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26650aVA460 Speedway dirt oval Montvale 1
26707aVA501 Speedway dirt oval Brookneal 1
26636aVAA&N Speedway dirt oval Tasley 2
26600aVAAmelia Motor Raceway dirt oval Amelia Amelia Kart Track 12
26712aVAAppalachian Regional Exposition Center dirt oval Wytheville 11
26655aVAArarat Speedway dirt oval Ararat 3
26606bVAArarat Thunder Speedway dirt figure eight Ararat 1
26643aVABedford Grand Prix paved street circuit Bedford Bedford Street Race 2
26602aVABirch Creek Motorsports Park dirt oval Danville 3
26603aVABodatious Off-Road Motorsports Park dirt off road circuit Cartersville 9
26656bVABrunswick Speedway dirt oval Lawrenceville 5
26656aVABrunswick Speedway dirt oval Lawrenceville Brunswick County Speedway, Lawrence Speedway, New Brunswick Speedway, Lawrenceville Speedway 1
26644aVACapital City Speedway dirt oval Ashland 14
26649aVAClarke County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Berryville 11
26608bVAClay Valley Speedway dirt oval Coeburn 5
26629aVACockade Speedway dirt oval Petersburg Petersburg Fairgrounds 3
26709aVACovington dirt oval Covington 1
26660aVACraigsville Motor Speedway dirt oval Craigsville 1
26645aVADanville Speedway dirt oval Danville 4
26661aVADanville Speedway dirt oval Danville Danville Fairgrounds 3
26662aVADinwiddie Speedway dirt oval Petersburg 1
26711aVADominion Raceway paved oval Woodford 23
26711bVADominion Raceway paved road circuit Woodford 11
26664aVADouglas dirt oval Ruckersville 1
26604aVAEastside Speedway dirt oval Dooms Waynesboro Speedway 37
26604cVAEastside Speedway paved oval Dooms 5
26716aVAElk Creek Elementary School dirt oval Elk Creek 1
26716bVAEsk Creek Elementary School dirt figure eight Elk Creek 1
26633aVAFairmount Park dirt oval Norfolk Norfolk Fairgrounds 1
26668aVAFloyd Speedway dirt oval Floyd 4
26614aVAFork Mountain Raceway dirt oval Oak Level Oak Level Raceway 15
26605aVAFranklin County Speedway paved oval Callaway Callaway USA Speedway 40
26706aVAFrederick County Fairgrounds dirt oval Clear Brook 4
26630aVAFredericksburg Speedway paved oval Fredericksburg 7
26653aVAHampton Coliseum aluminum oval Hampton 20
26674aVAHilltop Speedway dirt oval Charlottesville Cavalier Speedway 1
26651aVAHybla Valley Speedway dirt oval Ashburn 2
26631aVAJoe Weatherly Speedway dirt oval Virginia Beach Virginia Beach Speedway, Chinese Corner Raceway 2
26639bVAKing George Speedway dirt oval King George 2
26639aVAKing George Speedway paved oval King George Stateline Speedway 17
26607bVALangley Field dirt oval Hampton 8
26607aVALangley Speedway paved oval Hampton Langley Raceway, Langley Field 52
26665aVALexington Speedway dirt oval Lexington East Lexington Speedway 1
26624aVALog Cabin Raceway dirt oval Henry Log Cabin Raceway & Park 15
26608aVALonesome Pine Raceway paved oval Coeburn Lonesome Pine International Raceway 33
26632bVALynchburg Speedway dirt oval Lynchburg 2
26632aVALynchburg Speedway paved oval Lynchburg Schrader Field 3
26678aVAMarion dirt oval Adwolf 1
26610bVAMartinsville Speedway dirt oval Martinsville 10
26610aVAMartinsville Speedway paved oval Martinsville 133
26708aVAMassanutten Speedway dirt oval Keezletown 1
26710aVAMilton dirt oval Milton 1
26680aVAMooers Field paved oval Richmond 2
26613aVAMotor Mile Speedway paved oval Radford New River Valley Speedway, Pulaski County Speedway 37
