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Russ Currie
Rahway, NJ, USA
230 tracks

Country Region Track Description City Date Notes
AUSVICPremier Speedwaydirt ovalAllansford 01/01/2010Raced: WSS Sprint Car
USACTDanbury Fairgrounds Racearenapaved ovalDanbury 10/15/1978SNYRA Modifieds. Closed in 1981.
USACTGosehn Stampede Groundsdirt figure eightDurham 06/16/2014Stock Cars
USACTMototown USA (New Location)dirt ovalWindsor 01/06/2008Micro Sprints
USACTMototown USA (Old Location)dirt ovalWindsor 02/18/2007Indoor Track. Champ Karts.
USACTNew Haven Veterans Coliseumconcrete ovalNew Haven 12/11/1993Indoor Track. ATQMRA TQ Midgets. Also attended 1997. Building imploded 2007.
USACTNutmeg (Richard L. Shelton) Speedwaydirt ovalShelton 05/15/2005Champ Karts
USACTStafford Motor Speedway (Inner)paved ovalStafford Springs 05/23/2006Champ Karts
USACTStafford Springs Speedway (Outer)paved ovalStafford Springs 06/13/1984NASCAR Modifieds. Also visited 1986.
USACTThompson Speedwaypaved ovalThompson 10/22/1978ISMA Supermodifieds
USACTWaterford Speedbowlpaved ovalWaterford 06/18/1986NASCAR Modifieds. Also visited 1991.
USADEAirport Speedwaydirt ovalNew Castle 07/15/1983BMMRC Micro Sprints. Also visited 1988, 1989, 2007, 2011. Reconfigured 1989.
USADEBlackbird Racetrackdirt ovalNew Castle 06/28/2001Half Midgets. Also attended 2001, 2007, 2010.
USADEDelmarva Motorsports Park (New Location)dirt ovalMiddleford 04/09/2004Micro Sprints. Reconfigured 2005. East-West orientation.
USADEDover International Speedwayconcrete ovalDover 09/24/2005NASCAR Grand National Late Models
USADEGeorgetown Speedwaydirt ovalStockley 10/18/1981Modifieds. Also visited 1981, 1992, 2008. Track closed 1996-2005. Reopened 2006.
USADEHarringson (Delaware State Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalHarrington 07/17/1991Modifieds. Also visited 1996. Closed 1998.
USADESeaford Speedway (Old Location)dirt ovalMiddleford 06/09/1991Micro Sprints. Also visited 2000. North-South orientation. Closed 2001.
USADEUS 13 Kartwaydirt ovalDelmar 10/24/2004Champ Karts
USADEUS 13 Speedwaydirt ovalDelmar 07/15/1987Modifieds. Camp Barnes Race. Also visited 2001.
USAINBenton County Speedwaypaved ovalChase 10/12/1991
USAINIndianapolis Motor Speedwaypaved ovalSpeedway 05/27/2005IRL Mini Indy
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved figure eightIndianapolis 05/27/2005Street Stocks
USAINIndianapolis Speedromepaved ovalIndianapolis 05/27/2005Modifieds
USAKSLakeside Speedway (New Location)dirt ovalKansas City 04/24/2001Raced: WoO Sprint Car
USAKYKentucky Lake Motor Speedwaydirt ovalCalvert City 11/21/2003UMP Late Models
USAMARiverside Park Speedwaypaved ovalAgawam 03/25/1989NASCAR Modifieds. Closed 2000. Also visited 1991, 1993.
USAMASeekonk Speedwaypaved figure eightSeekonk 10/31/2004Street Stocks
USAMASeekonk Speedwaypaved ovalSeekonk 10/31/2004Street Stock Enduro
USAMAWhip City Speedway (Inner Oval)dirt ovalWestfield 06/11/1994Micro Stocks. Closed 2010.
USAMAWhip City Speedway (Outer Oval)dirt ovalWestfield 06/11/1994Micro Sprints. Also visited 2003.
USAMD1st Mariner Arenaconcrete ovalBaltimore 12/08/2012Indoor track. TQ Midgets.
USAMDCumberland (Alleghany County Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalPotomac Park 08/17/1996URC Super Sprint Cars
USAMDHagerstown Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 03/16/1986Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2004.
USAMDPotomac Speedwaydirt ovalBudds Creek 03/13/1998Late Models. Also visited 2004.
USAMDSandy Hook Speedwaypaved ovalStreet 11/20/2004Champ Karts. Also visited 2006, 2010.
