Champlain Valley Exposition Attendees

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Mario Andretti (Driver) Nazareth, PA, USA 08/31/1962
Chris Economaki (Deceased) Ridgewood, NJ, USA //1955
Andy Fusco (Deceased) Auburn, NY, USA 08/30/1975
Tommy Hinnershitz (Driver) (Deceased) Oley, PA, USA 09/03/1948
PJ Hollebrand Webster, NY, USA 08/30/1975
Pappy Hough (Driver) (Deceased) Paterson, NJ, USA //
Bing Metz Tatamy, PA, USA //
Blu Metz Easton, PA, USA //
Eleanor Weidman Rensselaer, NY, USA //
Paul Weidman Rensselaer, NY, USA //


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