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John Jones
Mansfield, OH, USA
267 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
USAALFort Payne Motor Speedwaydirt ovalFyffe //
USAALGreen Valley Speedwaydirt ovalGlencoe //
USAALHuntsville Speedwaypaved ovalHuntsville //
USAALNorth Alabama Speedwaydirt ovalTuscumbia //
USAARCrawford County Speedwaydirt ovalCedarville //
USAAZArizona Speedwaydirt ovalApache Junction 02/14/2017
USAAZCanyon Speedway Parkdirt ovalAdobe 09/30/2016
USAAZCanyon Speedway Park (Inner)dirt ovalAdobe 09/30/2016
USAAZCocopah Speedwaydirt ovalYuma //
USAAZManzanita Speedwaydirt ovalPhoenix //
USAAZUSA Racewaydirt ovalTucson //
USACAAscot Parkdirt ovalGardena //
USACAImperial Sand Dunes Recreation Areadirt off road circuitGlammis //
USACAPerris Auto Speedwaydirt ovalPerris 11/09/2017
USACASaugus Speedwaypaved figure eightSaugus //
USACASaugus Speedwaypaved ovalSaugus //
USACASpeedway 605paved ovalIrwindale //
USACAWillow Springs International Speedwaydirt road circuitRosamond //
USACOI-76 Speedwaydirt ovalFort Morgan 08/14/2015
USACTThompson International Speedwaypaved ovalThompson //
USADEDelaware International Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar //
USAFLCharlotte County Motorsportspaved ovalTropical Gulf Acres //
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDaytona Beach 02/06/2010
USAFLEast Bay Racewaydirt ovalGibsonton //
USAFLFive Flags Speedwaypaved ovalPensacola //
USAFLJAX Racewaydirt ovalJacksonville //
USAFLNew Smyrna Speedwaypaved ovalSamsula //
USAFLNorth Florida Speedwaydirt ovalLake City //
USAFLOcala Speedwaydirt ovalOcala //
USAFLOcala Speedwaypaved ovalOcala //
USAFLSaint Augustine Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Augustine //
USAFLVolusia Speedway Park (Original Location)dirt ovalBarberville //
USAGABoyd's Speedwaydirt ovalRinggold //2016
USAGADixie Speedwaydirt ovalWoodstock //
USAGALanier National Speedwaypaved ovalBraselton //
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington //
USAIAAlgona Racewaydirt ovalAlgona //
USAIABlackbird Bend Speedwaydirt ovalOnawa //
USAIABoone Speedwaydirt ovalBoone //
USAIABuena Vista Racewaydirt ovalAlta //
USAIACedar County Racewaydirt ovalTipton //
USAIAClay County Fairgroundsdirt ovalSpencer //
USAIADavenport Speedwaydirt ovalDavenport //
USAIADubuque Fair Speedwaydirt ovalDubuque //
USAIAFarley Speedwaydirt ovalFarley //
USAIAFarley Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalFarley //
USAIAHamilton County Speedwaydirt ovalWebster City //
USAIAHancock County Speedwaydirt ovalBritt //
USAIAI-35 Speedwaydirt ovalMason City //
USAIAIndependence Motor Speedwaydirt ovalIndependence //
USAIAIowa State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalDes Moines //
USAIAIowa State Fairgrounds Pavillionconcrete ovalDes Moines //
USAIAKnoxville Racewaydirt ovalKnoxville //
USAIAMarshalltown Speedwaydirt ovalMarshalltown //
USAIARapid Speedwaydirt ovalRock Rapids //
USAIAStuart Speedwaydirt ovalStuart 05/16/2010
USAIDStateline Stadium Speedwaypaved ovalStateline //
USAILDuQuoin St. Fairgrounds (Southern Illinois Center)dirt ovalDuQuoin 12/17/2016
USAILFarmer City Racewaydirt ovalFarmer City //
USAILGrundy County Speedwaypaved ovalMorris 09/02/2016
USAILHighland Speedwaydirt ovalHighland //
USAILJacksonville Speedwaydirt ovalJacksonville //
USAILLaSalle Speedwaydirt ovalLaSalle //
USAILMount Vernon Racewaydirt ovalMount Vernon //
USAILPeoria Speedwaydirt ovalPeoria 08/22/2015
USAILQuad City Speedwaydirt ovalEast Moline //
USAILShepp's Speedwaydirt ovalAlexander //
USAILSycamore Speedwaydirt ovalSycamore //
USAILTri-City Speedwaydirt ovalGranite City //
USAINAllen County Memorial Expo Centerconcrete ovalFort Wayne //