USANCCarolina Speedwaydirt ovalMorganton 11/23/2003Topless Late Models
USANCOrange County Speedwaypaved ovalRougemont 03/15/1996ISMA Supermodifieds
USANCSouthern National Speedwaypaved ovalKenly 03/16/1996ISMA Supermodifieds
USANJAtlantic City Convention Hallconcrete ovalAtlantic City 01/13/1979Indoor Track. ATQMRA TQ Midgets. Reconfigured in 2003. Also attended 2003, 2004.
USANJAtlantic City Speedwaypaved ovalPleasantville 10/19/1975Modifieds. Closed 1979. Attended last race ever.
USANJBader Fieldmixed off road circuitAtlantic City 08/28/2016GRC Rallycross
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Backstretch Inner)dirt ovalBridgeport 06/13/1997Micro Sprints. Attended first and last race ever. Closed 2001.
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Frontstretch Inner)dirt ovalBridgeport 04/05/2002Micro Sprints. Attended first race ever. Also attended 2002-2006, 2009-2011.
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Intermediate)dirt ovalBridgeport //2018
USANJBridgeport Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalBridgeport 04/15/1973Modifieds. Attended 34 consecutive years, skipped 2008.
USANJCorson's Speedwaydirt ovalMarmora 09/20/2009Champ Karts
USANJEast Windsor (Fairgrounds) Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalHightstown //1974SMRC Midgets. Closed 1974.
USANJEast Windsor (Fairgrounds) Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalHightstown 06/25/1965Modifieds. Closed 2002. Attended 37 consecutive years, including next to last race.
USANJFlemington Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalFlemington 08/14/1965Modifieds. Paved 1990. Attended 25 consecutive years, including next to last dirt race.
USANJFlemington Fairgrounds Speedway (Inner)paved ovalFlemington 10/10/1999Micro Stocks. Also attended 2000. Closed 2000.
USANJFlemington Fairgrounds Speedway (Outer)paved ovalFlemington 05/04/1991ISMA Supermodifieds. Attended first and last race. Attended 10 consecutive years. Closed 2000.
USANJGarden State QMRC (Little Wall)paved ovalWall Township 05/07/1993Quarter Midgets. Adult Handler's Race. Also Adult Handler's Race in 2008.
USANJHarmony Speedwaydirt ovalBrainards //1971Modifieds. Closed 1975. Attended last Modified race 1972.
USANJLittle E Speedway (New Egypt Speedway Inner)dirt ovalNew Egypt 08/20/2005Slingshots
USANJNew Egypt Speedwaydirt off road circuitNew Egypt 04/04/2009Buggies
USANJNew Egypt Speedwaypaved ovalNew Egypt 06/17/1972ATQMRA TQ Midgets. Last attended 1987. Dirt 1998.
USANJNew Egypt Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalNew Egypt 04/11/1998Modifieds. Reconfigured 1998. Also attended 1999, 2000. Reconfigured 2000. Also attended 2001, 2008. Reconfigured 2009. Attended first race on 7/16th. Also attended 2010, 2011, 2012.
USANJNew Jersey Motorsport Park (Lightning)mixed road circuitMillville 11/07/2010GRC Rallycross Cars
USANJNew Jersey Motorsport Park (Lightning)paved road circuitMillville 09/20/2014Sports Cars
USANJNew Jersey Motorsports Park (Avenger)paved road circuitMillville 11/07/2010Slingshots. Raced both clockwise and counterclockwise.
USANJNew Jersey Motorsports Park (Thunderbolt)paved road circuitMillville 06/06/2010SCCA Sports Cars
USANJNew Jersey State Fairgroundspaved ovalTrenton //1960USAC Championship Cars. Last visit 1968. Rebuilt 1969.
USANJOld Bridge Stadium Speedwaypaved road circuitOld Bridge //1962Sports Cars. Also attended 1963. Closed 1963.
USANJOld Bridge Stadium Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOld Bridge //1963Foreign Compacts. Closed 1968.
USANJOld Bridge Stadium Speedway (Outer)paved ovalOld Bridge //1958Modifieds. Closed 1968. Attended last race ever.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Enduro Track)paved road circuitEnglishtown 03/20/2011Enduro Cars. Bypassed Turns 7, 8, 9, 10 of 13-Turn Full Course. Previously saw race there on 01/24/2009.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Full Course)paved road circuitEnglishtown 06/29/2008FRCCA Formula Fords.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Kart Oval)paved parking lot ovalEnglishtown 07/27/2002Micro Stocks. Also visited 2003. Track closed 2004.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (MX Track)dirt off road circuitEnglishtown 07/23/2017NEATV UTVs. Previous visits: 2008, 2010 (Motorcycles & Quads).
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Rallycross Trackmixed road circuitEnglishtown 03/20/2011Rallycross. Street Stocks.
