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09500aTX105 Speedway dirt oval Cleveland Dundee Motor Speedway, Millican Motor Speedway 20
09502aTX281 Speedway dirt oval Stephenville Stepehenville 281 Speedway 8
09503bTX85 Speedway dirt figure eight Ennis 1
09503aTX85 Speedway dirt oval Ennis 13
09504aTXAbilene Regional Airport paved airfield circuit Abilene Abilene Municipal Airport 1
09505aTXAbilene Speedway dirt oval Abilene Abilene Speedbowl, Big Country Speedway, Armadillo Competition Speedway 14
09657aTXAddison Airport paved airfield circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 2
09574aTXAirport Speedway paved oval Amarillo Southwest Speedway 1
09563aTXAlamo Speedway dirt oval Seguin San Antonio Midget Speedway, Seguin Highway Track 1
09506aTXAmarillo Modified Midget Raceway dirt oval Amarillo Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway, Viper Speedway 2
09591aTXArlington Downs Raceway dirt oval Arlington 1
09608bTXArrowhead Park Speedway dirt oval Houston 1
09561aTXAstrodome dirt oval Houston 12
09507aTXBattleground Speedway dirt oval Highlands Highlands Motorspeedway 77
09564aTXBellaire Speedway dirt oval Bellaire 1
09508aTXBonner's Bellmead Speedway dirt oval Bellmead Bellmead Speedway, Waco-Bellmead Raceway, Texas All Star Speedway, Longhorn Speedway 4
09509aTXBoyd Raceway dirt oval Boyd Boyd's Raceway 18
09839aTXBuffalo Creek Speedway dirt oval Edgewood 3
09573aTXBuffalo Park Speedway dirt oval Carrollton 13
09565aTXBuffalo Stadium dirt oval Houston 1
09511aTXCC Speedway paved oval Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Speedway, Corpus Christi Motor Speedway, Crash Carlock Speedway, GO Center Speedway, CC Performance Center 4
09532aTXChampion Motor Speedway dirt oval Odessa Basin Raceway Park, Petro-Plex Raceway, Midessa Speedway, Permian Basin Speedway, Wonderland Speedway 3
09833bTXCircuit of the Americas mixed off road circuit Austin 3
09833aTXCircuit of the Americas (Grand Prix Circut) paved road circuit Austin 41
09833cTXCircuit of the Americas (National Circuit) paved road circuit Austin 1
09844aTXColes Fun Pit dirt off road circuit Columbus 1
09575aTXCorpus Christi dirt oval Corpus Christi 1
09837aTXCotton Bowl Speedway dirt oval Paige 37
09512aTXCowtown Speedway dirt oval Kennedale 35
09512cTXCowtown Speedway dirt oval Kennedale 3
09659bTXDallas International Motor Raceway paved road circuit Lewisville 1
09513aTXDevil's Bowl Speedway dirt oval Mesquite 125
09582aTXDirt Track Speedway unknown track Abilene 1
09656aTXEagles Canyon Raceway paved road circuit Slidell 5
09845aTXEast Texas Speedway dirt oval Petty 2
09566aTXEl Paso Rodeo Grounds dirt oval El Paso 1
09515aTXEl Paso Speedway Park dirt oval El Paso 52
09570hTXFair Park mixed off road circuit Dallas 2
09570eTXFair Park paved road circuit Dallas Dallas Grand Prix Circuit 7
09570fTXFair Park paved road circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 3
09570dTXFair Park Speedway dirt oval Dallas Texas State Expo 2
09577aTXFort Worth unknown track Fort Worth 1
09578aTXGalveston unknown track Galveston 1
09516aTXGator Motorplex dirt oval Willis Gator Speedway 35
09547aTXGolden Triangle Raceway Park dirt oval Beaumont Motorama Speedway, Speedway 90, Golden Triangle Motor Speedway, Golden Triangle Speedway, Beaumont Tri-Plex 39
09536aTXGrand Prairie Speedway dirt oval Grand Prairie Outlaw Speedway, DFW Speedway 10
09517aTXGrand Prix of Houston paved street circuit Houston Texaco Grand Prix of Houston 6
