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Frankie Kerr (Driver)
Fremont, OH, USA
172 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
CANPQCircuit Gilles Villeneuvepaved road circuitMontréal 08/20/2009NASCAR Crew Chief
USAALEast Alabama Motor Speedwaydirt ovalPhenix City 03/03/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAALTalladega Superspeedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalTalladega 04/29/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAARI-30 Speedwaydirt ovalBryant 10/25/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAARRiverside Speedwaydirt ovalWest Memphis 19/13/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAAZManzanita Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalPhoenix 10/18/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAAZPhoenix International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalPhoenix 02/04/1996Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Car
USAAZPhoenix International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalPhoenix 04/21/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USACABakersfield Speedwaydirt ovalOildale 11/23/1995Raced: USAC Midget. Turkey Night Grand Prix.
USACACalifornia Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalFontana 02/25/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USACASears Pointpaved road circuitSonoma 06/24/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USADEDover International Speedway (Superspeedway)concrete ovalDover 09/23/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USADEGeorgetown Speedwaydirt ovalStockley 11/03/1990Raced: Sprint Car
USADEUS 13 Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar 04/29/1978Raced: Modified
USAFLCharlotte County Speedwaypaved ovalTropical Gulf Acres 02/11/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDaytona Beach 02/18/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAFLEast Bay Raceway Parkdirt ovalGibsonton 02/08/1985Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLFlorida State Fairgroundsdirt ovalTampa 02/09/1987Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Car
USAFLHomestead-Miami Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHomestead 11/18/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAFLJAX Racewaysdirt ovalJacksonville 01/30/1987Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLOcala Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 02/09/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLPutnam County Speedwaydirt ovalSatsuma 02/03/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (Original Track)dirt ovalBarberville 02/03/1985Raced: Sprint Car
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (Original Track)paved ovalBarberville 02/07/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAFLVolusia Speedway Park (2nd Track)dirt ovalBarberville 02/09/1994Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHampton 03/20/2005NASCAR Crew Chief
USAGADixie Speedwaydirt ovalWoodstock 11/17/1989Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAGAOglethorpe Speedwaydirt ovalPooler 02/26/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAGARome Speedwaydirt ovalRome 11/18/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAGASenoia Speedwaypaved ovalSenoia 11/13/1993Raced: AWOL Sprint Car
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington 05/31/1998Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAIAHamilton County Speedwydirt ovalWebster City 06/04/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAIAIowa Speedwaypaved ovalNewton 08/15/2015NASCAR Crew Chief
USAIAKnoxville Racewaydirt ovalKnoxville 08/16/1989Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAILChicagoland Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalJoliet 07/15/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAILFairbury Legion Speedwaydirt ovalFairbury 06/10/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILFarmer City Racewaydirt ovalFarmer City 07/31/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILGodfrey Speedwaydirt ovalGodfrey 05/21/1997Raced: Sprint Car
USAILJacksonville Speedwaydirt ovalJacksonville 05/19/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILKankakee Motor Speedwaydirt ovalKankakee 07/24/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILLaSalle Speedwaydirt ovalLaSalle 09/19/1993Raced: IRA Sprint Car
USAILMacon Speedwaydirt ovalMacon 07/21/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILMount Vernon Racewaydirt ovalMount Vernon 09/22/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAILPeoria Speedwaydirt ovalPeoria 08/30/1990Raced: Sprint Car
USAILQuincy Racewaysdirt ovalQuincy 07/26/1990Raced: Sprint Car
USAILRoute 66 Raceway Parkdirt ovalJoliet 07/26/1998Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAILSanta Fe Speedwaydirt ovalWillow Springs 05/11/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAILTri-City Speedwaydirt ovalGranite City 09/20/1989Raced: Sprint Car
USAILVermillion County Speedwaydirt ovalDanville 07/10/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAINBloomington Speedwaydirt ovalBloomington 04/25/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINBrownstown Speedwaydirt ovalBrownstown 05/13/1992Raced: CRA Sprint Car
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalIndianapolis 05/24/1985Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars. Hulman Hundred.