USANJPine Brook Speedwaypaved ovalPine Brook 06/13/1976ATQMRA TQ Midgets. Closed 1989. Attended 14 consecutive years, including last race ever.
USANJSandstone Speedwaydirt ovalAtco //2007Quarter Midgets. SJQMRA. Adult Handler's Race. Previously visited in 2000.
USANJSun National Bank Centerconcrete ovalTrenton 02/07/2014Three Quarter Midgets. Also Flat Karts, Motorcycles & Quads on ice. Previous visits: 2005, 2008, 2010.
USANJSun National Bank Centerdirt ovalTrenton 12/01/2017Micro Sprints
USANJTrenton International Speedwaypaved ovalTrenton 06/11/1976NASCAR Modifieds. Last attended 1979. Closed 1980.
USANJWall Stadium Speedway (Outer)paved ovalWall Township //1960Modifieds
USANJWall Township Speedway (Inner)paved ovalWall Township 05/19/2002Micro Stocks. Visited every year 2002-2012.
USANYAccord Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalAccord 06/22/2005Slingshots. Attended first race ever.
USANYAccord Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalAccord 06/14/1985Modifieds. Also visited 2005.
USANYAfton (Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalAfton 07/15/1994Modifieds. Also visited 2006.
USANYAlbany Saratoga Speedwaydirt ovalMalta 08/06/1986CVRA Modifieds. Also visited 1995.
USANYBrewerton Speedwaydirt ovalBrewerton 08/15/2002DIRT Modifieds
USANYBroome-Tioga Sports Center (Autocross Track)dirt off road circuitRichford 09/14/2013Stock Car Autocross
USANYCanandaigua (Ontario County Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalCanandaigua 06/12/1991WoO Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 1996.
USANYChemung Speedromepaved ovalChemung 06/15/2004Modifieds
USANYCobelskill Fairgroundsdirt figure eightCobleskill 08/08/2006Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USANYDodge City Speedwaydirt ovalCobleskill 10/03/2004Champ Karts
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt figure eightKirkwood 05/21/2005Street Stocks
USANYFive Mile Point Speedwaydirt ovalKirkwood 08/27/1988Modifieds. Also visited: 2005.
USANYFonda Speedwaydirt ovalFonda 08/13/1986DIRT Modifieds. Also visited 2005.
USANYFreeport Municipal Stadium Speedwaypaved ovalFreeport //1976NASCAR Modifieds. Closed 1983.
USANYFulton Speedwaydirt ovalFulton 07/09/2005Modifieds
USANYGlen Ridge Motorsports Parkdirt ovalFultonville 10/03/2004Street Stocks
USANYIslip Speedwaypaved ovalIslip 09/15/1977NASCAR Modifieds. Closed 1984.
USANYLebanon Valley Speedwaydirt ovalWest Lebanon 08/16/1978DIRT Modifieds. Also visited 1999, 2008.
USANYLembo Lake Speedwaydirt ovalModena 08/15/1999Micro Sprints. Also attended 2001.
USANYMedford Sportsplexpaved ovalMedford 11/15/2002Champ Karts
USANYMid-Hudson Civic Centerconcrete ovalPoughkeepsie 01/13/1996Indoor track. Micro Stocks. First and only race ever.
USANYNassau Coliseumconcrete ovalUniondale 02/13/1983Indoor Track. LIMRA Midgets. First and only race for track and LIMRA.
USANYNew York State Fairgrounds (Dirt Mile)dirt ovalSyracuse 10/11/2015USAC Silver Crown Championship Cars
USANYOakland Valley Race Parkdirt ovalCuddebackville 10/18/2003Micro Stocks. Also visited 2007.
USANYOakland Valley Race Parkpaved ovalCuddebackville 05/21/2005Champ Karts
USANYOrange County Fairgrounds Arenaconcrete ovalMiddletown 01/09/1993Flat Kart, Motorcycles, Quads. Also visited: 2008.
USANYOrange County Fairgrounds Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalMiddletown 07/26/2007Slingshots. Track located on frontstretch.
USANYOrange County Fairgrounds Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalMiddletown //1976Modifieds. Also visited 2004, 2008, 2012.
USANYOswego Speedway (Inner)paved ovalOswego 07/09/2005USAC Ford Focus Midgets
USANYOswego Speedway (Outer)paved ovalOswego 07/09/2005Supermodifieds
USANYPeekskill (Washington Street) Armoryconcrete ovalPeekskill 01/14/1995Indoor Track. Micro Stocks.
USANYPoughkeepsie Speedwaydirt ovalArlington 07/13/1996Micro Stocks. Paved 1998.
