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Spike Rixon
Whittlesey, ENG, GBR
369 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
BELVLGGlossocircuitmixed road circuitArendonk 06/01/2003Rallycross
BELVLGGyverinkhovedirt ovalGijverinkhove 08/15/2003Banger Stocks
BELVLGGyverinkhovedirt road circuitGijverinkhove 08/15/2003Autocross
BELVLGKortemarkdirt road circuitKortemark 05/31/2003Autocross Europokal
BELVLGPuttedirt road circuitPutte 08/15/2003Autocross
BELVLGRuisbroek Autospeedwaypaved ovalRuisbroek 06/22/1991Saloon Stocks. European Championship.
BELVLGSint Pieters Voerendirt road circuitSint-Pieters Voeren 07/06/2019Autocross
BELWALCircuit de Rallycross de l'Eau Rougemixed off road circuitFrancorchamps 05/11/2019World Rallycross Championship Series
BELWALCircuit de Spa Francorchampspaved street circuitFrancorchamps 09/22/2012Endurance Sports Cars. Six Hour Classic.
BELWALCircuit Jules Tachenypaved road circuitMettet 07/12/2014World Rallycross Championship
BELWALWarneton Autospeedwaypaved ovalWarneton 03/15/1987Hot Rod Stock Cars
CANONDelaware Speedway Parkpaved ovalDelaware 06/09/1995CASCAR Late Models
DEUBREurospeedway Lausitz (Superspeedway)paved ovalSenftenberg 09/13/2003ASCAR
DEUNICircuit Esteringmixed road circuitBuxtehude 09/29/2012Rallycross. European Championship.
DEUNIItterbackdirt road circuitItterbeck 04/28/2019Autocross
DEUNWKaldenkirchen Autospeedwaypaved ovalKaldenkirchen 06/08/1987Hot Rod Stock Cars. World Cup.
DEURPWaldorfdirt road circuitWaldorf 05/05/2019Autocross
ESP Circuit de Catalunyamixed road circuitMontmelo 04/14/2018World Rallycross Championship
FRAECircuit de Loheacmixed road circuitLohéac 08/31/2018World Rallycross Championship
FRAFSaint-Cyr-en-Valdirt road circuitSaint-Cyr-en-Val 05/24/20032CV Cross
FRAFTours Speedway (Parc des Expositions)paved street ovalTours 07/07/2012NASCAR Euro Series
FRAJPalais Omnisportsdirt ovalParis 01/19/1994Super Stock Cars
FRAJStade de Francefrozen ovalSaint-Denis 03/18/2006Andros Trophee Super Finale
FRAOStadium Loisinordpaved ovalNoeux-les-Mines 03/16/2003Andros Trophee Super Finale
FRAPCircuit des Ducsmixed road circuitEssay-Orne 05/25/2003Rallycross. European Championship.
FRARCircuit de la Sarthepaved street circuitLe Mans 07/05/2014Endurance Sports Cars. 24 Hours of LeMans.
GBRENGAbbey Stadiumdirt ovalBlunsdon 10/21/1989BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGAldermaston Racewaydirt ovalAldermaston 03/28/1993Banger Stocks
GBRENGAldermaston Raceway (Paices Hill)concrete ovalAldermaston 02/19/2012Banger Stocks
GBRENGAldershot Stadiumpaved figure eightAldershot 12/11/1986Banger Stocks
GBRENGAldershot Stadiumpaved ovalAldershot 02/23/1980Stock Rods. English Championship.
GBRENGAlwalton Racewaypaved ovalAlwalton 09/25/1988Superstox
GBRENGAngmering Racewaydirt ovalAngmering 03/12/1995Banger Stocks
GBRENGAngmering Racewaypaved ovalAngmering 10/20/2002Hot Rod Stock Cars. Open Championship.
GBRENGArena Essex Racewaypaved ovalWest Thurrock 07/15/1979Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGArlington Stadiumconcrete ovalArlington 03/29/1981Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGAycliffe Racewaypaved ovalNewton Aycliffe 05/29/1988BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGBarnard Castlepaved ovalBarnard Castle 04/20/1992Banger Stocks
GBRENGBearley Raceway (Wessex Motor Racing Club)dirt ovalTintinhull 06/27/2004NASA Autograss
GBRENGBelle Vue Stadium (Hyde Road)dirt ovalManchester 12/07/1986BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. Stuart Smith Testimonial.
GBRENGBelle Vue Stadium (Kirkmanshulme Lane)dirt ovalBelle Vue 05/30/1999BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. Ray Tyldesley Memorial.
GBRENGBirmingham Wheels Racewaydirt ovalBirmingham 04/27/1985Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGBirmingham Wheels Racewaypaved figure eightBirmingham 11/11/2006Street Stocks
GBRENGBirmingham Wheels Racewaypaved ovalBirmingham 04/23/1988Stock Rods. British Championship.
