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33500bPAAce High Speedway dirt figure eight Monroeton 1
33663aPAAcme Speedway dirt oval Acme 9
33605aPAAdventure Park Speedway dirt oval Clearfield 6
33676aPAAl Dietz Memorial Raceway dirt figure eight Kersey Al Dietz Memorial Track, Elk County Fairgrounds 4
33501aPAAlan's Track dirt oval Sugar Hill Alan Speedway 1
33502bPAAllegheny Mountain Raceway dirt off road circuit Lamont 7
33502aPAAllegheny Mountain Raceway dirt oval Lamont 29
33588dPAAllentown Agricultural Hall paved oval Allentown 5
33588aPAAllentown Fairgrounds dirt oval Allentown 27
33677cPAAltoona-Tyrone Speedway paved oval Tipton 1
33662aPAAnthracite Raceway dirt oval Port Carbon 5
33672aPAArmstrong County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Dayton Dayton Fairgrounds 8
33636aPAArmstrong Speedway dirt oval Ford City 3
33587bPABaker Hill Motorsports Speedway dirt off road circuit Columbus 2
33587aPABaker Hill Motorsports Speedway dirt oval Columbus Cornfield 500, Corry Field Car 500 12
33587cPABaker Hill Motorsports Speedway dirt road circuit Columbus 5
33606aPABanana Speedway dirt oval Strodes Mills 14
33658aPABarnett Grand Prix paved street circuit Emporium Emporium Street Fair 4
33504aPABedford Speedway dirt oval Bedford The Fabulous Bedford Speedway, Bedford Fairgrounds 98
33504bPABedford Speedway (Inner) dirt oval Bedford 2
33608aPABerwick-Beach Haven Park Speedway dirt oval Beach Haven 3
33698bPABig Al's Race Track dirt oval Dornsife 10
33698aPABig Al's Race Track dirt road circuit Dornsife 15
33505aPABig Diamond Speedway dirt oval Forrestville Big Diamond Raceway 101
33993aPABig M Raceway dirt oval Middletown 1
33713aPABird-in-Hand Speedway dirt oval Bird-in-Hand Central Speedway 1
33700aPABlairsville Speedway dirt oval Blairsville ARC Speedway, Blairsville Kart Track 9
33688aPABlakeslee Corners Speedway dirt oval Blakeslee Pocono Mountains Sunrise Speedway 1
33506aPABlanket Hill Speedway dirt oval Whitesburg 28
33506bPABlanket Hill Speedway dirt oval Whitesburg 6
33506cPABlanket Hill Speedway paved oval Whitesburg 1
33507bPABloomsburg Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bloomsburg 26
33507aPABloomsburg Fairgrounds dirt oval Bloomsburg 28
33988aPABlue Mountain Speedway dirt oval Berlinsville 8
33616aPABone Stadium paved oval Pittston Bone Field Speedway 2
33508aPABorger's Speedway dirt oval Saylorsburg 45
33508bPABorger's Speedway paved oval Saylorsburg 27
33509bPABradford Speedway dirt figure eight Rew 5
33509cPABradford Speedway dirt off road circuit Rew 1
33509aPABradford Speedway dirt oval Rew The Hill Raceway, New Bradford Speedway 40
34004aPABurlington Motor Park dirt figure eight Towanda 5
33510aPAButler County Farm Show Grounds dirt figure eight Butler Butler Farm Show 17
33618bPAButler Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Prospect 7
33617aPAButler Fairgrounds dirt oval Butler 1
33618aPAButler Speedway dirt oval Prospect 5
33675aPACarbon County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Palmerton 15
33602aPACarbon County Fairgrounds dirt oval Lehighton Lehighton Fairgrounds 13
33675bPACarbon County Fairgrounds dirt oval Palmerton 12
33640aPACedar Hill Speedway dirt oval Gibraltar 3
33512aPACentral Pennsylvania Speedway dirt oval Clearfield Clearfield Speedway, Mount Zion Speedway 55
33512bPACentral Pennsylvania Speedway paved oval Clearfield Clearfield Mountain Speedway 41
