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Rick Young
Cornwall, ON, CAN
233 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
BELVLGGruitrodepaved ovalGruitrode //1985
CANONAugusta Motorsport Parkdirt off road circuitNorth Augusta 06/04/2006
CANONBarrie Speedway (Tri Oval)paved ovalOro Station 09/11/2010
CANONBrighton Speedway Parkdirt ovalBrighton 05/22/2005
CANONBristol Speedwaydirt ovalTimmins 09/12/2010
CANONBrockville Ontario Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalAddison 06/19/2013Dirt Demons
CANONBrockville Ontario Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalAddison //Attended 1990's
CANONCalabogie Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitCalabogie 07/28/2007
CANONCanada Aviation and Space Museummixed off road circuitOttawa 06/17/2017
CANONCapital City Speedwayfrozen parking lot circuitStittsville 02/19/2012
CANONCapital City Speedwaypaved ovalStittsville //Attended 1990's
CANONClarence Creekdirt ovalClarence Creek 02/17/2008
CANONCornwall Dirt Raceway Parkdirt ovalCornwall 05/28/2013
CANONCornwall Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCornwall //Attended 1990's
CANONFlamboro Speedwaypaved ovalFreelton //2003
CANONGolden Lake Speedwaydirt ovalGolden Lake //1994
CANONHumberstone Speedwaydirt ovalPort Colborne 04/27/2008
CANONKawartha Speedwaypaved ovalFraserville 09/18/2005
CANONMaxville Fairgrounds F8dirt figure eightMaxville 06/23/2007
CANONMerrittville Speedwaydirt ovalThorold //Attended 2000's
CANONMinden Fairgroundsfrozen road circuitMinden 03/04/2006
CANONMosport International Raceway ovalpaved ovalMosport 07/09/2005
CANONOhsweken Speedwaydirt ovalOhsweken 09/17/2005
CANONPeterborough Speedwaypaved ovalPeterborough 05/26/2007
CANONShannonville Motorsport Parkpaved road circuitShannonville 06/02/2007
CANONSunset Speedwaypaved ovalStroud 09/26/2010
CANPQAutodrome Drummonddirt ovalSt-Majorique //Attended 2000's
CANPQAutodrome Drummond (Mini Drome Inner)dirt ovalSt-Majorique 07/26/2017
CANPQAutodrome East Broughton Speedwaydirt ovalEast Broughton 08/25/2012
CANPQAutodrome Edelweissdirt ovalCantley //Attended 2000's
CANPQAutodrome Granbydirt ovalGranby //Attended 1990's
CANPQAutodrome Granby (Inner)dirt ovalGranby 09/27/2014
CANPQAutodrome Saint-Eustachepaved ovalSaint-Eustache //Attended 2000's
CANPQAutodrome St-Eustache (Stadium Road Course)frozen road circuitSaint-Eustache 02/27/2011
CANPQAutodrome St.-Valeredirt ovalSaint-Valère 07/28/2012
CANPQBorderline Speedwayfrozen ovalKahnawake 01/22/2012
CANPQCircuit Bertrand Fabifrozen road circuitSherbrooke 02/12/2006
CANPQCircuit Gilles Villeneuvepaved road circuitMontréal 08/26/2006
CANPQCircuit ICARpaved airfield circuitBlainville 07/12/2008
CANPQCircuit Riverside Speedwaypaved ovalSainte-Croix 08/25/2012
CANPQCircuit Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscanice ovalSainte-Geneviève- de-Batiscan 01/22/2006
CANPQCircuit Yvon Duhamel Race Trackfrozen ovalValcourt 02/16/2013
CANPQHippodrome de Québecdirt ovalQuébec 09/30/2006
CANPQHippodrome de Trois-Rivieresfrozen ovalTrois-Rivieres 03/09/2014
CANPQKahnawake Marinaice ovalKahnawake 01/25/2014
CANPQKahnawake Marinaice road circuitKahnawake 02/16/2008
CANPQLac Cayamantice road circuitLac Cayamant 02/11/2006
