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Scott Bloomquist (Driver)
Mooresburg, TN, USA
199 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
USAALDeep South Speedwaydirt ovalLoxley 03/13/2009Raced: Late Model
USAALEast Alabama Motor Speedwaydirt ovalPhenix City 11/06/1988Raced: Late Model
USAALGreen Valley Speedwaydirt ovalGlencoe 04/29/1994Raced: Late Model
USAALNorth Alabama Speedwaydirt ovalTuscumbia 04/02/2006Raced: Late Model
USAALTalladega Short Trackdirt ovalTalladega 06/19/1993Raced: Late Model
USAARBatesville Motor Speedwaydirt ovalLocust Grove 04/24/1998Raced: Late Mode
USACACorona Racewaydirt ovalCorona 08//1980Raced: Late Model
USACASpeedway 117dirt ovalChula Vista //1981Raced: Late Model
USADEDelaware International Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar 07/21/2004Raced: WoO Late Model
USAFLBubba Raceway Parkdirt ovalOcala 02/14/2016Raced: Late Model
USAFLEast Bay Speedwaydirt ovalGibsonton 02/03/1990Raced: Late Model
USAFLJAX Speedwaydirt ovalJacksonville 02/10/1995Raced: Late Model
USAFLSaint Johns County Motorsports Complexdirt ovalSaint Augustine 04/03/1993Raced: Late Model
USAFLVolusia Speedway Parkdirt ovalBarberville 02/15/1994Raced: Late Model
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHampton 11/16/1991Raced: ARCA Stock Car
USAGAAugusta Motor Speedwaydirt ovalGrovetown 04/28/1995Raced: Late Model
USAGABoyd's Speedwaydirt ovalRinggold 04/01/2016Raced: Late Model
USAGACochran Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCochran 04/27/2001Raced: Late Model
USAGACordele Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCordele 04/08/1995Raced: Late Model
USAGADixie Speedwaydirt ovalWoodstock 09/25/1993Raced: Late Model
USAGAGolden Isles Speedwaydirt ovalWaynesville 01/27/1995Raced: Late Model
USAGAGordon Park Speedwaydirt ovalGrovetown 04/29/1996Raced: Late Model
USAGAHartwell Motor Speedwaydirt ovalHartwell 04/17/1994Raced: Late Model
USAGALavonia Speedwaydirt ovalLavonia 04/26/2002Raced: Late Model
USAGANorth Georgia Speedwaydirt ovalChatsworth 07/16/1994Raced: Late Model
USAGAPeach State Speedwaypaved ovalJefferson 07/20/1994Raced: Late Model
USAGARome Speedwaydirt ovalRome 08/14/1994Raced: Late Model
USAGAScreven Motor Speedwaydirt ovalNewington 04/03/2009Raced: Late Model
USAGASenoia Racewaydirt ovalSenoia 03/25/2016Raced: Late Model
USAGASeven Flags Speedwaydirt ovalDouglasville 06/17/1993Raced: Late Model
USAGASwainsboro Speedwaydirt ovalSwainsboro 06/18/2009Raced: Late Model
USAGAThunderbowl Speedwaydirt ovalValdosta 04/01/1993Raced: Late Model
USAGAWaycross Motor Speedwaydirt ovalWaycross 02/27/1993Raced: Late Model
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington 07/16/1996Raced: Late Model
USAIAAdams County Speedwaydirt ovalCorning 05/16/1992Raced: Late Model
USAIACresco Speedwaydirt ovalCresco 07/24/1998Raced: Late Model
USAIADavenport Speedwaydirt ovalDavenport 07/14/1997Raced: Late Model
USAIADubuque Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalDubuque 08/05/2005Raced: Late Model
USAIAEcho Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Union 07/09/2002Raced: Late Model
USAIAFarley Speedwaydirt ovalFarley 07/08/1991Raced: Late Model
USAIAHamilton County Speedwaydirt ovalWebster City 07/10/1991Raced: Late Model
USAIAHawkeye Racewaydirt ovalBlue Grass 08/07/1990Raced: Late Model
USAIAIowa State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalDes Moines 07/02/1989Raced: Late Model
USAIAKnoxville Racewaydirt ovalKnoxville 06/24/2000Raced: Late Model
USAIAMason City Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMason City 08/03/2004Raced: Late Model
USAIAWest Liberty Speedwaydirt ovalWest Liberty 08/24/2000Raced: Late Model
USAIL67 Raceway Parkdirt ovalGodfrey 06/24/2002Raced: Late Model
USAILCharleston Speedwaydirt ovalCharleston 07/01/2002Raced: Late Model
USAILDuQuoin State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalDuQuoin 06/20/1999Raced: Late Model