GBRENGBlyton Circuit (Rallycross Course)mixed road circuitBlyton 09/15/2002Rallycross
GBRENGBlyton Circuit (Supercross Course)dirt road circuitBlyton 03/14/2004NORA Sport
GBRENGBlyton Park Rallycross (New Location)mixed off road circuitBlyton 03/24/2019BTRDA Rallycross
GBRENGBlyton Racewaypaved ovalBlyton 03/14/2004Outlaw Stock Cars
GBRENGBoiling Wells Farm (Trent Autograss Club)dirt ovalSouth Rauceby 06/07/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGBolton Autospeedwaypaved ovalBolton 03/29/1992BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGBorder Racewaydirt ovalFour Crosses 10/21/2018Bangers
GBRENGBoston Stadium dirt figure eightBoston 06/17/1990Banger Stocks
GBRENGBoston Stadiumdirt ovalBoston 05/24/1987BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGBovingdon Racewaypaved ovalBovingdon 08/29/1976Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGBovingdon Racewayfigure eightBovingdon 09/12/1976Banger Stocks
GBRENGBraintree Auto Clubdirt ovalBraintree 05/07/1990Assorted Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGBrampton Racewaydirt ovalBrampton en le Morthen 07/06/2003Banger Stocks
GBRENGBrands Hatch ( Knife Edge Rallycross Circuit)mixed road circuitFawkham Green 12/05/1987British Rallycross Grand Prix
GBRENGBrands Hatch ( Old Rallycross Circuit)mixed road circuitFawkham Green 11/11/1979BTRDA Rallycross
GBRENGBrands Hatch (Grand Prix Circuit)paved road circuitFawkham Green 09/29/2018British Touring Cars
GBRENGBrands Hatch Circuitpaved ovalFawkham Green 08/12/1979National Hot Rods. Grand Prix Series.
GBRENGBrands Hatch Circuit (Club Circuit)paved road circuitFawkham Green 08/12/1979ASCAR Challenge
GBRENGBuxton Racewaypaved figure eightBuxton 07/29/2007Bomber Stocks
GBRENGCadwell Park (Short Circuit)paved road circuitLouth 11/03/2019British Superlite Championship
GBRENGCadwell Park Circuitpaved road circuitLouth 09/15/2002Historic Touring Cars
GBRENGCastle Combe Circuitpaved airfield circuitCastle Combe 09/14/1997Eurocar V8
GBRENGCastle Hill Farm (Leewood Autograss Club)dirt ovalAshley 09/03/2017NASA Autograss
GBRENGChamps Parc (SxS Circuit)dirt off road circuitKettering 10/13/2018SxS UTVs
GBRENGChesterton Racewaydirt ovalNewcastle-under-Lyme 04/14/1991Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGCleethorpes Stadiumpaved ovalCleethorpes 05/20/1984Hot Rod Stock Cars. Northern Championship.
GBRENGConcord Autograssdirt ovalCold Norton 04/27/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGCornwall Racewaysdirt ovalTraboe 09/08/2013Assorted Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGCoventry Stadiumdirt ovalBrandon 04/05/1986BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGCox Street Arena (Coventry Motofest)paved ovalCoventry 06/01/2014BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGCrewe Stadiumdirt ovalCrewe 05/16/1987BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGCroft Circuitmixed road circuitDalton-on-Tees 11/05/2011British Rallycross Championship
GBRENGCroft Circuitpaved airfield circuitDalton-on-Tees 09/21/1997Eurocar V8
GBRENGCurlew Farm (South Somerset Autograss)dirt ovalRousdon 03/13/2015Autograss
GBRENGDarley Moor Racewaydirt ovalYeavely 09/29/2002NASA Autograss
GBRENGDarley Moor Raceway (Pennine Autograss)concrete ovalYeavely 12/30/1990NASA Autograss
GBRENGDerwent Park Stadiumdirt ovalWorkington 11/08/2003V8 Stock Cars
GBRENGDonington Park (National Circuit)paved road circuitCastle Donington 08/07/1994V8 Sprint Shoot-Out
GBRENGDonington Park Circuit (Melbourne Loop)paved ovalCastle Donington 08/07/1994Eurocars V6
GBRENGDonnington Park (Grand Prix Circuit)paved road circuitCastle Donington 09/23/2018British F3 and GT Championships.
GBRENGEarls Court Exhibition Centrepaved oval 12/12/1993National Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGEast of England Showground and Events Centreconcrete ovalAlwalton 02/17/2019
GBRENGEddie Wright Raceway (Scunthorpe Raceway)dirt ovalScunthorpe 05/16/2009BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGEvesham Autograss Clubdirt ovalStratford-upon-Avon 06/01/2002NASA Autograss. MAP Open.
GBRENGExCel Centremixed road circuitLondon 12/08/2007Rallycross. London Masters.
GBRENGFoxhall Stadiummixed ovalIpswich 10/30/1982National Hot Rods vs. East Anglia Rallycross
GBRENGFoxhall Stadiumpaved ovalIpswich 12/30/1978Hot Rod Stock Cars. Winternationals.