CANPQLac Mirageice road circuitPrinceville 02/19/2006
CANPQLac Morinice ovalNotre-Dame- du-Mont-Carmel //2005
CANPQLachine Marinaice road circuitLachine 02/13/2011
CANPQLe Circuit Mont-Tremblantpaved road circuitMont-Tremblant 06/11/2006
CANPQLe Speedway RPM (Inner)dirt ovalSaint-Marcel-de-Richelieu 06/06/2015Slingshots
CANPQMaple Groveice ovalBeauharnois 03/09/2003
CANPQMarina Brousseau courseice road circuitSaint-Sulpice 01/31/2009
CANPQMarina Brousseau ovalice ovalSaint-Sulpice 02/26/2006
CANPQMarina de Repetignyice figure eightRepentigny 02/05/2011
CANPQMarina de Repetignyice ovalRepentigny 02/05/2011
CANPQMercierfrozen ovalMercier 01/29/2006
CANPQPointe-du-Lacfrozen ovalPointe-du-Lac 03/05/2011
CANPQRelais Hamelfrozen road circuitSaint-Édouard- de-Lotbinière 01/28/2007
CANPQRoxton Pond (Auto Short Course)ice road circuitRoxton Pond 02/21/2016Sports Cars
CANPQRPM Speedwaydirt ovalSaint-Marcel-de-Richelieu 09/19/2010
CANPQSaint-Armandice road circuitPhilipsburg 02/20/2010
CANPQSaint-Damasefrozen road circuitSaint-Damase 02/07/2010
CANPQSainte-Eulaliefrozen ovalSainte-Eulalie 02/19/2006
CANPQSanair International Raceway coursepaved road circuitSaint-Pie 06/16/2007
CANPQSt. Theodore d'Actonice ovalSt. Theodore d'Acton 01/26/2013
CANPQStadiaume St-Guillaumedirt ovalSaint-Guillaume 01/25/2004
CANPQVille de Lavaltrieice road circuitVille de Lavaltrie 02/03/2007
DEUNWKaldenkirchenpaved ovalKaldenkirchen //1980
DEUNWPulheimdirt road circuitPulheim 09/19/1976
FRARLeManspaved street circuitLe Mans 06/14/1975
GBRENGAbbey Stadiumdirt ovalBlunsdon //1968
GBRENGAldershot Racewaypaved ovalAldershot 05/06/2012
GBRENGAldershot Stadium F8paved figure eightAldershot //1972
GBRENGAldershot Stadium ovalpaved ovalAldershot //1972
GBRENGArena Essexpaved ovalWest Thurrock //Attended 1970's
GBRENGAycliffe Stadiumpaved ovalNewton Aycliffe 07/23/1972
GBRENGBelle Vue Stadiumdirt ovalManchester 06//1969
GBRENGBelle Vue Stadiumdirt ovalBelle Vue 05/26/2014
GBRENGBirminghampaved ovalBirmingham //Attended 1970's
GBRENGBlackburnpaved ovalBlackburn //Attended 1970's
GBRENGBoston Stadiumdirt ovalBoston 11/23/1974
GBRENGBovingdon Racewaypaved ovalBovingdon 06/06/1977
GBRENGBrafield rallycrossmixed road circuitBrafield on the Green //Attended 1980's
GBRENGBrafield Stadiumdirt ovalBrafield on the Green 06/24/2018BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
GBRENGBrafield Stadium F8paved figure eightBrafield on the Green //Attended 1960's
GBRENGBrafield Stadium ovalpaved ovalBrafield on the Green //1965
GBRENGBrandon Bowldirt ovalBrandon //1969
GBRENGBrands Hatch - Clearways ovalpaved ovalFawkham Green //Attended 1970's
GBRENGBrands Hatch - Paddock Hill coursepaved road circuitFawkham Green //1969
GBRENGBury Farmdirt ovalHoughton Conquest //Attended 1970's
GBRENGBuxtonpaved ovalBuxton //Attended 1980's
GBRENGCadwell Park ovalpaved ovalLouth 04/16/1972
GBRENGCrayford Stadiumdirt ovalCrayford //1970
GBRENGCrewedirt ovalCrewe //Attended 1980's
GBRENGDonington Parkpaved road circuitCastle Donington //Attended 1980's
GBRENGEarls Barton Stadiumdirt ovalEarls Barton //Attended 1970's
GBRENGEastbourneconcrete ovalArlington //Attended 1980's
GBRENGFoxhall Speedway dirtdirt ovalIpswich //1957