33511aPAChallenger Raceway dirt oval Kent 8
33511bPAChallenger Raceway dirt oval Kent 60
33696aPACircle M Speedway dirt oval Auburn Auburn Speedway, Mates Speedway 3
33758aPACity Park Speedway dirt oval DuBois DuBois Driving Range, Gateway Fairgrounds 1
33619aPAClarion Raceway Park dirt oval Clarion 2
33741aPAClearfield County Fairgrounds dirt oval Clearfield 2
33512cPAClearfield Mountain Speedway paved oval Clearfield 1
33513bPAClinton County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Mackeyville Mill Hall Fairgrounds 16
33513aPAClinton County Raceway dirt oval Mackeyville Fairground Speedway at Clinton County, Clinton County Speedway 66
33514aPAClyde Martin Memorial Speedway dirt oval Schaefferstown Lanco Track 54
34003aPACoatsville Street Course paved street circuit Coatsville 1
33585aPAConnellsville Airport paved airfield circuit Dunbar 8
33609aPACove Valley Speedway dirt oval Woodbury 12
33699aPACove View Speedway dirt oval Warfordsburg 13
33641bPACrawford County Fairgrounds dirt oval Meadville 4
33595aPACrossroads unknown oval 1
33515aPADog Hollow Speedway dirt oval Strongstown 52
33978aPADonegal Speedway dirt oval Donegal 1
33589aPADorney Park Speedway paved oval Allentown 47
33589bPADorney Park Speedway paved oval Allentown 1
33596aPADreamland Park unknown oval Pricetown 1
33500aPADunn Hill 2 Speedway dirt oval Monroeton Ace High Speedway, Dunn-Hill Raceway 40
33597aPAEbensburg Speedway dirt oval Ebensburg New Ebensburg Speedway, Cambria County Fair Speedway, American Legion Speedway, Ebensburg Fairgrounds 22
33516aPAEmpty Jug Racing dirt oval Hawley Empty Jug Stock Car Racing 15
33517aPAEriez Speedway dirt oval Hammett 75
33990aPAEvansville Motocross Park dirt figure eight Berwick 13
33990bPAEvansville Motorsports Park dirt off road circuit Berwick 3
33659bPAFairmount Park paved street circuit Philadelphia 7
33518aPAFarmington Speedway dirt oval Farmington Farmington VFD Speedway 17
33519aPAFayette County Fairgrounds dirt oval Dunbar 11
33567aPAFayette County Four Wheelers dirt off road circuit Brotherton Fayette County 4x4 Club 4
33660aPAFlat Run Speedway dirt oval Allport 7
33768aPAFlying Dutchman Speedway dirt oval Lebanon 1
33603aPAFredericksburg Stadium dirt oval Fredericksburg Fredericksburg Stadium Speedway 11
33520aPAGamblers Raceway Park dirt oval Clearfield Hidden Valley Speedway 43
33772aPAGarden Spot Airport dirt oval Donnerville 1
33521aPAGettysburg Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Gettysburg 6
33522bPAGrandview Speedway dirt off road circuit Bechtelsville 7
33522aPAGrandview Speedway dirt oval Bechtelsville Grandview Hi Speedway 158
33523bPAGratz Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Gratz 23
33523aPAGratz Fairgrounds dirt oval Gratz 2
33649aPAGreater Pittsburgh Speedway paved oval Clinton 2
33610aPAGreenwood Raceway dirt oval Seven Stars Greenwood Speedway, Lil Greenwood, Greenwood Kart Track 17
33525bPAGreenwood Valley Action Track dirt figure eight Greenwood 8
33525aPAGreenwood Valley Action Tracks dirt oval Greenwood Greenwood Valley Action Track 42
34005aPAHafer's Farm (Hayfield 125) dirt oval Conneaut Lake 7
33526aPAHamlin Speedway dirt oval Hamlin 21
33526bPAHamlin Speedway dirt oval Hamlin 37
33598aPAHatfield Speedway dirt oval Hatfield Hatfield Hi-Speedway 17
33598dPAHatfield Speedway dirt oval Hatfield 2
