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09500aTX105 Speedway dirt oval Cleveland Dundee Motor Speedway, Millican Motor Speedway 11
09502aTX281 Speedway dirt oval Stephenville Stepehenville 281 Speedway 7
09503bTX85 Speedway dirt figure eight Ennis 1
09503aTX85 Speedway dirt oval Ennis 9
09504aTXAbilene Regional Airport paved airfield circuit Abilene Abilene Municipal Airport 1
09505aTXAbilene Speedway dirt oval Abilene Abilene Speedbowl, Big Country Speedway, Armadillo Competition Speedway 8
09657aTXAddison Airport paved airfield circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 1
09574aTXAirport Speedway paved oval Amarillo Southwest Speedway 1
09563aTXAlamo Speedway dirt oval Seguin San Antonio Midget Speedway, Seguin Highway Track 1
09506aTXAmarillo Modified Midget Raceway dirt oval Amarillo Amarillo Micro Midget Raceway, Viper Speedway 2
09608bTXArrowhead Park Speedway dirt oval Houston 1
09561aTXAstrodome dirt oval Houston 9
09507aTXBattleground Speedway dirt oval Highlands Highlands Motorspeedway 56
09564aTXBellaire Speedway dirt oval Bellaire 1
09508aTXBonner's Bellmead Speedway dirt oval Bellmead Bellmead Speedway, Waco-Bellmead Raceway, Texas All Star Speedway, Longhorn Speedway 4
09509aTXBoyd Raceway dirt oval Boyd Boyd's Raceway 10
09573aTXBuffalo Park Speedway dirt oval Carrollton 12
09565aTXBuffalo Stadium dirt oval Houston 1
09511aTXCC Speedway paved oval Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Speedway, Corpus Christi Motor Speedway, Crash Carlock Speedway, GO Center Speedway, CC Performance Center 4
09532aTXChampion Motor Speedway dirt oval Odessa Basin Raceway Park, Petro-Plex Raceway, Midessa Speedway, Permian Basin Speedway, Wonderland Speedway 3
09833bTXCircuit of the Americas mixed off road circuit Austin 2
09833aTXCircuit of the Americas paved road circuit Austin 15
09575aTXCorpus Christi dirt oval Corpus Christi 1
09837aTXCotton Bowl Speedway dirt oval Paige 22
09512aTXCowtown Speedway dirt oval Kennedale 24
09512cTXCowtown Speedway dirt oval Kennedale 3
09513aTXDevil's Bowl Speedway dirt oval Mesquite 94
09582aTXDirt Track Speedway unknown track Abilene 1
09656aTXEagles Canyon Raceway paved road circuit Slidell 3
09566aTXEl Paso Rodeo Grounds dirt oval El Paso 1
09515aTXEl Paso Speedway Park dirt oval El Paso 39
09570hTXFair Park mixed off road circuit Dallas 1
09570eTXFair Park paved road circuit Dallas Dallas Grand Prix Circuit 7
09570fTXFair Park paved road circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 1
09570dTXFair Park Speedway dirt oval Dallas Texas State Expo 1
09577aTXFort Worth unknown track Fort Worth 1
09578aTXGalveston unknown track Galveston 1
09516aTXGator Motorplex dirt oval Willis Gator Speedway 27
09547aTXGolden Triangle Raceway Park dirt oval Beaumont Motorama Speedway, Speedway 90, Golden Triangle Motor Speedway, Golden Triangle Speedway, Beaumont Tri-Plex 25
09536aTXGrand Prairie Speedway dirt oval Grand Prairie Outlaw Speedway, DFW Speedway 7
09517aTXGrand Prix of Houston paved street circuit Houston Texaco Grand Prix of Houston 6
09567aTXGravy Bowl dirt oval San Antonio 1
09518aTXGrayson County Speedway dirt oval Bells 9
09689aTXGreen Valley Raceway paved road circuit North Richland Hills 4
09519aTXGulf Coast Speedway dirt oval Alvin 1
09521aTXHeart O'Texas Speedway dirt oval Waco 16
09701aTXHeart O'Texas Speedway dirt oval Waco 2
09507bTXHighlands Motorspeedway dirt oval Highlands Battleground Speedway 1
09523aTXHot Rod Hill Motor Park dirt oval Bryan 6
09579aTXHouston unknown track Houston 1
09838aTXHouston Downtown Street Circuit paved street circuit Houston 1
09525aTXHouston Motorsports Park paved oval Houston Houston Motor Speedway, Houston Speedway 16
09524aTXHouston Raceway Park dirt oval Baytown 49
09571aTXHouston Speed Bowl dirt oval Houston Speed Bowl, Houston Speedway 3
09525bTXHouston Speedway dirt oval Houston Big H Speedway, Texas National Speedway 31
09711aTXHub City Speedway dirt oval Lubbock 1
09527aTXI-37 Raceway dirt oval Pleasanton I-37 Speedway 3
09527bTXI-37 Raceway (Inner) dirt oval Pleasanton 1
09561cTXJAGFlo Speedway at Reliant Park paved parking lot circuit Houston Grand Prix of Houston 10
09594aTXJS Bridwell Agricultural Center dirt oval Wichita Falls 2
09528aTXKennedale Speedway Park dirt oval Kennedale Kennedale Motor Speedway 15
09526aTXLady Luck Speedway dirt oval Lubbock Tech Motor Speedway, West Texas Speedway, I-27 Speedworld, Lubbock Speedway, Arena Park Speedway 10
09552hTXLil' Texas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin Texas Motor Speedway 4
09529aTXLonestar Speedway dirt oval Kilgore East Texas Motor Speedway, Lone Star Speedway, Lone Star Motor Speedway 61