GBRENGFoxhall Stadium (Inner)dirt ovalIpswich 07/04/2004Stoxkarts
GBRENGFremington Flyers Banger & Hot Rod Clubdirt ovalEastleigh 07/13/2003Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGGoodwood Motor Circuitpaved road circuitChichester 09/09/2018Historic Sports Cars
GBRENGGossington Bridgedirt ovalCloucestershire 06/22/2019NASA Autograss
GBRENGGrange Farm (Trent Autograss Club)dirt ovalHougham 06/02/2013NASA Autograss
GBRENGGreat Yarmouth Stadiumpaved figure eightGreat Yarmouth 12/27/1989Banger Stocks
GBRENGGreat Yarmouth Stadiumpaved ovalGreat Yarmouth 07/27/1975Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGGrimley Racewaypaved ovalGrimley 04/17/2006F2 Outlaws
GBRENGHall Farm (North Wales Autograss Club)dirt ovalKnockin 06/15/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGHartlepool Racewaypaved ovalHartlepool 04/01/1990BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGHatfield Racewaydirt ovalHatfield //1975Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGHednesford Racewaypaved figure eightHednesford 09/09/1979Economy Cars
GBRENGHednesford Racewaypaved ovalHednesford 09/09/1979Hot Rod Stock Cars. National Championship.
GBRENGHenham Racewaydirt ovalHenham 08/25/1991Assorted Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGHigh Edge Racewaypaved ovalBuxton 08/17/1980National Hot Rods Grand Prix Series
GBRENGHillside House (Yorkshire Dale's Autograss)dirt ovalThornborough 08/05/2012NASA Autograss. Nationals.
GBRENGHilltop Raceway (Bredon Hill Autograss Club)dirt ovalTirley 10/07/2007NASA Autograss
GBRENGHorndean Racewaydirt ovalHorndean 05/03/1993Banger Stocks
GBRENGHunmanby Raceway (Scarborough Autograss Club)dirt ovalHunmanby 07/08/2018NASA Autograss
GBRENGIvychurch Raceway (Invicta Kent Autograss Club)dirt ovalIvychurch 08/28/2011NASA Autograss
GBRENGIwade Racewaydirt ovalIwade 05/12/1991Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGJavelin Park Showgrounddirt ovalLittle Haresfield 07/31/2004NASA Autograss Nationals
GBRENGKent Auto Racewaydirt ovalDover 09/13/1992Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGKimbolton Racewaydirt oval //1976Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGKing's Lynn Stadiumdirt ovalKing's Lynn 04/18/1987BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGLangleybury Farmdirt oval 07/01/1978Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGLayham's Farmdirt ovalNew Addington 10/12/1986Assorted Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGLeasowes Farm (Shropshire & Telford Autograss)dirt ovalCrudgington 10/05/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGLong Eaton Stadiumdirt ovalLong Eaton 04/12/1986BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGLugg View Raceway (Hereford Autograss Club)dirt ovalWellington Marsh 08/25/2018NASA Autograss
GBRENGLydden Circuitmixed road circuitWooton 09/27/1980British Rallycross Championship
GBRENGLydden Circuitpaved ovalWooton 06/15/1980National Hot Rod Grand Prix Series
GBRENGLydden Circuitpaved road circuitWooton 06/15/1980Formula Ford
GBRENGMallory Park Circuitmixed road circuitKirkby Mallory 07/22/2012British Rallycross Championship
GBRENGMallory Park Circuitpaved ovalKirkby Mallory 06/05/1994Historic Touring Cars
GBRENGMallory Park Circuitpaved road circuitKirkby Mallory 06/05/1994Eurocars V6
GBRENGMelton Autograss Clubdirt ovalShepshed 05/11/2017NASA Autograss
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved figure eightShipham 10/09/2005Banger Stocks
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved ovalShipham 06/26/1988BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGMildenhall Racewaydirt ovalMildenhall 09/26/1986Saloon Stock Cars
GBRENGMonarch Racewaypaved ovalSaint Day 07/29/1990Banger Stocks
GBRENGMoortown Airfielddirt ovalWhichurch 04/07/2019Autograss
GBRENGMotofest Action Arena (Coventry Motofest)paved ovalCoventry 05/31/2015BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGNational Exhibition Centre - Hall 12concrete ovalBirmingham 01/07/1995Grand Prix Midgets
GBRENGNational Exhibition Centre - Hall 4concrete ovalBirmingham 01/10/2004BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGNational Exhibition Centre - Hall 5concrete ovalBirmingham 01/15/2005BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGNewton Abbot Racewaypaved ovalNewton Abbot 04/26/1987National Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGNorfolk Arenamixed figure eightKing's Lynn 05/07/2007Banger Stocks
GBRENGNorth Cornwall Motor Racing Clubdirt ovalWeek St. Mary 07/13/2003Banger Stocks
GBRENGNorth Cornwall Motor Racing Clubdirt ovalLiftondown 09/01/2013Assorted Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGNorth Shropshire Autograss Clubdirt ovalWhitchurch 06/15/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGNorthampton Shalewaydirt ovalBrafield on the Green 06/09/2018National Saloon Stock Cars
GBRENGNorthampton Stadiummixed road circuitBrafield on the Green 12/28/1980Winter Stars Rallycross Championship
GBRENGNorthampton Stadiumpaved figure eightBrafield on the Green 08/15/1976Banger Stocks
GBRENGNorthampton Stadiumpaved ovalBrafield on the Green 05/23/1976Banger Stocks. Team Racing.