33598bPAHatfield Speedway paved oval Hatfield 3
33590cPAHeidelberg Raceway dirt oval Carnegie 14
33590ePAHeidelberg Raceway paved figure eight Carnegie 2
33590aPAHeidelberg Raceway paved oval Carnegie 20
33611aPAHerb Harvey Speedway dirt oval Lemon Harvey Speedway 3
33591aPAHershey Stadium paved oval Hershey 25
33527aPAHesston Speedway dirt oval Hesston 55
33583aPAHickory Speedway paved oval New Castle Old Hickory Speedway 21
33528aPAHill Valley Speedway dirt oval Orbisonia 44
33642aPAHoneybrook Raceway paved oval Honey Brook Doylestown Quarter Midget Racing Club 10
33970aPAHookstown Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hookstown 9
33694aPAHornets Nest Speedway dirt oval Alexandria 1
33651aPAHull Hill Speedway dirt oval Youngsville 2
33529aPAHummingbird Speedway dirt oval Falls Creek Falls Creek Speedway 41
33661aPAHunter Hill Raceway dirt oval Laurelville 5
33644aPAHunterstown Speedway dirt oval Hunterstown 25
33995bPAHurricane Hills Sports Center (MX Course) dirt off road circuit Clifford 3
33995aPAHurricane Hills Sports Center (XC Course) dirt off road circuit Clifford 4
33697aPAIrvona Firemen's Raceway dirt off road circuit Irvona 6
33697bPAIrvona Firemen's Raceway dirt oval Irvona 6
33982aPAJacktown Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Wind Ridge 4
34001aPAJefferson County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Brookville 8
33530aPAJennerstown Speedway dirt oval Jennerstown 40
33530dPAJennerstown Speedway paved figure eight Jennerstown 6
33530bPAJennerstown Speedway paved oval Jennerstown 60
33530cPAJennerstown Speedway paved oval Jennerstown 7
33621aPAJFK Stadium paved oval Philadelphia Philadelphia Municipal Stadium 9
33531aPAKane Off Road Course dirt off road circuit Kane 4
33979aPAKarTrak dirt oval Albion 1
33622aPAKent Field dirt oval Clifton Heights Tyrone Speedway 1
33977aPAKeystone State Quarter Midget Racing Club dirt oval Schnecksville 9
33986aPAKingsdale VFD Motor-Sports Arena (Outer) dirt oval Littlestown 11
33989aPAKovatch Ford paved parking lot circuit Nesquehoning 14
33573bPAKutztown Speedway dirt oval Kutztown Kutztown Fairgrounds 1
33532bPALake Erie Speedway paved figure eight North East 26
33532aPALake Erie Speedway paved oval North East 50
33532dPALake Erie Speedway (Inner) paved oval North East 3
33533aPALake Moc-A-Tek Speedway dirt oval Lakeville Lakeville Speedway, Lakeville Pocono Speedway, Moc-A-Tek Speedway, Moc-A-Tec Speedway, Paupack Speedway 50
33592bPALanghorne Speedway dirt oval Langhorne New Philadelphia Speedway 32
33592aPALanghorne Speedway paved oval Langhorne Langhorne International Speedway 32
33623aPALatimore Valley Fairgrounds dirt oval York Springs 12
33534aPALatrobe Speedway dirt oval Latrobe Schmuckers Speedway 35
33815aPALauer's Park dirt oval Reading 1
33626bPALawrence County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight New Castle 10
33626cPALawrence County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight New Castle 1
33817aPALebanon Fairgrounds dirt oval Lebanon 1
33557gPALehigh Valley Quarter Midget Racing Club dirt oval Long Pond 1
33991aPALehigh Valley Quarter Midget Speedway dirt oval Kuhnsville 4
33535cPALernerville Speedway dirt figure eight Sarver 9
33535dPALernerville Speedway dirt off road circuit Sarver 7
33535aPALernerville Speedway dirt oval Sarver 152
33821aPALewistown Fairgrounds dirt oval Lewistown 1
