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Bob Senneker (Driver)
Dorr, MI, USA
110 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
CANABRace City Speedwaypaved ovalCalgary 07/10/1988Raced: ASA Late Model
CANONCayuga International Speedwaypaved ovalNelles Corners 08/03/1969Raced:
CANONFlamboro Speedwaypaved ovalFreelton 08/02/1969Raced:
CANONMosport Park Racewaypaved road circuitMosport 09/20/1992Raced: ASA Late Model
CANONNilestown Speedwaydirt ovalNilestown //Raced: c. 1967
CANONPeterborough Speedwaypaved ovalPeterborough 08/13/1967Raced:
CANONPinecrest Speedwaypaved ovalMaple 08/12/1967Raced:
CANONSunset Speedwaypaved ovalStroud //Raced: c. 1967
CANPQSainair Internationalpaved ovalSaint-Pie //Raced: c. 1980 SSC Late Model
USAALBirmingham International Racewaypaved ovalBirmingham 03/29/1981Raced: APRA Late Model
USAALMobile International Speedwaypaved ovalIrvington //Raced: c. 1969
USAALMontgomery Motor Speedwaypaved ovalMontgomery //Raced: c. 1969
USACOColorado National Speedwaypaved ovalErie //1994Raced: ASA Late Model
USACOPikes Peak International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalFountain //1998Raced: ASA Late Model
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDaytona Beach 02/25/1968Raced: NASCAR Cup
USAFLDeSoto Memorial Speedwaypaved ovalBradenton 05/02/1998Raced: ASA Late Model
USAFLFive Flags Speedwaypaved ovalPensacola 12/07/1969Raced:
USAFLGolden Gate Speedwaypaved ovalTampa //Raced: c. 1969
USAFLHialeah Speedwaypaved ovalHialeah //Raced: c. 1969
USAFLMiami-Hollywood Speedwaypaved ovalPembroke Pines 11/11/1977Raced:
USAFLNew Smyrna Speedwaypaved ovalSamsula //Raced: c. 1969
USAFLUSA International Speedwaypaved ovalLakeland 02/11/1996Raced: ASA Late Models
USAGAAtlanta International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHampton 03/27/1983Raced: NASCAR Cup
USAGAMacon Racewaypaved ovalByron //Raced: c. 1982 APRA Late Model
USAGAPeach State Speedwaypaved ovalJefferson 06/23/1983Raced: APRA Late Model
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedwaypaved ovalCedar Rapids 07/04/1994Raced: ASA Late Model
USAILGrundy County Speedwaypaved ovalMorris //Raced: c. 1968. ARTGO Late Model
USAILRockford Speedwaypaved ovalLoves Park //1966Raced: Late Model. Short Track Nationals.
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved ovalAnderson //Raced: c. 1980. ASA Late Model
USAINAvilla Motor Speedwaypaved ovalAvilla 07/29/1972Raced:
USAINBaer Field Racewaypaved ovalFort Wayne //1966Raced:
USAINChase Speedwaydirt ovalChase //1977Raced: ASA Late Model
USAINIlliana Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSchererville //Raced: c. 1967
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved ovalClermont //Raced: c. 1973
USAINSalem Speedwaypaved ovalSalem //Raced: c. 1980. ASA Late Model
USAINSouth Bend Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Bend //Raced: c. 1969
USAINSteuben County Speedwaydirt ovalAngola 07/29/1972Raced:
USAINWinchester Speedwaypaved ovalWinchester //1974Raced: ASA Late Model
USAKSHeartland Parkpaved road circuitTopeka 08/01/1993Raced: ASA Late Model
USAKYLouisville Motor Speedwaypaved ovalLouisville 06/11/1994Raced: ASA Late Model
USALAPelican International Racewaypaved ovalPrairieville //Raced: c. 1974. MASCAR Late Model
USAMIAuto City Speedwaydirt ovalClio 09/24/1967Raced:
USAMIAuto City Speedwaypaved ovalClio //Raced: c. 1987
USAMIBerlin Racewaypaved ovalMarne 05/07/1966Raced:
USAMIButler Motor Speedwaydirt ovalButler 06/07/1967Raced:
USAMIClarke's Motor Speedwaydirt ovalLake Odessa //1972Raced:
USAMIDixie Motor Speedwaypaved ovalBirch Run //Raced: c. 1969
USAMIFlat Rock Speedwaypaved ovalFlat Rock //1966Raced:
USAMIGalesburg Speedwaypaved ovalGalesburg //Raced: c. 1967
USAMIGrand Rapids Speedrome (Inner)paved ovalComstock Park //1962Raced:
USAMIGrand Rapids Speedrome (Outer)paved ovalComstock Park 06/11/1964Raced:
USAMIHartford Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 06/11/1965Raced:
USAMIHartford Motor Speedwaypaved ovalHartford //1971Raced:
USAMIJackson Motor Speedwaypaved ovalJackson 08/22/1965Raced:
USAMIKalamazoo County Fairgroundsdirt ovalKalamazoo 08/27/1965Raced:
USAMIKalamazoo Motor Speedwaypaved ovalKalamazoo //Raced: c. 1965
USAMIMichigan International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalBrooklyn 08/16/1970Raced: NASCAR Cup
USAMIMount Clemens Race Trackdirt ovalMount Clemens 08/06/1970Raced:
USAMIMount Clemens Race Trackpaved ovalMount Clemens //1973Raced:
USAMIOwosso Speedwaydirt ovalOwosso //1973Raced:
USAMIPontiac Silverdomeconcrete ovalPontiac 02/27/1983Raced: ASA Late Model
USAMIPontiac Silverdomedirt ovalPontiac 03/06/1982Raced: NDRA Late Model
USAMISpartan Speedwaypaved ovalMason 05/20/1966Raced:
USAMITri-City Motor Speedwaypaved ovalAuburn //Raced: c. 1969
USAMNBrainerd International Racewaypaved road circuitBrainerd 06/24/1994Raced: ASA Late Model
USAMNMinnesota State Fairgroundspaved ovalHamline //Raced: c. 1981 ASA Late Model
USAMOI-70 Speedwaypaved ovalOdessa //1972Raced:
USAMORolla Speedwaypaved ovalRolla 06/29/1974Raced: MASCAR
USAMOSpringfield Fair Speedwaypaved ovalSpringfield //Raced: c. 1978 MASCAR
USAMSJackson International Speedwaypaved ovalClinton //Raced: c. 1973
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHarrisburg 10/11/1981Raced: NASCAR Cup
USANCConcord Motorsports Parkpaved ovalConcord //1992Raced:
USANCOrange County Speedwaypaved ovalRougemont 05/30/1998Raced: ASA Late Model
USANCSouthern National Speedwaypaved ovalKenly 04/06/1997Raced: ASA Late Model
USANHLee USA Speedwaypaved ovalLee //Raced: c. 1980
USANYHolland Speedwaypaved ovalHolland //Raced: c. 1967
USANYLancaster Speedwaypaved ovalClarence //Raced: c. 1967
USANYOswego Speedway (Outer)paved ovalOswego 07/20/1985Raced: ASA Late Model
USANYWatkins Glen Internationalpaved road circuitWatkins Glen //Raced: c. 1967
USANYWyoming County Speedwaypaved ovalPerry //c. 1967
USAOHCloverleaf Stadiumpaved ovalValley View //Raced: c. 1967
USAOHColumbus Motor Speedwaypaved ovalColumbus 08/02/1972Raced: ASA Late Model
USAOHDayton Speedwaypaved ovalDayton //Raced: c. 1980
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston //1971Raced:
USAOHLorain County Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Amherst //Raced: c. 1967
USAOHMidvale Speedwaypaved ovalMidvale //Raced: c. 1967
USAOHNew Bremen Speedwaypaved ovalNew Bremen 09/14/1969Raced:
USAOHQueen City Speedwaypaved ovalWestchester //1981Raced:
USAOHSandusky Speedwaypaved ovalSandusky //Raced: c. 1967
USAOHSharon Speedwaypaved ovalHartford 09/17/1979Raced:
USAOHToledo Speedwaypaved ovalToledo //Raced: c. 1978
USAOKTri-State Speedwaypaved ovalPocola 04/01/1973Raced: MASCAR
USAPAHeidelberg Racewaydirt ovalCarnegie //1966Raced:
USAPAHeidelberg Racewaypaved ovalCarnegie 05/25/1968Raced:
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaypaved ovalJennerstown 10/28/1990Raced: ASA Late Model
USASCMyrtle Beach Speedwaypaved ovalMyrtle Beach //Raced: c. 1982 ASA Late Model
USATNBristol International Racewaypaved ovalBristol 05/22/1982Raced: ASA Late Model
USATNNashville Fairgrounds Speedwaypaved ovalNashville 10/31/1982Raced:
USAVALangley Speedwaypaved ovalHampton //Raced: c. 1982
USAVALonesome Pine Racewaypaved ovalCoeburn 06/05/1982Raced: ASA Late Model
USAVAMartinsville Speedwaypaved ovalMartinsville //Raced: c. 1982. NASCAR Grand National (LMS)
USAVARichmond Fairgrounds Racewaypaved ovalRichmond 05/11/1980Raced: NASCAR Grand American
USAWICapitol Speedwaypaved ovalOregon //Raced: c. 1980. ARTGO Late Model
USAWIColumbus 151 Speedwaypaved ovalColumbus //Raced: c. 1973
USAWIDells Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWisconsin Dells //Raced: c. 1973
USAWIGolden Sands Speedwaypaved ovalPlover //Raced: c. 1973
USAWILaCrosse Fairgroundspaved ovalWest Salem //Raced: c. 1973
USAWISlinger Speedwaypaved ovalSlinger //Raced: c. 1973
USAWIWisconsin International Racewaypaved ovalKaukauna //Raced: c. 1973
USAWIWisconsin State Fairgrounds (Superspeedway)paved ovalWest Allis 05/07/1978Raced: ASA Late Model

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