USANYPoughkeepsie Speedwaypaved ovalArlington 10/17/2004Micro Stocks
USANYRansomville Speedwaydirt ovalRansomville 06/13/1991WoO Super Sprint Cars
USANYRiverhead Speedwaypaved figure eightRiverhead 11/11/1992Street Stocks
USANYRiverhead Speedwaypaved ovalRiverhead 08/11/1979NASCAR Modifieds. Also visited 1992.
USANYRolling Wheels Racewaydirt ovalElbridge 06/11/1991WoO Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 1999.
USANYShangra La Speedwaypaved ovalOwego 08/20/1988ISMA Modifieds. Also visited 2002. Closed in 2005.
USANYShangri La II Speedwayconcrete ovalTioga Center 07/27/2014ROC Modified Tour
USANYSkyline Speedwaydirt ovalBlodgett Mills 05/26/2002ELS Super Sprint Cars
USANYStarlite Speedwaydirt ovalSearsburg 06/09/2002Micro Sprints
USANYThunder Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalCenter Lisle 06/17/1995Modifieds. Also visited 2004.
USANYUtica Rome Speedway (Intermediate)dirt ovalVernon 07/10/2005Street Stocks
USANYUtica Rome Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalVernon 08/31/2003ESS Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2005.
USANYWeedsport (Cayuga County Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalWeedsport 06/09/2002DIRT Modifieds. Also visited 2005.
USANYWhite Lake Speedwaypaved ovalWhite Lake 10/14/1990IMCA Modifieds. Also visited 2005.
USANYWoodhull Racewaydirt ovalWoodhull 06/25/2005Modifieds
USAOHK-C Racewaydirt ovalAlma 05/28/2005Modifieds
USAPAAllegheny Mountain Racewaydirt off road circuitLamont 04/15/20064 X 4 Trucks
USAPAAllegheny Mountain Racewaydirt ovalLamont 04/15/2006Street Stock Enduro
USAPABedford (Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalBedford 07/15/2001Super Sprint Cars
USAPABig Al's Race Trackdirt ovalDornsife 10/06/2013Junk Cars.
USAPABig Al's Racetrackdirt road circuitDornsife 09/25/2010Junk Cars
USAPABig Diamond Raceway (Outer)dirt ovalForrestville 06/15/1979Modifieds. Also visited in 1996. Reconfigured in 1997. Visited in 1997, 2006, 2010, 2012.
USAPABloomsburg Fairgroundsdirt figure eightBloomsburg 10/02/2010Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPABlue Mountain Speedwaydirt ovalBerlinsville 07/07/2001600 Micro Sprints (Exhibition race). Visited for Quarter Midgets 2001-2009.
USAPABorger's Speedwaydirt ovalSaylorsburg 04/13/1999Micro Sprints. Attended first race. Attended every year 1999-2011.
USAPABorger's Speedwaypaved ovalSaylorsburg 04/28/2012TQ Midgets. First race on asphalt.
USAPACarbon County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightPalmerton 08/10/2005Street Stocks. First race ever.
USAPAClinton County (Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt figure eightMackeyville 06/25/2011Junk Cars. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAClinton County (Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalMackeyville 07/05/1989Super Sprint Cars. Reopening show.
USAPAClyde Martin Memorial Speedwaydirt ovalSchaefferstown 06/16/1990LANCO Micro Sprints. Also visited 2005.
USAPACove View Speedwaydirt ovalWarfordsburg 05/19/2007Champ Karts
USAPADog Hollow Speedwaydirt ovalStrongstown //2018
USAPADorney Park Speedwaypaved ovalAllentown 08/16/1983Modifieds. ATQMRA TQ Midgets. Also visited 1986. Track closed 1986.
USAPADunn Hill (Ace High) Speedwaydirt ovalMonroeton 08/19/1995EOMS Mini Sprints
USAPAEmpty Jug Racingdirt ovalHawley 08/27/2005EJSCAR Limited Late Models
USAPAEvansville Motocross Parkdirt figure eightBerwick 05/17/2014Stock Cars
USAPAEvansville Motorsports Parkdirt off road circuitBerwick 01/25/2015UTV's
USAPAEvergreen Speedwaypaved ovalSaint Johns 07/13/1979Modifieds. Also visited 2008.
USAPAGrandview Speedwaydirt ovalBechtelsville 07/18/1976ARDC Midgets.
USAPAGratz Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGratz 09/18/2005Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAGreenwood Racewaydirt ovalSeven Stars 09//2012Champ Karts
USAPAGreenwood Valley Action Trackdirt figure eightGreenwood 10/13/2006Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAGreenwood Valley Action Trackdirt ovalGreenwood 06/20/1992Micro Sprints. Also visited 1996, 2010.
