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Allan Brown
Comstock Park, MI, USA
1320 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
CANMBVictory Lane Speedwaydirt ovalWinnipeg 07/07/1999
CANONBarrie Speedway (Original Oval)paved ovalOro Station 08/27/1983
CANONBrampton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrampton 09/15/2004
CANONBrighton Speedway Parkdirt ovalBrighton 07/07/2007
CANONBrockville Ontario Speedwaydirt ovalAddison 07/16/2016
CANONCapital City Speedwaypaved ovalStittsville 06/20/2012
CANONCayuga International Speedwaypaved ovalNelles Corners 08/02/1976
CANONCayuga International Speedway (Inner)paved ovalNelles Corners 08/27/1983
CANONChecker Flag Speedwaydirt ovalWindsor 10/08/1972
CANONChecker Flag Speedwaypaved ovalWindsor 09/03/1977
CANONCNE Exhibition Placepaved street circuitToronto 07/07/2007
CANONCornwall Speedwaydirt ovalCornwall 07/17/2016
CANONDelaware International Speedwaypaved ovalDelaware 09/04/1981
CANONDorchester Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDorchester 10/08/2005
CANONFlamboro Speedwaypaved ovalFreelton 09/05/1981
CANONGrand Bend Speedwaypaved ovalGrand Bend 08/06/2006
CANONHumberstone Speedwaydirt ovalPort Colborne 06/27/1982
CANONKawartha Downs Speedwaypaved ovalFraserville 07/14/2000
CANONLaird International Racewaypaved ovalEcho Bay 09/12/2002
CANONLondon Gardensconcrete ovalLondon 01/15/2005
CANONMerrittville Speedwaydirt ovalThorold 07/01/1985
CANONMosport Parkpaved road circuitMosport 05/21/1995
CANONOhsweken Speedwaydirt ovalOhsweken 09/16/2004
CANONOhsweken Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalOhsweken 07/25/2014
CANONPeterborough Speedwaypaved ovalPeterborough 10/08/2005
CANONRockton Fairgroundsdirt figure eightRockton 10/09/2005
CANONSauble Speedwaypaved ovalSauble Beach 09/06/1981
CANONSouth Buxton Racewaydirt ovalSouth Buxton 08/05/2006
CANONSunset International Speedwaypaved ovalStroud 05/21/1995
CANONToronto Skydomeconcrete ovalToronto 01/16/1993
CANONVarney Speedwaypaved ovalDurham 09/06/1981
CANONWonderland Speedwaydirt ovalLambeth 07/06/2007
CANPQAutodrome Chaudierpaved ovalVallée-Jonction 06/23/2012
CANPQAutodrome Drummonddirt ovalSt-Majorique 07/26/2014
CANPQAutodrome Granbydirt ovalGranby 06/22/2012
CANPQAutodrome Saint-Eustachepaved ovalSaint-Eustache 07/15/2000
CANSKAuto Clearing Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSaskatoon 08/30/2014
CANSKEstevan Motor Speedwaydirt ovalEstevan 07/13/2009
GBRENGArena Essex Racewaypaved ovalWest Thurrock 08/26/2006
GBRENGArlington Stadiumconcrete ovalArlington 08/30/2006
GBRENGBelle Vue Greyhound Stadiumdirt ovalBelle Vue 04/12/2004
GBRENGBrampton Racewaydirt ovalBrampton en le Morthen 04/12/2004
GBRENGBrands Hatch paved road circuitFawkham Green 08/26/2006
GBRENGBuxton Racewaypaved ovalBuxton 04/12/2004
GBRENGCoventry International Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBrandon 09/02/2006
GBRENGJavelin Park Showgrounddirt ovalLittle Haresfield 09/02/2006
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved figure eightShipham 08/28/2006
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved ovalShipham 08/28/2006
GBRENGMildenhall Stadiumdirt ovalMildenhall 04/09/2004
GBRENGNorthampton International Racewaypaved ovalBrafield on the Green 09/01/2006
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalRockingham 09/09/2006
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalRockingham 09/09/2006
GBRENGSheffield Stadiumdirt ovalSheffield 04/11/2004
GBRENGSilverstone Circuitpaved road circuitSilverstone 04/10/2004
GBRENGSkegness Stadiumpaved ovalOrby 04/10/2004
GBRENGWimbledon Stadiumpaved ovalLondon 08/27/2006
GBRENGYarmouth Stadiumpaved ovalGreat Yarmouth 08/31/2006
USAAKCapitol Speedwaydirt ovalWillow 08/23/2014Track #1132. Sportsman. 12-laps. Jeffrey Wallace.
USAAKMitchell Racewaydirt ovalFairbanks 08/22/2014Track #1131. Sportsman. 15-laps. Steve Martin.
USAAKNorth Pole Speedwaypaved ovalNorth Pole 08/21/2014Track #1130. Legend Cars. 25-laps. Alan Trettel.
USAAKTwin City Racewaydirt ovalKenai 08/11/1980Track #436. Sportsman. Randy Barnes. 2 visits.
USAALAlabama Int. Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalTalladega 08/01/1980
USAALAlabama International Motor Speedwaypaved road circuitTalladega 08/09/1975
USAALBarber Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitLeeds 10/14/2007
USAALBirmingham International Racewaypaved ovalBirmingham 08/08/1975
USAALButler County Motorsports Parkdirt ovalGreenville 10/20/2007
USAALEast Alabama Motor Speedwaydirt ovalPhenix City 10/25/1982
USAALGreen Valley Speedwaydirt ovalGlencoe 05/26/2000
USAALHuntsville Speedwaypaved ovalHuntsville 07/31/1981
USAALMobile International Speedwaypaved ovalIrvington 10/02/1981
USAALMontgomery Motor Speedwaypaved ovalMontgomery 11/17/2009
USAALMoulton Speedwaydirt ovalMoulton 07/01/2006
USAALNorth Alabama Speedwaydirt ovalTuscumbia 08/08/1982
USAALPenton Racewaydirt ovalPenton 05/31/2002
USAALSayre Speedwaypaved ovalSayre 04/21/2018
USAALSouth Alabama Speedwaypaved ovalOpp 10/21/2007
USAALTalladega Short Trackdirt ovalTalladega 08/01/1981
USAARBatesville Speedwaydirt ovalLocust Grove 07/26/1993
USAARCenterville Super Speedwaydirt ovalCenterville 08/31/2008
USAARCrowley's Ridge Racewaydirt ovalParagould 08/26/1988
USAARI-30 Speedwaydirt ovalBryant 09/30/1981
USAARPoinsett County Speedwaydirt ovalHarrisburg 10/30/1999
USAARRiverside Speedwaydirt ovalWest Memphis 08/29/1975
USAARStateline Speedwaydirt ovalTexarkana 07/29/1983
USAAZArizona Speedway @ ET Motoparkdirt ovalApache Junction 10/01/2011
USAAZCanyon Speedway Parkdirt ovalAdobe 09/24/2011
USAAZCocopah Speedwaydirt ovalYuma 03/01/2013
USAAZFirebird International Raceway (Mondo Course)paved road circuitChandler 09/24/2011
USAAZIndie Motorsports Ranchpaved road circuitWillcox 10/01/2011
USAAZManzanita Speedwaydirt ovalPhoenix 10/22/1980
USAAZPhoenix International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalPhoenix 02/28/1993
USAAZSaint Johns Airportpaved airfield circuitSt. Johns 09/05/2004
USAAZSpeedworld Off-Road Parkdirt off road circuitWittman 09/24/2011
USAAZThunder Racewaydirt ovalShow Low 09/05/2004
USAAZTucson International Speedwaydirt ovalTucson 03/02/2013
USAAZTucson International Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalTucson 03/02/2013
USACAAll American Speedwaypaved ovalRoseville 03/12/1978
USACAAltamont Raceway Parkpaved ovalTracy 09/26/1982
USACAAntioch Speedwaydirt ovalAntioch 09/03/1994
USACAAscot Parkdirt ovalGardena 10/22/1977
USACABakersfield Speedwaydirt ovalOildale 09/02/1990
USACABaylands Raceway Parkdirt ovalFremont 09/26/1982
USACAButtonwillow Raceway Parkpaved road circuitButtonwillow 09/01/1996
USACACalifornia Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalFontana 09/04/2004
USACACalistoga Speedwaydirt ovalCalistoga 08/31/1986
USACAChowchilla Speedwaydirt ovalChowchilla 09/01/2003
USACACorona Racewaydirt ovalCorona 09/24/1984
USACACycleland Speedwaydirt ovalNelson 09/15/1998
USACADelta Speedwaydirt ovalStockton 10/05/2007
USACAErnie Purssell Memorial Speedwaydirt ovalGrass Valley 09/05/1988
USACAInfineon Racewaypaved road circuitSonoma 10/25/2009
USACAIrwindale Speedwaypaved ovalIrwindale 09/01/2001
USACAKern County Raceway Parkpaved ovalBakersfield 11/19/2017
USACAKings Speedwaydirt ovalHanford 08/22/1986
USACALaguna Seca Racewaypaved road circuitMonterey 09/08/1996
USACALakeport Speedwaypaved ovalLakeport 06/24/1989
USACALancaster Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLancaster 08/29/2003
USACAMadera Speedwaypaved ovalMadera 09/19/1984
USACAMerced Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalMerced 08/23/1986
USACAMesa Marin Racewaypaved ovalBakersfield 10/23/1977
USACANaval Air Station North Islandpaved street circuitCoronado 10/07/2007
USACAOrange Show Speedwaypaved ovalSan Bernardino 09/23/1984
USACAOrland Speedwaydirt ovalOrland 10/24/2009
USACAPerris Auto Speedwaydirt ovalPerris 08/31/1996
USACAPetaluma Speedwaydirt ovalPetaluma 09/10/1994
USACAPlacerville Speedwaydirt ovalPlacerville 10/01/1982
USACAPlaza Park Racewaydirt ovalVisalia 11/17/2017
USACARedwood Acres Racewaydirt ovalEureka 06/22/1983
USACARiverside Int. Raceway (NASCAR Circuit)paved road circuitRiverside 01/18/1969NASCAR Grand National
USACASan Jose Fair Speedwaydirt ovalSan Jose 09/07/1989
USACASanta Maria Speedwaydirt ovalSanta Maria 08/31/1990
USACAShasta Speedwaypaved ovalAnderson 10/03/1982
USACASilver Dollar Speedwaydirt ovalChico 09/23/1982
USACAStockton 99 Speedwaypaved ovalStockton 10/02/1977
USACAThunderbowl Racewaydirt ovalTulare 09/02/2003
USACAThunderhill Raceway Parkpaved road circuitWillows 10/24/2009
USACATwin Cities Speedwaydirt ovalMarysville 09/02/1996
USACAUkiah Speedwaypaved ovalUkiah 09/10/2016
USACAVentura Racewaydirt ovalVentura 09/02/2000
USACAVictorville Auto Racewaydirt ovalVictorville 10/06/2007
USACAWatsonville Speedwaydirt figure eightWatsonville 09/21/1984
USACAWatsonville Speedwaydirt ovalWatsonville 09/21/1984
USACAWest Capital Speedwaydirt ovalSacramento 10/01/1977
USACAWillow Springs International Racewaypaved road circuitRosamond 09/22/1984Returned for a full show on 10/06/2007
USACOColorado National Speedwaydirt ovalErie 09/17/1982
USACOColorado National Speedwaypaved figure eightErie 09/01/1991
USACOColorado National Speedwaypaved ovalErie 09/01/1991
USACOColorado Springs International Speedwaypaved ovalColorado Springs 10/09/1977
USACOI-25 Speedwaypaved ovalPueblo 09/19/1982Returned for full show on 06/25/2011
USACOI-76 Speedwaydirt ovalFort Morgan 09/08/1990
USACOLakeside Speedwaypaved ovalDenver 07/22/1975
USACOPhillips County Speedwaydirt ovalHolyoke 09/15/1999
USACOPikes Peak Internationalpaved ovalFountain 08/29/1999
USACORocky Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalCommerce City 09/16/1989Returned for full show on 08/28/1991
USACOSecond Creek Racewaypaved road circuitCommerce City 08/12/2000
USACTLime Rock Parkpaved road circuitLime Rock 08/01/1980
USACTStafford Motor Speedwaypaved ovalStafford Springs 08/01/1980
USACTThompson Speedwaypaved ovalThompson 07/07/1968
USACTWaterford Speedbowlpaved ovalWaterford 08/14/1991
USADCRobert F. Kennedy Stadiumpaved parking lot circuitWashington 07/20/2002
USADEAirport Speedwaydirt ovalNew Castle 06/01/1995
USADEDover Downs International Speedway (Superspeedway)concrete ovalDover 06/03/1973
USADEGeorgetown Speedwaydirt ovalStockley 08/02/2013
USADESeaford Speedwaydirt ovalMiddleford 05/28/1987
USADEUS 13 Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar 05/23/1987
USAFLAuburndale Speedwaypaved ovalAuburndale 02/10/2001
USAFLBronson Motor Speedwaypaved ovalBronson 02/12/1989
USAFLBronson Motor Speedwaypaved road circuitBronson 02/10/2013
USAFLCharlotte County Speedwaypaved ovalPunta Gorda 02/03/1991
USAFLCitrus County Speedwaypaved figure eightInverness 02/10/1995
USAFLCitrus County Speedwaypaved ovalInverness 02/10/1995
USAFLColumbia County Speedwaydirt ovalEllisville 02/10/1983
USAFLColumbia Motorsports Parkpaved ovalEllisville 02/09/1997
USAFLDaytona Beach Memorial Coliseumdirt ovalDaytona Beach 02/24/1966
USAFLDaytona International Speedwaypaved road circuitDaytona Beach 02/21/1969
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalDaytona Beach 02/18/2013
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDaytona Beach 02/20/1966
USAFLDesoto Memorial Speedwaypaved ovalBradenton 04/08/1981
USAFLDesoto Memorial Speedway (Inner)paved ovalBradenton 11/09/2013
USAFLEast Bay Raceway Parkdirt ovalGibsonton 02/10/1978
USAFLFestival Parkdirt ovalZephyrhills 11/15/2008
USAFLFive Flags Speedwaypaved ovalPensacola 12/04/1977
USAFLFlorida State Fairgroundsdirt ovalTampa 02/09/1985
USAFLGolden Gate Speedwaypaved ovalTampa 02/11/1978
USAFLHialeah Speedwaypaved ovalHialeah 02/09/1991
USAFLHomestead-Miami Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHomestead 11/17/2006
USAFLJacksonville Speedwaydirt ovalJacksonville 02/15/1973
USAFLJAX Racewaydirt ovalJacksonville 02/11/1983
USAFLLake City Speedwaydirt ovalLake City 02/13/1977
USAFLLakeland Insterstate Racewaypaved ovalLakeland 02/11/1990
USAFLNew Hendry County Speedwaydirt ovalClewiston 02/10/2007
USAFLNew Smyrna Speedwaypaved ovalSamsula 02/19/1969
USAFLOcala Micro Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 11/19/2011
USAFLOcala Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 02/10/1985
USAFLOcala Speedwaypaved ovalOcala 09/13/2005
USAFLOrlando Speedworldpaved ovalBithlo 02/11/2002
USAFLPalm Beach International Speedwaypaved road circuitPalm Beach Gardens 02/19/2012
USAFLPutnam County Speedwaydirt ovalSatsuma 02/13/1990
USAFLSaint Augustine Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Augustine 02/11/1994
USAFLSaint Augustine Speedwaypaved ovalSaint Augustine 02/06/1998
USAFLSebring International Raceway (Full Course)paved airfield circuitSebring 02/10/1991
USAFLShowtime Speedwaypaved figure eightPinellas Park 02/09/2013
USAFLSouthern Racewaydirt ovalMilton 02/09/1996
USAFLSuncoast Domedirt ovalSaint Petersburg 02/07/1992
USAFLSunshine Speedwaypaved ovalPinellas Park 11/07/1981
USAFLThunder Cross Motorsports Parkdirt ovalOkeechobee 02/07/1998
USAFLUSA International Speedwaypaved ovalLakeland 02/11/1996
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (2nd Track)dirt ovalBarberville 02/08/1993
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (2nd Track)paved ovalBarberville 02/10/1998
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (Original Track)dirt ovalBarberville 02/16/1973
USAFLVolusia County Speedway (Original Track)paved ovalBarberville 02/08/1993
USAGAAtlanta International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHampton 05/11/1986Slightly lengthened and flipped 1.54 track on 08/31/2013.