GBRENGFoxhall Speedway pavedpaved ovalIpswich //Attended 1960's
GBRENGGreat Yarmouth Stadiumpaved ovalGreat Yarmouth 08/21/1977
GBRENGHarringay Stadiumpaved ovalLondon //1967
GBRENGHartlepool Stadiumpaved ovalHartlepool //1976
GBRENGHednesford Hills Raceway F8paved figure eightHednesford //Attended 1970's
GBRENGHednesford Hills Raceway ovalpaved ovalHednesford 10/20/1974
GBRENGKing's Lynndirt ovalKing's Lynn //Attended 1980's
GBRENGLeicester Stadiumdirt ovalLeicester 04/20/1974
GBRENGLong Eatondirt ovalLong Eaton //1969
GBRENGLydden Hill ovalpaved ovalWooton 04/09/1972
GBRENGMallory Park short ovalpaved ovalKirkby Mallory //1970
GBRENGMatchams Park Stadium F8paved figure eightRingwood //Attended 1970's
GBRENGMatchams Park Stadium ovalpaved ovalRingwood //1968
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved figure eightShipham //Attended 1970's
GBRENGMendips Racewaypaved ovalShipham //1973
GBRENGMildenhalldirt ovalMildenhall //Attended 1980's
GBRENGMilton Keynesdirt ovalMilton Keynes //Attended 1980's
GBRENGMonmore Green Stadiumdirt ovalWolverhampton 04/07/1974
GBRENGNelson Stadiumdirt ovalNelson 06//1972
GBRENGNewton Abbotpaved ovalNewton Abbot //Attended 1970's
GBRENGOdsal Stadium dirtdirt ovalOdsal 09/23/1977
GBRENGOdsal Stadium pavedpaved ovalOdsal //Attended 1980's
GBRENGOdsey Grass Track Clubdirt ovalOdsey 10/09/1977
GBRENGOulton Park Circuitpaved road circuitTarporley 09/08/1974
GBRENGOxford Stadiumdirt ovalOxford 05/04/1975
GBRENGRayleigh Stadiumdirt ovalWeir 08/31/1968
GBRENGReading Stadiumdirt ovalSmallmead 11/26/1976
GBRENGRochdale Stadiumdirt ovalRochdale 09/22/1972
GBRENGSaint Austellpaved ovalSaint Austell //Attended 1970's
GBRENGScunthorpe Stadiumdirt ovalScunthorpe //Attended 1980's
GBRENGSheffield Sports Stadiumdirt ovalSheffield 10/17/1977
GBRENGSilverstone circuitpaved road circuitSilverstone //Attended 1980's
GBRENGSkegness pavedpaved ovalOrby 06/14/1977
GBRENGSmeatharpe Stadiumpaved ovalSmeatharpe 09/18/1976
GBRENGSnetterton ovalpaved ovalSnetterton 04//1972
GBRENGStanbridgedirt ovalStanbridge //Attended 1980's
GBRENGStandlake Arenapaved ovalStandlake 06/13/2011
GBRENGStoke Stadiumdirt ovalNewcastle-under-Lyme 04/29/1973
GBRENGSwaffham Racewaypaved ovalSwaffham 05/08/2016Superstox
GBRENGUnited Downs Racewaypaved ovalSaint Day 06/17/2018
GBRENGWalthamstow Stadiumpaved ovalWalthamstow //1967
GBRENGWembley Stadiumdirt ovalLondon 06/29/1974
GBRENGWeymouth Stadiumdirt oval 08/05/1976
GBRENGWhite City dirtdirt ovalManchester 11/04/1972
GBRENGWhite City pavedpaved ovalManchester //1979
GBRENGWimbledon F8paved figure eightLondon //Attended 1970's
GBRENGWimbledon Stadium dirtdirt ovalLondon //1967
GBRENGWimbledon Stadium pavedpaved ovalLondon //Attended 1970's
GBRENGWisbechdirt ovalWisbech //Attended 1970's
GBRENGWoburn Parkdirt trackWoburn //Attended 1960's
GBRSCTCowdenbeathpaved ovalCowdenbeath //Attended 1980's
GBRSCTNewtongrangepaved ovalNewtongrange //Attended 1980's
NLD Baarlo Autospeedway longpaved ovalBaarlo 08/06/1977
NLD Baarlo shortpaved ovalBaarlo //Attended 1990's
NLD Blauwhuisdirt ovalWolsum //1986
NLD Gendtpaved ovalGendt //1981
NLD Lelystadpaved ovalLelystad //Attended 1980's
NLD NijmegenovalNijmegen //Attended 1970's