GBRENGOdsel Stadiumdirt ovalOdsal 07/10/1987BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGOdsey Grass Track Clubdirt ovalOdsey //1976NASA Autograss
GBRENGOulton Park (Fosters Circuit)paved road circuitTarporley 04/12/2004Legend Cars
GBRENGOxton Raceway (Nottingham Autograss Club)dirt ovalOxton 05/22/2004NASA Autograss
GBRENGRingwood Cheetahs Banger Clubdirt ovalThree Legged Cross 04/30/2006Banger Stocks
GBRENGRingwood Raceway (Matcham's Park)paved ovalRingwood 08/08/1978Stock Rods
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Behind Turn One)dirt ovalRockingham 09/15/2007NASA Autograss
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Historic Circuit)paved road circuitRockingham 05/27/2001COYS Historic Festival Races
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Link Circuit)paved road circuitRockingham 05/27/2001COYS Historic Festival Races
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalRockingham 09/09/2006BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGRockingham Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalRockingham 05/26/2001ASCAR Challenge. Goodyear 100.
GBRENGRoosecote Raceway (New Location)paved ovalBarrow-in-Furness 06/23/2002BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGRoosecote Raceway (Old Location)dirt ovalBarrow-in-Furness 10/08/1989Banger Stocks
GBRENGRushmoor Arenapaved figure eightAldershot 05/01/2006Banger Stocks
GBRENGRushmoor Arenapaved ovalAldershot 03/02/2003Super Saloon Stocks
GBRENGRye House Stadiumpaved ovalHoddesdon 09/15/1995Superstox
GBRENGSAA Raceway (Hazleton Farm)dirt ovalHorndean 07/23/2006Banger Stocks
GBRENGSaint Austell Racewaypaved ovalSaint Austell 06/30/1987BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGSaint Columbpaved ovalSaint Columb Major 04/05/1998BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGSaint Neots Autograss Clubdirt ovalWyboston 06/08/2002NASA Autograss. East Anglian League Open.
GBRENGSanta Pod Racewaypaved ovalPodington 07/16/2011Formula 1 Heritage
GBRENGScunthorpe & District Grass Trackdirt ovalBlyton 09/15/2002NASA Autograss
GBRENGScunthorpe Stadiumdirt ovalScunthorpe 03/19/1988BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGSheffield Stadiumdirt ovalSheffield 09/14/1987BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGSilverstone (International Circuit)paved road circuitSilverstone 03/27/2022
GBRENGSilverstone (National Circuit)paved road circuitSilverstone 09/29/2019
GBRENGSilverstone (Rallycross Circuit)mixed road circuitSilverstone 05/26/2018World Rallycross Championship
GBRENGSilverstone (Stowe Circuit)paved road circuitSilverstone 08/27/1995Eurocar V6
GBRENGSilverstone Circuit (Short Track)paved ovalSilverstone 08/18/1991Itersaloon British Championship
GBRENGSkegness Stadiumdirt ovalOrby 07/11/1998BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGSkegness Stadiumpaved ovalOrby 06/01/1986BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGSmallfield Racewaydirt figure eightSmallfield 06/22/2003Banger Stocks
GBRENGSmallfield Racewaydirt ovalSmallfield 06/02/1996Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGSmeartharpe Stadiumpaved figure eightSmeatharpe 03/23/2003Banger Stocks
GBRENGSmeartharpe Stadiumpaved ovalSmeatharpe 08/13/1978Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGSnetterton 300 Circuitpaved road circuitSnetterton 08/04/2019British Touring Car Championship
GBRENGSnetterton Circuitpaved road circuitSnetterton 08/09/2003British Touring Car Championship
GBRENGSomerset Rebels Banger Racingdirt ovalWest Huntspill 08/10/2003Banger Stocks
GBRENGSpalding & District Grass Trackdirt ovalHolbeach 04/20/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGStandlake Arenapaved ovalStandlake 12/28/1986Assorted Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGStreatham Raceway (Cambridge Autograss Club)dirt ovalStretham 08/19/1992NASA Autograss
GBRENGStroud & District Autograssdirt ovalSlimbridge 09/28/2002NASA Autograss
GBRENGSturton & Stow Grass Track Clubdirt ovalCaenby Corner 08/26/2007NASA Autograss. Fastest Man on Grass.
GBRENGSwaffham Racewaypaved figure eightSwaffham 09/14/1996Banger Stocks. World Dirt Figure-8 Championship.
GBRENGSwaffham Racewaypaved ovalSwaffham 06/12/1988Saloon Stock Cars
GBRENGTeeside Autodromepaved road circuitSouth Bank 06/17/2018Norasport British Superlite Championship
GBRENGThe Oval (Cwmdu Autograss Club)dirt ovalLyonshall 09/06/2003NASA Autograss. West Midland League Open.