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalHampton 05/30/2002
USAGABoyd's Speedwaydirt ovalRinggold 04/22/1988
USAGADixie Speedwaydirt ovalWoodstock 10/28/1979
USAGAGamecock Speedwaydirt ovalNewington 02/18/2017
USAGAGolden Isles Speedwaydirt ovalWaynesville 02/10/1996
USAGAGrand Prize of America Trackpaved road circuitSavannah 10/29/2016
USAGAHartwell Speedwaydirt ovalHartwell 08/04/1985
USAGAInterstate Racewaydirt ovalCordele 04/16/1988
USAGALanier National Speedwaypaved ovalBraselton 05/27/2000
USAGALanier Racewaydirt ovalBraselton 10/24/1982
USAGALavonia Speedwaydirt ovalLavonia 04/20/2018
USAGAMacon Racewaypaved ovalByron 08/28/1982
USAGANorth Georgia Speedwaydirt ovalChatsworth 06/15/2007
USAGAOglethorpe Speedway Parkdirt ovalPooler 10/10/2009
USAGAPeach State Motor Speedwaypaved ovalJefferson 11/15/1998
USAGARoad Atlantapaved road circuitBraselton 10/24/1982
USAGARoebling Road Racewaypaved road circuitBloomingdale 10/11/2009
USAGARome Speedwaydirt ovalRome 08/10/1980
USAGAScreven Motor Speedwaydirt ovalNewington 02/10/2012
USAGASenoia Speedwaypaved ovalSenoia 10/20/2001
USAGASouth Georgia Motorsports Parkpaved ovalCecil 11/11/2006
USAGASwainsboro Racewaydirt ovalSwainsboro 04/23/2004
USAGAThunderbowl Speedwaydirt ovalValdosta 02/10/1984
USAGAToccoa Speedwaydirt ovalToccoa 08/14/1982
USAGAWaycross Motor Speedwaydirt ovalWaycross 02/05/1982
USAGAWest Atlanta Speedwaydirt ovalDouglasville 03/20/1981
USAGAWinder-Barrow Speedwaydirt ovalWinder 05/27/2000
USAHIHawaii Raceway Parkdirt ovalKapolei 04/18/1987Track #377. Super Modifieds. 15-laps. Pete Lederer.
USAHIParadise Speedwaydirt ovalPuunene 09/05/2015Track #1138. Sportsman. 16-laps. John Perry.
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington 08/21/1995
USAIAAdams County Speedwaydirt ovalCorning 08/12/1986
USAIAAlgona Racewaydirt ovalAlgona 08/02/2003
USAIAAudubon Speedwaydirt ovalAudubon 06/09/1995
USAIAAvoca Fairgroundsdirt figure eightAvoca 07/06/2003
USAIABarnes City Racewaydirt figure eightBarnes City 09/08/2002
USAIABenton County Speedwaydirt ovalVinton 08/11/2002
USAIABlackbird Bend Speedwaydirt ovalOnawa 07/06/2003
USAIABloomfield Speedwaydirt ovalBloomfield 07/12/1995
USAIABoone Speedwaydirt ovalBoone 07/21/1981
USAIABrooklyn Racewaydirt figure eightBrooklyn 07/05/2003
USAIABrooklyn Racewaydirt ovalBrooklyn 07/05/2003
USAIABuena Vista Racewaydirt ovalAlta 07/08/1998
USAIAButler County Speedwaydirt ovalAllison 05/30/2003
USAIACalhoun County Speedwaydirt ovalRockwell City 09/16/2006
USAIACJ Racewaydirt ovalColumbus Junction 06/02/2000
USAIAClark County Speedwaydirt ovalOsceola 06/01/2013
USAIAClay County Speedwaydirt ovalSpencer 09/12/2007
USAIACrawford County Speedwaydirt ovalDenison 09/10/1999
USAIADallas County Motorsportsdirt figure eightAdel 09/21/2002
USAIADavenport Speedwaydirt ovalDavenport 07/11/1975
USAIADavenport Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalDavenport 04/20/2007
USAIADelaware County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightManchester 08/18/2002
USAIADubuque Fairgroundsdirt ovalDubuque 08/11/1988
USAIAEcho Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Union 09/11/1999
USAIAEnglish Creek Speedwaydirt ovalMelcher 07/16/2005
USAIAFarley Speedwaydirt ovalFarley 08/23/1990
USAIAFayette County Speedwaydirt ovalWest Union 07/23/2009
USAIAFlint Bottom Racewaydirt ovalBurlington 07/18/1999
USAIAGreat Jones County Fairgroundsdirt ovalMonticello 07/20/2013
USAIAGreenbelt Speedwaydirt ovalEldora 08/18/1996
USAIAGreene County Speedwaydirt ovalJefferson 06/11/2003
USAIAHamilton County Speedwaydirt ovalWebster City 09/07/1985
USAIAHancock County Speedwaydirt ovalBritt 08/12/1999
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedwaydirt ovalCedar Rapids 06/07/1983
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedwaypaved ovalCedar Rapids 06/04/1996
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedway (Inner)paved ovalCedar Rapids 06/04/1996
USAIAHawkeye Racewaydirt ovalBlue Grass 06/05/2004
USAIAHawkeye Raceway (Inner)dirt ovalBlue Grass 06/05/2004
USAIAHoward County Fairgroundsdirt ovalCresco 07/16/1981
USAIAHumboldt County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHumboldt 08/03/2003
USAIAI-35 Speedwaydirt ovalMason City 09/03/1978
USAIAIndependence Motor Speedwaydirt ovalIndependence 06/20/2000
USAIAIowa Speedwaypaved road circuitNewton 04/21/2007
USAIAIowa Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalNewton 09/17/2006
USAIAIowa State Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalDes Moines 07/07/1989
USAIAJackson County Speedwaydirt ovalMaquoketa 04/21/2007
USAIAKeokuk County Expo Racewaydirt figure eightSigourney 07/16/2005
USAIALee County Speedwaydirt ovalDonnellson 07/14/1994
USAIAMarion County Fairgroundsdirt ovalKnoxville 08/14/1969
USAIAMarshalltown Speedwaydirt ovalMarshalltown 08/11/1984
USAIAMaxwell City Parkdirt figure eightMaxwell 08/02/2003
USAIAMid-America Motorplexpaved road circuitPacific Junction 09/16/2006
USAIAMineral City Speedwaydirt ovalFort Dodge 06/03/2005
USAIAPrimghar Speedwaydirt figure eightPrimghar 07/10/2004
USAIARapid Racewaydirt ovalRock Rapids 08/01/2003
USAIAShelby County Speedwaydirt ovalHarlan 07/12/2006
USAIASioux Speedwaydirt ovalSioux Center 07/17/2013
USAIASouthern Iowa Speedwaydirt ovalOskaloosa 07/07/1982
USAIAStuart Speedwaydirt ovalStuart 09/17/1989Returned for full show on 07/09/2006
USAIATipton Speedwaydirt ovalTipton 06/09/1991
USAIAUpper Iowa Speedwaydirt ovalDecorah 07/25/2009
USAIAWarren County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightIndianola 06/21/2002
USAIAWarren County Fairgroundsdirt ovalIndianola 06/21/2002
USAIAWebster County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFort Dodge 08/03/2003
USAIAWest Liberty Racewaydirt ovalWest Liberty 07/08/1978
USAIAWhat Cheer Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWhat Cheer 06/04/2005
USAIAWiota Fireman's Parkdirt figure eightWiota 08/15/2004
USAIDMagic Valley Speedwaypaved ovalTwin Falls 06/15/2002
USAIDMeridian Speedwaypaved ovalMeridian 06/23/1990
USAIDNorthwest Speedwaypaved ovalStateline 09/17/1984
USAIDOwyhee Motorcycle Club Racewaydirt ovalBoise 08/30/1994
USAIDSandhollow Raceway Parkdirt ovalCaldwell 06/20/2004
USAIDState Line Speedwaypaved figure eightStateline 08/16/2000
USAILAledo Racewaydirt ovalAledo 05/05/2002
USAILAmerican Legion Speedwaydirt ovalFairbury 06/10/1992
USAILAutobahn Country Clubpaved road circuitElwood 04/09/2006
USAILBelle-Clair Speedwaydirt ovalBelleville 06/20/1980
USAILBlackhawk Farms Racewaypaved road circuitRockton 06/04/2000
USAILBond County Racewaydirt ovalGreenville 06/26/2000
USAILBureau County Speedwaydirt ovalPrinceton 08/14/1998
USAILChampaign County Fairgroundsdirt ovalChampaign 09/17/1977
USAILCharleston Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCharleston 05/19/1984
USAILChicago International Amphitheatrepaved ovalChicago 01/06/1990
USAILChicago Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalCicero 09/12/1999
USAILChicagoland Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalJoliet 09/07/2002
USAILClay County Speedwaydirt ovalFlora 07/11/2003
USAILColes County Speedwaydirt ovalLoxa 05/28/2016
USAILDuQuoin St. Fairgrounds (Southern Illinois Center)dirt ovalDuQuoin 12/18/2010
USAILDuQuoin State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalDuQuoin 09/04/1983
USAILEast Moline Speedwaydirt ovalEast Moline 06/19/1981
USAILFarmer City Racewaydirt ovalFarmer City 05/30/1980
USAILFayette County Speedwaydirt ovalBrownstown 04/07/1995
USAILFreeport Raceway Parkdirt ovalFreeport 06/08/1980
USAILGateway International Racewaypaved road circuitMadison 05/12/2000
USAILGateway International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalMadison 07/26/1997
USAILGodfrey Speedwaydirt ovalGodfrey 06/20/1981
USAILGrundy County Speedwaypaved ovalMorris 05/09/1976
USAILHenry County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCambridge 06/22/2005
USAILHighland Speedwaydirt ovalHighland 07/22/1991
USAILI-57 Racewaydirt ovalBenton 09/04/1983
USAILIL State Fairgrounds (Multi-Purpose Arena)dirt ovalSpringfield 07/03/2017
USAILIllinois State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSpringfield 08/22/1987
USAILJacksonville Speedwaydirt ovalJacksonville 09/27/1991
USAILJoliet Memorial Stadiumpaved ovalJoliet 09/11/2009
USAILKankakee County Speedwaydirt ovalKankakee 07/11/1980
USAILKnox County Fairgroundsdirt ovalKnoxville 08/03/1984
USAILLaSalle Speedwaydirt ovalLaSalle 07/06/1992
USAILLincoln Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 06/06/2004
USAILMacomb Speedwaydirt ovalMacomb 09/07/2002
USAILMacon Speedwaydirt ovalMacon 05/13/1982
USAILMidstate Racewaydirt ovalMount Olive 05/19/1988
USAILMount Vernon Racewaydirt ovalMount Vernon 06/24/2000
USAILPeoria Speedwaydirt ovalPeoria 05/31/1980
USAILQuincy Racewaysdirt ovalQuincy 04/26/1981
USAILRaceway Parkpaved ovalBlue Island 07/09/1978
USAILRed Hill Racewaydirt ovalSumner 06/28/1998
USAILRockford Speedwaypaved figure eightLoves Park 07/07/2004
USAILRockford Speedwaypaved ovalLoves Park 09/30/1972
USAILRosemont Horizonconcrete ovalRosemont 12/13/1986
USAILRoute 66 Racewaydirt ovalJoliet 07/26/1998
USAILSanta Fe Speedwaydirt ovalWillow Springs 09/25/1977
USAILShepp's Speedwaydirt ovalAlexander 05/02/2009
USAILSouthern Illinois Speedwaydirt ovalMarion 07/26/1997
USAILSpoon River Speedwaydirt ovalBanner 07/08/1987
USAILSpringfield Speedwaydirt ovalSpringfield 04/24/1981
USAILSycamore Speedwaydirt figure eightSycamore 06/28/2002
USAILSycamore Speedwaydirt ovalSycamore 05/02/1981Returned for full show on 06/28/2002
USAILTri-City Speedwaydirt ovalGranite City 06/21/1980Shortened 3/8th mile on 06/13/2007
USAILTri-City Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalGranite City 10/09/1988
USAILTri-County Speedwaydirt ovalMendota 07/26/1985
USAILVermilion County Speedwaydirt ovalDanville 06/17/1982
USAILWayne County Speedwaydirt ovalWayne City 06/13/1997
USAILWill County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightPeotone 08/21/2002
USAILWinnebago County Speedwaydirt ovalPecatonica 07/02/2001
USAIN16th Street Speedwaydirt ovalIndianapolis 04/26/1997
USAINAllen County Memorial Coliseumconcrete ovalFort Wayne 01/04/1970
USAINAllen County Memorial Expo Centerconcrete ovalFort Wayne 12/27/1998
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved figure eightAnderson 07/01/1985
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved ovalAnderson 05/28/1966
USAINAngola Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAngola 05/25/1969
USAINAngola Motor Speedwaypaved ovalAngola 07/10/1976
USAINAvilla Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAvilla 07/14/1993