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved ovalAnderson //
USAINGas City Speedwaydirt ovalGas City 07/10/2015
USAINIlliana Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSchererville //
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved ovalClermont //
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved figure eightIndianapolis //
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved ovalIndianapolis //
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo //
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt ovalLawrenceburg //
USAINPlymouth Speedwaydirt ovalPlymouth 07/09/2016
USAINPlymouth Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalPlymouth 07/09/2016
USAINRCA Domeconcrete ovalIndianapolis //
USAINSalem Speedwaypaved ovalSalem //
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute //
USAKS81 Speedwaydirt ovalWichita //
USAKSAirport Speedwaydirt ovalGarden City 09/09/2017
USAKSClara County Fairgroundsdirt ovalConcordia //
USAKSDodge City Raceway Parkdirt ovalDodge City //
USAKSGreat American Dirt Track @ Jetmoredirt ovalJetmore //
USAKSLakeside Speedwaydirt ovalKansas City //
USAKYBluegrass Speedwaydirt ovalBardstown //
USAKYFlorence Speedwaydirt ovalUnion //
USAKYKentucky Lake Speedwaydirt ovalCalvert City //
USAKYPaducah International Racewaydirt ovalPaducah //
USALABoothill Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood 10/03/2015
USAMAWhip City Speedwaydirt ovalWestfield 08/07/2010
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett //
USAMEOxford Plains Speedwaypaved ovalOxford 07/14/2010
USAMIFlat Rock Speedwaypaved ovalFlat Rock //
USAMIHartford Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHartford //
USAMII-96 Speedwaydirt ovalLake Odessa //
USAMNArlington Racewaydirt ovalArlington //
USAMNBemidji Speedwaydirt ovalBemidji 05/09/2010
USAMNBuffalo River Speedwaydirt ovalGlyndon //
USAMNButton Buck Speedway (Deer Creek Inner)dirt ovalSpring Valley //
USAMNChateau Racewaydirt ovalLansing //
USAMNDeer Creek Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalSpring Valley //
USAMNDodge County Speedwaydirt ovalKasson //
USAMNElko Speedwaypaved ovalElko //
USAMNGrand Rapids Speedwaydirt ovalGrand Rapids 07/08/2010
USAMNGranite City Speedwaydirt ovalSauk Rapids //2016
USAMNGreenbush Race Parkdirt ovalGreenbush //
USAMNJackson Speedwaydirt ovalJackson 07/31/2010
USAMNK.R.A. Speedwaydirt ovalWillmar //
USAMNNorman County Speedwaydirt ovalAda //
USAMNPrinceton Speedwaydirt ovalPrinceton //
USAMNProctor Speedwaydirt ovalProctor //
USAMNRaceway Parkpaved figure eightShakopee //
USAMNRaceway Parkpaved ovalShakopee //
USAMNSteele County Speedwaydirt ovalOwatonna //
USAMNWinnona County Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Charles //
USAMOButler Motor Speedwaydirt ovalButler //
USAMODouble X Speedwaydirt ovalCalifornia //
USAMOI-35 Speedwaydirt ovalWinston //
USAMOUS 36 Speedwaydirt ovalOsborn //
USAMSMagnolia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus //
USAMTGallantin Speedwaydirt ovalBelgrade //
USANCCarolina Speedwaydirt ovalGastonia //
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHarrisburg //
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalHarrisburg //
USANDDacotah Speedwaydirt ovalMandan //
USANDDevil's Lake Speedwaydirt ovalDoyon 06/09/2018
USANDJamestown Speedwaydirt ovalJamestown //
USANDNodak Speedwaydirt ovalMinot 06/17/2018
USANDRiver City Speedwaydirt ovalGrand Forks //
USANDSouthwest Speedwaydirt ovalDickinson //
USANDWishek Tri County Speedwaydirt ovalWishek //
USANEDawson County Racewaydirt ovalLexington //
USANEEagle Racewaydirt ovalEagle 05/15/2010
USANEI-80 Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood //
USANEJunction Motor Speedwaydirt ovalDoniphan //
USANEMcCook Speedwaydirt ovalMcCook 05/14/2010
USANEUS 30 Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 06/08/2017
USANHHudson Speedwaypaved ovalHudson 08/08/2010
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalBridgeport //
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalBridgeport //
USANMSandia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAlbuquerque 09/12/2015
USANMSandia Motor Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalAlbuquerque 09/12/2015
USANVBuffalo Bill's Resort & Casinodirt off road circuitPrimm //2018
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLas Vegas 03/11/2017
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalLas Vegas 03/09/2017
USANYBlack Rock Speedwaydirt ovalDundee 09/10/2010
USANYBrewerton Speedwaydirt ovalBrewerton 04/24/2010
USANYCanandaugua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 08/28/2010
USANYCayuga County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalWeedsport //
USANYChemung Speedromepaved ovalChemung //
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt figure eightKirkwood //
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt ovalKirkwood 04/25/2010
USANYFonda Speedwaydirt ovalFonda 08/14/2010
USANYFulton Speedwaydirt ovalFulton 08/03/2010
USANYGlen Ridge Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFultonville 08/06/2010
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon //
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSyracuse //
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge //
USANYSkyline Racewaydirt ovalBlodgett Mills //
USANYSouth Arcade Speedwaydirt ovalDelevan 08/27/2010
USANYUtica Rome Speedwaydirt ovalVernon //
USANYWoodhull Racewaydirt ovalWoodhull //
USAOH35 Raceway Parkdirt ovalFrankfort 07//2015
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica //
USAOHBarberton Speedwaypaved ovalBarberton //
USAOHBrush Creek Motorsports Parkdirt ovalPeebles //
USAOHColumbus Motor Speedwaymixed figure eightColumbus //
USAOHColumbus Motor Speedwaypaved ovalColumbus 09/18/2010
USAOHDeerfield Racewaydirt ovalDeerfield //
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston //
USAOHFremont Speedwaydirt ovalFremont //
USAOHHilltop Speedwaydirt ovalMillersburg //
USAOHJackson County Speedwaydirt ovalJackson //
USAOHK-C Racewaydirt ovalAlma //
USAOHLakeville Speedwaydirt ovalLakeville //
USAOHLegendary Hilltop Speedwaydirt ovalMarietta //
USAOHLimaland Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAllentown //
USAOHLorain County Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Amherst //
USAOHMansfield Motorsports Parkpaved ovalMansfield //
USAOHMansfield Speedwaydirt ovalMansfield //
USAOHMid Ohiopaved road circuitLexington //
USAOHMidvale Speedwaypaved ovalMidvale //
USAOHMidway Speedwaydirt ovalCrooksville //
USAOHMillstream Speedwaydirt ovalFindlay //
USAOHMuskingum County Speedwaydirt ovalDresden //
USAOHOakshade Speedwaydirt ovalOak Shade //
USAOHOhio Expo Center (Coliseum)concrete ovalColumbus //
USAOHPortsmouth Raceway Parkdirt ovalPortsmouth //
USAOHRaceway 7dirt ovalBushnell 08/07/2015
USAOHSaint Clairsville Speedwaydirt ovalMorristown //
USAOHSandusky Speedwaypaved ovalSandusky //
USAOHSharon Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalHartford //
USAOHSharon Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalHartford //
USAOHSkyline Speedwaydirt ovalStewart //
USAOHSouthern Ohio Racewaydirt ovalPortsmouth //
USAOHToledo Speedwaypaved ovalToledo //
USAOHWayne County Speedwaydirt ovalOrrville //
USAOHWaynesfield Raceway parkdirt ovalWaynesfield //
USAOKI-44 Speedwaydirt ovalOklahoma City //
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa //
USAPAAction Track USAdirt ovalKutztown 06/10/2015
USAPABedford Speedwaydirt ovalBedford //
USAPABig Diamond Racewaydirt ovalForrestville //
USAPAClinton County Racewaydirt ovalMackeyville //
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 10/16/2010
USAPAHummingbird Speedwaydirt ovalFalls Creek 07/25/2015
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver //
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown //
USAPAMercer Raceway Parkdirt ovalMercer //
USAPAPenn Can Speedwaydirt ovalSusquehanna 08/20/2010
USAPAPittsburgh PA Motor Speedwaydirt ovalImperial //
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal //
USAPASelinsgrove Speedwaydirt ovalSelinsgrove 03/20/2010
USAPASportsmans Speedwaydirt ovalElk City //
USAPASusquehanna Speedway Parkdirt ovalNewberrytown //
USAPATrail-Way Speedwaydirt ovalMcSherrystown //
USAPATri-City Speedwaydirt ovalDempseytown //
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove //
USARIDunkin Donuts Centerconcrete ovalProvidence //
USASCCherokee Speedwaydirt ovalGaffney //
USASCTraveler's Rest Speedwaydirt ovalTravelers Rest //
USASDCasino Speedwaydirt ovalWatertown //
USASDHuset's Speedwaydirt ovalBrandon //
USASDPark Jefferson Speedwaydirt ovalJefferson //
USATNBristol Motor Speedwaypaved ovalBristol //
USATNClarksville Speedwaydirt ovalClarksville //
USATNHighland Rim Speedwaypaved ovalRidgetop //
USATNWinchester Speedwaydirt ovalWinchester //
USATX85 Speedwaydirt ovalEnnis 07/22/2017
USATXBattleground Speedwaydirt ovalHighlands //
USATXDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalMesquite 06/12/2010
USATXGrayson County Speedwaydirt ovalBells //
USATXHeart 'O Texas Speedwaydirt ovalBells //
USATXHouston Raceway Parkdirt ovalBaytown //
USATXI-37 Speedwaydirt ovalPleasanton //
USATXKennedale Speedway Parkdirt ovalKennedale //
USATXRPM Speedway of Texasdirt ovalCrandall //
USAUTRocky Mountain Racewayspaved ovalWest Valley City //
USAUTRocky Mountain Racewayspaved road circuitWest Valley City //
USAVAMartinsville Speedwaypaved ovalMartinsville //
USAWAEphrata Raceway Parkpaved ovalEphrata //
USAWIAngell Park Speedwaydirt ovalSun Prairie //
USAWIBeaver Dam Racewaydirt ovalBeaver Dam //
USAWICedar Lake Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset //
USAWIDells Raceway Parkpaved ovalWisconsin Dells //
USAWIDodge County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalBeaver Dam //
USAWIEagle Valley Speedwaydirt ovalJim Falls //
USAWIKopellah Speedwaydirt ovalCenturia //
USAWILacrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (Inner)paved ovalWest Salem //
USAWILaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (Outer)paved ovalWest Salem //
USAWIMadison International Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOregon 06/19/2015
USAWIMadison International Speedway (Outer)paved ovalOregon 06/19/2015
USAWIMississippi Thunder Speedwaydirt ovalFountain City //
USAWIRed Cedar Speedwaydirt ovalMenomonie 07/08/2016
USAWIWilmot Racewaydirt ovalWilmot //
USAWVOhio Valley Speedwaydirt ovalLubeck //
USAWVPennsboro Speedwaydirt ovalPennsboro //
USAWVTyler County Speedwaydirt ovalMiddlebourne //
USAWVWest Virginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMineral Wells //
USAWYCasper Speedwaydirt ovalCasper //
USAWYGillette Thunder Speedwaydirt ovalGillette //
USAWYSweetwater Speedwaydirt ovalRock Springs //

Tracks with Non TrackChaser Classes or Formats

USAKSAirport Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalGarden City 09/09/2017Junior Winged Outlaw Karts / Flat Karts

Non TrackChaser Tracks

USAOHDragway 42paved drag stripWest Salem //Drag Racing
USAOHSummit Motorsport Parkpaved drag stripNorwalk //Drag Racing

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