USAPAHamlin Speedwaydirt ovalHamlin 08/03/2002Micro Sprints. Also visited 2007, 2009.
USAPAHamlin Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalHamlin 06/21/2001Slingshots
USAPAHesston Speedwaydirt ovalHesston 08/15/1998ARDC Midgets
USAPAHill Valley Speedwaydirt ovalOrbisonia 09/17/1994Micro Sprints. First visit-10th anniversary show. Also visited 2007.
USAPAHoney Brook Speedwaypaved ovalHoney Brook 10/30/2016Quarter Midgets. Note: Adult Retired Drivers Race.
USAPAHoneybrook Racewaypaved ovalHoney Brook 05/12/2002Half Midgets. Also visited 2008.
USAPAHunterstown Speedwaydirt ovalHunterstown 10/09/2004Champ Karts
USAPAKovatch Fordpaved parking lot circuitNesquehoning 04/27/2014Slingshots
USAPAKutztown (Fairgrounds) Speedwaydirt ovalKutztown 06/04/1997Micro Sprints. Attended first race ever. Visited every year, 1997-2010.
USAPALanghorne International Speedwaydirt ovalLanghorne //1965USAC Championship Cars. Last attended 1971. Closed 1971.
USAPALincoln Speedwaydirt ovalAbbottstown 06/12/1982Super Sprint Cars. Attended annual 1982-2009.
USAPALinda's Speedwaydirt ovalJonestown 06/10/1988Micro Sprints. Also visited 2003.
USAPALittle Diamond (Big Diamond Inner) Speedwaydirt ovalForrestville 04/25/2013Micro Sprints.
USAPALycoming County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightHughesville 07/14/2007Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAMahoning Valley Speedwaypaved ovalLehighton 04/18/1987Modifieds. Also visited 2006, 2008, 2011.
USAPAMarsh Creek Speedwaypaved ovalGlenmoore 06/11/1999Micro Stocks. Also attended 2007.
USAPAMiddle Road Speedwaydirt ovalLewistown 09/15/2012Winged Outlaw Champ Karts
USAPAMoc-A-Tec Racewaydirt ovalLakeville 08/16/1980Modifieds. Also visited 2003. Closed in 2004.
USAPANazareth National Speedwaydirt ovalNazareth 09/13/1970All-Star Racing League Modifieds. Track Reconfigured and reopened in 1982. Also attended 1982, 1984. Attended last race ever.
USAPANazareth Racewaydirt ovalNazareth 06/07/1972Modifieds. Closed 1988. Attended 17 consecutive years including last Modified race.
USAPANazareth Speedwaypaved figure eightNazareth //1972Street Stocks. Closed 1973. Attended last race ever.
USAPANazareth Speedway (Superspeedway)paved ovalNazareth 05/16/1987NASCAR Busch Series Late Models. Also visited 1994. Track closed 2004.
USAPANORLEBCO Speedwaydirt ovalJonestown 06/18/2005Quarter Midgets. Adult Handler's Race. Also saw 2007 Handler's Race.
USAPANorth East Fairgroundsdirt figure eightDupont 07/30/2005Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAOaklane Speedwaypaved ovalTrumbauersville 09/27/2003Quarter Midgets. Adult Handler's Race. Also saw 2007 Handler's Race. Also visited 2011.
USAPAOreville Kart Clubpaved ovalOreville 04/14/2013Micro Stocks
USAPAOreville Kart Clubpaved road circuitOreville 08/20/2012World Formula Mictostock Tour. Previous visits: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 (Flat Karts).
USAPAPagoda Motorcycle Club Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalBirdsboro 11/09/2003Junk Cars. Also visited 2008.
USAPAPagoda Motorcycle Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalBirdsboro 09/09/2001Champ Karts
USAPAPath Valley Speedwaydirt ovalSpring Run 06/14/1989410 Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 1996, 2012.
USAPAPenn Can Speedwaydirt ovalSusquehanna 09/02/1988Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2005.
USAPAPenn National Speedwaydirt ovalGrantville 06/14/1978WoO Super Sprint Cars. Closed 1996. Last visited 1996.
USAPAPenns Creek Racewaydirt ovalPenns Creek 09/19/2004Winged Outlaw Champ Karts
USAPAPennsylvania State Farm Show Complex (Main Arena)dirt ovalHarrisburg 01/13/1989Indoor Track. Micro Sprints. Also visited 2005.
USAPAPennsylvania State Farm Show Complex (Northeast Arconcrete ovalHarrisburg 02/19/2005Champ Karts. Also visited 2006.