NLD Sint Maartendirt ovalSint Maarten //Attended 1980's
USACAIrwindale Speedway (Inner)paved ovalIrwindale 11/24/2005
USACAIrwindale Speedway (Outer)paved ovalIrwindale 11/24/2005
USADEDelaware International Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar 08/17/2004
USAFLDaytona International Speedwaypaved ovalDaytona Beach 02/15/2007
USAFLEast Bay Raceway Parkdirt ovalGibsonton 02/16/2007
USAFLNew Smyrna Speedwaypaved ovalSamsula 02/15/2007
USAFLOrlando SpeedWorldpaved ovalBithlo 02/14/2007
USAFLVolusia Speedway Park 1/2 dirtdirt ovalBarberville 02/14/2007
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett //2002
USAMEBeech Ridge Motor Speedwaypaved ovalWest Scarborough 06/25/2005
USAMEUnity Racewaypaved ovalUnity 08/14/2010
USANCSouthern National Motorsports Parkpaved ovalKenly 04/09/2016
USANCThe Dirt Track at Charlottedirt ovalHarrisburg 11/05/2010
USANHCanaan Fair Speedway dirtdirt ovalCanaan 06/24/2005
USANHRiverside Speedwaypaved ovalGroveton 01/02/2011
USANJBridgeport Speedwaydirt ovalBridgeport 03/30/2013
USANJNew Egypt Speedwaydirt ovalNew Egypt //2003
USANYAccord Speedwaydirt ovalAccord //2002
USANYAdirondack International Speedwaypaved ovalNew Bremen 05/27/2006
USANYAirborne Park Speedwaydirt ovalPlattsburgh 06/10/2017
USANYAirborne Speedwaypaved ovalPlattsburgh 08/15/2004
USANYAirborne Speedway F8dirt figure eightPlattsburgh 08/26/2006
USANYAlbany-Saratoga Speedwaydirt ovalMalta //2002
USANYBernhards Bayice road circuitBernhards Bay 02/22/2009
USANYBlack Lakeice road circuitHammond 03/03/2013
USANYBlack Rock Speedwaydirt ovalDundee 10/24/2009
USANYBrewerton Speedwaydirt ovalBrewerton //2003
USANYCan Am Motorsports Park (Inner)dirt ovalLaFargeville 01/06/2013
USANYCan-Am Motorsports Parkdirt road circuitLaFargeville 02/04/2012
USANYCan-Am Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalLaFargeville //Attended 1990's
USANYCanandaigua Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua //2003
USANYCaprara's Thunder Alley Speedpark pavedpaved ovalEvans Mills 04/24/2010
USANYCayuga County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalWeedsport 04/17/2005
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt ovalKirkwood 10/11/2008
USANYFonda Speedwaydirt ovalFonda //2004
USANYFulton Speedwaydirt ovalFulton //Attended 2000's
USANYGenesee Speedwaydirt ovalBatavia 07/04/2009
USANYGlad Rag Raceway rallycrossmixed road circuitPorter Corners 09/10/2006
USANYGlen Ridge Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFultonville 04/22/2011
USANYLake Algonquinice road circuitWells 03/05/2006
USANYLake Georgeice road circuitLake George 02/10/2018AMEC Supermodifieds
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon //2002
USANYNew York State Fairgroundsdirt ovalSyracuse //2003
USANYOrange County Fair Speedwaydirt ovalMiddletown //2002
USANYOswego Speedwaydirt ovalOswego 10/07/2016Modifieds
USANYOswego Speedwaypaved ovalOswego 10/08/2005
USANYOtisco Lakeice road circuitMarietta 03/04/2007
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville //Attended 1990's
USANYRaquette Pondice road circuitTupper Lake 02/01/2009
USANYRolling Wheels Raceway Parkdirt ovalElbridge //Attended 2000's
USANYSaint Lawrence Motorsports Parkpaved road circuitMorristown 03/24/2012