33536aPALiberty Race Track dirt oval Liberty 6
33992aPALince Mountain 4 Wheelerss Race Course (Short Course) dirt off road circuit Dornsife 3
33537aPALincoln Speedway dirt oval Abbottstown 174
33538aPALinda's Speedway dirt oval Jonestown Interstate Speedway 64
33538bPALinda's Speedway dirt oval Jonestown 7
33538cPALinda's Speedway dirt oval Jonestown 5
33538dPALinda's Speedway dirt road circuit Jonestown 13
33992bPALine Mountain Racetrack (Long Course) dirt off road circuit Dornsife 4
33505bPALittle Diamond (Big Diamond Inner) Speedway dirt oval Forrestville 16
33973aPALouis J. Tullio Arena concrete oval Erie 5
33539bPALycoming County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Hughesville 19
33539aPALycoming County Speedway dirt oval Hughesville Hughesville Fairgrounds 2
33634aPAMahanoy City Speedway dirt oval Mahanoy City Mahanoy Township Speedway, Township Stadium Speedway, Mahanoy Stadium 2
33540aPAMahoning Valley Speedway paved oval Lehighton Mahoning Valley Yellow Jacket Speedway 73
33541bPAMarion Center Speedway dirt figure eight Marion Center 5
33541aPAMarion Center Speedway dirt oval Marion Center 42
33599aPAMarsh Creek Speedway paved oval Glenmoore Marsh Creek Grand Prix 29
33624aPAMason-Dixon Speedway dirt oval Sylmar 1
33624bPAMason-Dixon Speedway dirt oval Sylmar 1
33607aPAMcCormack's Park dirt parking lot oval Ashley 1
33542bPAMcKean County Fairgrounds dirt oval East Smethport 1
33542aPAMcKean County Raceway dirt oval East Smethport McKean County Fair Raceway, McKean County Fairgrounds Raceway 56
33543aPAMercer Raceway Park dirt oval Mercer Michaels Mercer Speedway, Mercer Raceway 97
33987aPAMiddle Road Speedway dirt oval Lewistown 3
33984aPAMifflintown Airport paved airfield oval Mifflintown 8
33524aPAMotor Sport Speedway dirt oval Sugar Grove 4
33544aPAMotordrome 70 Speedway dirt oval Smithton 38
33544dPAMotordrome 70 Speedway dirt road circuit Smithton 1
33845aPAMotordrome Speedway dirt oval Ruffsdale 1
33544bPAMotordrome Speedway paved oval Smithton 49
33544cPAMotordrome Speedway paved oval Smithton 8
33545aPAMountain Speedway paved oval Saint Johns Sundance Vacations Speedway, Pocono Mountain Speedway, Evergreen Speedpark, Evergreen Speedway, New Evergreen Speedway, Evergreen Raceway, Evergreen Park Speedway 68
33546bPAMuddy Run dirt off road circuit Smoke Run 5
33546aPAMuddy Run Raceway dirt oval Smoke Run 16
33625aPANational Speedway paved oval Philadelphia Philadelphia Garden Bowl, Huntington Gardens, National League Ball Park, Baker Bowl 2
33612aPANaugle Speedway dirt oval Coraopolis 9
33547bPANazareth National Motor Speedway dirt oval Nazareth Nazareth National Speedway 58
33548aPANazareth Raceway dirt oval Nazareth Nazareth Speedway 73
33548bPANazareth Raceway paved figure eight Nazareth 17
33547aPANazareth Speedway paved oval Nazareth Pennsylvania International Raceway 98
33547cPANazareth Speedway paved road circuit Nazareth Pennsylvania International Raceway 6
33626aPANew Castle Fairgrounds dirt oval New Castle 3
33583bPANew Castle's Hickory Speedway dirt oval New Castle Hickory Motor Speedway, Tri-State Speedway 41
33628aPANew Kensington Fairgrounds dirt oval New Kensington 1
33613bPANorth Hills Raceway dirt figure eight Mount Nebo Church 4
33613aPANorth Hills Raceway dirt oval Mount Nebo Church North Hills Motorsports Park, North Hills Motorsports Speedway, Green Valley Speedway, Evergreen Speedway 11
