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15300cWI141 Speedway dirt oval Maribel 33
15300aWI141 Speedway paved oval Maribel Super 141 Speedway 26
15300eWI141 Speedway paved road circuit Maribel 1
15300fWI141 Speedway (Inner) paved oval Maribel 1
15394bWIA-F Speedway paved oval Friendship 1
15301aWIABC Raceway dirt oval Ashland 24
15368aWIAlliant Energy Center concrete oval Madison Dane County Expo Coliseum 2
15500aWIAlouez Bay ice oval Superior 2
15501aWIAmherst Speedway dirt oval Amherst 2
15302aWIAngell Park Speedway dirt oval Sun Prairie Firemen's Angell Park Speedway 125
15302bWIAngell Park Speedway dirt oval Sun Prairie 1
15396aWIApple Creek Speedway dirt oval Appleton 1
15444bWIAshland County Fairgrounds dirt road circuit Marengo 2
15390aWIBalsam Lake ice road circuit Balsam Lake 2
15303aWIBay of Green Bay ice oval Marinette 4
15393aWIBay of Green Bay ice oval Marinette 1
15393bWIBay of Green Bay ice road circuit Marinette 1
15429bWIBayfield County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Iron River 1
15515aWIBear Lake ice oval Manawa 3
15353aWIBeaver Dam Raceway dirt oval Beaver Dam Charter Raceway Park, The Raceway at Powercom Park, Powercom Park Raceway, Wisconsin Motorsports Park 134
15353cWIBeaver Dam Raceway dirt oval Beaver Dam Charter Raceway Park 2
15384aWIBeaver Springs ice oval Randolph 4
15516aWIBennett's Raceway dirt oval Neehah 4
15402aWIBlack River Falls Fairgrounds dirt oval Black River Falls 1
15371aWIBlue Mound Dog Track dirt oval Brookfield 1
15304aWIBreakwater Park ice oval Oconto 3
15367bWIBrown County Fairgrounds dirt oval DePere 2
15367cWIBrown County Fairgrounds paved oval DePere 2
15367aWIBrown County Speedway dirt oval DePere Paul's Super Speedway, DePere Speedway 7
15305aWIBuffalo Lake ice oval Packwaukee 5
15306aWICalumet County Speedway dirt oval Chilton Chilton Speedway, Chilton Fair Speedway 16
15332dWICapital Speedway paved oval Oregon 3
15332fWICapital Super Speedway paved figure eight Oregon 2
15383aWICecil Bay ice oval Cecil 5
15307aWICedar Lake Speedway dirt oval Somerset Cedar Lake International Speedway 149
15372bWICedarburg Fairgrounds dirt oval Cedarburg 1
15372aWICedarburg Speedway dirt oval Cedarburg Fireman's Park 3
15337aWICentral Wisconsin Raceway dirt oval Unity Monster Hall Raceway 16
15366aWICentral Wisconsin Speedway dirt oval Colby Tri-County Speedway, Central State Speedway 6
15363aWICentral Wisconsin State Fairgrounds dirt oval Marshfield 2
15308aWIChequamegon Bay ice oval Ashland 3
15503aWIClam Lake ice oval Siren 3
15369aWIColumbia County Fairgrounds dirt oval Portage 2
15309bWIColumbus 151 Speedway dirt oval Columbus Red Bud Speedway 2
15309aWIColumbus 151 Speedway paved oval Columbus 29
15492aWICopper Creek Motorsports Park dirt oval Superior 2
15323dWICoulee Go Kart Raceway paved oval West Salem 2
15310bWICrandon International Off-Road Raceway dirt figure eight Crandon 1
15310aWICrandon International Off-Road Raceway dirt off road circuit Crandon 8
15310cWICrandon International Off-Road Raceway dirt off road circuit Crandon 5
15410aWICrown's Speedway dirt oval Wisconsin Rapids 1
15311aWIDells Raceway Park paved oval Wisconsin Dells Dells Motor Speedway, Wisconsin Dells Motor Speedway 40
15514aWIDirt City Motorplex dirt off road circuit Lena 3
15312aWIDodge County Fairgrounds Speedway dirt oval Beaver Dam Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam Raceway 44
15510aWIEagle River Derby Track dirt off road circuit Eagle River 1
15313aWIEagle Valley Speedway dirt oval Jim Falls Chippewa River Speedway 26
15416aWIEau Claire Speedway dirt oval Eau Claire River City Raceway 1
15314bWIExcaliber Motorsports paved oval Tomah Tomah/Sparta Speedway, Wild Bill's Track-N-Trail, Tomah Speedway 13
15314aWIExcaliber Motorsports paved oval Tomah 10
15420aWIFond du Lac Speedway dirt oval Fond du Lac Fond du Lac Fairgrounds 1
15315aWIFox Lake ice oval Fox Lake 4
15316aWIFox Ridge Speedway dirt oval Arcadia 30
15506aWIGleason International Raceway ice oval Gleason 1
15317bWIGolden Sands Speedway dirt figure eight Plover 6
15317aWIGolden Sands Speedway paved oval Plover Paul's Golden Sands Speedway 32