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalSpeedway 07/29/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved ovalClermont 05/18/1996Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Car
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo 07/18/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt ovalLawrenceburg 09/14/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAINLincoln Park Speedwaydirt ovalPutnamville 08/22/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute 07/07/1991Raced USAC Sprint Car. Jim Hurtubise Classic.
USAINTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalHaubstadt 05/13/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAINTwin Cities Raceway Parkdirt ovalNorth Vernon 04/15/1992Raced: Sprint Car
USAINUnion County Speedwaydirt ovalLiberty 05/21/1991Raced: CRA Sprint Car
USAKS81 Speedwaydirt ovalWichita 05/18/1992Raced: CRA Sprint Car
USAKSBelleville High Banksdirt ovalBelleville 08/20/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAKSKansas Speedwaypaved ovalKansas City 09/30/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAKSKansas State Fairgroundsdirt ovalHutchinson 10/15/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAKSNew Lakeside Speedwaypaved ovalKansas City 11/09/1991Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAKSSalina Speedwaydirt ovalSalina 08/18/1999Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAKSThunderhill Speedwaydirt ovalMayetta 08/20/1995Raced: Sprint Car
USAKSWaKeeney Speedwaydirt ovalWaKeeney 08/19/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAKYKentucky Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalSparta 07/09/2011NASCAR Crew Chief
USAKYMountain Motor Racing Complexdirt ovalIsom 05/09/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 04/03/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAMIButler Motor Speedwaydirt ovalButler 07/12/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMICrystal Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCrystal 09/06/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMIHartford Speedway Parkdirt ovalHartford 05/26/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMII-96 Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalLake Odessa 05/06/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMIIonia Raceway Parkdirt ovalLake Odessa 07/12/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMIMichigan International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalBrooklyn 06/17/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAMO24 Raceway Parkdirt ovalMoberly 09/23/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USAMOBenton Race Parkdirt ovalBenton 09/21/1997Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMOI-55 Racewaydirt ovalPevely 04/14/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAMOJoplin 66 Speedwaydirt ovalJoplin 03/24/2000Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAMOMissouri State Fairgrounds (Short Track)dirt ovalSedalia 08/27/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMOSaint Francois County Speedwaydirt ovalFarmington 05/20/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAMSPike County Speedwaydirt ovalMagnolia 03/23/1994Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHarrisburg 10/13/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USANEEagle Racewaydirt ovalEagle 05/29/1998Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USANEState Fair Park Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 08/21/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USANHNH International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLoudon 07/01/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USANJAcella Speedwaydirt ovalHightstown 09/23/1979Raced: Modified
USANJBridgeport Speedwaydirt ovalBridgeport 04/01/1979Raced: Modified
USANJFlemington Fair Speedwaydirt ovalFlemington 04/24/1982Raced: Modified. Northeast Dirt Track Series.
USANJFlemington Fair Speedwaypaved ovalFlemington 11/02/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USANMSouthern New Mexico Speedwaydirt ovalLas Cruces 03/09/1999Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Dirt Track Outer)dirt ovalLas Vegas 03/05/1999Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLas Vegas 03/02/2008NASCAR Crew Chief
USANYCanandaugua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 06/08/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon 06/06/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSyracuse 10/07/1979Raced: Modified
USANYOrange County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalMiddletown 05/02/1982Raced: Modified. Northeast Dirt Track Series.
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville 05/26/2000Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge 06/07/1988Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USANYWatkins Glenpaved road circuitWatkins Glen 08/12/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica 04/05/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston 10/06/1985Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars. Four Crown Nationals.
USAOHExpo Speedwaydirt ovalCortland 07/27/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHFremont Speedwaydirt ovalFremont 07/07/1989Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHK-C Racewaydirt ovalAlma 05/11/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHLimaland Motorsports Parkdirt ovalAllentown 08/25/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHMansfield Speedwaydirt ovalMansfield 07/02/1986Raced: ASCOC Sprint Car
USAOHMid-Ohio Sports Car Coursepaved road circuitLexington 08/15/2015NASCAR Crew Chief
USAOHMillstream Speedwaydirt ovalFindlay 07/02/1989Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHMuskingum County Speedwaydirt ovalDresden 06/30/1993Raced: Sprint Car
USAOHPortsmouth Raceway Parkdirt ovalPortsmouth 06/21/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHRaceway 7dirt ovalBushnell 08/24/1994Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHSharon Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 04/13/1986Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHSkyline Speedwaydirt ovalStewart 07/02/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHSouthern Ohio Racewaydirt ovalPortsmouth 05/25/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOHWayne County Speedwaydirt ovalOrrville 07/01/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOKEnid Motor Speedwaydirt ovalEnid 08/25/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAOKState Fair Speedwaydirt ovalOklahoma City 07/21/1985Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars.