33668aPANortheast Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Dupont 21
33645aPAOaklane Speedway paved oval Trumbauersville 16
33646bPAOreville Kart Club paved oval Oreville 25
33646aPAOreville Raceway paved road circuit Oreville 18
33586aPAOutlaws' Speedway paved oval Somerset 6
33549aPAPagoda Motorcycle Club Speedway dirt oval Birdsboro Pagoda Speedway 32
33549bPAPagoda Motorcycle Speedway (Outer) dirt oval Birdsboro 1
33550aPAPath Valley Speedway Park dirt oval Spring Run Path Valley Speedway, Corderman's Path Valley Speedway 93
34000aPAPatsky Hillman Park dirt off road circuit Brownsvill 2
33551aPAPenn Can Speedway dirt oval Susquehanna Penn-Can Speedway, Susquehanna Speedway 72
33593aPAPenn National Speedway dirt oval Grantville Penn National Race Course 86
33552aPAPenns Creek Raceway Park dirt oval Penns Creek Penns Creek Raceway 14
33553bPAPennsylvania Farm Show Arena concrete oval Harrisburg Harrisburg Farm Show Arena 4
33553aPAPennsylvania Farm Show Arena dirt oval Harrisburg Harrisburg Farm Show Arena 38
33553cPAPennsylvania Farm Show Northeast Building concrete oval Harrisburg Northeast Building, Harrisburg Farm Show 19
33600aPAPhiladelphia Civic Center concrete oval Philadelphia 21
33647aPAPhiladelphia Park paved parking lot oval Bensalem 4
33985aPAPhoenixville Raceway (2nd Avenue) dirt oval Phoenixville 1
33667aPAPhoenixville Raceway (Behind Moose Lodge) dirt oval Phoenixville Montgomery County Quarter Midget Racing Club 7
33867aPAPhoenixville Raceway (South of Town) dirt oval Phoenixville 3
33554aPAPike County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Bushkill Bushkill Fairgrounds 9
33648aPAPine Hill Speedway dirt oval Shippenville 5
33868aPAPine Valley Speedway dirt oval Punxsutawney 1
33503bPAPitts. Int. RC (Wilson Circuit Tri-Oval) paved oval Wampum BeaveRun Motorsports Complex 5
33503cPAPittsburgh Int. Race Complex (Full Circuit) paved road circuit Wampum 8
33503aPAPittsburgh Int. Race Complex (North Track) paved road circuit Wampum North Track 23
33556bPAPittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway dirt figure eight Imperial 16
33556aPAPittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway dirt oval Imperial Pennsylvania Motor Speedway 94
34006aPAPittsfield Karting dirt oval Pittsfield 2
33557dPAPocono Raceway (Club Circuit: North Course) paved road circuit Long Pond Pocono International Raceway 12
33557lPAPocono Raceway (Club Circuit: North/South Course) paved road circuit Long Pond 2
33557fPAPocono Raceway (Club Circuit: South Course) paved road circuit Long Pond 1
33557jPAPocono Raceway (Club Circuit: South-East Course) paved road circuit Long Pond 4
33557cPAPocono Raceway (Full Course) paved road circuit Long Pond Pocono International Raceway 28
33557kPAPocono Raceway (Rallycross Course) mixed road circuit Long Pond 10
33557aPAPocono Raceway (Short Track) paved oval Long Pond 55
33557hPAPocono Raceway (Slingshot Road Course) paved road circuit Long Pond 1
33557bPAPocono Raceway (Superspeedway) paved oval Long Pond Pocono International Raceway 110
33557mPAPocono Raceway (TQ Midget Track) paved oval Long Pond 12
33558aPAPort Royal Speedway dirt oval Port Royal Z&O Speedway 155
33665aPAPotosky Motor Sports dirt oval Blooming Valley Cornfield 500 7
33687aPAPottsville Fairgrounds dirt oval Cressona 2
33998aPAPPL Center concrete oval Allentown 38