USAINAvilla Motor Speedwaypaved ovalAvilla 07/29/1972
USAINBaer Field Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFort Wayne 05/21/2017
USAINBaer Field Racewaypaved ovalFort Wayne 09/21/1969
USAINBaer Field Raceway (Inner)paved ovalFort Wayne 05/13/2000
USAINBakersfield Raceway Parkdirt ovalLinton 05/14/1999
USAINBartholomew County 4-H Fairgroundsdirt ovalColumbus 07/24/1986
USAINBloomington Speedwaydirt ovalBloomington 11/01/1970
USAINBroadway Speedwaydirt ovalCrown Point 05/22/1981
USAINBrownstown Speedwaydirt ovalBrownstown 05/23/1981
USAINBunker Hill Speedwaydirt ovalBunker Hill 06/28/1997
USAINCamden Racewaydirt ovalCamden 09/22/2000
USAINCapitol Speedwaypaved ovalPlymouth 05/06/1990
USAINChandler Motor Speedwaydirt ovalChandler 05/05/2000
USAINCharlestown Speedwaydirt ovalCharlestown 05/28/1982
USAINCharlestown Speedwaypaved figure eightCharlestown 04/15/1983
USAINCharlestown Speedwaypaved ovalCharlestown 04/15/1983
USAINCircus City Speedwaydirt ovalPeru 10/07/1989
USAINClark County Fairgroundsdirt ovalSellersburg 07/23/2001
USAINCrawford County Fairgroundsdirt off road circuitMarengo 07/15/2011
USAINCrown Point Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCrown Point 08/11/2004
USAINDecatur County Fairgroundsdirt ovalGreensburg 07/15/2006
USAINFranklin County Fairgroundsdirt ovalBrookville 09/15/2007
USAINGas City Speedwaydirt ovalGas City 05/06/1988Returned for full show on 05/23/2003
USAINHenry's Speedwaydirt ovalChase 06/28/1975
USAINHoosier Domeconcrete ovalIndianapolis 01/28/1989
USAINIlliana Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSchererville 10/05/1969
USAINIlliana Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalSchererville 06/13/2001
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalIndianapolis 05/11/1985
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (East Pavilion)dirt ovalIndianapolis 02/15/1998
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (Pepsi Coliseum)paved ovalIndianapolis 04/06/1996
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSpeedway 05/30/1964
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedwaypaved road circuitSpeedway 09/23/2000
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved ovalClermont 07/01/1973
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved road circuitClermont 05/07/2000
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Park (Infield Road Circuit)paved road circuitClermont 07/14/1993
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved figure eightIndianapolis 07/30/1981
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved ovalIndianapolis 07/30/1981
USAINJefferson County Fairgroundsdirt ovalMadison 07/16/2011
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo 07/01/1973Returned for full show on 08/01/1978
USAINLaPorte County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLaPorte 07/20/1999
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt ovalLawrenceburg 09/13/1975Lengthened 3/8th mile on 07/10/2008
USAINLincoln Park Speedwaydirt ovalPutnamville 07/13/1980
USAINMonroe County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBloomington 07/27/2006
USAINMontpelier Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMontpelier 05/27/1995
USAINMorgan County Fairgroundsdirt ovalMartinsville 08/02/1994
USAINMount Lawn Speedwaypaved ovalNew Castle 07/27/1986Returned for full show on 07/19/2006
USAINMuncie Motor Speedwaypaved ovalMuncie 09/11/1988
USAINNew Paris Speedwaypaved ovalNew Paris 09/17/1995
USAINNorth Track Speedwaydirt ovalLebanon 10/06/2006
USAINParagon Speedwaydirt ovalParagon 08/02/1969
USAINPlymouth Racewaydirt ovalPlymouth 07/07/2012
USAINPutnam Park Road Coursepaved road circuitMount Meridian 08/28/1993
USAINRensselaer Racewaydirt ovalRensselaer 05/25/1980
USAINRipley County Speedwaydirt figure eightOsgood 07/24/1995
USAINRipley County Speedwaydirt ovalOsgood 07/24/1995
USAINRush County Fairgroundsdirt ovalRushville 07/27/1991
USAINSalem Speedwaypaved ovalSalem 07/29/1973
USAINScott County Speedwaydirt ovalScottsburg 05/27/1983
USAINShadyhill Speedwaydirt ovalMedaryville 05/18/1991
USAINShelby County Speedwaydirt ovalShelbyville 07/17/1999
USAINSouth Bend Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Bend 05/29/1969
USAINSportsdrome Speedwaypaved figure eightJeffersonville 07/22/2006
USAINSportsdrome Speedwaypaved ovalJeffersonville 08/01/1987
USAINSweet Owen Speedwaydirt ovalVandalia 05/30/1969
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute 09/21/1975
USAINThunder Valley Racewaydirt ovalSalem 07/18/2001
USAINTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalHaubstadt 08/31/1975
USAINTwin Cities Raceway Parkdirt ovalNorth Vernon 10/02/1993
USAINUnion County Speedwaydirt ovalLiberty 05/29/1983
USAINUS 24 Speedwaydirt ovalLogansport 06/26/1999
USAINWarsaw Speedwaydirt ovalWarsaw 06/21/1986
USAINWinchester Speedwaypaved ovalWinchester 05/29/1966
USAKS81 Speedwaydirt ovalWichita 10/10/1982
USAKSBelleville High Banksdirt ovalBelleville 08/16/1986
USAKSBelleville High Banks (Inner)dirt ovalBelleville 08/18/1998
USAKSDecatur County Speedwaydirt ovalOberlin 06/16/2008
USAKSDodge City Raceway Parkdirt ovalDodge City 06/22/2004
USAKSDodge City Raceway Parkpaved ovalDodge City 06/20/2001
USAKSDodge City Raceway Park (Inner)paved ovalDodge City 06/20/2001
USAKSElmwood Park Speedwaydirt ovalNorton 08/14/1999
USAKSFive State Fairgroundsdirt ovalLiberal 08/18/1986
USAKSHeartland Park Topekapaved road circuitTopeka 06/09/1996
USAKSJetmore Motorplexdirt ovalJetmore 08/18/2003
USAKSKansas Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalKansas City 06/02/2001
USAKSKansas State Fairgroundsdirt ovalHutchinson 07/25/1987
USAKSLakeside Speedway (New Location)dirt ovalKansas City 06/16/2001
USAKSLakeside Speedway (Old Location)dirt ovalKansas City 07/07/1978
USAKSLinn County Speedwaydirt ovalPleasanton 08/15/1994
USAKSMartin Cat Power Speedway (Temporary Location)dirt ovalTopeka 06/09/2000
USAKSNew Lakeside Speedway (New Location)paved ovalKansas City 07/12/1991
USAKSO'Reilly Auto Parts Speedway (Permanent Location)dirt ovalTopeka 06/15/2001
USAKSRPM Speedwaydirt ovalHays 07/14/2007
USAKSSalina Speedwaydirt ovalSalina 06/11/2005
USAKSSalt City Speedwaydirt ovalHutchinson 07/25/1987
USAKSThomas County Speedwaydirt ovalColby 08/28/1994
USAKSThunder Hill Speedwaydirt ovalMayetta 08/27/1994
USAKSTopeka Racewaydirt ovalTopeka 07/27/1987
USAKSWaKeeney Speedwaydirt ovalWaKeeney 06/09/1996
USAKY201 Speedwaydirt ovalSitka 05/16/2014
USAKYBarren County Speedwaydirt ovalGlasgow 09/03/1983
USAKYBeech Bend Raceway Parkpaved ovalBowling Green 05/29/2000
USAKYBluegrass Speedwaydirt ovalBardstown 06/27/1998
USAKYCentral Park Racewaydirt ovalMcHenry 06/26/1998
USAKYChecker Flag Racewaydirt ovalAshland 06/09/1984
USAKYCorbin Speedwaypaved ovalCorbin 05/06/2000
USAKYFairgrounds Motor Speedwaypaved ovalLouisville 03/28/1976
USAKYFlorence Speedwaydirt figure eightUnion 08/07/1975
USAKYFlorence Speedwaydirt ovalUnion 08/07/1975
USAKYKentucky Lake Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCalvert City 10/29/1999
USAKYKentucky Motor Speedwaypaved figure eightWhitesville 09/01/2013
USAKYKentucky Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWhitesville 05/24/1981Returned for full show on 09/01/2013
USAKYKentucky Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalSparta 05/10/2002
USAKYKentucky Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalSparta 05/07/2004
USAKYLake Cumberland Speedwaydirt ovalBurnside 09/29/2000
USAKYLouisville Motor Speedwaypaved ovalLouisville 10/08/1999
USAKYLouisville Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalLouisville 06/25/1988
USAKYNCM Motorsports Park (Grand Full Circuit)paved road circuitBowling Green 10/27/2018NASA Sports Cars
USAKYPaducah International Racewaydirt ovalPaducah 08/05/1978
USAKYPonderosa Speedwaydirt ovalJunction City 09/03/1982
USAKYRichmond Racewaydirt ovalRichmond 07/26/1996
USAKYRock Castle County Speedwaydirt ovalMount Vernon 05/21/1982
USAKYSoggy Bottm Racewaydirt ovalMorgantown 05/03/2008
USAKYTaylor County Speedwaydirt ovalCampbellsville 07/28/1973
USAKYThunder Ridge Racewaydirt ovalAuxier 04/15/1995
USAKYWestern Kentucky Speedwaydirt ovalNebo 06/27/1997
USAKYWindy Hollow Speedwaydirt ovalOwensboro 07/20/1991
USALABaton Rouge Racewaydirt ovalBaker 09/17/1999
USALABoothill Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood 03/11/1976
USALASpillway Speedwaydirt ovalLoranger 07/22/1995
USAMARiverside Park Speedwaypaved ovalAgawam 06/04/1988
USAMASeekonk Speedwaypaved ovalSeekonk 05/29/1999
USAMATopsfield Fairgrounds Arenadirt figure eightTopsfield 10/14/2002
USAMAWestboro Speedwaypaved ovalWestborough 07/17/1976
USAMAWhip City Speedwaydirt ovalWestfield 09/29/2001
USAMD1st Mariner Arenaconcrete ovalBaltimore 12/08/2012
USAMDCumberland Speedwaydirt ovalPotomac Park 10/02/1998
USAMDDorsey Speedwaydirt ovalDorsey 09/06/1980
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 06/03/1980
USAMDPotomac Speedwaydirt ovalBudds Creek 08/24/1984
USAMEBeech Ridge Motor Speedwaydirt ovalWest Scarborough 06/29/1985
USAMEBeech Ridge Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWest Scarborough 08/17/1991
USAMEFantasy Speedwaydirt ovalUnity 06/27/2015
USAMEOxford Plains Speedwaypaved ovalOxford 07/18/1976
USAMEOxford Plains Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOxford 08/18/1991
USAMESpeedway 95paved ovalHermon 05/16/2015
USAMEUnity Racewaypaved ovalUnity 08/01/1998
USAMEWiscasset Racewaypaved ovalWiscasset 08/16/2009
USAMIAdrian Fairgroundsdirt figure eightAdrian 08/13/2003
USAMIAdventure Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalGreenland 08/07/1998
USAMIAllegan County Fairgroundsdirt off road circuitAllegan 09/07/2007
USAMIAlpena Fairgroundsdirt road circuitAlpena 08/04/2004
USAMIAlpena Motorcycle Clubdirt ovalAlpena 08/04/2004
USAMIAlpena Optimist Clubdirt ovalHerron 06/17/2006
USAMIArenac County Fairgroundsdirt ovalStandish 08/04/2018
USAMIArmada Fairgroundsdirt figure eightArmada 10/09/2004
USAMIAtlanta Fairgroundsdirt ovalAtlanta 07/03/2004
USAMIAuto City Speedwaydirt ovalClio 09/20/1969
USAMIAuto City Speedwaypaved ovalClio 05/09/1987
USAMIAuto City Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalClio 09/20/1969
USAMIAuto City Speedway (Inner)paved ovalClio 05/09/1987
USAMIBark River Off Road Racewaydirt off road circuitBark River 08/14/2005
USAMIBarry County Expo Centerdirt ovalHastings 07/19/2005
USAMIBay County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBay City 09/28/2002
USAMIBaylands Speedwaydirt ovalEscanaba 07/20/1996Shortened 1/4 mile on 07/22/2016. Micro Sprints.