15318dWIGrant County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Lancaster 1
15318cWIGrant County Fairgrounds (Inner) dirt oval Lancaster 1
15318aWIGrant County Speedway dirt oval Lancaster 18
15511bWIGravity Park dirt off road circuit Chilton 2
15511aWIGravity Park Speedway dirt oval Chilton 9
15364aWIGriffith Park paved oval Wisconsin Rapids 3
15507aWIGSR Kartway dirt oval Clintonville 3
15319aWIHales Corners Speedway dirt oval Hales Corners 88
15407aWIHi-Go Raceway dirt oval Cecil 3
15513aWIHigh Falls Flowage ice road circuit Crivitz 1
15332bWIImpact Speedway dirt oval Oregon 33
15324bWIJaycees Speedway dirt oval Darlington 2
15374aWIJefferson Fairgrounds dirt oval Jefferson 1
15320bWIJefferson Speedway dirt oval Jefferson 2
15320aWIJefferson Speedway paved oval Jefferson 29
15320cWIJefferson Speedway paved oval Jefferson 18
15377aWIJerry's Outagamie Speedway paved oval Appleton Gordy's Outagamie Speedway, Apple Creek Speedway 1
15375aWIKenosha Airport Midget Speedway dirt oval Kenosha 1
15331bWIKewaunee County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Luxemburg Luxemburg Speedway 1
15380aWIKinney Lake ice oval Marion Kastle Kampground 3
15322aWIKopellah Speedway dirt oval Centuria Saint Croix Speedway, Centuria Speedway 18
15323cWILaCrosse Fairgrounds dirt oval West Salem 4
15323aWILaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway paved oval West Salem LaCrosse Interstate Speedway 49
15323bWILaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway paved oval West Salem 17
15324aWILafayette County Speedway dirt oval Darlington 20
15361aWILake Altoona ice oval Eau Claire 2
15361bWILake Altoona ice road circuit Eau Claire 1
15505aWILake Anmico ice oval Summit 1
15519aWILake Arbutus ice oval Hatfield 1
15325aWILake Chetek ice oval Chetek 4
15517aWILake Como ice oval Bloomer 2
15326aWILake DuBay ice oval Knowlton 3
15327bWILake Geneva Raceway dirt off road circuit Lake Geneva 1
15327cWILake Geneva Raceway paved oval Lake Geneva 11
15327aWILake Geneva Raceway paved oval Lake Geneva 28
15327dWILake Geneva Raceway paved road circuit Lake Geneva 2
15379aWILake Magnor ice oval Richardson 3
15518aWILake Montello ice oval Montello 1
15504aWILake Puckaway ice oval Montello 2
15329aWILake Sinnissippi ice oval Hustisford 5
15391aWILake Speed ice oval Tilleda Tilleda Pond 6
15502aWILake Wapogasset ice oval Amery 3
15512bWILake Wisconsin ice oval Poynett 3
15512aWILake Wisconsin ice road circuit Poynett 4
15318bWILancaster Speedway dirt oval Lancaster 2
15330bWILanglade County Speedway dirt off road circuit Antigo 4
15330aWILanglade County Speedway dirt oval Antigo Langlade County Fairgrounds 22
15495aWILegion Park ice oval Caroline 4
15378aWILeo's Speedway dirt oval Oshkosh Oshkosh Fair Park 3
15331aWILuxemburg Speedway dirt oval Luxemburg Luxemburg Tri-Star Speedway 39
15441aWILynndale Farms Raceway paved road circuit Pewaukee 1
15332gWIMadison International Speedway mixed road circuit Oregon 1
15332aWIMadison International Speedway paved oval Oregon Capital Super Speedway, Sam's Capital Super Speedway 70
15332cWIMadison International Speedway paved oval Oregon Capital Super Speedway 17
15333aWIManitowoc County Expo Speedway dirt oval Manitowoc Manitowoc County Expo Raceway 26
15333bWIManitowoc Expo Speedway dirt oval Manitowoc I-43 Raceway 10
15334aWIMarion Pond ice oval Marion Marion Lake 5
15335aWIMarshfield Motor Speedway paved oval Marshfield Marshfield Super Speedway 16
15335bWIMarshfield Super Speedway dirt oval Marshfield Yellow River Speedway 15
15493aWIMeadowview Kartway dirt oval Hilbert 2
15336aWIMilwaukee MECCA Arena concrete oval Milwaukee MECCA Arena 25
15352aWIMilwaukee Mile paved oval West Allis The Milwaukee Mile, Wisconsin State Fair Park 125
15352bWIMilwaukee Mile paved road circuit West Allis The Milwaukee Mile 7
15357aWIMississippi Thunder Speedway dirt oval Fountain City Tri-Oval Speedway, River Raceway Tri-Oval, River Raceway Park 48
15357bWIMississippi Thunder Speedway dirt oval Fountain City Tri-Oval Speedway 8
15362aWINeillsville Raceway dirt oval Neillsville Black River Country Raceway, Paul's Neillsville Speedway 6
15456bWINorth LaCrosse Speedway paved oval LaCrosse 1