33664aPAQuakertown Fairgrounds dirt oval Quakertown 1
33983aPARace 1 Motorsports Park dirt oval DuBois 7
33629aPAReading dirt oval Reading 1
33693aPAReading Airport paved airfield circuit Reading 1
33669aPAReading Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Leinbachs New Reading Fairgrounds 22
33594aPAReading Fairgrounds dirt oval Reading Reading Fairgrounds Speedway 72
33669bPAReading Fairgrounds dirt oval Leinbachs Reading Fair Raceway 26
33996aPARed Rock Raceways dirt oval Pavia 12
33560aPARedline Speedway dirt oval Granville Summit Redline Raceway, Summit Speedway, Endless Mountains Speedway, Granville Speedway 32
33690aPAReeders Speedway frozen oval Reeders 1
33561aPARoaring Knob Motorsports Complex dirt oval Markleysburg Roaring Knob Raceway Park 58
33971aPARolling W Ranch dirt off road circuit West Sunbury 14
33630aPASaint Mary's Stadium dirt oval Philadelphia 1
33900aPASaint Thomas Speedway dirt oval Saint Thomas Chambersburg-St. Thomas Speedway 1
33604aPASanatoga Speedway paved oval Sanatoga Sanatoga Park Speedway 7
33555aPASchenley Park paved street circuit Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 18
33643aPASchuylkill Valley Mall paved parking lot oval Frackville 5
33562bPASelinsgrove Raceway Park dirt oval Selinsgrove 31
33562aPASelinsgrove Speedway dirt oval Selinsgrove Snyder's Fairgrounds 155
33563aPAShellhammer's Speedway dirt oval Leesport Berks Micro Racing Club Speedway, Shellhammer's Farm Speedway 39
33564bPAShippensburg Speedway dirt figure eight Shippensburg 3
33564aPAShippensburg Speedway dirt oval Shippensburg Cumberland Valley Speedway 43
33631bPASilver Speedway dirt oval Erie 1
33631aPASilver Speedway dirt oval Erie Erie Expo Grounds 1
33565aPASilver Spring Speedway dirt oval Mechanicsburg Silver Springs Speedway 89
33691aPASinking Spring Speedway dirt oval Sinking Spring 1
33652aPASkyline Speedway dirt oval Sugar Grove 1
33653aPASlippery Rock Raceway dirt oval Slippery Rock 8
33701aPASmithton Raceway dirt off road circuit Smithton Smithton Hole 5
33701bPASmithton Raceway dirt oval Smithton Smithton Hole 6
33997aPASnow Shoe Mud Track dirt off road oval Clarence 6
33566bPASnydersville dirt oval Snydersville 1
33566aPASnydersville Raceway dirt oval Snydersville Snydersville Speedway, Pocono Rough Riders Arena 36
33568bPASomerset County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Meyersdale 6
33568aPASomerset County Speedway dirt oval Meyersdale 13
33912aPASouth Park Speedway dirt oval Piney Fork 1
33913aPASouth Penn Speedway dirt oval Everett Everett Speedway, Gayland Speedway 1
33632aPASportsman's Field dirt oval Erie Erie Speedway 2
33569aPASportsman's Speedway dirt oval Elk City 63
33572bPASSP Outback Track dirt oval Newberrytown The Outback Track at Susquehanna Speedway Park 14
33654aPAStation Square paved parking lot oval Pittsburgh 4
33570aPASteel City Raceway dirt off road circuit Delmont 4
33980aPAStony Point dirt oval Stony Point 1
33571aPAStonybrook Speedway dirt oval Stoystown Stony Brook Speedway Park, Stony Brook Speedway, Stony Brook Raceway 10
33633aPAStroudsburg Speedway dirt oval East Stroudsburg New Stroudsburg Speedway, Delaware Valley Speedway 3
33994aPASullivan County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Forksville 5
33678aPASummit Raceway dirt oval Keating Summit 4
33572cPASusquehanna Speedway Park dirt figure eight Newberrytown 11