USAMIBeebe Street Memorial Parkdirt figure eightRichmond 09/10/2004
USAMIBerlin Racewaydirt ovalMarne 05/30/1955Shortened 7/16th mile in 2012
USAMIBerlin Racewaydirt road circuitMarne 06/27/1958
USAMIBerlin Racewaypaved ovalMarne 04/21/1966
USAMIBerlin Raceway (Behind Main Track)dirt off road ovalMarne 07/18/2003
USAMIBerlin Raceway (Inner)dirt ovalMarne 05/30/1952
USAMIBerlin Raceway (Inner)paved ovalMarne 07/04/2017
USAMIBerville Lions Club Parkdirt figure eightBerville 07/26/2003
USAMIBirch Run Expo Center (South Arena)concrete ovalBirch Run 12/22/2012
USAMIBob's Family Racewaydirt road circuitClarksville 07/14/2002
USAMIButler Speedwaydirt ovalButler 06/16/1962
USAMICarsonville Lions Clubdirt figure eightCarsonville 08/25/2007
USAMICheboygan County Fairgroundsdirt road circuitCheboygan 09/14/2002
USAMIChelsea Community Fairgroundsdirt figure eightChelsea 08/24/2006
USAMIChippewa Lakeice road circuitChippewa Lake 02/03/2001
USAMIClare County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHarrison 07/31/2006
USAMIClare County Fairgroundsdirt ovalHarrison 07/31/2006
USAMIClarke's Motor Speedwaydirt ovalLake Odessa 08/27/1971Shortened I-96 Speedway 4/10th mile on 06/22/2014
USAMIColdwater Fairgroundsdirt figure eightColdwater 08/09/2004
USAMICoopersville Summer Fest Groundsdirt road circuitCoopersville 08/10/2007
USAMICroswell Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCroswell 06/22/2006
USAMICrystal Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCrystal 08/23/1969
USAMIDavisburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDavisburg 07/26/2003
USAMIDeltaPlex Arenaaluminum ovalGrand Rapids 10/18/2008
USAMIDeVos Placeconcrete ovalGrand Rapids 12/15/2005
USAMIDixie Motor Speedwaypaved figure eightBirch Run 05/24/2002
USAMIDixie Motor Speedwaypaved ovalBirch Run 07/03/2003
USAMIDixie Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalBirch Run 08/30/1981
USAMIDorr Soybean Nationalsdirt ovalDorr 10/28/2000
USAMIEagle Park Fairgroundsdirt figure eightEagle 09/06/2002
USAMIEaton County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCharlotte 07/11/2005
USAMIEmmett County Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalPetoskey 08/26/2011
USAMIEvergreen Auto Parkdirt ovalFrontier 10/21/2006
USAMIFairgrove Motor Sports Parkdirt figure eightFairgrove 09/07/2009
USAMIFarwell Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFarwell 05/25/2002
USAMIFlat Rock Speedwaypaved figure eightFlat Rock 07/09/1969
USAMIFlat Rock Speedwaypaved ovalFlat Rock 07/09/1969
USAMIFowlerville Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFowlerville 07/20/2000
USAMIFremont Fairgroundsdirt figure eightFremont 07/14/2001
USAMIGalesburg Speedwaypaved figure eightGalesburg 06/11/2007
USAMIGalesburg Speedwaypaved ovalGalesburg 07/13/1969
USAMIGenesee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMount Morris 08/16/2005
USAMIGingerman Racewaypaved road circuitSouth Haven 05/05/1996
USAMIGoodells Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGoodells 08/04/2006
USAMIGrand Rapids Speedromedirt ovalComstock Park 09/27/1953
USAMIGrand Rapids Speedromepaved ovalComstock Park 06/13/1964
USAMIGrand Rapids Speedrome (Inner)paved ovalComstock Park 07/20/1958
USAMIGrand Rapids Street Circuitpaved street circuitGrand Rapids 07/24/1998
USAMIGrattan Raceway Parkpaved road circuitGrattan 05/14/2006
USAMIHartford Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 07/21/1964
USAMIHartford Motor Speedwaypaved ovalHartford 05/18/1973
USAMIHartford Speedway Park (Inner)dirt ovalHartford 05/11/2007
USAMIHess Lakeice road circuitNewaygo 02/22/2004
USAMIHudsonville Community Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalHudsonville 09/25/2004
USAMIHuron County Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalBad Axe 08/08/2006
USAMII-96 Raceway (Inner)dirt ovalLake Odessa 05/30/1986
USAMIIonia County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightIonia 07/29/2001
USAMIIonia County Fairgroundsdirt ovalIonia 05/26/1957
USAMIIosco County Fairgroundsdirt ovalHale 07/30/2010
USAMIJackson County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightJackson 08/11/2012
USAMIJackson Motor Speedwaypaved ovalJackson 08/31/1969
USAMIJackson Speedwayconcrete ovalJackson 08/05/2006
USAMIJackson Speedwaydirt ovalJackson 06/09/2012
USAMIKalamazoo County Fairgroundsdirt ovalKalamazoo 08/24/1973
USAMIKalamazoo Speedwaypaved ovalKalamazoo 05/04/1969
USAMIKalkaska County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightKalkaska 08/19/2006
USAMIKellogg Arenaconcrete ovalBattle Creek 01/12/2013
USAMIKent Fieldspaved airfield circuitGrand Rapids 05/06/1964
USAMIKewadin Casino Arenadirt figure eightSaint Ignace 08/02/2014
USAMIKinross Fairgroundsdirt figure eightKinross 08/29/2017
USAMIKinross Speedparkpaved ovalKinross 08/02/1996
USAMILake Missaukeeice road circuitLake City 01/26/2003
USAMILake Odessa Fairgroundsdirt ovalLake Odessa 07/04/1982
USAMILincoln Fairgroundsdirt ovalLincoln 08/09/2002
USAMILudington Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLudington 07/23/2003
USAMIM-113 Racewaydirt ovalFife Lake 08/22/1980
USAMIM-40 Speedwaypaved ovalJones 07/18/1997
USAMIManchester Speedwaydirt ovalManchester 08/13/1971
USAMIManistee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOnekama 08/27/2011
USAMIManistee County Fairgroundsdirt ovalOnekama 09/04/1993
USAMIManistee County Fairgrounds (Inner)dirt ovalOnekama 08/27/2011
USAMIMaple Syrup Festivaldirt ovalShepherd 04/28/2018
USAMIMarion Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMarion 06/17/2006
USAMIMarion Fairgroundsdirt ovalMarion 06/26/2014
USAMIMarshall Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMarshall 08/12/2003
USAMIMarshall Motorsports MMRLdirt ovalMarshall 05/17/1998
USAMIMason County Fairgroundsdirt ovalLudington 07/29/2009
USAMIMason Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMason 08/04/2000
USAMIMecosta County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBig Rapids 07/16/2004
USAMIMecosta County Fairgroundsdirt ovalBig Rapids 07/09/1981
USAMIMerritt Speedwaydirt ovalMerritt 05/10/1975
USAMIMichigan Ideal Speedwaypaved ovalSpringport 08/07/1994
USAMIMichigan International Speedwaypaved road circuitBrooklyn 09/28/1969
USAMIMichigan International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalBrooklyn 10/13/1968
USAMIMichigan State Fair Coliseumpaved ovalDetroit 04/10/1999
USAMIMid Michigan Raceway (Old Location)dirt ovalPalo 05/21/1989
USAMIMid Michigan Raceway Park (New Location)dirt ovalPalo 09/13/1997
USAMIMidland County Fairgroundspaved figure eightMidland 08/18/2005
USAMIMom's Family Racewaydirt road circuitReed City 10/05/2003
USAMIMonroe County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMonroe 08/02/2006
USAMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds (New Location)dirt ovalGreenville 07/01/2017
USAMIMontcalm County Fairgrounds (Old Location)dirt figure eightGreenville 07/06/2004
USAMIMount Clemens Race Trackdirt ovalMount Clemens 08/06/1970
USAMIMount Clemens Race Trackpaved ovalMount Clemens 07/19/1979
USAMIMount Clemens Race Track (Inner)dirt ovalMount Clemens 08/06/1970
USAMIMount Clemens Race Track (Inner)paved ovalMount Clemens 07/19/1979
USAMIMount Pleasant Speedwaydirt ovalMount Pleasant 07/05/1978
USAMIMunger Fireman's Parkdirt figure eightMunger 09/15/2001
USAMIMuskegon County Fairgroundsdirt ovalRavenna 09/23/2006
USAMINorthern District Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCadillac 09/11/2004
USAMINorthern Michigan Speedwaydirt ovalElmira 08/18/1973
USAMINorthern Michigan Speedwaypaved ovalElmira 07/04/1981
USAMINorthwestern Michigan Fairgroundsdirt ovalTraverse City 08/10/2006
USAMINorway Speedwaypaved ovalNorway 07/05/1986Returned for a full show on 08/04/2007
USAMIOceana County Fairgroundsdirt ovalFairview 08/28/2010
USAMIOgemaw County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWest Branch 08/17/2005
USAMIOnaway Speedwaypaved ovalOnaway 07/04/1986
USAMIOrleans Racewaydirt ovalBelding 05/26/2002
USAMIOtsego County Fairgroundsdirt ovalGaylord 08/22/2008
USAMIOttawa County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHolland 07/25/2001
USAMIOttawa County Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalHolland 07/31/2004
USAMIOwendale Speedwaydirt ovalOwendale 07/24/1982
USAMIOwosso Speedwaydirt ovalOvid 05/19/1983
USAMIOwosso Speedwaypaved ovalOvid 09/09/1972Shortened 3/8th mile in 2005
USAMIOwosso Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOvid 05/19/1983
USAMIPerani's Arena & Event Centerconcrete ovalFlint 11/03/2012
USAMIPontiac Silverdomeconcrete ovalPontiac 12/06/1980
USAMIPontiac Silverdomedirt ovalPontiac 01/30/1982
USAMIPosen Potato Festival Groundsdirt ovalPosen 09/11/2004
USAMIRed Bud MXdirt off road circuitBuchanan 05/28/2011
USAMISaginaw County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightChesaning 08/01/2006
USAMISaint Joseph County Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalCentreville 09/22/2009
USAMISaline Community Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSaline 09/07/2005
USAMISand Lake Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSand Lake 07/01/2004
USAMISandusky Fairgroundsdirt figure eightSandusky 07/24/2003
USAMIShiawassee County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCorunna 08/07/2002
USAMIShiawassee County Fairgroundsdirt ovalCorunna 08/12/2004
USAMISouth West Michigan Speedwaypaved ovalMottville 07/03/1981
USAMISpartan Speedwaypaved figure eightMason 06/17/1966
USAMISpartan Speedwaypaved ovalMason 06/17/1966
USAMIStandish Speedwaydirt ovalStandish 08/01/1979
USAMIStandish Speedwaypaved ovalStandish 07/19/1996
USAMISumpter Community Center Arenadirt figure eightBelleville 09/16/2012
USAMIThe Raceway at Belle Isle Parkpaved street circuitDetroit 06/07/1997
USAMIThunder Valley Racewaypaved ovalSands 07/21/1996
USAMIThunderbird Racewaydirt figure eightMuskegon 09/06/1969
USAMIThunderbird Racewaydirt ovalMuskegon 09/06/1969
USAMITMC Motorsports Parkdirt ovalNewberry 08/04/2012
USAMITri-City Motor Speedwaydirt figure eightAuburn 05/25/2012
USAMITri-City Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAuburn 07/08/2011
USAMITri-City Speedwaypaved ovalAuburn 07/22/1971
USAMITri-City Speedway (Inner)paved ovalAuburn 08/19/1981
USAMITuscola County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCaro 07/17/2000
USAMIUS 131 Motorsports Parkdirt ovalMartin 05/20/1979
USAMIUSA Speedwaydirt ovalStanton 09/16/1990
USAMIVan Andel Arenaconcrete ovalGrand Rapids 02/02/2002
USAMIVan Buren County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHartford 07/18/2006
USAMIWaterford Hills Race Car Coursepaved road circuitClarkston 07/24/1982
USAMIWayne County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBelleville 10/29/2005
USAMIWelsh Civic Auditoriumpaved ovalGrand Rapids 01/05/1990
USAMIWhiskey Ridge Racewaydirt ovalMaple Island 08/17/1952
USAMIWhittemore Speedwaypaved ovalWhittemore 08/03/1996
USAMIWings Stadiumconcrete ovalKalamazoo 12/10/1977
USAMIWinston Speedwaydirt ovalRothbury 07/05/1981Returned for full show on 07/08/2005
USAMIYale Lions Clubdirt figure eightYale 01/20/2007
USAMNAppleton Fairgroundsdirt ovalAppleton 07/31/2005
USAMNArlington Racewaydirt ovalArlington 06/10/1998
USAMNBemidji Speedwaydirt ovalBemidji 07/09/2000
USAMNBrainard International Racewaypaved road circuitBrainerd 09/04/2011
USAMNBuffalo River Speedwaydirt ovalGlyndon 07/10/1994
USAMNButton Buck Speedway (Deer Creek Inner)dirt ovalSpring Valley 07/18/2009
USAMNChateau Speedwaydirt ovalLansing 07/01/2005
USAMNDeer Creek Speedwaydirt ovalSpring Valley 06/06/2005
USAMNDodge County Speedwaydirt ovalKasson 09/03/1978
USAMNElko Speedwaydirt ovalElko 07/24/2009
USAMNElko Speedwaypaved ovalElko 09/22/1973
USAMNFairmont Racewaydirt ovalFairmont 07/12/1975
USAMNFiesta City Speedwaydirt ovalMontevideo 08/14/2002
USAMNGolden Spike Speedwaydirt figure eightSauk Rapids 07/11/1999
USAMNGolden Spike Speedwaydirt ovalSauk Rapids 07/11/1999
USAMNGrand Rapids Speedwaydirt ovalGrand Rapids 07/05/2002
USAMNGrove Creek Racewaydirt ovalGrove City 08/13/2002