09567aTXGravy Bowl dirt oval San Antonio 1
09518aTXGrayson County Speedway dirt oval Bells 17
09689aTXGreen Valley Raceway paved road circuit North Richland Hills 6
09519aTXGulf Coast Speedway dirt oval Alvin 3
09832aTXHarris Hill Road paved road circuit San Marcos H2R 2
09521aTXHeart O'Texas Speedway dirt oval Waco 26
09701aTXHeart O'Texas Speedway dirt oval Waco 4
09507bTXHighlands Motorspeedway dirt oval Highlands Battleground Speedway 1
09523aTXHot Rod Hill Motor Park dirt oval Bryan 6
09579aTXHouston unknown track Houston 1
09838aTXHouston Downtown Street Circuit paved street circuit Houston 1
09525aTXHouston Motorsports Park paved oval Houston Houston Motor Speedway, Houston Speedway 18
09524aTXHouston Raceway Park dirt oval Baytown 63
09571aTXHouston Speed Bowl dirt oval Houston Speed Bowl, Houston Speedway 4
09525bTXHouston Speedway dirt oval Houston Big H Speedway, Texas National Speedway 35
09711aTXHub City Speedway dirt oval Lubbock 1
09527aTXI-37 Raceway dirt oval Pleasanton I-37 Speedway 5
09527bTXI-37 Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Pleasanton 1
09561cTXJAGFlo Speedway at Reliant Park paved parking lot circuit Houston Grand Prix of Houston 13
09835aTXJet Speedway dirt oval Victoria 3
09594aTXJS Bridwell Agricultural Center dirt oval Wichita Falls 3
09842aTXKAM Kartway dirt oval Rhome 3
09528aTXKennedale Speedway Park dirt oval Kennedale Kennedale Motor Speedway 25
09528bTXKennedale Speedway Park (Inner) dirt oval Kennedale 1
09843aTXL87 Speedway dirt oval Bishop 2
09526aTXLady Luck Speedway dirt oval Lubbock Tech Motor Speedway, West Texas Speedway, I-27 Speedworld, Lubbock Speedway, Arena Park Speedway 19
09552jTXLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Rally Cross Course) paved road circuit Justin 2
09552hTXLil' Texas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin Texas Motor Speedway 5
09529aTXLonestar Speedway dirt oval Kilgore East Texas Motor Speedway, Lone Star Speedway, Lone Star Motor Speedway 95
09530aTXLonghorn Speedway paved oval Austin Austin Speed-O-Rama, Paramount Austin Speedway 3
09569aTXLoop Speedway dirt oval Waco 1
09531aTXLubbock Motor Speedway dirt oval Lubbock Hub City Speedway 30
09593aTXMeyer Speedway paved oval Houston Joseph F. Meyer Speedway 9
09533aTXMotorSport Ranch paved road circuit Cresson 3
09540aTXMSR Houston paved road circuit Angleton MotorSport Ranch Houston, Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land Road Course 2
09836aTXNorth Houston Speedway dirt oval Houston 1
09534aTXNorth Texas Motor Speedway dirt oval Royse City 32
09570bTXPan American Grounds unknown oval Dallas Livestock Arena 1
09757aTXPan American Speedway dirt oval San Antonio 1
09758aTXPan American Speedway paved oval San Antonio 1
09537aTXParis Motor Speedway dirt oval Blossom 16
09763aTXPlayland Park dirt oval Houston Lavely's Playland Park 1
09590aTXRattlesnake Raceway paved road circuit Midland 1
09538bTXRed River Speedway dirt oval Iowa Park 14
09538aTXRed River Speedway paved oval Iowa Park Wichita Speedway, Pleasant Valley Speedway 5
09658aTXReunion Arena paved street circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 2
09539aTXRio Grande Speedway dirt oval McAllen 2
09542aTXRoute 66 Motor Speedway dirt oval Amarillo 26
09828aTXRPM Speedway of Texas dirt oval Crandall 19
09501aTXSan Angelo Speedway dirt oval San Angelo Rolling Thunder Speedway, 2105 Speedway, Road Runner Speedway, San Angelo Texas Speedway, Race City USA, Rolling Thunder Raceway, Angelo Speedway 2
