North Texas Motor Speedway Attendees

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Bobby Allen (Driver) Hanover, PA, USA 03/16/1990
Paul Arch Coraopolis, PA, USA //1991
Dave Blaney (Driver) High Point, NC, USA 03/16/1990
Allan Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 06/15/1990
Nancy Brown Comstock Park, MI, USA 06/15/1990
Shane Carson (Driver) Yukon, OK, USA 06/15/1990
Bobby Davis Jr. (Driver) Memphis, TN, USA 03/16/1990
Kevin Eckert Speedway, IN, USA //
Ed Esser (Deceased) Madison, WI, USA //
Joe Gaerte (Driver) Rochester, IN, USA 03/16/1990
Terry Gray (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 03/17/1990
Jac Haudenschild (Driver) Wooster, OH, USA 03/16/1990
Robert Helmick Orlando, FL, USA 09//1996
Johnny Herrera (Driver) Albuquerque, NM, USA 03/16/1990
Jack Hewitt (Driver) Palatka, FL, USA 03/16/1990
Greg Hodnett (Driver) (Deceased) Spring Grove, PA, USA 03/29/1991
Kenny Jacobs (Driver) Holmesville, OH, USA 10/18/1991
Keith Kauffman (Driver) Mifflintown, PA, USA 03/16/1990
Frankie Kerr (Driver) Fremont, OH, USA 03/16/1990
Gordy Killian Wyomissing, PA, USA //
Mark Kinser (Driver) Oolitic, IN, USA 03/16/1990
Steve Kinser (Driver) Bloomington, IN, USA 03/16/1990
Danny Lasoski (Driver) Dover, MO, USA 03/16/1990
John Lehmann Kirkville, NY, USA 03/30/1991
Alan Skinrood (Deceased) Livermore, CA, USA //
Danny Smith (Driver) Chillicothe, OH, USA 03/29/1991
Stevie Smith (Driver) Broken Arrow, OK, USA 00/30/1991
Chris Stepan St. Cloud, MN, USA //
Jeff Swindell (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 10/18/1991
Sammy Swindell (Driver) Bartlett, TN, USA 03/16/1990
Doug Wolfgang (Driver) Sioux Falls, SD, USA 03/16/1990
Gary Wright (Driver) Hooks, TX, USA 06/15/1990


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