33572aPASusquehanna Speedway Park dirt oval Newberrytown Susquehanna Speedway, New Susquehanna Speedway, Midway Speedway, Airport Speedway 134
33614aPASycamore Speedway dirt oval Sycamore Springs 1
33584aPASykesville Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Sykesville Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair 14
33573aPAThe Fairgrounds at Kutztown Speedway dirt oval Kutztown The Fairgrounds at Kutztown 69
33655aPAThree Point Raceway dirt oval Wrightsville 1
33671aPAThunder Mountain Speedway dirt oval Knox Dale 43
33574aPAThunder Valley Raceway dirt oval Central City 44
33574bPAThunder Valley Raceway dirt oval Central City 2
33674aPATioga County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Whitneyville 11
33575bPATrail-Way Speedway dirt figure eight McSherrystown 33
33575aPATrail-Way Speedway dirt oval McSherrystown 79
33575dPATrail-Way Speedway dirt road circuit McSherrystown 18
33575ePATrail-Way Speedway (Infield Inner) dirt oval McSherrystown 1
33575cPATrail-Way Speedway (Turns 1-2 Inner) dirt oval McSherrystown 23
33576aPATri-City Speedway dirt oval Dempseytown Franklin Speedway 100
33635aPATurnpike Speedway dirt oval East McKeesport 1
33938aPAUniontown Speedway wood oval Hopwood 1
34002aPAWarren County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Pittsfield 5
33656bPAWarren Sports Speedway dirt oval Warren 2
33656aPAWarren Sports Speedway dirt oval Warren 1
33999aPAWarrior Trail dirt off road circuit Greensboro 2
33578aPAWashington County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Washington 1
33578bPAWashington Raceway dirt oval Washington Meadows Race Track, Arden Downs Speedway 1
33657bPAWattsburg Fairgrounds unknown figure eight Wattsburg 1
33657aPAWattsburg Speedway dirt oval Wattsburg Wattsburg Fairgrounds 2
33620aPAWayne County Fairgrounds dirt oval Honesdale 1
33601bPAWest End Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Gilbert 9
33601aPAWest End Fairgrounds dirt oval Gilbert 28
33601cPAWest End Quarter Midget Racing Association dirt oval Gilbert 4
33689aPAWest End Speedway dirt oval Gilbert Gilbert Speedway 1
33579bPAWestmoreland Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Norvelt Westmoreland County Fairgrounds 9
33579aPAWestmoreland Fairgrounds dirt oval Norvelt 2
33580aPAWilliams Grove Speedway dirt oval Williams Grove Williams Grove Park & Speedway, Ascot of the East, National Grange Fair & Picnic Grounds 185
33637aPAWilson Stadium dirt oval Peckville Peckville Speedway 2
33581aPAWindber Speedway dirt oval Windber Windber Stadium 30
33650aPAWindham Speedway dirt oval Windham 2
33582aPAWoodland Raceway dirt oval Woodland BJW Fire Company 7
33692aPAWyalusing Valley Motorsports Park dirt oval Wyalusing 27
33976cPAWyoming County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Meshoppen 7
33976aPAWyoming County Fairgrounds dirt oval Meshoppen 7
33976bPAWyoming County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Meshoppen 7
33592cPAYellow Jacket Speedway dirt oval Langhorne Langhorne Short Track 1
33638aPAYellow Jacket Speedway dirt oval Philadelphia 2
33638bPAYellow Jacket Speedway paved oval Philadelphia 2
33639aPAYellow Jacket Stadium dirt oval Philadelphia Yellow Jacket Speedway, Yellow Jacket Field, Trojan Field 2
33615aPAYork Fairgrounds dirt oval York 8
33615bPAYork Fairgrounds (East Arena) concrete oval York 9


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