09530aTXLonghorn Speedway paved oval Austin Austin Speed-O-Rama, Paramount Austin Speedway 2
09569aTXLoop Speedway dirt oval Waco 1
09531aTXLubbock Motor Speedway dirt oval Lubbock Hub City Speedway 23
09593aTXMeyer Speedway paved oval Houston Joseph F. Meyer Speedway 8
09533aTXMotorSport Ranch paved road circuit Cresson 3
09540aTXMSR Houston paved road circuit Angleton MotorSport Ranch Houston, Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land Road Course 2
09534aTXNorth Texas Motor Speedway dirt oval Royse City 29
09570bTXPan American Grounds unknown oval Dallas Livestock Arena 1
09757aTXPan American Speedway dirt oval San Antonio 1
09758aTXPan American Speedway paved oval San Antonio 1
09537aTXParis Motor Speedway dirt oval Blossom 13
09763aTXPlayland Park dirt oval Houston Lavely's Playland Park 1
09590aTXRattlesnake Raceway paved road circuit Midland 1
09538bTXRed River Speedway dirt oval Iowa Park 2
09538aTXRed River Speedway paved oval Iowa Park Wichita Speedway, Pleasant Valley Speedway 5
09658aTXReunion Arena paved street circuit Dallas Grand Prix of Dallas 1
09539aTXRio Grande Speedway dirt oval McAllen 2
09542aTXRoute 66 Motor Speedway dirt oval Amarillo 18
09828aTXRPM Speedway of Texas dirt oval Crandall 9
09501aTXSan Angelo Speedway dirt oval San Angelo Rolling Thunder Speedway, 2105 Speedway, Road Runner Speedway, San Angelo Texas Speedway, Race City USA, Rolling Thunder Raceway, Angelo Speedway 2
09543aTXSan Antonio Speedway paved oval San Antonio San Antonio International Speedway, San Antonio Raceway, River City Raceway, Hi-Way 16 Raceway, Highway 16 Raceway 6
09576aTXSan Antonio Street Circuit paved street circuit San Antonio San Antonio Grand Prix 8
09544aTXShady Oaks Speedway dirt oval Goliad 4
09545aTXSilsbee Speedway dirt oval Silsbee Eagle Speedway 3
09546aTXSouth Texas Speedway dirt oval Corpus Christi Saratoga Speedway 11
09586aTXSpeedarama dirt oval Lufkin Speedarama Raceway 6
09514aTXSpeedbowl Valley Raceway dirt oval Amarillo Dirt Track Speedway, Amarillo Speedway, Amarillo Speedbowl 9
09794aTXSportsdrome Speedrome dirt oval Grand Prairie 4
09548aTXSuper Bowl Speedway dirt oval Greenville Superbowl Speedway, Fast-Track Speedway, Super Bowl of Greenville 10
09549aTXTatum Raceway Park dirt oval Henderson East Texas Speedway 1
09550aTXTexana Raceway Park dirt oval Edna Texana Raceway 2
09808aTXTexarkana Speedbowl dirt oval Leary 1
09541aTXTexas DIRT Motorplex dirt oval Winona Rosebowl Raceway, Rosebowl Speedway, Interstate Raceway, Jack Rabbit Speedway 3
09551aTXTexas Dirt Speedway dirt oval San Antonio 7
09552aTXTexas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin 48
09552bTXTexas Motor Speedway paved oval Justin 7
09552eTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 9
09552fTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 1
09552cTXTexas Motor Speedway paved road circuit Justin 2
09552iTXTexas Motor Speedway Dirt Track dirt off road circuit Justin 2
09552gTXTexas Motor Speedway Dirt Track dirt oval Justin Texas Motor Speedway 46
09553aTXTexas Thunder Speedway dirt oval Alvin Texas Motor Speedway, Triple C Raceway 1
09554aTXTexas Thunder Speedway dirt oval Killeen Cen-Tex Speedway, Central Texas Speedway, Stars & Stripes Speedway 7
09555eTXTexas World Speedway paved oval College Station Texas International Speedway 24
09555dTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station Texas International Speedway 7
09555aTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station 7
09555bTXTexas World Speedway paved road circuit College Station 1
09587aTXTexoma Motor Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls 3
09587bTXTexoma Motor Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls 1
09556aTXThunder Hill Raceway paved oval Kyle 4
09560aTXThunder Hill Speedway dirt oval Wichita Falls Texhoma Speedway, Wichita Falls Speedway, Speed Drome of Wichita Falls, Colonel C's Speedrome 8
09557aTXThunder Mountain Speedway dirt oval Rusk Thunder Mountain Motorplex 5
09562aTXThunder Road Speedway dirt oval Navasota Navasota Speedway, Moody Clary Speedway 2
09558aTXThunderbird Speedway dirt oval Crandall 3
09834aTXTimberline Speedway dirt oval Corley 8
09568aTXTrellis Court Speedway dirt oval Waco Lakeshore Speedway, Franklin Street Speedway 1
09588aTXTri-State Speedway dirt oval Amarillo 1
09559aTXTwin Cities Speedway paved oval Odessa 1
09580aTXWaco unknown track Waco 1
09581aTXWichita Falls unknown track Wichita Falls 1
09572aTXWill Rogers Auditorium unknown oval Fort Worth 2


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