09543aTXSan Antonio Speedway paved oval San Antonio San Antonio International Speedway, San Antonio Raceway, River City Raceway, Hi-Way 16 Raceway, Highway 16 Raceway 6
09576aTXSan Antonio Street Circuit paved street circuit San Antonio San Antonio Grand Prix 9
09544aTXShady Oaks Speedway dirt oval Goliad 9
09545aTXSilsbee Speedway dirt oval Silsbee Eagle Speedway 3
09546aTXSouth Texas Speedway dirt oval Corpus Christi Saratoga Speedway 15
09586aTXSpeedarama dirt oval Lufkin Speedarama Raceway 9
09514aTXSpeedbowl Valley Raceway dirt oval Amarillo Dirt Track Speedway, Amarillo Speedway, Amarillo Speedbowl 9
09794aTXSportsdrome Speedrome dirt oval Grand Prairie 4
09548aTXSuper Bowl Speedway dirt oval Greenville Superbowl Speedway, Fast-Track Speedway, Super Bowl of Greenville 15
09549aTXTatum Raceway Park dirt oval Henderson East Texas Speedway 1
09550aTXTexana Raceway Park dirt oval Edna Texana Raceway 3
09808aTXTexarkana Speedbowl dirt oval Leary 1
09541aTXTexas DIRT Motorplex dirt oval Winona Rosebowl Raceway, Rosebowl Speedway, Interstate Raceway, Jack Rabbit Speedway 3
09551aTXTexas Dirt Speedway dirt oval San Antonio 7
09552aTXTexas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin 71
09552bTXTexas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin 10
09552eTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 12
09552fTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 1
09552cTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 2
09552kTXTexas Motor Speedway (Lil Texas) dirt oval Justin 3
09552iTXTexas Motor Speedway Dirt Track dirt off road circuit Justin 2
09552gTXTexas Motor Speedway Dirt Track dirt oval Justin Texas Motor Speedway 79
09553aTXTexas Thunder Speedway dirt oval Alvin Texas Motor Speedway, Triple C Raceway 1
09554aTXTexas Thunder Speedway dirt oval Killeen Cen-Tex Speedway, Central Texas Speedway, Stars & Stripes Speedway 8
09555eTXTexas World Speedway paved oval College Station Texas International Speedway 30
09555dTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station Texas International Speedway 7
09555aTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station 9
09555bTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station 2
09587aTXTexoma Motor Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls 3
09587bTXTexoma Motor Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls 1
09841aTXTexplex Motorsports Park dirt off road circuit Midlothian 4
09556aTXThunder Hill Raceway paved oval Kyle 9
09560aTXThunder Hill Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls Texhoma Speedway, Wichita Falls Speedway, Speed Drome of Wichita Falls, Colonel C's Speedrome 10
09557aTXThunder Mountain Speedway dirt oval Rusk Thunder Mountain Motorplex 5
09562aTXThunder Road Speedway dirt oval Navasota Navasota Speedway, Moody Clary Speedway 2
09558aTXThunderbird Speedway dirt oval Crandall 3
09834aTXTimberline Speedway dirt oval Corley 12
09568aTXTrellis Court Speedway dirt oval Waco Lakeshore Speedway, Franklin Street Speedway 1
09588aTXTri-State Speedway dirt oval Amarillo 2
09559aTXTwin Cities Speedway paved oval Odessa 1
09816aTXVictoria dirt oval Victoria 1
09580aTXWaco unknown track Waco 1
09581aTXWichita Falls unknown track Wichita Falls 1
09572aTXWill Rogers Auditorium unknown oval Fort Worth 2
09840aTXWinnsboro Speedway dirt oval Winnsboro 1


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