USAMNHibbing Racewaydirt ovalHibbing 07/14/1981
USAMNI-94 Speedwaydirt ovalSauk Centre 06/05/1993
USAMNI-94 Speedwaydirt ovalFergus Falls 06/10/1993
USAMNI-94 Speedwaypaved ovalFergus Falls 07/10/1999
USAMNI-94 Speedwaypaved ovalSauk Centre 07/30/2005
USAMNJackson V.F.W. Speedwaydirt ovalJackson 06/08/1994
USAMNKandi Racewaysdirt ovalWillmar 06/09/1994
USAMNMadison Speedwaydirt ovalMadison 07/31/2005
USAMNMinneapolis Street Circuitpaved street circuitMinneapolis 07/07/1996
USAMNMinnesota State Fair Speedwaypaved ovalHamline 09/03/1978
USAMNMurray County Speedwaydirt ovalSlayton 06/11/1999
USAMNNorman County Racewaydirt ovalAda 07/18/2013
USAMNNorth Central Speedwaydirt ovalBrainerd 07/12/1992
USAMNOlgivie Speedwaydirt ovalOgilvie 20/09/2011
USAMNPrinceton Speedwaydirt ovalPrinceton 07/29/2005
USAMNProctor Speedwaydirt ovalProctor 08/24/1980
USAMNRaceway Parkpaved figure eightShakopee 07/12/1981
USAMNRaceway Parkpaved ovalShakopee 07/12/1981
USAMNRedwood Speedwaydirt ovalRedwood Falls 08/26/1990
USAMNRedwood Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalRedwood Falls 06/03/1996
USAMNRocket Speedwaydirt ovalHallock 07/05/2001
USAMNSteele County Fairgroundsdirt ovalOwatonna 07/12/1983
USAMNViking Speedwaydirt ovalAlexandria 07/11/1998
USAMNWinona County Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Charles 07/08/1992
USAMNWorthington Speedwaydirt ovalWorthington 07/05/2000
USAMOBates County Speedwaydirt ovalButler 08/17/2003
USAMOBethany Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalBethany 06/02/2001
USAMOCallaway Racewaysdirt ovalFulton 07/15/2005
USAMOCapital Speedwaydirt ovalHolts Summit 07/25/1981
USAMOCentral Missouri Speedwaydirt ovalWarrensburg 08/18/2018
USAMODoe Run Racewaydirt ovalDoe Run 07/07/2006
USAMODouble X Speedwaydirt ovalCalifornia 08/25/1981
USAMOFredericktown Racewaydirt ovalFredericktown 08/23/1998
USAMOI-55 Speedwaydirt ovalPevely 06/20/1980Returned for full show on 07/12/2003
USAMOI-70 National Speedwaydirt ovalOdessa 09/25/1981
USAMOI-70 Speedwaypaved ovalOdessa 07/20/1973
USAMOJoplin 66 Speedwaydirt ovalJoplin 08/26/1994
USAMOLA Racewaydirt ovalLaMonte 06/27/2009
USAMOLake Ozark Speedwaydirt ovalEldon 06/27/2009
USAMOLebanon I-44 Speedwaydirt ovalLebanon 07/25/1985
USAMOLebanon I-44 Speedwaypaved ovalLebanon 08/15/1998
USAMOLebanon Midway Speedwaydirt ovalLebanon 05/30/2008
USAMOMissouri I-35 Speedwaydirt ovalWinston 06/14/1997
USAMOMissouri International Race Parkdirt ovalBenton 06/25/1997
USAMOMissouri State Fairgrounds (Short Track)dirt ovalSedalia 07/24/1981
USAMOMizzou Speedwaypaved ovalMoberly 06/23/2002
USAMOMoberly Motorsports Complexdirt ovalMoberly 10/26/1990
USAMOMonett Speedwaydirt ovalMonett 07/15/1984
USAMOPoplar Bluff Speedwaydirt ovalPoplar Bluff 03/22/2014
USAMOSaint Charles Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Peters 07/28/1985
USAMOSaint Francois County Racewaydirt ovalFarmington 08/22/1987
USAMOSavannah Speedwaydirt ovalSavannah 08/13/1999
USAMOScotland County Fairgroundsdirt ovalMemphis 07/23/1981
USAMOSpeedway USApaved ovalBolivar 08/18/1989
USAMOSpringfield Racewaydirt ovalSpringfield 07/08/2006
USAMOSweet Springs Motorsports Complexdirt ovalSweet Springs 08/14/2004
USAMOThe Dome at America's Centerdirt ovalSaint Louis 12/15/2017
USAMOUS 36 Speedwaydirt ovalOsborn 06/04/2004
USAMOValley Speedwaydirt ovalGrain Valley 06/02/2006
USAMOWest Plains Speedwaydirt ovalWest Plains 07/13/1991
USAMOWheatland Racewaydirt ovalWheatland 06/22/2002
USAMSColumbus Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 06/01/2002
USAMSGreenville Speedwaydirt ovalGreenville 08/30/2008
USAMSHattiesburg Speedwaydirt ovalHattiesburg 06/22/2018
USAMSJackson International Speedwaypaved ovalClinton 10/04/1981
USAMSMagnolia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 07/02/2006
USAMSMagnolia State Speedwaydirt ovalVerona 08/09/1980
USAMSPike County Speedwaydirt ovalMagnolia 07/21/1995
USAMSQueen City Speedwaydirt ovalMeridian 09/18/1999
USAMSWhynot Motorsports Parkdirt ovalWhynot 07/23/1995
USAMTBMP Speedwaydirt ovalBillings 08/21/2004
USAMTEkalaka Airportdirt road circuitEkalaka 06/13/2004
USAMTElectric City Speedwaydirt ovalGreat Falls 06/14/2003
USAMTGallatin Speedwaydirt ovalBelgrade 06/13/2003
USAMTMagic City Speedwaydirt ovalBillings 06/10/1989
USAMTMetraPark Motorsports Trackdirt ovalBillings 08/17/1999
USAMTMission Valley Speedwaypaved ovalPablo 06/15/2003
USANC311 Speedwaydirt ovalPine Hall 08/16/1980
USANCAce Speedwaypaved ovalAltamahaw 08/26/2005
USANCAntioch Speedwaydirt ovalMorganton 11/25/2006
USANCAsheville Motor Speedwaypaved ovalAsheville 08/15/1980
USANCBowman Gray Stadiumpaved ovalWinston-Salem 07/12/2008
USANCCaraway Speedwaypaved ovalAsheboro 08/05/1983
USANCCarolina Speedwaydirt ovalGastonia 04/05/2013
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHarrisburg 10/09/1993
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalHarrisburg 05/25/2000
USANCCleveland County Speedwaydirt ovalLawndale 05/02/2008
USANCConcord Speedwaydirt ovalConcord 09/04/1982
USANCConcord Speedwaypaved ovalConcord 10/22/2000
USANCCricket Arenaaluminum ovalCharlotte 11/24/2006
USANCDublin Motor Speedwaydirt ovalDublin 09/01/1980
USANCFayetteville Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFayetteville 10/21/2000
USANCFriendship Speedwaydirt ovalElkin 08/09/1985
USANCHickory Speedwaypaved ovalHickory 04/15/1972
USANCMillbridge Speedwaydirt ovalMillbridge 05/06/2007
USANCNorth Carolina Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalRockingham 10/21/2000
USANCOrange County Speedwaypaved ovalRougemont 09/15/2000
USANCSouthern National Motorsports Parkpaved ovalKenly 09/16/2000
USANCSpeedworlddirt ovalCharlotte 04/14/1972
USANCTri-City Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHarris 09/05/1982
USANCTri-County Race Trackdirt ovalBrasstown 07/20/2006
USANCTri-County Speedwaydirt ovalHudson 08/09/1985
USANCWilson County Speedwaydirt ovalWilson 08/17/1980
USANDDacotah Speedwaydirt ovalMandan 06/12/1999
USANDGeographical Center Speedwaydirt ovalRugby 07/11/2009
USANDGrand Forks Speedwaydirt ovalGrand Forks 06/09/1989
USANDJamestown Speedwaydirt ovalJamestown 07/08/2000
USANDNodak Speedwaydirt ovalMinot 06/15/1994
USANDRed River Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Fargo 07/13/1981
USANDSAAGA International Speedwaydirt ovalDoyon 07/04/2001
USANDSouthwest Speedwaydirt ovalDickinson 07/16/2009
USANDWilliston Basin Speedwaydirt ovalWilliston 07/15/2009
USANDWishek Tri-County Speedwaydirt ovalWishek 08/14/2014
USANEAlliance Speedwaypaved ovalAlliance 06/14/1998
USANEBeatrice Speedwaydirt ovalBeatrice 08/17/2018
USANEBoone County Racewaydirt ovalAlbion 06/11/2004
USANEButler County Motorplexdirt ovalRising City 06/27/2008
USANECornhuskers Raceway Parkdirt ovalWaverly 09/09/1990
USANECulbertson Speedwaydirt ovalCulbertson 06/09/2006
USANEEagle Racewaydirt ovalEagle 07/20/1984
USANEI-80 Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood 07/11/1984
USANEJefferson County Speedwaydirt ovalFairbury 07/13/2007
USANEJunction Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMcCool Junction 06/11/2004
USANEMid-Nebraska Racewaydirt ovalDoniphan 08/15/2002
USANEMotorsport Park Hastingspaved road circuitHastings 09/09/2007
USANEOregon Trail Racewaypaved ovalGering 08/10/2001
USANEPawnee Racewaydirt ovalNorth Platte 09/14/1986
USANERiver Valley Racewaydirt ovalLexington 06/15/1997
USANERiviera Racewaydirt ovalNorfolk 07/13/1975Returned for full show on 09/08/2007
USANESpeed Bowldirt ovalRed Cloud 08/11/2000
USANEState Fair Park Speedwaydirt ovalLincoln 06/11/1995
USANEStuart Community Trackdirt ovalStuart 07/15/2007
USANESunset Speedwaydirt ovalOmaha 07/13/1975
USANEThayer County Speedwaydirt ovalDeshler 08/16/2002
USANEUS 30 Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 08/15/1986Returned for full show on 08/20/2009
USANHBryar Motorsports Parkpaved ovalLoudon 06/26/1985
USANHCanaan Fairgroundsdirt ovalCanaan 08/16/1991
USANHCanaan Speedwaypaved ovalCanaan 05/27/2006
USANHClaremont Speedwaypaved ovalClaremont 06/30/1985
USANHHudson International Speedwaypaved ovalHudson 08/02/1998
USANHLee USA Speedway (Oval)paved ovalLee 08/17/2007
USANHLee USA Speedway (Tri Oval)paved ovalLee 09/13/1980
USANHMonadnock Speedwaypaved ovalWinchester 07/16/1976
USANHNew Hampshire Int. Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLoudon 08/02/1998
USANHNew Hampshire International Speedwaypaved road circuitLoudon 05/28/2006
USANHNorway Pines Speedwaydirt ovalWentworth 07/05/1986Returned for full show on 05/30/2010
USANHRiverside Speedwaypaved ovalGroveton 05/26/2001
USANHStar Speedwaypaved ovalEpping 09/12/1981
USANHWhite Mountain Motorsports Parkpaved ovalNorth Woodstock 05/30/1999
USANJAtlantic City Convention Hallconcrete ovalAtlantic City 01/18/1975
USANJBridgeport Speedwaydirt ovalBridgeport 06/28/1980
USANJEast Windsor Speedwaydirt ovalHightstown 03/22/1967
USANJFlemington Fair Speedwaydirt ovalFlemington 05/04/1968
USANJFlemington Fair Speedwaypaved ovalFlemington 10/6/1996
USANJFort Dix Speedwaypaved ovalNew Egypt 05/09/1968
USANJNew Egypt Speedwaydirt ovalNew Egypt 07/31/1999
USANJOld Bridge Speedwaypaved ovalOld Bridge 08/25/1968
USANJPine Brook Stadiumpaved ovalPine Brook 09/11/1981
USANJSun National Bank Centerconcrete ovalTrenton 12/19/2014
USANJTrenton Inter-State Fairgroundspaved ovalTrenton 07/09/1967
USANJTrenton International Speedwaypaved ovalTrenton 10/13/1973
USANJWall Stadiumpaved ovalWall Township 08/10/1968
USANMAztec Speedwaydirt ovalAztec 08/28/1999
USANMDuke City Racewaydirt ovalAlbuquerque 09/02/1989
USANMSandia Motorsports Parkpaved ovalAlbuquerque 06/12/2000
USANMSandia Motorsports Park (Inner)paved ovalAlbuquerque 06/12/2000
USANMSouthern New Mexico Speedwaydirt ovalLas Cruces 11/10/2012
USANVCraig Road Speedwaypaved ovalNorth Las Vegas 10/31/1976
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLas Vegas 09/15/1996
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalLas Vegas 03/06/2013
USANVOutlaw Speedwaydirt ovalCarson City 09/12/1998
USANVPahrump Valley Speedwaydirt ovalPahrump 09/14/1996
USANVSilver State Racewaypaved ovalCarson City 09/12/1998
USANVThunderbowl Speedwaydirt ovalMoundhouse 09/13/1998
USANYAccord Speedwaydirt ovalAccord 06/18/1984
USANYAdirondack International Speedwaypaved ovalNew Bremen 09/22/2001
USANYAfton Speedwaydirt ovalAfton 10/31/1998
USANYAirborne Speedwaypaved ovalPlattsburgh 05/29/2010
USANYAlbany-Saratoga Speedwaydirt ovalMalta 09/12/1980
USANYAlbany-Saratoga Speedwaypaved ovalMalta 07/30/1968
USANYBrewerton Speedwaydirt ovalBrewerton 06/03/1988
USANYBridgehampton Racewaypaved road circuitBridgehampton 09/15/1968
USANYCan-Am Motorsports Parkdirt ovalLaFargeville 08/18/2007
USANYCanandaigua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 05/04/1991
USANYChemung Speedromepaved ovalChemung 09/22/2001
USANYDundee Racewaydirt ovalDundee 07/22/1988
USANYEvans Mills International Speedwaypaved ovalEvans Mills 05/25/2001
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt ovalKirkwood 10/21/1978
USANYFonda Speedwaydirt ovalFonda 07/16/1968
USANYFreedom Racewaydirt ovalDelevan 05/19/1995
USANYFulton Speedwaydirt ovalFulton 06/03/1989
USANYGenesee Countrydirt ovalBatavia 06/20/1984
USANYGlen Ridge Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFultonville 04/24/2009
USANYHolland International Speedwaypaved ovalHolland 06/26/1980
USANYIslip Speedwaypaved figure eightIslip 07/17/1982
USANYIslip Speedwaypaved ovalIslip 08/21/1968
USANYLancaster National Speedwaypaved ovalClarence 06/28/1986
USANYLancaster National Speedway (Inner)paved ovalClarence 06/28/1986
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon 08/02/1980
USANYLimerock Speedwaydirt ovalLeRoy 05/30/2015
USANYLittle Valley Speedwaydirt ovalLittle Valley 05/22/1998
USANYMohawk International Speedwaydirt ovalHogansburg 08/14/2009
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSyracuse 10/07/1983
USANYNiagara Falls Convention Centerconcrete ovalNiagara Falls 01/14/1989
USANYOrange County Speedwaydirt ovalMiddletown 06/08/1968
USANYOswego Speedwaypaved ovalOswego 09/25/1966
USANYParadise Speedwaydirt ovalPhelps 05/20/1995