GBRENGThree Sisters Circuitmixed road circuitAshton-in-Makerfield 07/18/2021British Superlite Championship
GBRENGThrowley Raceway (Invicta Kent Autograss Club)dirt ovalThrowley 05/18/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGThruxton Circuitpaved airfield circuitThruxton 05/06/1996British Touring Car Championship
GBRENGTongham Motor Clubdirt ovalFour Marks 10/12/2003SETGO vs. NASA Autograss Challenge
GBRENGTop Plantation (Whiterose Autograss Club)dirt ovalMidgeley 07/06/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGTrent Racewaydirt ovalNeedwood 07/07/2013Assorted Rods
GBRENGUpper Eden Grass Track Banger Clubdirt ovalCrosby Ravensworth 04/30/2007Banger Stocks
GBRENGValley Raceway (Forest of Dean Autograss Club)dirt ovalNewland 05/05/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGWarton Stock Car Clubpaved ovalCarnforth 09/23/1990F2 Outlaw Stock Cars
GBRENGWest Fossil Farm (Bourne Motor Racing Club)dirt ovalOwermoigne 06/27/2004Banger Stocks
GBRENGWestol Hall Farm (Radford Autograss)dirt ovalRadford 04/06/2003NASA Autograss
GBRENGWeymouth Stadiumdirt oval 08/05/1976BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRENGWimbledon Stadiumdirt ovalLondon 08/05/1978Superstox. British Championship.
GBRENGWimbledon Stadiumpaved figure eightLondon 11/24/1979Banger Stocks
GBRENGWimbledon Stadiumpaved ovalLondon 08/25/1991National Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRENGWisbech Stadiumpaved ovalWisbech 09/02/1979National Hot Rod Stock Cars. Grand Prix Series.
GBRENGYork Autograss Clubdirt ovalMoor Monkton 05/30/2004NASA Autograss. North of England Championship.
GBRIMNOnchan Stadiumpaved ovalOnchan 07/18/1991Hot Stox. Manx Championship.
GBRNIRAghadowey Stadiumpaved ovalAghadowey 05/25/1988National Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRNIRBallymena Racewaypaved ovalBallymena 05/27/1988National Hot Rod Stock Cars. European Championship.
GBRNIRBond's Glen Raceway (Causeway Autograss)dirt ovalGarvagh 09/06/2014NASA Autograss
GBRNIRNutts Corner Racewaymixed road circuitNutt's Corner 03/29/2003Ulster Rallycross Superprix
GBRNIRNutts Corner Racewaypaved ovalNutt's Corner 08/16/1989BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRNIRPortadown Stadiumpaved ovalPortadown 05/25/1991National Hot Rod Stock Cars. Ulster Open Championship.
GBRNIRTullyroan Ovalpaved ovalTullyroan 09/07/2014National Hot Rod Stock Cars. British Championship.
GBRSCTArmadale Racewaypaved ovalArmadale 08/15/1987Stock Saloon Cars. British Championship.
GBRSCTCentral Scotland Autograssdirt ovalAvonbridge 06/16/2018NASA Autograss
GBRSCTCowdenbeath Racewaypaved ovalCowdenbeath 09/06/1986National Hot Rod Stock Cars. British Championship.
GBRSCTCrimond Racewayconcrete ovalCrimond 05/19/1991Superstox
GBRSCTGolspie BeachovalGolspie 07/31/2022Bangers
GBRSCTKnockhill Racing Circuitmixed road circuitDunfermline 10/23/2022Rallycross
GBRSCTKnockhill Racing Circuitpaved ovalDunfermline 04/29/1990BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRSCTKnockhill Racing Circuitpaved road circuitDunfermline 04/29/1990Eurocar
GBRSCTNewtongrange Stadiumpaved ovalNewtongrange 10/17/1987BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
GBRSCTThunder Valley Racewaypaved ovalLochgelly 06/16/2012Superstox. European Championship.
GBRWLSAnglesey Circuit (Coastal Course)paved road circuitAberffraw 07/21/2019
GBRWLSAnglesey Circuit (International Course)paved road circuitAberffraw 07/20/2019
GBRWLSBettws Banger Racingdirt ovalBettws Cedewen 08/26/2018Banger Stocks
GBRWLSBorder Racewaydirt ovalCriggion 08/12/2018Banger Stocks
GBRWLSCastle Lloyd Farm (South Wales Autograss)dirt ovalRed Roses 05/03/2008NASA Autograss
GBRWLSFair Orchard Farm (St. Brides Bangers)dirt ovalSt. Brides Wentlooge 08/27/2018Banger Stocks
GBRWLSLlandow Racewaypaved road circuitLlandow 01/01/1988Hot Rod Stock Cars
GBRWLSMagor Racewaydirt ovalNewport 08/20/2022Autograss
GBRWLSPembrey Circuitmixed road circuitPembrey 05/04/2008British Rallycross Championship
GBRWLSPembrey Circuitpaved ovalPembrey 06/18/1995Sprint Cars
GBRWLSPembrey Circuit (Alternate Layout)paved road circuitPembrey 08/29/20215Nations British Rallycross
GBRWLSPembrey Circuit (Full Course)paved road circuitPembrey 10/16/1994Eurocars
GBRWLSPembrey Circuit (Short Course)paved road circuitPembrey 07/20/1997Legend Cars
IRL Mondello Park (National Circuit)paved road circuitNaas 06/15/1996Eurocars
IRL Mondello Park (Rallycross Circuit)mixed road circuitNaas 03/30/2003British Rallycross Championship
IRL Tipperary Racewaypaved ovalRose Green 03/19/1994National Hot Rod Stock Cars. International Challenge.