26611aVANAS Oceana paved airfield circuit Virginia Beach 4
26612aVANatural Bridge Speedway dirt oval Natural Bridge 50
26682aVANew Richmond Speedway dirt oval Richmond 301 Speedway 4
26628bVANorfolk Scope Arena aluminum oval Norfolk 18
26634aVANorfolk Speedway dirt oval Norfolk 9
26615bVAOld Dominion Speedway dirt oval Manassas 1
26615aVAOld Dominion Speedway paved oval Manassas Longview Speedway 52
26615cVAOld Dominion Speedway paved oval Manassas 7
26714aVAPittsylvania County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Ringgold 1
26635aVAPrincess Anne Speedway dirt oval Norfolk 9
26635bVAPrincess Anne Speedway paved oval Norfolk 3
26705aVAProvidence Raceway dirt oval Henry 9
26613bVAPulaski County Speedway dirt oval Radford 3
26647aVARichlands Motor Speedway dirt oval Cedar Bluff 2
26641aVARichmond City Stadium paved oval Richmond 1
26627aVARichmond Coliseum aluminum oval Richmond 21
26616bVARichmond Fairgrounds Raceway paved oval Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway, Richmond Super Speedway 49
26616aVARichmond International Raceway paved oval Richmond 122
26640aVARoanoke Fairgrounds dirt oval Roanoke 1
26713aVARockingham County Fairgrounds dirt oval Harrisonburg 1
26606aVARolling Thunder Raceway dirt oval Ararat 20
26617aVARotary Raceway dirt oval Stuart Patrick County Speedway 2
26689aVARoute 58 Speedway dirt oval Danville 1
26619bVARoyall Speedway dirt oval Midlothian 1
26626aVASalem Civic Center concrete oval Salem 5
26628aVAScope Arena concrete oval Norfolk 7
26715aVAShenandoah County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Woodstock 1
26654aVAShenandoah Speedway paved oval Shenandoah 26
26601bVASouth Boston Speedway dirt oval South Boston 7
26601aVASouth Boston Speedway paved oval South Boston Big Daddy's South Boston Speedway 71
26618aVASouthampton Motor Speedway paved oval Capron 17
26618bVASouthampton Speedway dirt oval Capron 11
26619aVASouthside Speedway paved oval Midlothian Royall Speedway 53
26642aVAStarkeys Speedway dirt oval Roanoke Roanoke Raceway, Roanoke Speedway 9
26642bVAStarkeys Speedway paved oval Roanoke 8
26637cVATazewell County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Tazewell 3
26637aVATazewell County Fairgrounds dirt oval Tazewell 1
26652aVATown Point Park paved street circuit Norfolk Harbor Park 7
26648aVAValley Kart Track dirt oval Harrisonburg 1
26696aVAValley Speedway dirt oval Staunton 1
26638aVAVictory Stadium paved oval Roanoke Victory Stadium Speedway, Victory Speedway 7
26620aVAVirginia International Raceway paved road circuit Alton 49
26620cVAVirginia International Raceway paved road circuit Alton 7
26620bVAVirginia International Raceway paved road circuit Alton 2
26621aVAVirginia Motor Speedway dirt oval Church View Mid-Bay Raceway, Virginia Raceway, Roselle's Virginia Raceway 123
26625aVAVirginia Sports Arena concrete oval Doswell 7
26616dVAVirginia State Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Richmond 5
26702aVAVirginia State Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Doswell 6
26616cVAVirginia State Fairgrounds dirt oval Richmond Strawberry Hill Speedway, Strawberry Hill Raceway, Atlantic Rural Exposition 15
26622aVAWinchester Speedway dirt oval Winchester Airport Speedway 96
26623aVAWythe Raceway dirt oval Rural Retreat 71


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