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville 06/21/1984
USANYRiverhead Racewaypaved figure eightRiverhead 05/28/2005
USANYRiverhead Racewaypaved ovalRiverhead 05/28/2005
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge 10/10/1980
USANYShangri-La II Motor Speedwayconcrete ovalTioga Center 07/04/2009
USANYShangri-La Speedwaypaved ovalOwego 09/10/1981
USANYSkyline Speedwaydirt ovalBlodgett Mills 07/27/1994
USANYSpencer Speedwaypaved ovalWilliamson 09/23/2001
USANYStarlite Speedwaydirt ovalSearsburg 05/28/2010
USANYStateline Speedwaydirt ovalBusti 07/03/1984
USANYThunder Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalCenter Lisle 05/26/1993
USANYUtica-Rome Speedwaydirt ovalVernon 05/25/1987
USANYUtica-Rome Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalVernon 05/28/2006
USANYWatkins Glen Internationalpaved road circuitWatkins Glen 10/06/1968
USANYWayne County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightPalmyra 08/15/2007
USANYWeedsport Speedwaydirt ovalWeedsport 07/31/1980
USANYWhite Lake Speedwaypaved ovalWhite Lake 08/03/1980Returned for full show on 04/25/2009
USANYWoodhull Racewaydirt ovalWoodhull 05/20/2000
USANYWyoming County International Speedwaypaved ovalPerry 08/19/2007
USAOH250 Speedwaydirt ovalCadiz 05/24/2013
USAOH35 Raceway Park (New Location)dirt ovalFrankfort 09/27/2008
USAOH35 Raceway Park (Old Location)dirt ovalFrankfort 09/30/2000
USAOHAtomic Motor Speedwaydirt ovalAlma 09/01/1973
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica 07/21/1988
USAOHBarberton Speedwaypaved ovalBarberton 06/07/1988
USAOHBrown County Speedwaydirt ovalRussellville 05/09/2007
USAOHBrushcreek Motorsports Complexdirt ovalPeebles 05/05/2006
USAOHBryan Racewaydirt ovalBryan 07/30/1980
USAOHBuckeye Speedwaydirt ovalOrrville 05/31/1981
USAOHBurke Lakefront Airportconcrete airfield circuitCleveland 06/27/1999
USAOHClermont County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightOwensville 07/25/2006
USAOHColumbiana County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightLisbon 10/27/2007
USAOHColumbus Motor Speedwaypaved ovalColumbus 09/03/1973
USAOHCoshocton Speedwaydirt ovalCoshocton 06/10/1984
USAOHDayton Speedwaypaved ovalDayton 05/17/1981
USAOHDeerfield Speedwaydirt ovalDeerfield 06/17/2017
USAOHDunaway's 93 Racewaydirt ovalOak Hill 08/30/1998
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston 04/05/1970
USAOHExpo Speedwaydirt ovalCortland 07/01/2010
USAOHFayette County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWashington Court House 07/26/2006
USAOHFremont Speedwaydirt ovalFremont 10/02/1965
USAOHGrand Lake Speedwaydirt ovalCelina 10/08/1989
USAOHHara Arenaconcrete ovalDayton 03/09/2002
USAOHHilltop Speedwaydirt ovalMarietta 08/30/1998
USAOHHilltop Speedwaydirt ovalMillersburg 06/27/2007
USAOHHolmes County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightMillersburg 08/14/2007
USAOHJackson County Speedwaydirt ovalJackson 07/26/2002
USAOHKil-Kare Speedwaypaved ovalXenia 08/29/1980
USAOHKil-Kare Speedway (Inner)paved ovalXenia 08/11/2006
USAOHLakeville Speedwaydirt ovalLakeville 07/26/1996
USAOHLimaland Speedwaydirt ovalAllentown 10/06/1990
USAOHLorain County Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Amherst 08/25/1977
USAOHMansfield Motorsports Parkdirt ovalMansfield 08/29/1981
USAOHMansfield Motorsports Speedwaypaved ovalMansfield 06/09/2001
USAOHMid-Ohio Sports Car Coursepaved road circuitLexington 05/31/1981Returned for full show on 06/09/2001
USAOHMidvale Speedwaypaved figure eightMidvale 05/24/2008
USAOHMidvale Speedwaypaved ovalMidvale 09/28/1986
USAOHMidway Speedwaydirt ovalCrooksville 05/06/2006
USAOHMillstream Speedwaydirt ovalFindlay 05/19/1985
USAOHMoler Raceway Parkdirt ovalWilliamsburg 09/28/2007
USAOHMuskingum County Speedwaydirt ovalDresden 05/24/1997Returned for full show on 06/27/2006
USAOHNelson Ledges Road Coursepaved road circuitSouthington 05/18/1996
USAOHNew Bremen Speedwaypaved ovalNew Bremen 09/14/1969
USAOHNew Sharon Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 07/31/2002
USAOHNutter Centerconcrete ovalDayton 01/09/1994
USAOHOakshade Racewaydirt ovalOak Shade 05/17/1981
USAOHPainesville Speedwaypaved ovalPainesville 06/27/1986
USAOHPortsmouth Raceway Parkdirt ovalPortsmouth 10/07/1990
USAOHPut-In-Bay Airportpaved airfield circuitPut-In-Bay 08/28/2013
USAOHQueen City Speedwaypaved ovalWestchester 07/09/1977
USAOHR & R Speedwaydirt ovalZanesville 09/26/1992
USAOHRocky Top Racewaydirt ovalCoal Grove 08/31/2007
USAOHSaint Clairsville Speedwaydirt ovalMorristown 07/30/1982
USAOHSandusky Speedwaypaved ovalSandusky 10/03/1965
USAOHShady Bowl Speedwaypaved ovalDeGraff 07/23/1983
USAOHSharon Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 09/05/1987
USAOHSharon Speedwaypaved ovalHartford 04/09/1978
USAOHSkyline Speedwaydirt ovalStewart 05/08/2007
USAOHSouthern Ohio Speedwaydirt ovalPortsmouth 05/30/1983
USAOHSpeedway 7dirt ovalBushnell 06/01/1990
USAOHStateline Speedwaydirt ovalEdon 09/01/2002
USAOHToledo SeaGate Centreconcrete ovalToledo 12/20/2008
USAOHToledo Speedwaypaved figure eightToledo 09/07/1969
USAOHToledo Speedwaypaved ovalToledo 09/07/1969
USAOHToledo Speedway (Inner)paved ovalToledo 09/07/1969
USAOHToledo Sports Arenaconcrete ovalToledo 01/07/1973
USAOHTri-County Speedwaydirt ovalWestchester 03/12/1972
USAOHVinton Raceway Parkdirt ovalVinton 07/28/1996
USAOHWaynesfield Motor Sports Park (New Track)dirt ovalWaynesfield 06/26/2007
USAOK66 Racewaydirt ovalKellyville 07/16/1995
USAOKAltus Speedwaypaved ovalAltus 06/15/1991
USAOKEnid Speedwaydirt ovalEnid 08/25/1995
USAOKHallett Motor Racing Circuitpaved road circuitHallett 06/17/1990
USAOKLawton Speedwaydirt ovalLawton 06/08/2002
USAOKState Fair Speedwaydirt ovalOklahoma City 09/29/1981
USAOKState Fair Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalOklahoma City 06/16/1991
USAOKTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalPocola 08/07/1982
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa 01/07/2005
USAOKTulsa Speedwaydirt ovalTulsa 10/14/1989
USAOKWest Siloam Springs Speedwaydirt ovalWest Siloam Springs 07/25/1993
USAORCoos Bay Speedwaydirt ovalCoos Bay 06/19/2011
USAORDouglas County Speedwaypaved ovalRoseburg 06/21/2003
USAOREugene Speedwaypaved ovalEugene 06/14/1989
USAORLaGrande Speedwaydirt ovalLaGrande 06/20/1999
USAORMadras Speedwaydirt ovalMadras 06/18/2011
USAORPleasant Valley Speedwaydirt ovalBaker City 06/20/2004
USAORPortland International Racewaypaved road circuitPortland 06/22/2003
USAORPortland Speedwaydirt ovalPortland 08/25/2000
USAORPortland Speedwaypaved ovalPortland 07/20/1975
USAORRace City USApaved ovalHermiston 06/20/1998
USAORRiver Cities Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Helens 06/25/2016
USAORRiverside Speedwaydirt ovalCottage Grove 06/15/1988
USAORSouthern Oregon Speedwaydirt ovalWhite City 08/29/1996
USAORSunset Speedwaydirt ovalBanks 08/26/2000
USAORWillamette Speedwaydirt ovalLebanon 08/25/2001
USAPAAce High Speedwaydirt ovalMonroeton 10/03/2004
USAPAAllegheny Mountain Racewaydirt ovalLamont 05/16/2004
USAPAAllentown Fairgroundsdirt ovalAllentown 08/10/1968
USAPABeaverRun Motorsports Complexpaved road circuitWampum 06/06/2009
USAPABedford Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalBedford 06/20/1985
USAPABig Diamond Racewaydirt ovalForrestville 06/27/1980Returned for full show on 05/22/1987
USAPABlanket Hill Speedwaydirt ovalWhitesburg 07/21/2002
USAPABloomsburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBloomsburg 10/02/2004
USAPABorger's Speedwaypaved ovalSaylorsburg 08/03/2013
USAPABradford Speedwaydirt ovalRew 06/29/1986
USAPAChallenger Racewaydirt ovalKent 05/24/1998
USAPAClearfield Mountain Speedwaypaved ovalClearfield 05/23/1998
USAPAClearfield Speedwaydirt ovalClearfield 06/19/1985
USAPAClinton County Speedwaydirt ovalMackeyville 08/02/1991
USAPAClyde Martin Memorial Speedwaydirt ovalSchaefferstown 05/25/2013
USAPAConnellsville Airportpaved airfield circuitDunbar 05/24/1997
USAPADog Hollow Speedwaydirt ovalStrongstown 06/29/2007
USAPADorney Park Speedwaypaved ovalAllentown 07/14/1982
USAPAEriez Speedwaydirt ovalHammett 05/30/1993
USAPAEvergreen Speedwaypaved ovalSaint Johns 06/27/1980Returned for full show on 10/12/2008
USAPAGettysburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGettysburg 05/19/2002
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 06/23/1985
USAPAGratz Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGratz 09/17/2000
USAPAGreenwood Valley Action Trackdirt ovalGreenwood 10/02/2004
USAPAHeidelberg Racewaypaved ovalCarnegie 10/09/1971
USAPAHershey Stadiumpaved ovalHershey 08/28/1968
USAPAHesston Speedwaydirt ovalHesston 05/26/2013
USAPAHickory Motor Speedwaydirt ovalNew Castle 05/21/2000
USAPAHidden Valley Speedwaydirt ovalClearfield 05/23/1998
USAPAHummingbird Speedwaydirt ovalFalls Creek 09/02/2007
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaydirt ovalJennerstown 08/27/1977
USAPAJennerstown Speedwaypaved ovalJennerstown 08/11/1991
USAPALake Erie Speedwaypaved figure eightNorth East 07/27/2002
USAPALake Erie Speedwaypaved ovalNorth East 07/27/2002
USAPALanghorne Speedwaypaved ovalLanghorne 06/18/1967
USAPALatrobe Speedwaydirt ovalLatrobe 09/30/2001
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver 06/08/1984
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 06/22/1984
USAPALinda's Speedwaydirt ovalJonestown 05/27/1989Returned for full show on 10/10/2008
USAPAMahoning Valley Speedwaypaved ovalLehighton 05/27/1989
USAPAMarion Center Speedwaydirt ovalMarion Center 05/29/2006
USAPAMcKean County Speedwaydirt ovalEast Smethport 05/27/1993
USAPAMercer Speedwaydirt ovalMercer 05/18/1996
USAPAMotordrome 70 Speedwaydirt ovalSmithton 09/07/1980
USAPAMotordrome Speedwaypaved ovalSmithton 05/23/1997
USAPANazareth National Speedway (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalNazareth 07/03/1967
USAPANazareth Speedwaydirt ovalNazareth 07/02/1967
USAPAPath Valley Speedwaydirt ovalSpring Run 07/30/1999
USAPAPenn Can Speedwaydirt ovalSusquehanna 05/28/1999
USAPAPenn National Speedwaydirt ovalGrantville 08/03/1980
USAPAPennsylvania Int. Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalNazareth 05/19/1996
USAPAPennsylvania Motor Speedwaydirt ovalImperial 05/16/1981
USAPAPocono International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLong Pond 07/03/1971
USAPAPocono Racewaypaved road circuitLong Pond 09/30/2001
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal 04/08/1978
USAPAReading Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalReading 09/23/1967
USAPARedline Racewaydirt ovalGranville Summit 05/15/2009
USAPARoaring Knob Raceway Parkdirt ovalMarkleysburg 09/28/2012
USAPASelinsgrove Speedwaydirt ovalSelinsgrove 09/07/1968
USAPAShippensburg Speedwaydirt ovalShippensburg 05/18/2002
USAPASilver Spring Speedwaydirt ovalMechanicsburg 08/21/1984
USAPASportsman's Speedwaydirt ovalElk City 08/11/1991
USAPASusquehanna Speedwaydirt ovalNewberrytown 04/25/1969
USAPAThe Fairgrounds at Kutztowndirt ovalKutztown 07/28/1998
USAPAThunder Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalKnox Dale 06/15/2018
USAPAThunder Valley Racewaydirt ovalCentral City 07/29/2000
USAPATrail-Way Speedwaydirt ovalMcSherrystown 05/27/2005
USAPATri-City Speedwaydirt ovalDempseytown 08/26/1973
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 07/26/1968
USAPAWindber Speedwaydirt ovalWindber 05/23/1997
USARIBarnyard Racewaydirt ovalChepachet 11/01/1998
USARIDunkin' Donuts Centerconcrete ovalProvidence 03/06/2009
USASCAnderson Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWilliamston 07/18/2008
USASCCarolina Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitKershaw 05/05/2007
USASCCherokee Speedwaydirt ovalGaffney 03/07/1981Shortened 3/8th mile on 07/15/2008
USASCDarlington Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDarlington 04/16/1972
USASCDillon Motor Speedwaypaved ovalDillon 04/06/2013
USASCFlorence Speedwaypaved ovalTimmonsville 10/09/2009
USASCGreenville Pickens Speedwaypaved ovalGreenville 06/30/2006
USASCHemi Speedwaydirt ovalMt. Croghan 06/17/2007
USASCLake View Speedwaydirt ovalLake View 10/08/1993