USAPAPhoenix Speedway (Moose Lodge)dirt ovalPhoenixville 09/25/2002MCQMRC Half Midgets. Also visited 2008.
USAPAPhoenixville Raceway (Phoenix Iron & Steel)dirt ovalPhoenixville 08/13/1997MCQMRC Half Midgets. Closed 2001.
USAPAPocono International Racewaypaved road circuitLong Pond 08/06/2005SCCA Sports Cars
USAPAPocono International Raceway (Superspeedway)paved ovalLong Pond 08/05/1989ARCA Late Models. Also visited 1994.
USAPAPocono QM Racewaydirt ovalLong Pond 07/15/2000Half Midgets. Also attended 2009.
USAPAPocono Raceway (Rallycross Course)mixed road circuitLong Pond 10/26/2013
USAPAPocono Speedway (Short Track)paved ovalLong Pond 06/13/1987NASCAR Modified. Also visited 1988. Track closed 1994.
USAPAPort Royal Speedwaydirt ovalPort Royal 05/17/1978Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2003, 2012.
USAPAPPL Centerconcrete ovalAllentown 01/02/2016Three Quarter Midgets
USAPAReading Fairgrounds Racewaydirt figure eightLeinbachs 08/11/2006Street Stocks. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAReading Fairgrounds Racewaydirt ovalLeinbachs 08/08/2005Slingshots. First oval race ever.
USAPAReading Fairgrounds Speedwaydirt ovalReading 10/23/1977RSCA Modifieds. Closed 1979.
USAPARed Line Racewaydirt ovalGranville Summit 07/15/2004Modifieds
USAPASchnecksville Fire Company Fairgroundsdirt ovalSchnecksville 10/25/2009Quarter Midgets. Adult Handler's Race. Keystone State Quarter Midget Racing Club. Attended first race ever on 08/06/2006. Also visited 2007, 2008, 2010.
USAPASelinsgrove Raceway Park (Inner)dirt ovalSelinsgrove 03/29/2002Micro Sprints
USAPASelinsgrove Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalSelinsgrove 07/15/1978WoO Super Sprint Cars. Also attended 1982, 2004, 2008, 2010.
USAPAShellhammer's Speedwaydirt ovalLeesport 08/15/1992Champ Karts. Also visited 1996, 2007, 2008, 2010
USAPAShippensburg Speedwaydirt ovalShippensburg 07/11/1999Champ Karts. Reconfigured 1999. Also attended 2001, 2002.
USAPASilver Spring Speedwaydirt ovalMechanicsburg 07/19/1986Super Sportsman. Also visited 2005. Track closed 2005.
USAPASnydersville Racewaydirt ovalSnydersville 05/15/1998Micro Stocks. Also attended 2010.
USAPASSP Outback Trackdirt ovalNewberrytown 05/15/2015Tobias Adult Speedcars
USAPASusquehanna Speedwaydirt ovalNewberrytown 07/17/1988Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2004, 2008, 2010.
USAPATioga County Fairgroundsdirt figure eightWhitneyville 08/10/2006Street Stocks.
USAPATrail-Way Speedway (Turns 1-2 Inner)dirt ovalMcSherrystown 06/17/2000Junk Cars
USAPATrailway Speedwaydirt figure eightMcSherrystown 06/17/2000Street Stocks
USAPATrailway Speedwaydirt road circuitMcSherrystown 03/25/2006Street Stocks
USAPATrailway Speedway (Outer)dirt ovalMcSherrystown 08/12/1987Super Sprint Cars. Also visited 2006, 2009.
USAPAWest End Fairgroundsdirt figure eightGilbert 08/12/2012Junk Cars. Double F8 configuration.
USAPAWest End Fairgroundsdirt ovalGilbert 08/17/1994INEX Legend Cars.
USAPAWilliams Grove Speedwaydirt ovalWilliams Grove 05/16/1980WoO Super Sprint Cars. MODCAR Modifieds. Possibly July 26? Also visited in 2007.
USAPAWyalusing Valley Motorsports Parkdirt ovalWyalusing 06/04/2006Micro Sprints. Attended first race eve.