USAILFairbury American Legion Speedwaydirt ovalFairbury 07/28/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILFarmer City Speedwaydirt ovalFarmer City 07/27/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILFreeport Raceway Parkdirt ovalFreeport 07/26/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILHighland Speedwaydirt ovalHighland 07/23/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILIllinois State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSpringfield 08/18/1991Raced: ARCA Stock Car
USAILKankakee Speedwaydirt ovalKankakee 07/20/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILLaSalle Speedwaydirt ovalLaSalle 08/11/1998Raced: Late Model
USAILMacon Speedwaydirt ovalMacon 0/12/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILMount Vernon Speedwaydirt ovalMount Vernon 07/14/2002Raced: Late Model
USAILPeoria Speedwaydirt ovalPeoria 07/15/2002Raced: Late Model
USAILRoute 66 Speedwaydirt ovalJoliet 06/02/1999Raced: Late Model
USAILSpoon River Speedwaydirt ovalBanner 07/03/2002Raced: Late Model
USAILTri-City Speedwaydirt ovalGranite City 05/24/2009Raced: Late Model
USAILVermillion County Speedwaydirt ovalDanville 07/25/1990Raced: Late Model
USAILWinnegabo County Speedwaydirt ovalPecatonica 08/08/2001Raced: Late Model
USAINBloomington Speedwaydirt ovalBloomington 07/19/2002Raced: Late Model
USAINBrownstown Speedwaydirt ovalBrownstown 07/21/1990Raced: Late Model
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo 07/20/2002Raced: Late Model
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt ovalLawrenceburg 08/27/2010Raced: Late Model
USAINSouthlake Speedwaydirt ovalCrown Point 07/18/1991Raced: Late Model
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute 06/30/2002Raced: Late Model
USAINTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalHaubstadt 07/15/1990Raced: Late Model
USAINTwin Cities Raceway Parkdirt ovalNorth Vernon 06/30/2001Raced: Late Model
USAKS81 Speedwaydirt ovalWichita 07/04/1998Raced: Late Model
USAKSBelleville High Banksdirt ovalBelleville 06/17/2007Raced: WoO Late Model
USAKY201 Speedwaydirt ovalSitka 07/05/2014Raced: Late Model
USAKYBarren County Speedwaydirt ovalGlasgow 05/18/1989Raced: Late Model
USAKYBluegrass Speedwaydirt ovalBardstown 08/27/2005Raced: Late Model
USAKYFlorence Speedwaydirt ovalUnion 08/13/1988Raced: Late Model
USAKYKentucky Lake Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCalvert City 06/19/1998Raced: Late Model
USAKYLake Cumberland Speedwaydirt ovalBurnside //1991Raced: Late Model
USAKYPaducah International Racewaydirt ovalPaducah 06/20/1998Raced: Late Model
USAKYPonderosa Speedwaydirt ovalJunction City 08/22/2014Raced: Late Model
USAKYThunder Ridge Racewaydirt ovalAuxier 05/04/2001Raced: Late Model
USALAArk-La-Tex Speedwaydirt ovalVivian 04/05/2014Raced: Late Model
USALAThunder Valley Speedwaydirt ovalUnion Hill 03/24/2000Raced: Late Model
USAMDAllegany County Speedwaydirt ovalPotomac Park 10/06/2001Raced: Late Model
USAMDPotomac Speedwaydirt ovalBudds Creek 07/27/2004Raced: WoO Late Model
USAMIButler Speedwaydirt ovalButler 05/14/2005Raced: Late Model
USAMIHartford Speedway Parkpaved ovalHartford 07/12/2002Raced: Late Model
USAMIKalamazoo Speedwaypaved ovalKalamazoo 07/19/2006Raced: Late Model
USAMIMichigan International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalBrooklyn 08/17/1991Raced: ARCA Stock Car
USAMNDeer Creek Speedwaydirt ovalSpring Valley 05/19/2018Raced: LOLMS Late Models
USAMNFairmont Speedwaydirt ovalFairmont 06/21/2000Raced: Late Model
USAMNI-94 Speedwaydirt ovalSauk Centre 07/16/1993Raced: Late Model
USAMNJackson Motorplexdirt ovalJackson 07/18/2018Raced: Late Model
USAMNSteele County Fairgroundsdirt ovalOwatonna 07/10/1990Raced: Late Model
USAMOI-55 Speedwaydirt ovalPevely 07/18/1990Raced: Late Model
USAMOJoplin 66 Speedwaydirt ovalJoplin 08/15/2000Raced: Late Model