USANYSkyline Racewaydirt ovalBlodgett Mills 04/23/2011
USANYThe New Afton Speedwaydirt ovalAfton 10/07/2006
USANYThunder Alley Speedpark dirtdirt ovalEvans Mills 04/22/2004
USANYTimes Union Centerconcrete ovalAlbany 02/09/2018TQ Midgets
USANYUtica-Rome Speedwaydirt ovalVernon //2003
USANYWatkins Glen International Racewaypaved road circuitWatkins Glen 08/11/2012
USANYWoodhull Racewaydirt ovalWoodhull 08/10/2013
USAOHSharon Speedwaydirt ovalHartford 07/21/2016
USAPABig Diamond Racewaydirt ovalForrestville //2003
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 08/18/2004
USAPALernerville Speedwaydirt ovalSarver 06/14/2006
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 03/26/2005
USAPAPenn Can Speedwaydirt ovalSusquehanna 08/11/2009
USAPASusquehanna Speedway Parkdirt ovalNewberrytown 06/15/2006
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 05/04/2007
USATXCircuit of the Americaspaved road circuitAustin 03/06/2016Pirelli World Challenge Series
USATXCotton Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalPaige 03/05/2016IMCA Modifieds
USATXGator Motorplexdirt ovalWillis 04/04/2015Sprint Cars
USATXThunder Hill Racewaypaved ovalKyle 09/29/2007
USAVAVirginia Motor Speedwaydirt ovalChurch View 05/03/2007
USAVTBear Ridge Speedwaydirt ovalBradford //2004
USAVTDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalWest Haven 09/11/2005
USAVTThunder Road International Speedbowlpaved ovalBarre 05/29/2005

Tracks with Non TrackChaser Classes or Formats

CANONCornwall Motor Speedway (Kart Track)dirt ovalCornwall //Flat Go Karts
CANONNorth Bay Speedwaypaved ovalNorth Bay //Car racing, watched from road outside speedway
CANPQAutodrome Granby Kart Trackdirt ovalGranby 09/08/2012Flat Go Karts
CANPQRoxton Pond (Auto/VTT Long Course)ice road circuitRoxton Pond 02/21/2016Motorcycles & ATV's
ESP Palafrugel Karting ClubtrackPalafrugel //Flat Go Karts
GBRENGGroveway Stadiumdirt ovalMilton Keynes //Motor Cycles
GBRENGHackney Wick Stadiumdirt ovalEast London //Motor Cycles
GBRENGHeath & Reachdirt off road circuitHeath & Reach //Timed Trials
GBRENGSilverstone Circuitmixed road circuitSilverstone //Rally Special Stage
GBRENGStanbridgetrackBedfordshire //Grass Track, Motor Cycles
GBRENGThe Harlingtondirt off road circuitBedfordshire 09/06/2015Motocross Track. Motorcycles.
GBRENGWhite City StadiumovalLondon //Motor Cycles
GBRENGWoburn ParktrackWoburn //One on One Autocross
USAFLHomestead Speedwaypaved road circuitHomestead //2012Motor Cycles

Non TrackChaser Tracks

CANONBancrofttrackBancroft //Rally Special Stage
CANPQBeauharnoisice ovalBeauharnois //Car Racing, ruled to be same track as Maple Grove
CANPQManiwakitrackManiwaki //Rally Special Stage
GBRENGBrilltrackOxfordshire //Motor Cycle Scramble
GBRENGGoodwood CircuittrackChichester //Hill Climb
GBRENGGreat BrickhilltrackBucks //Car Trials
GBRENGGreat CornardtrackSuffolk //Motor Cycle Scramble
GBRENGSanta Pod RacewaytrackPoddington //Drag Strip
GBRENGTotternhoetrackLime Kilns //Motor Cycle Trials
GBRENGWoburn ParktrackWoburn //Hill Climb

Tracks Visited on Non Race Day or Defunct Tracks

USATXCircuit of the Americaspaved road circuitAustin 02//2014Took track tour

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