USARIBarnyard Racewaydirt ovalChepachet 12/27/1998Street Stocks
USARIDunkin Donuts Centerconcrete ovalProvidence 12/31/2012TQ Midgets
USARIQuic Racewaypaved ovalTiverton 11/25/2007Champ Karts
USATNCleveland Speedwaydirt ovalCleveland 11/22/2003SAS Late Models
USAVACapitol City Speedwaydirt ovalAshland 11/12/2005Champ Karts
USAVAKing George Speedwaypaved ovalKing George 11/12/2005Champ Karts
USAVANatural Bridge Speedwaydirt ovalNatural Bridge 06/10/2017Late Models
USAVAOld Dominion Speedway (Inner)paved ovalManassas 10/22/2006Champ Karts
USAVTDevil's Bowl Speedwaydirt ovalWest Haven 09/14/1997ESS Super Sprint Cars
USAWIAngell Park Speedwaydirt ovalSomerset 07/18/1993
USAWVSumit Point Raceway (Summit Point Circuit)paved road circuitSummit Point 10/02/2016SCCA MARRS Formula and Sports Cars

Tracks with Non TrackChaser Classes or Formats

USACTLittle T Speedwaypaved ovalThompson 10/06/2012Quarter Midgets
USACTMototown USA (MX Course)dirt off road circuitWindsor 03/02/2008Motorcycles & Quads. Closed 2008.
USACTSilver City Speedwaypaved ovalMeriden 10/23/2004QMA Half Midgets
USACTStafford Motor Spedway (Pit Parking Lot)paved ovalStafford Springs 05/23/2006Tiger Sprints (Junior Caged Karts)
USADEClub Milton Speedwaydirt ovalMilton 11/24/2007Flat Karts
USADEDelaware Motorsports Parkdirt off road circuitMiddleford 08/23/1995Motorcycles & Quads
USADEFairlane Acres Speedwaypaved ovalDover 11/06/2004Flat Karts
USADEMilford Village Shopping Centerpaved parking lot circuitMilford 07/18/1992Flat Karts. Milford Grand Prix.
USAMDHagerstown Quarter Midget Speedwaydirt ovalHuyett 05/29/2004QMA Half Midgets. Also visited: 2007.
USAMDMaryland State Fairgrounds (Cow Palace Arena)concrete ovalLutherville-Timonium 12/17/2005Motorcycles. Also visited: 2006.
USAMDSandy Hook Speedwaypaved road circuitStreet 11/14/2004Flat Karts. Also visited: 2010.
USANJAtco Raceway (MX Course)dirt off road circuitAtco 10/29/2005AMA Motorcycles & Quads. Also visited: 2006.
USANJFlemington Speedway (Kart Track)paved road circuitFlemington 10/12/1997Flat Karts. Closed 2000.
USANJMill Street Trackpaved parking lot ovalRahway //1964Flat Karts. Regina Corporation Parking Lot. Closed 1964.
USANJNew Egypt Speedwaypaved road circuitNew Egypt 09/15/1991Flat Karts. Also visited: 1997. Closed 1997.
USANJNew Egypt Speedway (Rock Crawl Course)dirt off road circuitNew Egypt 04/04/2009XOR 4x4 Trucks. 1st race ever.
USANJNew Jersey Motorsports Park (Liberator)paved road circuitMillville 06/06/2010WKA Flat Karts
USANJNew Jersey State Fairgroundsdirt road circuitAugusta 08/05/2006Lawnmowers
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Drifting Track)paved parking lot circuitEnglishtown 11/15/2006D-1 Drifter Event.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Kart RC)paved parking lot circuitEnglishtown 11/08/2003Flat Karts. Also visited: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
USANJSomerset County 4H Fairgroundsdirt ovalBridgewater 08/12/2004Flat Karts. Also visited: 2006.
USANJSomerset County 4H Fairgroundsdirt road circuitBridgewater 08/16/2006Flat Karts
USANJTrenton Arenadirt off road circuitAtlantic City 01/12/2008AMA Motorcycles & Quads
USANJWarren County Farmers Fairgroundsdirt road circuitHarmony 07/27/2008Lawnmowers
USANYChampion Speedwaydirt ovalOwego 05/26/2007Motorcyces & Quads
USANYClayton Brewer Memorial Speedwaypaved ovalFulton 07/10/2005Oswego County Quarter Midget Association.
USANYHillcrest Speedwaypaved ovalMcLean 06/25/2005Mid State Microd Club
USANYLembo Lakeice ovalModena 02/06/2005Tri State Motorcycle Club
USANYLittle Wheels Speedwaypaved ovalPeruton 05/26/2007Groton / Finger Lakes Microd Club
USANYMountain View Racewaydirt ovalUnadilla Forks 08/11/2005Flat Karts
USANYNassau Coliseum (Field South 8)paved parking lot circuitUniondale 11/13/2005LIKA Flat Karts
USANYNew York State Fairgroundspaved ovalSyracuse 07/09/2005Syracuse Geddes Microd Club
USANYOakland Valley Race Parkpaved road circuitCuddebackville 10/18/2003Flat Karts. Also visited: 2007.