USAMOLebanon I-44 Speedwaydirt ovalLebanon 07/26/2005Raced: Late Model
USAMOLucas Oil Speedwaydirt ovalWheatland 05/09/2009Raced: Late Model
USAMOMissouri International Speedwaydirt ovalBenton 07/17/1991Raced: Late Model
USAMOMissouri State Fairgrounds (Short Track)dirt ovalSedalia 05/19/2000Raced: Late Model
USAMOSaint Charles Speedwaydirt ovalSaint Peters 07/17/1990Raced: Late Model
USAMOSaint Francois County Racewaydirt ovalFarmington 07/16/1990Raced: Late Model
USAMOThe Dome at America's Centerdirt ovalSaint Louis 12/15/2016Raced: Late Model
USAMOWest Plains Motor Speedwaydirt ovalWest Plains 05/29/1993Raced: Late Model
USAMSColumbus Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 01/25/2003Raced: Late Model
USAMSDelta Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalSavage 05/03/2003Raced: Late Model
USAMSJackson Motor Speedwaydirt ovalByram 10/04/1997Raced: Late Model
USAMSMagnolia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalColumbus 10/21/2005Raced: Late Model
USAMSPike County Speedwaydirt ovalMagnolia 11/03/2006Raced: Late Model
USAMSWynot Motorsports Parkdirt ovalWhynot 10/22/2016Raced: Late Model
USANC311 Motor Speedwaydirt ovalPine Hall 09/27/2003Raced: Late Model
USANCCarolina Speedwaydirt ovalGastonia 04/14/1993Raced: Late Model
USANCCharlotee Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalHarrisburg 07/03/2000Raced: Late Model
USANCCleveland County Speedwaydirt ovalLawndale 04/27/2002Raced: Late Model
USANCFayetteville Motor Speedwaydirt ovalFayetteville 05/15/1993Raced: Late Model
USANCMetrolina Speedwaydirt ovalCharlotte 05/09/1996Raced: Late Model
USANDRed River Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Fargo 05/14/2003Raced: Late Model
USANEEagle Racewaydirt ovalEagle 05/22/2001Raced: Late Model
USANEI-80 Speedwaydirt ovalGreenwood 07/18/2014Raced: Late Model
USANJBridgeport Speedwaydirt ovalBridgeport 06/30/2005Raced: WoO Late Model
USANYFonda Speedwaydirt ovalFonda 07/27/2010Raced: Late Model
USANYFulton Speedwaydirt ovalFulton 06/21/2004Raced: WoO Late Model
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville 06/27/2005Raced: WoO Late Model
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge 08/16/2005Raced: Late Model
USANYStateline Speedwaydirt ovalBusti 07/02/2005Raced: Late Model
USANYUtica-Rome Speedwaydirt ovalVernon 07/30/2009Raced: Late Model
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica 08/29/2014Raced: Late Model
USAOHBrushcreek Motorsports Complexdirt ovalPeebles 05/20/2005Raced: Late Model
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston 09/12/1988Raced: Late Model
USAOHK-C Racewaydirt ovalAlma 06/05/2001Raced: Late Model
USAOHMansfield Motorsports Speedwaydirt ovalMansfield 07/02/2017Raced: Late Model
USAOHMuskingum County Speedwaydirt ovalDresden 07/03/2001Raced: Late Model
USAOHOakshade Racewaydirt ovalOak Shade 07/13/2002Raced: Late Model
USAOHPortsmouth Raceway Parkdirt ovalPortsmouth 09/18/1998Raced: Late Model
USAOHRaceway 7dirt ovalBushnell 07/11/2000Raced: Late Model
USAOHSharon Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 04/22/2016Raced: Late Model
USAOHWayne County Speedwaydirt ovalOrrville 07/18/2000Raced: Late Model
USAOKMuskogee Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMuskogee 10/03/1998Raced: Late Model
USAOKOklahoma Speedwaydirt ovalWest Siloam Springs //1991Raced: Late Model
USAOKTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalPocola 05/08/1993Raced: Late Model
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa 01/11/2002Raced: Midget
USAPABedford Speedwaydirt ovalBedford 04/24/2009Raced: Late Model
USAPACentral Pennsylvania Speedwaydirt ovalClearfield 07/03/2007Raced: Late Model
USAPAChallenger Racewaydirt ovalKent 07/05/2004Raced: Late Model
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver 06/30/2007Raced: WoO Late Model
USAPAPittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedwaydirt ovalImperial 10/18/1989Raced: Late Model
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal 04/23/2017Raced: Late Model
USAPARoaring Knob Motorsports Complexdirt ovalMarkleysburg 04/28/2011Raced: Late Model
USASCCherokee Speedwaydirt ovalGaffney 05/02/1992Raced: Late Model
USASCI-20 Speedwaydirt ovalBatesburg 05/12/1994Raced: Late Model
USASCLake View Motor Speedwaydirt ovalLake View 05/16/1993Raced: Late Model
USASCLancaster Speedwaydirt ovalLancaster 04/19/2002Raced: Late Model
USASCSumter Speedwaydirt ovalSumter 07/11/2000Raced: Late Model
USASDBlack Hills Motor Speedwaydirt ovalRapid City 05/16/2003Raced: Late Model
USASDBrown County Speedwaydirt ovalAberdeen 07/18/2017Raced: Late Model
USASDDakota State Fair Speedwaydirt ovalHuron 06/20/2000Raced: Late Model
USATN411 Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSeymour 06/21/1994Raced: Late Model
USATNAtomic Motor Speedwaydirt ovalKingston 02/23/1992Raced: Late Model
USATNBig South Fork Racewaydirt ovalHuntsville 06/22/1996Raced: Late Model
USATNBristol Motor Speedwaydirt ovalBristol 06/02/2000Raced: Late Model
USATNBulls Gap Speedwaydirt ovalBulls Gap 08/08/2016Raced: Late Model
USATNClayhill Motorsports Parkdirt ovalAtwood 04/17/2010Raced: Late Model
USATNCleveland Speedwaydirt ovalCleveland 08/13/1994Raced: Late Model
USATNCrossville Speedwaydirt ovalCrossville 04/29/1990Raced: Late Model
USATNDuck River Speedwaydirt ovalWheel 06/11/2007Raced: Late Model
USATNGolden Mountain Raceway Parkdirt ovalSparta 05/11/2002Raced: Late Model
USATNHighland Park Speedwaydirt ovalHohenwald 07/03/1993Raced: Late Model
USATNKingsport Motor Speedwaydirt ovalKingsport 08/25/1994Raced: Late Model
USATNMemphis Motorsports Park (Old Kart Track)dirt ovalMillington 07/22/2005Raced: Late Model
USATNMilan Speedwaydirt ovalMilan 08/28/2004Raced: WoO Late Model
USATNNew Kingsport Speedwaydirt ovalKingsport //1984Raced: Late Model
USATNNewport Speedwaypaved ovalNewport 03/04/1990Raced: Late Model
USATNScenic Racewaydirt ovalOneida 05/03/2002Raced: Late Model
USATNSmoky Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalMaryville 04/30/1994Raced: Late Model
USATNTazewell Speedwaydirt ovalTazewell 07/26/1997Raced: Late Model
USATNVolunteer Speedwaydirt ovalBulls Gap 05/01/1993Raced: Late Model
USATXTexas Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalJustin 03/31/2001Raced: Late Model
USAUTDesert Thunder Racewaydirt ovalPrice 07/07/2001Raced: Late Model
USAVAVirginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalChurch View 04/15/2006Raced: Late Model
USAVAWinchester Speedwaydirt ovalWinchester 09/17/2010Raced: Late Model
USAVAWythe Speedwaydirt ovalRural Retreat 05/15/2010Raced: Late Model
USAWI141 Speedwaydirt ovalMaribel 05/18/2018Raced: LOLMS Late Model
USAWICedar Lake Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset 08/07/1998Raced: Late Model
USAWIHales Corners Speedwaydirt ovalHales Corners 06/19/2002Raced: Late Model
USAWILuxemburg Speedwaydirt ovalLuxemburg 05/19/2017Raced: Late Model
USAWIMississippi Thunder Speedwaydirt ovalFountain City 09/10/2016Raced: Modified
USAWIOshkosh Speedzone Racewaydirt ovalOshkosh 05/15/2015Raced: Late Model
USAWIPowercom Park Racewaydirt ovalBeaver Dam 08/07/2000Raced: Late Model
USAWIShawano Speedwaydirt ovalShawano 06/25/2001Raced: Late Model
USAWISuperior Speedwaydirt ovalSuperior 06/09/1989Raced: Late Model
USAWVBeckley Speedwaydirt ovalBeckley //1992Raced: Late Model
USAWVI-77 Speedwaydirt ovalFairplain 09/04/2016Raced: Late Model
USAWVInterstate 79 Speedwaydirt ovalShinnston 09/05/1992Raced: Late Model
USAWVPennsboro Speedwaydirt ovalPennsboro 10/18/1987Raced: Late Model
USAWVTyler County Speedwaydirt ovalMiddlebourne 09/06/2009Raced: Late Model
USAWVWest Virginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalMineral Wells 08/09/1996Raced: Late Model

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