LUX  Circuit Alzingendirt road circuitAlzingen 07/07/2019Stock Cars
NLDCircuit Soeterbeekdirt ovalSoeterbeek 05/04/2019Crosskarts
NLDCircuit Soeterbeek (Inner)dirt ovalSoeterbeek 05/04/2019BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Baarlo Speedwaypaved ovalBaarlo 05/27/1990Hot Rod Stock Cars
NLD Baarlo Speedway (Inner)paved ovalBaarlo 05/27/1990BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Brakeldirt ovalBrakel 05/10/2003BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Brakeldirt road circuitBrakel 05/10/2003Autocross
NLD Circuit Vredemakerswegdirt road circuitAvenhorn 08/24/2003Autocross
NLD Den Bommeldirt ovalDen Bommel 08/16/2003BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Driesumdirt ovalDriesum 05/29/2003BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Gendt Autospeedwaypaved ovalGendt 05/24/1990BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Hallumdirt ovalHallum 08/30/2003BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Hoog Bloklanddirt ovalHoogblokland 04/30/2002BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Kollumdirt ovalKollum 08/25/2002BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Kollum (Inner)dirt ovalKollum 08/25/2002Autocross
NLD Lelystad Speedwaypaved ovalLelystad 10/20/1990BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. Dutch Open Championship.
NLD Lopikdirt ovalLopik 05/14/2005BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Lopikdirt road circuitLopik 05/14/2005Autocross
NLD MAB Texeldirt ovalZuid Eierland 07/11/2004BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Oude Bildtzijldirt ovalOudebildtzijl 08/23/2003BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Ovalracing Ter Apelpaved ovalTer Apel 06/06/2010Hot Rod Stock Cars
NLD Ovalracing Ter Apel (Inner)paved ovalTer Apel 06/06/2010BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
NLD Posterholt Auto Clubpaved ovalPosterholt 08/03/1991Midgets
NLD Raceway Venray (New Location Inner)paved ovalVredepeel 08/14/2010BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. World Cup.
NLD Raceway Venray (New Location)paved ovalVredepeel 08/18/2012European Late Model Series
NLD Sexbierumdirt ovalSexbierum 05/15/2005BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Sint Maartendirt ovalSint Maarten 08/05/2001BriSCA F1 Stock Cars. Nederlands Championship.
NLD Speedway Blauwhuisdirt ovalWolsum 05/09/2002BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Speedway Emmendirt ovalEmmen 06/05/2010BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
NLD Tilburg Autospeedwaypaved ovalTilburg 06/07/1987Hot Rod Stock Cars. European Championship.
NLD Venray Autospeedway (Old Location)paved ovalVredepeel 08/18/1990Hot Rod Stock Cars. Open Dutch Championship.
NLD Zevenhuizendirt ovalZevenhuizen 05/09/2002BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
UKENGBorder Counties Autograssdirt ovalMonkland 08/28/2021Autograss Stock Cars
UKENGMullacott Cross Racewaydirt ovalMullacot Cross 08/01/2021South West Banger Racing Club
USAALTalladega Short Trackdirt ovalTalladega 04/23/2004Late Models
USAALTalladega Superspeedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalTalladega 04/24/2004NASCAR Grand National
USAARRiverside Speedwaydirt ovalWest Memphis 05/08/2004Winged Sprint Cars
USAAZManzanita Speedwaydirt ovalPhoenix 10/25/2001Sprint Cars. Western World.
USAAZPhoenix International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalPhoenix 10/26/2001NASCAR Trucks
USACACalifornia Speedwaypaved road circuitFontana 03/18/2007Formula TR Series
USACACalifornia Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalFontana 11/03/2001NASCAR Trucks
USACAKings Speedwaydirt ovalHanford 03/16/2007Winged Sprint Cars
USACAPerris Auto Speedwaydirt ovalPerris 11/01/2001Sprint Cars. Oval Nationals.
USACAVentura Racewaydirt ovalVentura 03/17/2007VRA Sprint Cars
USADEDover International Speedway (Superspeedway)concrete ovalDover 09/26/2009NASCAR Grand Nationals
USAFLAuburndale Speedwaypaved ovalAuburndale 02/16/2011Legend Cars
USAFLCharlotte County Speedwaypaved ovalPunta Gorda 06/26/1999Late Models
USAFLDaytona International Speedwaypaved road circuitDaytona Beach 01/28/2006Endurance Sports Cars. 24 Hour race.