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa 01/13/1995Raced: Midget. Chili Bowl.
USAOKTulsa Speedwaydirt ovalTulsa 00/07/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPAChallenger Racewaydirt ovalKent 06/16/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPAClinton County Speedwaydirt ovalMackeyville 08/09/1989Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 08/12/1984Raced: URC Sprint Car
USAPAHickory Speedwaydirt ovalNew Castle 06/17/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaydirt ovalJennerstown 05/15/1985Raced: Sprint Car
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver 05/23/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 05/05/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAMercer Raceway Parkdirt ovalMercer 09/27/1997Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPANazareth Speedwaydirt ovalNazareth 03/27/1977Raced: Modified
USAPANazareth Speedway (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalNazareth 10/09/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAPath Valley Speedwaydirt ovalSpring Run 10/18/1991Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAPenn National Speedwaydirt ovalGrantville 05/25/1980Raced: Modified
USAPAPittsburgh Motor Speedwaydirt ovalImperial 06/28/1989Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPAPocono International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLong Pond 06/10/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal 06/04/1983Raced: Sprint Car
USAPAReading Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalReading 06/15/1979Raced: Modified
USAPASelinsgrove Speedwaydirt ovalSelinsgrove 06/20/1982Raced: MODCAR Modified
USAPASilver Spring Speedwaydirt ovalMechanicsburg 08/21/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USAPASportsman's Speedwaydirt ovalElk City 08/04/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPASusquehanna Speedwaydirt ovalNewberrytown 07/15/1984Raced: Sprint Car
USAPATri-City Speedwaydirt ovalDempseytown 06/16/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 08/13/1982Raced: MODCAR Modified
USASCCherokee Super Speedwaydirt ovalGaffney 03/25/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USASCDarlington Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDarlington 05/13/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USASCI-85 Speedwaydirt ovalGreer 07/10/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USASDI-90 Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 05/28/1998Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USATNAtomic Motor Speedwaydirt ovalKingston 07/13/1997Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USATNBristol Motor Speedwaypaved ovalBristol 04/03/2005NASCAR Crew Chief
USATNCrossville Racewaydirt ovalCrossville 10/28/1994Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkdirt ovalMillington 04/01/1989Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATNSmoky Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalMaryville 11/17/1990Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USATNVolunteer Speedwaydirt ovalBulls Gap 07/16/1993Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USATXBattleground Speedwaydirt ovalHighlands 03/24/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USATXDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalMesquite 03/17/1989Raced: USA Sprint Car
USATXNorth Texas Motor Speedwaydirt ovalRoyse City 03/16/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXTexas Motor Speedwaydirt ovalJustin 03/30/2000Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USATXTexas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalJustin 11/14/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAVAMartinsville Speedwaypaved ovalMartinsville 04/01/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAVARichmond International Racewaypaved ovalRichmond 06/15/1996Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Car
USAVARichmond International Racewaypaved ovalRichmond 05/06/2007NASCAR Crew Chief
USAWIHales Corners Speedwaydirt ovalHales Corners 08/22/1990Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAWIRaceway @ Powercom Parkdirt ovalBeaver Dam 07/13/1996Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWIRoad Americapaved road circuitElkhart Lake 08/29/2015NASCAR Crew Chief
USAWISheboygan County Fair Parkdirt ovalPlymouth 08/02/1995Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWIWilmot Speedwaydirt ovalWilmot 06/11/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWVInterstate 79 Speedwaydirt ovalShinnston 08/05/1992Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWVOhio Valley Speedwaydirt ovalLubeck 06/23/1991Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWVPennsboro Speedwaydirt ovalPennsboro 09/18/1983Raced: ASCoC Sprint Car
USAWVWest Virginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMineral Wells 08/11/1985Raced: USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars

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