15373aWINorthern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds dirt oval Chippewa Falls 1
15376aWIOlli O'Mara's Ballpark dirt oval Kenosha Sheridan Road Midget Speedway 1
15350cWIOshkosh SpeedZone Raceway dirt off road circuit Oshkosh Sunnyview Expo 4
15350aWIOshkosh SpeedZone Raceway dirt oval Oshkosh Powercom Speed Zone, Powercom Speed Zone Raceway, Sunnyview Speed Zone Raceway 62
15343cWIOutagamie County Fairgrounds dirt figure eight Seymour 3
15343dWIOutagamie County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Seymour 1
15356aWIPepsi Raceway Park paved oval Tomahawk Tomahawk Speedway 12
15346aWIPlymouth Dirt Track dirt oval Plymouth Sheboygan County Fair Park, Sheboygan County Fair Speedway, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds 109
15350bWIPowercom Speed Zone dirt figure eight Oshkosh Powercom Speed Zone Raceway 5
15353bWIRaceway Park dirt oval Beaver Dam Raceway Park Beaver Dam 10
15338aWIRed Cedar Speedway dirt oval Menomonie 42
15381aWIRice Lake ice oval Rice Lake 4
15339aWIRice Lake Speedway dirt oval Rice Lake Speed Pit 35
15339bWIRice Lake Speedway (Kart Track) dirt oval Rice Lake 2
15370aWIRichland County Fairgrounds dirt oval Richland Center 1
15491aWIRingle Brickyard Speedway dirt oval Ringle 2
15340aWIRiverside Raceway dirt oval Eagle River Don's Riverside Raceway, K-G Raceway, K-G Raceways 25
15341aWIRoad America paved road circuit Elkhart Lake 95
15341cWIRoad America (Short Course) paved road circuit Elkhart Lake 1
15307bWISandbox Arena dirt oval Somerset 18
15508aWISawyer County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Hayward 1
15508bWISawyer County Fairgrounds dirt oval Hayward 2
15343bWISeymour Raceway dirt oval Seymour Seymour Speedway 11
15343aWISeymour Speedway dirt oval Seymour Seymour Tri-Oval Raceway, Seymour Raceway 28
15344aWIShawano Lake ice oval Shawano 5
15345aWIShawano Speedway dirt oval Shawano 57
15345bWIShawano Speedway dirt oval Shawano 2
15347cWISlinger Speedway dirt oval Slinger 5
15347bWISlinger Super Speedway paved figure eight Slinger 35
15347aWISlinger Super Speedway paved oval Slinger 83
15347dWISlinger Super Speedway (B-Track) paved road circuit Slinger 5
15348aWIStaples Lake ice oval Comstock 3
15349aWIState Park Speedway paved oval Wausau Sam's Super Speedway 38
15480aWIStratford Speedway dirt oval Stratford 1
15351aWISuperior Speedway dirt oval Superior Superior Raceway, Tri-State Speedway, Douglas County Tri-State Fairgrounds 68
15352hWIThe Milwaukee Mile paved oval West Allis Mini Mile 4
15388aWIThunder Hill Speedway dirt oval Menomonie 9
15354aWIThunderhill Raceway dirt oval Sturgeon Bay Door County Speedway, Thunder Hill Speedway, Thunder Hill Raceway 19
15355aWITNT Speedway dirt oval Three Lakes 14
15356bWITomahawk Speedway dirt oval Tomahawk 10
15382aWITrollhaugen Ski Area dirt off road circuit Dresser 3
15499aWIUpper Red Lake ice oval Gresham 4
15509aWIUS Air Motorsports Raceway paved road circuit Shawano 1
15494aWIWaupaca County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Weyauwega 4
15349bWIWausau Speedway dirt oval Wausau 1
15496aWIWedges Bay ice oval Fox Lake 1
15392aWIWestby Nordic Raceway paved oval Westby 1
15358aWIWeyauwega Lake ice oval Weyauwega Weyauwega Millpond 4
15359aWIWilmot Raceway dirt oval Wilmot Wilmot Speedway, Kenosha County Fair Speedway, Kenosha County Speedway 118
15359cWIWilmot Raceway dirt road circuit Wilmot 2
15378bWIWinnebago County Fairgrounds dirt off road circuit Oshkosh 1
15360dWIWisconsin International Raceway dirt oval Kaukauna 1
15360cWIWisconsin International Raceway paved figure eight Kaukauna 34
15360bWIWisconsin International Raceway paved oval Kaukauna KK Sports Arena 38
15360aWIWisconsin International Raceway paved oval Kaukauna KK Sports Arena 68
15360fWIWisconsin International Raceway paved road circuit Kaukauna 9
15352cWIWisconsin State Fair Park dirt oval West Allis 3
15352eWIWisconsin State Fair Park dirt oval West Allis 3
15352fWIWisconsin State Fairgrounds Ballpark dirt oval West Allis 1
15365aWIWisconsin Valley Fairgrounds dirt oval Wausau Marathon Park, Marathon County Fairgrounds 8


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