USAFLDaytona International Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalDaytona Beach 07/03/1999NASCAR Cup
USAFLEast Bay Racewaydirt ovalGibsonton 08/07/1993Sprint Cars
USAFLFestival Parkdirt ovalZephyrhills 11/14/2008Vintage Stock Cars
USAFLHendry County Motorsports Parkdirt ovalClewiston 02/12/2011Sprint Cars
USAFLHomestead-Miami Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHomestead 11/14/2008NASCAR Trucks
USAFLLakeland Interstate Speedwaypaved ovalLakeland 08/13/1993Late Models
USAFLMesa Parkdirt road circuitFellsmere 07/04/1999Swamp Buggies
USAFLNew Smyrna Speedwaypaved ovalSamsula 02/13/2006TBARA Winged Sprint Cars
USAFLOcala Micro Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 02/19/2011Micro Sprints
USAFLOcala Speedwaydirt ovalOcala 02/17/2011USAC Sprint Cars
USAFLOrlando Speedworldpaved ovalBithlo 08/06/1993Late Models
USAFLSebring International Raceway (Club Circuit)paved airfield circuitSebring 02/12/2011Sports Cars
USAFLVolusia County Speedwaypaved ovalBarberville 08/14/1993Late Models
USAFLVolusia Speedway Parkdirt ovalBarberville 02/07/2006ASCOC Winged Sprint Cars
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedwaypaved road circuitHampton 10/27/2007Thunder Roadsters
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalHampton 10/27/2007Legend Cars
USAGAAtlanta Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHampton 10/27/2007NASCAR Trucks
USAGASwainsboro Racewaydirt ovalSwainsboro 10/27/2007Late Models
USAIA34 Racewaydirt ovalWest Burlington 05/16/2019LOLMS Late Models
USAIAHawkeye Downs Speedwaypaved ovalCedar Rapids 07/09/2002Late Models
USAIAKnoxville Racewaydirt ovalKnoxville 08/19/1993Sprint Cars. Knoxville Nationals.
USAIAStuart Speedwaydirt ovalStuart 08/22/1993Modifieds
USAILChicagoland Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalJoliet 07/13/2002NASCAR Grand Nationals
USAILGrundy County Speedwaypaved ovalMorris 07/04/2002Sprint Cars
USAILMacon Speedwaydirt ovalMacon 07/04/2002UMP Late Models. Summernationals.
USAILTri-City Speedwaydirt ovalGranite City 05/17/2019USAC Sprint Cars
USAINAnderson Speedwaypaved ovalAnderson 05/25/2019Sprint Cars. Little 500.
USAINGas City I-69 Speedwaydirt ovalGas City 07/19/2002USAC Sprint Cars. Speedweek.
USAINIndiana State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mil)dirt ovalIndianapolis 05/23/2019USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalSpeedway 05/26/2019Indy Cars. Indianapolis 500.
USAINIndianapolis Raceway Parkpaved ovalClermont 05/24/2019USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved ovalIndianapolis 07/18/2002Midgets
USAINKokomo Speedwaydirt ovalKokomo 07/14/2002Sprint Cars
USAINLawrenceburg Speedwaydirt ovalLawrenceburg 09/21/2003Sprint Cars
USAINLincoln Park Speedwaydirt ovalPutnamville 05/18/2019Sprint Cars
USAINNew Paris Speedwaypaved ovalNew Paris 07/13/2002HOSS Winged Sprint Cars
USAINSalem Speedwaypaved ovalSalem 07/20/2002ASA Late Models
USAINTerre Haute Action Trackdirt ovalTerre Haute 05/22/2019USAC Sprint Cars
USAINTri-State Speedwaydirt ovalHaubstadt 07/21/2002USAC Sprint Cars. Speedweek.
USAINUnion County Speedwaydirt ovalLiberty 07/05/2002UMP Late Models. Summernationals.
USAINWinchester Speedwaypaved ovalWinchester 07/05/2002USAC Sprint Cars. Rich Vogler Classic.
USAKYWindy Hollow Raceway Parkdirt ovalOwensboro 05/09/2004UMP Modifieds
USAMIHartford Speedway Parkdirt ovalHartford 07/12/2002UMP Late Models. Summernationals.
USAMNOwatonna Racewaydirt ovalOwatonna 07/11/2002UMP Late Models. Summernationals.
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalHarrisburg 05/20/1995Legend Cars
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalHarrisburg 05/20/1995NASCAR Cup
USANCCharlotte Motor Speedway (The Dirt Track)dirt ovalHarrisburg 11/02/2007WoO Sprint Cars
USANCConcord Motor Speedwaypaved ovalConcord 05/27/1995Late Models
USANCMetrolina Speedwaydirt ovalCharlotte 05/19/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USANCNorth Wilkesboro Speedwaypaved ovalNorth Wilkesboro 09/27/1996NASCAR Trucks
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Fronstretch Inner)dirt ovalBridgeport 09/25/2009Micro Sprints
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedwaydirt ovalLas Vegas 03/08/2007USAC Sprint Cars
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalLas Vegas 03/11/2007Legend Cars
USANVLas Vegas Motor Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLas Vegas 03/10/2007NASCAR Grand Nationals
USANYCanandaigua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 06/07/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USANYOrange County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalMiddletown 06/04/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville 06/08/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USANYRolling Wheels Racewaydirt ovalElbridge 06/06/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USAOHAttica Raceway Parkdirt ovalAttica 07/17/2002Winged Sprint Cars. Brad Doty Classic.
USAOHEldora Speedwaydirt ovalNew Weston 09/19/2003Sprint Cars. Mopar Million.
USAOHPortsmouth Raceway Parkdirt ovalPortsmouth 07/06/2002ASCoC Sprint Cars
USAOKTulsa Expo Racewaydirt ovalTulsa 01/08/2003Midgets. Chili Bowl.