USANYOswego Speedwaypaved road circuitOswego 07/10/2005Flat Karts
USANYOswego Speedway (Kart Oval)paved ovalOswego 07/10/2005Flat Karts
USANYRalph Philpott Raceway Parkpaved ovalCandor 05/08/2005Southern Tier Microd Club
USANYTri-County Speedwaydirt ovalTriangle 05/21/2005Tri County Microd Club
USANYWesthampton Racewaypaved road circuitWesthampton 07/16/1989Flat Karts. Closed 2003.
USAPAAllegheny Mountain Racewaydirt off road circuitLamont 04/15/20064x4 Trucks
USAPABorger's Speedway (Inner)dirt ovalSaylorsburg 05/14/1999Junior Flat Karts
USAPABreezewood Proving Groundsdirt road circuitBreezewood 02/03/2007Motorcycles
USAPACarbon County Fairgroundsdirt ovalPalmerton 08/08/2017Quarter Midgets. WEQMRC fair race.
USAPAHurricane Hills Sports Complex (MX Course)dirt off road circuitClifford 10/11/2008Motorcycles & Quads
USAPAMountain Springs Arenadirt ovalShartlesville 09/30/2006Motorcycles & Quads
USAPAMountain Springs Arenadirt road circuitShartlesville 10/14/2006Chicago Style F8 4x4 Trucks
USAPAPA Farm Show Complex (Main Arena)dirt off road circuitHarrisburg 02/19/2005Motorcycles & Quads. Also visited: 2006.
USAPAPA State Farm Show Complex (Northwest Hall)paved ovalHarrisburg 02/17/2005QMA Half Midgets. Also visited: 2006, 2009.
USAPARace-1 Motor Speedwaydirt ovalDuBois 04/15/2006Flat Karts
USAPAWayne County Fairgroundsdirt ovalHonesdale 08/13/2005LVQMRC Quarter Midgets
USAPAWest End Fairgrounds (Inner)dirt ovalGilbert 09/19/2004Quarter Midgets. Also visited: 2005.
USAVAOld Dominion Speedwaypaved road circuitManassas 10/22/2006Flat Karts

Non TrackChaser Tracks

USADEUS 13 Dragwaypaved drag stripDelmar 10/24/20041/4 Mile Drag Racing
USADEUS 13 Dragwaypaved drag stripDelmar 10/24/20041/8 Mile Drag Racing
USAMDCapitol Racewaypaved drag stripCrofton 11/27/2005Drag Racing
USAMDCecil County Dragwaypaved drag stripRising Sun 12/03/2005Drag Racing
USANJAtco Dragwaypaved drag stripAtco 06/07/20011/4 Mile Drag Racing. Also visited: 2008.
USANJAtco Dragwaypaved drag stripAtco 12/05/20041/8 Mile Drag Racing. Jr. Dragsters.
USANJIsland Dragwaypaved drag stripGreat Meadows 07/30/20051/8 Mile Drag Racing. Also visited: 2007.
USANJIsland Dragwaypaved drag stripGreat Meadows 03/10/20071/4 Mile Drag Racing. NHRA.
USANJOld Bridge Stadiumpaved drag stripOld Bridge //19641/8 Mile Drag Racing. Closed 1968.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Eighth Mile)paved drag stripEnglishtown 11/20/20051/8 Mile Drag Racing. Jr. Dragsters. Also visited 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Quarter Mile)paved drag stripEnglishtown 07/09/19691/4 Mile Drag Racing. NHRA. Also visited: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
USANJOld Bridge Township Raceway Park (Sixteenth Mile)paved drag stripEnglishtown 05/13/20121/16 Mile Drag Racing. NHRA. Jr. Dragsters.
USANJTrenton Arenadirt drag stripAtlantic City 01/12/2008Drag Racing. Monster Trucks.
USANYLebanon Valley Dragwaypaved drag stripWest Lebanon 08/23/20081/4 Mile Drag Racing
USANYLebanon Valley Dragwaypaved drag stripWest Lebanon 08/23/20081/8 Mile Drag Racing. Jr. Dragsters.
USANYSkyview Dragspaved drag stripTioga Center 05/26/2007IHRA Drag Racing
USAPANumedia Dragwaypaved drag stripCatawissa 07/14/20071/4 Mile Drag Racing
USAPANumedia Dragwaypaved drag stripCatawissa 07/14/20071/8 Mile Drag Racing. Jr. Dragsters.
USAPATioga County Fairgroundsdirt drag stripWhitneyville 08/10/2006Spectator Drags

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