Seattle Kingdome Attendees

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Duane "Pancho" Carter (Driver) Racine, WI, USA 10/22/1977
Chris Economaki (Deceased) Ridgewood, NJ, USA 03//1977
Mel Kenyon (Driver) Lebanon, IN, USA 03/04/1977
Kevin Olson (Driver) (Deceased) Machesney Park, IL, USA 03/04/1977
Jan Opperman (Driver) (Deceased) Noxon, MT, USA 03/04/1977
Johnny Parsons Jr. (Driver) Indianapolis, IN, USA 10/22/1977
Johnny Rutherford (Driver) River Oaks, TX, USA 10/22/1977
Rich Vogler (Driver) (Deceased) Chicago, IL, USA 10/22/1977


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