfield 1
24244aOHSouthern Ohio Speedway dirt oval Portsmouth Southern Ohio Raceway 50
24301aOHSportsman's Park dirt oval Bedford 2
24301bOHSportsman's Park paved oval Bedford 1
24302aOHSpringdale Amusement Park dirt oval Cincinnati 1
24245aOHStateline Speedway dirt oval Edon 14
24563aOHSunday Creek Raceway (Short Course) dirt road circuit Millfield 6
24303aOHSwayne Field dirt oval Toledo 1
24539aOHTerry Henricks Chrysler Dodge Jeep paved parking lot oval Archbold 6
24325aOHThunder Valley Cartway dirt oval Athens 1
24304aOHToledo Raceway Park dirt oval Toledo Raceway Park 2
24240aOHToledo SeaGate Centre concrete oval Toledo SeaGate Convention Centre 27
24246cOHToledo Speedway paved figure eight Toledo 28
24246aOHToledo Speedway paved oval Toledo 111
24246bOHToledo Speedway paved oval Toledo 37
24246eOHToledo Speedway paved road circuit Toledo 7
24260aOHToledo Sports Arena concrete oval Toledo 5
24549aOHTopSoil MX dirt off road circuit Fairfield 4
24259bOHTri-County Speedway dirt oval Westchester 17
24285aOHTuscarawas County Fairgrounds dirt oval Dover Dover Speedway 5
24314aOHVan Wert County Fairgrounds dirt oval Van Wert Van Wert Speedway 7
24314bOHVan Wert Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Van Wert 2
24550aOHVC Raceway dirt oval McArthur 3
24261aOHVinton Raceway dirt oval Vinton Vinton Raceway Park 17
24445bOHWarren County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lebanon 5
24565aOHWarrior Raceway dirt off road circuit Vincent 3
24247aOHWashington County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Marietta 1
24247bOHWashington County Fairgrounds dirt oval Marietta Marietta Fairgrounds 4
24248aOHWayne County Speedway dirt oval Orrville Buckeye Speedway 170
24249aOHWaynesfield Raceway Park dirt oval Waynesfield 10
24249bOHWaynesfield Raceway Park dirt oval Waynesfield 92
24305aOHWestwood Ballpark dirt oval Dayton 1
24551aOHWheelersburg Raceway dirt oval Wheelersburg 4
24267aOHWilkesville Raceway dirt oval Wilkesville 6
24306aOHXenia Fairgrounds dirt oval Xenia 1
24231bOHZanesville Speedway dirt oval Dresden 4


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