USASCMyrtle Beach Speedwaydirt ovalMyrtle Beach 08/13/1981
USASCSugar Creek Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBuffalo 08/12/1982
USASCSummerville Speedwaydirt ovalSummerville 08/13/1980
USASCSumter Speedwaydirt ovalSumter 11/26/2006
USASDBlack Hills Speedwaydirt ovalRapid City 07/16/1986
USASDBrown County Speedwaydirt ovalAberdeen 08/12/2002
USASDCasino Speedwaydirt ovalWatertown 07/08/1990
USASDDakota State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalHuron 07/15/1975
USASDHuset's Speedwaydirt ovalBrandon 07/13/1986
USASDInterstate Speedwaydirt ovalJefferson 07/13/1997
USASDLake County Speedwaydirt ovalMadison 05/26/2007
USASDMiller Speedwaydirt ovalMiller 07/10/2009
USASDPark Jefferson Speedwaydirt ovalJefferson 08/16/1993
USASDRed Devil Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 08/25/1990
USASDTurner County Fairgroundsdirt ovalParker 08/16/2004
USATN411 Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSeymour 05/15/1983
USATNAtomic Motor Speedwaydirt ovalKingston 10/27/1979
USATNBristol International Racewaypaved ovalBristol 05/22/1982
USATNCamden Speedwaydirt ovalCamden 05/29/2008
USATNClarksville Speedwaydirt ovalClarksville 05/11/2002
USATNClayhill Motorsportsdirt ovalAtwood 06/25/2009
USATNCleveland Speedwaydirt ovalCleveland 04/19/2008
USATNCrossville Racewaydirt ovalCrossville 07/25/1986
USATNDuck River Speedwaydirt ovalWheel 05/28/2000
USATNGarnertown Speedwaydirt ovalLuray 07/03/2006
USATNHighland Rim Speedwaypaved ovalRidgetop 10/13/1984
USATNI-75 Speedwaydirt ovalSweetwater 08/31/2018
USATNI-81 Speedwaydirt ovalGreeneville 08/28/1998
USATNJackson Fairgroundsdirt ovalJackson 08/08/1980
USATNKingsport Speedwayconcrete ovalKingsport 08/28/1998
USATNKingsport Speedwaydirt ovalKingsport 10/13/1985
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkpaved ovalMillington 10/31/1999
USATNMemphis Motorsports Park (Large Track)dirt ovalMillington 10/19/1990
USATNMemphis Motorsports Park (Small Track)dirt ovalMillington 06/02/2002
USATNMilan Speedwaydirt ovalMilan 08/27/1982
USATNNashville Fairgrounds Speedwaypaved ovalNashville 07/08/1972
USATNNashville Fairgrounds Speedway (Inner)paved ovalNashville 10/11/1985
USATNNashville Superspeedwayconcrete ovalSmyrna 04/11/2003
USATNNewport Speedwaydirt ovalNewport 08/31/1980
USATNNewport Speedwaypaved ovalNewport 09/24/2005
USATNRiverview Speedwaypaved ovalCarthage 04/24/2004
USATNSmoky Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalMaryville 08/31/1980
USATNSpring City Speedwaydirt ovalSpring City 04/24/2004
USATNTazewell Speedwaydirt ovalTazewell 06/04/1982
USATNTennessee Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBaxter 06/27/1997
USATNTennessee National Speedwaydirt ovalHohenwald 05/24/2014
USATNThunderhill Racewaydirt ovalSummertown 06/25/2000
USATNVolunteer Speedwaydirt ovalBulls Gap 08/30/1980
USATNWartburg Speedwaydirt ovalWartburg 07/02/2010
USATNWinchester Speedwaydirt ovalWinchester 04/12/2003
USATXBig H Speedwaydirt ovalHouston 06/24/1981
USATXBoyd Racewaydirt ovalBoyd 08/06/2016
USATXDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalMesquite 06/25/1981
USATXEl Paso Speedway Parkdirt ovalEl Paso 11/09/2012
USATXGolden Triangle Raceway Parkdirt ovalBeaumont 03/25/1983
USATXHub City Speedwaydirt ovalLubbock 09/06/1998
USATXNorth Texas Motor Speedwaydirt ovalRoyse City 06/15/1990
USATXParis Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBlossom 06/06/2002
USATXRoyal Purple Racewaydirt ovalBaytown 11/15/2012
USATXSan Antonio Speedwaypaved ovalSan Antonio 07/30/1983
USATXSuper Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalGreenville 03/20/2014
USATXTexas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalJustin 06/07/2002
USATXTimberline Speedwaydirt ovalCorley 03/21/2014
USAUTBonneville Raceway Parkpaved ovalWest Valley City 06/25/1983
USAUTMillard County Speedwaydirt ovalDelta 07/08/2016
USAUTRocky Mountain Racewayspaved ovalWest Valley City 09/01/1997
USAVACallaway USA Speedwaypaved ovalCallaway 08/27/2005
USAVADominion Racewaypaved road circuitWoodford 10/30/2016
USAVAEastside Speedwaydirt ovalDooms 05/25/1991
USAVALangley Racewaypaved ovalHampton 08/06/1983
USAVALog Cabin Racewaydirt ovalHenry 08/14/1981
USAVALonesome Pine Racewaypaved ovalCoeburn 06/05/1982
USAVAMartinsville Speedwaypaved ovalMartinsville 03/25/1973
USAVAMid-Bay Racewaydirt ovalChurch View 09/27/1997
USAVAMotor Mile Speedwaypaved ovalRadford 06/08/2013
USAVANatural Bridge Speedwaydirt ovalNatural Bridge 09/29/2007
USAVAOak Level Racewaydirt ovalOak Level 05/16/2003
USAVAOld Dominion Speedwaypaved ovalManassas 07/20/2002
USAVARichmond International Racewaypaved ovalRichmond 05/04/2007
USAVAShenandoah Speedwaypaved ovalShenandoah 05/03/2007
USAVASouth Boston Speedwaypaved ovalSouth Boston 08/15/1981
USAVASouthampton Speedwaypaved ovalCapron 07/19/2002
USAVASouthside Speedwaypaved ovalMidlothian 08/26/1977
USAVAVirginia International Racewaypaved road circuitAlton 09/17/2000
USAVAWinchester Speedwaydirt ovalWinchester 08/10/1985
USAVAWythe Racewaydirt ovalRural Retreat 05/30/1981
USAVTBear Ridge Speedwaydirt ovalBradford 08/15/2009
USAVTCatamount Stadiumpaved ovalMilton 09/13/1981
USAVTDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalWest Haven 06/30/1985
USAVTDevil's Bowl Speedwaypaved ovalWest Haven 07/03/2015
USAVTThunder Road International Speedbowlpaved ovalBarre 07/15/1976
USAWABremerton Motorsports Parkpaved airfield circuitBremerton 07/29/2007
USAWADeming Speedwaydirt ovalDeming 06/19/1983
USAWAEagle Track Racewaydirt ovalRepublic 06/12/1983
USAWAEphrata Raceway Parkpaved ovalEphrata 06/19/2004
USAWAEvergreen Speedwaypaved ovalMonroe 08/24/1997
USAWAEvergreen Speedway (Inner)paved ovalMonroe 06/14/2002
USAWAEvergreen Speedway (Intermediate)paved ovalMonroe 06/14/2002
USAWAGrays Harbor Raceway Parkdirt ovalElma 08/22/1997
USAWAOlympia-Tenino Racewaypaved ovalTenino 09/06/1986Returned for full show on 06/21/2008
USAWAPacific Racewayspaved road circuitKent 08/24/2003
USAWAPort Angeles Speedwaypaved ovalPort Angeles 08/23/2003
USAWASkagit Speedwaydirt ovalAlger 07/18/1975
USAWASpanaway Speedwaypaved figure eightSpanaway 06/15/1994
USAWASpanaway Speedwaypaved ovalSpanaway 06/15/1994
USAWASpokane County Racewaypaved road circuitSpokane 06/19/2016
USAWASpokane Raceway Parkpaved ovalSpokane 06/11/1983
USAWAState Fair Speedwaydirt ovalYakima 08/22/2000
USAWATri-City Racewaypaved ovalWest Richland 06/18/1988
USAWAWenatchee Valley Super Ovalpaved ovalEast Wenatchee 08/18/2001
USAWAYakima Speedwaypaved ovalYakima 07/19/1975
USAWI141 Speedwaypaved ovalMaribel 08/08/1998
USAWIABC Speedwaydirt ovalAshland 08/13/2005
USAWIAngell Park Speedwaydirt ovalSun Prairie 06/14/1981
USAWIBeaver Dam Racewaydirt ovalBeaver Dam 08/21/1993
USAWIBlack River Country Racewaydirt ovalNeillsville 09/15/1973
USAWICalumet County Speedwaydirt ovalChilton 08/15/2008
USAWICapital Speedwaydirt ovalOregon 10/01/1988
USAWICapital Speedwaypaved ovalOregon 09/01/1978
USAWICapital Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOregon 09/01/1978
USAWICedar Lake Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset 07/11/1983
USAWIColumbus 151 Speedwaypaved ovalColumbus 06/12/1981
USAWICrandon International Off-Road Racewaydirt off road circuitCrandon 09/03/2005
USAWIDells Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWisconsin Dells 09/16/1973
USAWIDodge County Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalBeaver Dam 08/09/2000
USAWIDoor County Speedwaydirt ovalSturgeon Bay 07/06/2002
USAWIEagle Valley Speedwaydirt ovalJim Falls 07/02/2002
USAWIFox Ridge Speedwaydirt ovalArcadia 08/30/2002
USAWIGolden Sands Speedwaypaved ovalPlover 08/11/1995
USAWIGrant County Speedwaydirt ovalLancaster 08/31/2002
USAWIHales Corners Speedwaydirt ovalHales Corners 07/11/1964
USAWIJefferson Speedwaypaved ovalJefferson 07/09/1988
USAWIJefferson Speedway (Inner)paved ovalJefferson 09/19/2009
USAWIKopellah Speedwaydirt ovalCenturia 06/22/2007
USAWILa Crosse Fairgrounds Speedwaypaved ovalWest Salem 09/29/1979
USAWILafayette County Speedwaydirt ovalDarlington 08/28/2009
USAWILake Geneva Racewaypaved ovalLake Geneva 07/09/1988Returned for full show on 05/20/2006
USAWILanglade County Speedwaydirt ovalAntigo 07/09/1995
USAWILuxemburg Speedwaydirt ovalLuxemburg 08/12/2005
USAWIManitowoc County Expo Racewaydirt ovalManitowoc 06/30/2002
USAWIMarshfield Super Speedwaydirt ovalMarshfield 07/11/1981
USAWIMecca Arenaconcrete ovalMilwaukee 01/27/1990
USAWIMonster Hall Racewaydirt ovalUnity 07/12/1998
USAWIRed Cedar Speedwaydirt ovalMenomonie 07/03/2002
USAWIRice Lake Speedwaydirt ovalRice Lake 07/07/2001
USAWIRiver Raceway Tri-Ovaldirt ovalFountain City 07/18/1980
USAWIRiverside Racewaydirt ovalEagle River 07/09/2002
USAWIRoad Americapaved road circuitElkhart Lake 07/07/1981
USAWISandbox Arenadirt ovalSomerset 03/29/2008
USAWISeymour Super Speedwaydirt ovalSeymour 06/09/1985
USAWIShawano Speedwaydirt ovalShawano 06/13/1981
USAWISheboygan County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalPlymouth 07/12/1988
USAWISlinger Speedwaypaved ovalSlinger 06/10/1981
USAWIState Park Speedwaypaved ovalWausau 06/08/1989
USAWISunnyview Speed Zonedirt ovalOshkosh 06/08/1999
USAWISuperior Speedwaydirt ovalSuperior 08/04/2003
USAWITNT Speedwaydirt ovalThree Lakes 06/23/2007
USAWITomahawk Speedwaypaved ovalTomahawk 09/02/2011
USAWIWild Bill's Track-N-Trailpaved ovalTomah 07/12/1979
USAWIWilmot Speedwaydirt ovalWilmot 07/14/1978
USAWIWisconsin International Racewaypaved figure eightKaukauna 06/14/1981
USAWIWisconsin International Racewaypaved ovalKaukauna 07/15/1978
USAWIWisconsin International Raceway (Inner)paved ovalKaukauna 07/15/1978
USAWIWisconsin State Fairgrounds (Superspeedway)paved ovalWest Allis 08/18/1963
USAWVBeckley Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBeckley 05/29/1981
USAWVElkins Speedwaydirt ovalKerens 07/11/2008
USAWVHatfield-McCoy Speedwaydirt ovalHanover 08/29/1998
USAWVI-77 Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFairplain 06/30/2007
USAWVInterstate 79 Speedwaydirt ovalShinnston 05/26/1991
USAWVJefferson County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBrowns Corner 08/23/2005
USAWVO'Brion Oval Speedwaydirt ovalDuck 06/30/2007
USAWVOhio Valley Speedwaydirt ovalLubeck 09/29/2012
USAWVOna Speedwaypaved ovalOna 06/16/2018
USAWVPennsboro Speedwaydirt ovalPennsboro 09/02/1973
USAWVPrinceton Speedwaydirt ovalPrinceton 05/25/2014
USAWVSumit Point Raceway (Summit Point Circuit)paved road circuitSummit Point 06/06/1982
USAWVTyler County Speedwaydirt ovalMiddlebourne 09/01/2007
USAWVWest Virginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMineral Wells 08/11/1985
USAWYBig Country Speedwaypaved ovalCheyenne 09/27/1981
USAWYCasper Speedwaydirt ovalCasper 08/20/2004
USAWYGillette Thunder Speedway (New Location)dirt ovalGillette 06/12/2004
USAWYGillette Thunder Speedway (Old Location)dirt ovalGillette 06/11/1989
USAWYRipple Ridge Racewaydirt ovalRawlins 06/12/2000
USAWYSheridan Speedwaydirt ovalSheridan 06/13/1999
USAWYSweetwater Speedwaydirt ovalRock Springs 08/19/1997
USAWYValentine Speedwaydirt ovalGlenrock 07/09/2016
USAWYWeston County Speedwaydirt ovalNewcastle 08/11/2001

Tracks with Non TrackChaser Classes or Formats

CANONGrand Bend Motocrossdirt off road circuitGrand Bend 08/07/2006Motocross Motorcycles
GBRENGBlyton Racewaypaved ovalBlyton 04/11/2004Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
GBRENGBovingdon Racewaypaved ovalBovingdon 04/09/2004Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
GBRENGHunmanby Racewaydirt ovalHunmanby 04/11/2004Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list
GBRENGYork Autograssdirt ovalMoor Monkton 04/12/2004Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAALGreen Valley Speedway Kart Trackdirt ovalGlencoe 08/29/1982Flat Karts
USAARI-30 Speedwaydirt road circuitBryant 09/30/1981Quads
USACALakeport Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalLakeport 06/24/1989Winged Outlaw Sprint Karts. Chose not to put on TC list.
USACATehama County Fairgroundsdirt ovalRed Bluff 12/11/1999Winged Outlaw Sprint Karts. Chose not to put on TC list.