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 05/30/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 06/03/1995WoO Sprint Cars
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 10/03/2009Sprint Cars. National Open.
USASCCherokee Speedwaydirt ovalGaffney 10/05/1996Late Models
USASCColumbia Speedwaydirt ovalGaston 05/26/1995IMCA Modifieds
USASCFlorence Motor Speedwaypaved ovalTimmonsville 11/04/2007Late Models
USATNClarksville Speedwaydirt ovalClarksville 06/02/2019Modifieds
USATNFairgrounds Speedway Nashville (Inner)dirt ovalNashville 05/31/2019WoO Sprint Cars
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkdirt ovalMillington 05/07/2004USAC/Sprint Bandit Sprint Cars
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkpaved ovalMillington 05/08/2004USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars
USATNSmoky Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalMaryville 04/30/2004WoO Late Models
USATNVolunteer Speedwaydirt ovalBulls Gap 05/01/2004Late Models
USAWIAngell Park Speedwaydirt ovalSun Prairie 07/07/2002Sprint Cars
USAWICedar Lake Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset 07/08/2002WoO Sprint Cars
USAWIPowercom Park Racewaydirt ovalBeaver Dam 07/10/2002WoO Sprint Cars

Tracks with Non TrackChaser Classes or Formats

ENGSCOAshfield Stadiumdirt ovalAshfield 06/11/2018Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Glasgow Tigers
GBRENGArena Essexdirt ovalWest Thurrock 06/10/2011Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Lakeside Hammers
GBRENGArlington Stadiumdirt ovalArlington 09/03/2011Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Eastbourne Eagles
GBRENGBrighton Centredirt ovalBrighton 12/14/1997Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Brighton Bonanza
GBRENGEast of England Showgrounddirt ovalAlwalton 05/03/1991Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Peterborough Panthers
GBRENGHerts County Showgrounddirt oval //Grass Track Motorcycle Racing
GBRENGLydden Circuitdirt off road circuitWooton 04/06/1986Motorcycle Motocross Racing
GBRENGMonmore Green Stadiumdirt ovalWolverhampton 06/06/2016Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Wolverhampton Wolves
GBRENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 12)concrete figure eightBirmingham 01/11/1997Quad Bike Racing
GBRENGNational Speedway Stadiumdirt oval 06/11/2018Motorcycle Racing: British Speedway Championship
GBRENGNewcastle Stadiumdirt ovalNewcastle 08/13/2017Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Newcastle Diamonds
GBRENGOak Tree Arenadirt ovalHilton 06/24/2011Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Somerset Rebels
GBRENGRadlett Aerodromepaved road circuitRadlett //Motorcycle Racing
GBRENGRye House Stadiumdirt ovalHoddesdon 05/03/2011Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Rye House Rockets
GBRENGSalisburydirt ovalSalisbury //Grass Track Motorcycle Racing
GBRENGSheffield Arenapaved trackSheffield 02/03/1996Legends Pursuit Racing
GBRENGShielfield Park Speedwaydirt ovalShielfieldd 08/12/2017Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Berwick Bandits
GBRENGTelford Ice Rinkice ovalTelford 02/26/2012Speedway Motorcycle Racing
GBRENGThe Pavilliondirt ovalLeicester 08/07/2011Speedway Motorcycle Racing: Premier League Fours
GBRENGWembley Stadiumdirt ovalLondon //Speedway Motorcycle Racing
GBRENGWimborne Roaddirt ovalPoole 06/16/1982Speedway Team Motorcycle Racing: Poole Pirates
GBRWLSMillenium Stadiumdirt ovalCardiff 06/25/2011Motorcycle Racing: British Speedway Grand Prix
GBRWLSNewport Speedwaydirt ovalNewport 06/26/2011Motorcycle Racing: Welch Open Speedway Championship

Non TrackChaser Tracks

GBRENGDonnington ParktrackCastle Donington 11/22/1981Rally Stage: Lombard RAC Rally SS3
GBRENGNational Exhibition Centre (Hall 12)trackBirmingham 01/09/1994Indoor / Outdoor Rally Stage: Autosport Rally Challenge
GBRENGRadlett Aerodromepaved drag stripRadlett //Drag Racing
GBRENGSanta Podpaved drag stripPodington 07/16/2011Drag Racing: Dragstalgia
GBRENGSilverstone 1/2trackSilverstone 11/22/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS3
GBRENGSilverstone 3/4trackSilverstone 11/22/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS8
GBRENGSilverstone Super SpecialtrackSilverstone 11/22/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS7
GBRENGTrentham GardenstrackTrentham 11/24/1985Rally Stage: Lombard RAC Rally SS4
GBRENGWembley StadiumtrackLondon 12/16/2007Race of Champions: One on One Pursuit Racing
GBRWLSCrychantrackCrychan 11/23/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS18
GBRWLSMargam ParktrackSaint Gwynno 11/24/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS28
GBRWLSMyherintrackMyherin 11/23/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS15
GBRWLSSaint GwynnotrackSaint Gwynno 11/24/1998Rally Stage: Network Q Rally GB SS22
USATNMemphis Motorsports Parkpaved drag stripMillington 05/06/2006Drag Racing

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