USACAWillow Springs Speedway (1.0 Short Course)paved road circuitRosamond 10/06/2007Motorcycles
USACAWillow Springs Speedway (1.5 Short Course)paved road circuitRosamond 10/06/2007Motorcycles
USACOPikes Peak Hill Climbmixed hillclimbCascade 06/26/2011Motorcycles
USAFLCentral Florida Racing Complex (Autocross Course)paved road circuitOrlando //Autocross
USAFLOrange County Racewaydirt ovalBithlo 02/11/2002Motorcycles
USAFLOrlando SpeedWorlddirt off road circuitBithlo 02/11/2002Motocross Motorcycles
USAFLPalm Beach Int. Raceway (Autocross Course)paved road circuitPalm Beach Gardens //Autocross
USAIADelaware Kartwaydirt ovalDelaware 09/11/1999Flat Karts
USAILGateway International Raceway (Autocross Course)paved road circuitMadison //Autocross
USAILHigland Speedway Quarter Midget Trackdirt ovalHighland 07/22/1991Quarter Midgets
USAILPeoria Motorcycle Clubdirt ovalPeoria 06/06/2004Motorcycles
USAINHenry's Speedwaypaved ovalChase 05/15/1982Late Models. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Park (Inner)paved ovalClermont 05/22/2003Quarter Midgets on temporary frontstretch track
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt road circuitLawrenceburg 09/14/2007Motorcycles
USAINLawrenceburg Speedway Kart Trackdirt ovalLawrenceburg 09/14/2007Flat Karts
USAINNew Castle Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitNew Castle 07/16/2006Flat Karts
USAKSThunderlake Speedwaydirt ovalKansas City 08/17/2002Flat Karts
USAMDHagerstown Quarter Midget Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 08/27/1989Quarter Midgets
USAMICenter Racewaydirt ovalGrawn 08/17/1973Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAMIEastern Michigan Fairgroundsdirt ovalImlay City 10/08/1990Vintage exhibition races. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAMIEaton County Fairgroundsdirt ovalCharlotte 08/04/1996Vintage exhibition races. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAMIJackson Speedwaypaved road circuitJackson 10/26/2002Flat Karts
USAMIMarquette Kart Clubpaved road circuitSands 07/23/2016Flat Karts
USAMIPontiac Silverdomeconcrete ovalPontiac 01/15/1998Motorcycles
USAMIRavenna Motor Parkpaved road circuitRavenna 06/26/2004Flat Karts
USAMIVan Buren County Fairgroundsdirt off road ovalHartford 07/22/2017Stock cars. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAMIWhittemore Speedwaydirt ovalWhittemore 07/14/1973Modifieds. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAMNMower County Fairgroundsdirt ovalAustin 08/12/1984Vintage Exhibition
USAMOMissouri State Fairgrounds Kart Trackdirt ovalSedalia 08/16/2003Flat Karts
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Quarter Midget Track)paved ovalHarrisburg 10/09/1993Quarter Midgets
USANCTri-County Motor Speedwaypaved ovalHudson 08/09/1995Late Models. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USANEJunction Motor Speedwaydirt figure eightMcCool Junction 06/11/2004Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list
USANJNJ MS Park (Thunderbolt Raceway)paved road circuitMillville 08/03/2013Motorcycles
USANMArroya Seca Racewaypaved road circuitAkela 11/10/2012Motorcycles
USANYBliss Speedwaypaved ovalBliss 08/15/2007Flat Karts
USANYPoughkeepsie Speedwaypaved ovalArlington 08/01/1999Champ Karts. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAOHCanton Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWaco 05/23/1982Late Models. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAOHCircleville Raceway Parkpaved road circuitCircleville 08/28/2005Flat Karts
USAOHCridersville Speedwaypaved road circuitCridersville 05/03/1992Flat Karts
USAOHTuscarawas County Fairgroundsdirt ovalDover 07/20/1986Vintage exhibition races. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAOHWashington County Fairgroundsdirt ovalMarietta 05/06/2006Vintage Exhibition Racing. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAORSouthern Oregon Speedwaypaved road circuitWhite City 08/29/1996Flat Karts
USAPAHickory Motor Speedwaypaved ovalNew Castle 08/26/1984Stock Cars. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAPALatimore Valley Fairgroundsdirt ovalYork Springs 06/22/1985Vintage Exhibition
USATNNashville Municipal Auditoriumconcrete ovalNashville 01/27/1989Modified Midgets. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USATXMotorsports Ranchpaved road circuitCresson 06/10/2000Motorcycles
USAVARichmond Fairgroundspaved ovalRichmond 09/06/1980Late Models. Didn't Stay. Chose not to put on TC list.
USAVAVirginia Int. Raceway (Autocross Course)paved road circuitAlton //Autocross
USAWAGrays Harbor Kart Raceway (Outback)dirt ovalElma 08/28/2004Flat Karts
USAWAGrays Harbor Kart Track (Indoor)dirt ovalElma 08/19/2000Flat Karts
USAWAGrays Harbor Quarter Midget Racewaydirt ovalElma 08/19/2000Quarter Midgets
USAWASkagit Speedwaydirt ovalAlger 06/15/2000Flat Karts
USAWASpanaway Quarter Midget Speedwaypaved ovalSpanaway 06/18/2003Quarter Midgets
USAWAThe Ridgepaved airfield circuitShelton 06/26/2016Motorcycles
USAWISlinger Speedwaydirt ovalSlinger 07/23/1966Modifieds. Didn't stay. Chose not to put on TC list

Non TrackChaser Tracks

CANBCMission Dragway Parkpaved drag stripMission 06/16/1996Drag Racing
CANONGrand Bend Motorplexpaved drag stripGrand Bend 08/07/2006Drag Racing
CANONShannonville Raceway Parkpaved drag stripShannonville 07/08/2007Drag Racing
USAALMontgomery Motorsports Parkpaved drag stripMontgomery 10/20/2007Drag Racing
USAALMoulton Dragwaypaved drag stripMoulton 09/19/1999Drag Racing
USACABaylands Raceway Parkpaved drag stripFremont 08/27/1986Drag Racing
USACASacramento Raceway Parkpaved drag stripSacramento 09/29/1982Drag Racing
USACASears Point Dragwaypaved drag stripSonoma 08/28/1986Drag Racing
USACOBandimere Speedwaypaved drag stripCascade 06/25/2011Drag Racing
USAFLDeSoto Memorial Dragwaypaved drag stripBradenton 11/25/1982Drag Racing
USAFLGainesville Dragwaypaved drag stripGainesville 02/19/1994Drag Racing
USAFLImmokalee Regional Racewaypaved drag stripImmokalee 02/10/2007Drag Racing
USAFLMiami-Hollywood Dragwaypaved drag stripJupiter 02/09/1991Drag Racing
USAFLOrlando SpeedWorldpaved drag stripBithlo 02/10/2006Drag Racing
USAFLPalm Beach International Racewaypaved drag stripPalm Beach Gardens 02/19/2012Drag Racing
USAGAAtlanta Dragwaypaved drag stripCommerce 11/15/1998Drag Racing
USAGABrainerd Optimist Dragwaypaved drag stripRinggold 11/10/2006Drag Racing
USAGAParadise Dragwaypaved drag stripCalhoun 05/28/2000Drag Racing
USAHIHawaii Raceway Parkpaved drag stripKapolei 04/18/1987Drag Racing
USAIAEddyville Racewaypaved drag stripEddyville 06/04/2005Drag Racing
USAIAHumboldt County Racewaypaved drag stripDakota City 08/02/2003Drag Racing
USAIATri-State Dragwaypaved drag stripEarlville 09/11/1999Drag Racing
USAILByron Dragwaypaved drag stripRockford 05/04/2002Drag Racing
USAILColes County Dragwaypaved drag stripCharleston 04/22/2007Drag Racing
USAILCordova Dragwaypaved drag stripCordova 05/05/2002Drag Racing
USAILI-57 Dragwaypaved drag stripWest Frankfort 07/26/1997Drag Racing
USAILMason County Dragwaypaved drag stripHavana 07/18/1999Drag Racing
USAILRoute 66 Racewaypaved drag stripJoliet 05/31/1998Drag Racing
USAILSaint Louis International Dragwaypaved drag stripMadison 11/21/1982Drag Racing
USAINAction Dragwaypaved drag stripTerre Haute 05/13/1994Drag Racing
USAINBrown County Dragwaypaved drag stripBeanblossom 06/28/1998Drag Racing
USAINBunker Hill Dragwaypaved drag stripBunker Hill 08/29/1993Drag Racing
USAINE. T. Racewaypaved drag stripBloomfield 05/16/1998Drag Racing
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved drag stripClermont 09/01/1983Drag Racing
USAINMuncie Dragwaypaved drag stripMuncie 09/11/1988Drag Racing
USAINOsceola Dragwaypaved drag stripOsceola 07/04/1999Drag Racing
USAINUS 41 International Dragwaypaved drag stripMorocco 07/26/1998Drag Racing
USAKYBeach Bend Racewaypaved drag stripBowling Green 04/20/2008Drag Racing
USAKYLake Cumberland Dragwaypaved drag stripJamestown 05/06/2000Drag Racing
USAKYLondon Motorplexpaved drag stripLondon 05/06/2000Drag Racing
USAKYThornhill Dragwaypaved drag stripKenton 08/24/2002Drag Racing
USAMD75-85 Dragwaypaved drag stripMonrovia 05/24/1987Drag Racing
USAMDCapitol Racewaypaved drag stripCrofton 09/27/1997Drag Racing
USAMDCecil County Dragwaypaved drag stripRising Sun 05/23/1987Drag Racing
USAMDMaryland International Dragwaypaved drag stripBudds Creek 09/27/1997Drag Racing
USAMDMason-Dixon Dragwaypaved drag stripBoonsboro 06/06/1982Drag Racing
USAMIBob's Family Racewaydirt drag stripClarksville 05/26/2002Sand Drags
USAMICentral Michigan Dragwaypaved drag stripStanton 07/15/1960Drag Racing
USAMIEmpire Hill Climbpaved hillclimbEmpire 09/15/2018Time trial event
USAMIGrattan Racewaypaved drag stripGrattan 07/22/1963Drag Racing
USAMILaPeer International Dragwaypaved drag stripLaPeer 08/09/1998Drag Racing
USAMIMartin 131 Dragwaypaved drag stripMartin 07/15/1963Drag Racing
USAMIMilan Dragwaypaved drag stripMilan 07/11/1982Drag Racing
USAMIMount Garfielddirt hillclimbMuskegon 08/15/1959Motorcycles
USAMINorthern Michigan Dragwaypaved drag stripKaleva 09/05/1993Drag Racing
USAMIPontiac Silverdomedirt drag stripPontiac 01/15/1998Sand Drags
USAMISilver Lake Sand Dragwaydirt drag stripSilver Lake 08/03/1997Sand Drags
USAMIThunderbird Dragwaypaved drag stripMuskegon 04/16/2000Drag Racing
USAMIUbly Dragwaypaved drag stripUbly 07/25/1999Drag Racing
USAMNBrainerd International Racewaypaved drag stripBrainerd 07/11/1999Drag Racing
USAMNGrove Creek Dragwaypaved drag stripGrove City 07/30/2005Drag Racing
USAMNInterstate Dragwaypaved drag stripMorehead 07/10/1993Drag Racing
USAMOI-55 Dragwaypaved drag stripPevely 07/28/1985Drag Racing
USAMOKansas City International Racewaypaved drag stripIndependence 06/14/1997Drag Racing
USAMOOzark International Racewaypaved drag stripRogersville 07/08/2006Drag Racing
USAMOUS 36 Dragwaypaved drag stripCameron 06/14/1997Drag Racing
USAMSFulton Dragwaypaved drag stripFulton 07/02/2006Drag Racing
USAMTIntermountain Motor Sports Parkpaved drag stripActon 08/22/2004Drag Racing
USAMTLost Crek Dragwaypaved drag stripAnaconda 06/14/2003Drag Racing
USANCPiedmont Dragwaypaved drag stripGreensboro 06/29/2006Drag Racing
USANCRockingham Dragwaypaved drag stripRockingham 04/06/2013Drag Racing
USANCWilkesboro Raceway Parkpaved drag stripNorth Wilkesboro 08/29/1998Drag Racing
USANDMagic City International Dragwaypaved drag stripMinot 07/12/2009Drag Racing
USANEKearney Raceway Parkpaved drag stripKearney 06/15/1997Drag Racing
USANHNew England Dragwaypaved drag stripEpping 09/12/1981Drag Racing
USANJAtco Dragwaypaved drag stripAtco 07/31/1999Drag Racing
USANJEnglishtown Raceway Parkpaved drag stripEnglishtown 06/16/1968Drag Racing
USANYLong Island Dragwaypaved drag stripWesthampton 07/29/1994Drag Racing
USANYNew York International Dragwaypaved drag stripLeicester 05/20/1995Drag Racing
USANYSkyview Dragspaved drag stripTioga Center 04/25/2009Drag Racing
USAOHDragway 42paved drag stripWest Salem 06/07/2009Drag Racing
USAOHEdgewater Sports Parkpaved drag stripCleves 07/17/1999Drag Racing
USAOHKil-Kare Dragwaypaved drag stripXenia 07/17/1999Drag Racing
USAOHMagnolia Drag Strippaved drag stripMagnolia 09/03/2007Drag Racing
USAOHMarion County International Racewaypaved drag stripLaRue 05/08/2004Drag Racing
USAOHNational Trail Dragwaypaved drag stripHebron 05/26/1985Drag Racing
USAOHNorwalk Raceway Parkpaved drag stripNorwalk 08/27/1998Drag Racing
USAOHPacemakers Dragway Parkpaved drag stripMount Vernon 09/30/2012Drag Racing
USAOHQuaker City Dragwaypaved drag stripSalem 06/07/1986Drag Racing
USAOHTri-State Dragwaypaved drag stripHamilton 05/19/2007Drag Racing
USAOKTexoma Dragwaypaved drag stripWalters 06/08/2002Drag Racing
USAORPortland International Racewaypaved drag stripPortland 08/23/2000Drag Racing
USAORWoodburn Dragwaypaved drag stripWoodburn 09/01/1994Drag Racing
USAPAKeystone Raceway Parkpaved drag stripNew Alexandria 08/06/1995Drag Racing
USAPALucky's Drag Citypaved drag stripLowville 05/25/2008Drag Racing
USAPAMaple Grove Racewaypaved drag stripReading 06/21/1985Drag Racing
USAPASouth Mountain Dragwaypaved drag stripBoiling Springs 07/28/2002Drag Racing
USAPASunset Dragwaypaved drag stripHermitage 05/29/1994Drag Racing
USASCDarlington International Dragwaypaved drag stripDarlington 10/10/2009Drag Racing
USASDThunder Valley Dragwaypaved drag stripMarion 07/13/1997Drag Racing
USATN411 Dragwaypaved drag stripSeymour 09/06/1982Drag Racing
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkpaved drag stripMillington 10/20/1990Drag Racing
USATNUS 43 Dragwaypaved drag stripLawrenceburg 06/25/2000Drag Racing
USATXAlamo Dragwaypaved drag stripSan Antonio 07/30/1983Drag Racing
USAUTBonneville Salt Flatsdirt drag stripWendover 08/21/2003Land Speed Record
USAVAEastside Dragwaypaved drag stripDooms 08/10/1985Drag Racing
USAVASumerduck Dragwaypaved drag stripCulpepper 10/02/1997Drag Racing
USAWABremerton Dragwaypaved drag stripBremerton 08/21/1999Drag Racing
USAWASeattle International Racewaypaved drag stripKent 08/20/2000Drag Racing
USAWASpokane Raceway Parkpaved road circuitSpokane 06/11/1983Drag Racing
USAWIGreat Lakes Dragwaypaved drag stripUnion Grove 06/15/1986Drag Racing
USAWYDougles International Dragwaypaved drag stripDougles 08/24/1996Drag Racing

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